Having fun yet, John?

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Having fun yet, John?


This is a work of fiction. . .  

I'm a surfer. 39 years old, starting to get fill out, though my 165 pounds doesn't make me look fat by any means. Short brown hair, blue eyes, as average as you can get. During the summer I love to get away from everyone, throw a tent up on the beach, and relax. I usually have a cooler of food and a case of beer. I'd spend the day surfing and the nights in front of a fire with a jack and coke. I could go days without speaking to a soul. I've never had any trouble in the years of doing this beach camping and the few locals have learned me by face if not by name.
My last trip had started out the same as regular. The surfing was good, the sun was shining, a warm wind blowing during the day. I had caught a nap, but was awakened by female laughter. Rolling up to a sitting position I saw a pair of girls far down the beach. Even from this distance I could tell they were young, sixteen or seventeen at the most.

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   Not wanting to look like a pervert I stood up and stretched, grabbed my wetsuit, and went out to catch a few waves.  
I'm not a professional surfer by any means, but I'm good enough to not embarrass myself. Waiting for the next set to arrive I noticed they were watching, but after seeing me catch a couple rides they turned and moved up the beach a little. They were still pretty far off, but I remember thinking that they were pretty for their age and would soon be full blown hotties. One had short slightly curly blond hair and long legs, while the other had long straight brown hair and long legs. The girls picked up towels they had dropped and spread them out. Next they pulled off t shirts and shorts to reveal two piece suits. The blond's was red and the brunette's was blue. Both girls seemed to have had been blessed with a set of breasts that filled out their tops nicely. Feeling a like a dirty old man I went back to concentrating on my next ride.  
An hour and a half later the tide killed what little surf there had been and I thought a little food didn't sound like a bad idea. Letting the last wave push me in, I wrapped my leash around the end of my board, and glanced at the young beauties as I walked by. The blond opened her eyes and blinked at the bright sunlight. I smiled friendly like, she  smiled back and I continued up the beach a half mile or so to my campsite. The air was still warm so I stripped out of my wetsuit and threw on a pair of cargo shorts, sans boxers.

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   Nothing like going commando to make a guy feel more relaxed. I built a small fire to roast a few hot dogs and popped the top on a beer. Both were excellent.
It was getting close to 5 by the time I finished my late lunch, early dinner. The waves seemed nonexistent, so I opened a second beer and blew off the foam that bubbled up. Movement caught my eye and I watched the two girls stand and stretch. Taking a deep pull off my beer I watched as the two girls splashed around a little in the small waves. I started feeling like a lecher, but the scene of them bouncing, perky breasts hardly moving, was the only entertainment and my eyes kept getting drawn to them.  
I finished off my second beer and had opened my third when they went back to their blankets. The brunette glanced my way and turned to the blond who shrugged. They then got up and began walking toward me. Luckily I had a good five minutes to compose myself, get my heart stopped racing, and had a friendly smile on my face by the time they were within 30 feet of me.  
"Hi, I'm John. ", I said, raising my left hand in a small wave.
I could tell both girls were nervous, but the blond was the first to respond.

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   "I'm Stacie and this is Jody. "
"Nice to meet you both. ", I responded.
"You looked pretty good out there. How long have you been surfing?", Stacie asked.
I bit back a comment about how good they both looked, and they did this close up. Both were about 5'5", Stacie was blue eyed, and Jody had brown that matched her hair. They looked older close up, but I could still see a look of innocence about them. Their bodies were fantastic with long tanned legs and arms, nice smiles and perky tits that were perfect handful sized. I offered them a seat on some driftwood I had pulled around the fire-pit and we chatted for several minutes about surfing.  
"Too bad you girls aren't 21 I'd offer you a beer. ", I laughed.
Jody laughed, then smiled wickedly. "Maybe after the grandparents go to bed, Stacie, we can sneak back down here. "
Stacie returned the grin, then brightened.

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   "Better yet lets tell them we're going to camp in the backyard. Close enough so they'll say yes, and much easier to sneak out. "
The devil on my left shoulder laughed, as the angel on my right shoulder whispered something about prison time. I almost choked on my beer as I looked at the two young girls.  "You think it's wise hanging out with an old guy like me? I'm not that much fun, really. "
Stacie smiled a gorgeous smile that made the little devil jump up and down with joy. "Don't worry, John, we'll find some way of making it fun. Won't we, Jody?"
Jody stood up and stretched again. I couldn't take my eyes off her great breasts. She caught me looking and a small smile appeared and disappeared almost as quickly. "We'll think of something. ", she returned as the two girls waved goodbye.  
I sat there watching them walk away and drank the last of the beer in the can in one long pull. I was a dead man and I knew it.  
It cools down quick on the beach as the sun begins to set.

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   I had a lot of nervous energy thinking about Stacie and Jody. Rideable waves never reappeared, so I spent the time gathering firewood and sipping on beers. By the time the sun had set, painting the sky reds, oranges, and deep yellows, I had managed to calm down some. Of course, I also had a nice buzz going. I made sure my wetsuit was hung far enough away from the fire to prevent ruining it, waxed my board for a morning surf session, and settled back to watch the final bit of light disappear from the darkening sky. It was going to be a moonless night, and cold, so i threw a couple more logs on the fire. I had just finished eating a ham and cheese sandwich and was snacking on Doritos when the pair of girls appeared out of the darkness.  
They smiled a sneaky sort of smile that made me laugh. The devil won and I pointed towards the open case of original coors. "Help yourself. Your reward for the risk, I suppose. " Both girls said thanks in unison and grabbed a lukewarm beer. They had put back on their sweatshirts and shorts, but it took nothing away from how cute they were.  
We chatted about this and that. Stacie noticed my iPod and speaker case and asked to see it.

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   I nodded sure, and laughed as both girls leaned in together to look at my collection. They poked fun at some of my albums and artists, I only responded that yes I was an old man compared to them. Jody looked me up and down and smiled a smile that made my heart race. "You don't look that old to me, John. "
I leaned my head to one side and smirked. "You flirting with me, girlie? I'm definitely old enough to be your father. "
Jody raised an eyebrow and laughed. "You were enjoying the view earlier if I recall. "
So she had caught me. My blush was lost in glow of the fire. "Sorry about that. You are both very attractive for your age. Any age actually. You're going to blow guys away later in life. "
Stacie looked up and grinned wickedly.

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   "I like the idea of blowing guys. I mean blowing guys away. "
Jody got a shocked look on her face that was the equal to mine I would imagine before all three of us started laughing.  
"Well, I need to piss. ", I said once I had stopped laughing.  I walked slightly out of the glow of the firelight to a place I had designated as the "outhouse", though it was just a hole in the sand. I was only a 30 feet from the fire and heard the girls giggle as I made a great show of turning my back, exaggerating my movements, and sighing in release as I pissed. When I got back to my seat both girls were laughing. "Having fun yet, John?", Jody asked between laughter.
"Ever so much, girl. ", I replied laughing.
She licked her lips and then took another drink from her beer. I thought I caught a wink, though it might have been the dancing firelight, so I winked back. Our little flirting contest was interrupted by Stacie as she pressed play on the iPod and the soundtrack to the new Footloose came on. She turned it up and then got up herself.

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   "I loved this movie! Let's dance!" and she began bouncing to the music.  
I laughed as I got up and took one last pull off my beer. "Sure, why not. " And began to imitate her as best as I could. I soon found that Jody had joined us and we laughed our way through the title track.
The next song was a slower tune and before I knew it Jody had wrapped her arms around my neck. "Dance with me, John. ", she whispered, and pulled me close. In shock I automatically wrapped my arms around her. I could feel her pert breasts poking me in the bare chest. I tried to think about the music, football, anything, but then I felt a soft hand slide slowly up my back.  "Relax, John," Jody whispered softly. "We're not doing anything wrong. "
I tried to will my body to relax. "It's been awhile since I danced a slow dance.

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  ", I whispered back.
"I can tell. ", Jody giggled, purposely grinding into my crouch causing him to jump into semi hardness. "Having fun yet, John?"
By the end of the song I had gone beet red from embarrassment. The next song was another slow tune and Stacie quickly took Jody's place. "I want to feel it too. ", She cooed pulling me close. Before long we were grinding to the music. I glanced over and saw Jody finish her beer, pull off her sweatshirt to reveal the bikini top, and then get another beer.  Not to be outdone, Stacie stopped long enough to pound the rest of hers before pulling off both shorts and sweatshirt. I took the opportunity to adjust my poor package that was making an awkward tent in my shorts, and drank the rest of my beer.
The third song had a faster beat and I quickly turned into the meat between a girl sandwich. All thoughts of how stupid this was were lost in the rage of lust as both girls ground against me, first one then the other. I tried to keep my mind thinking that this was just innocent fun, but then Jody grabbed my hand and pressed it against her breast. I instinctively squeezed and thought I was going to shoot right then and there.

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   The song ended, and we collapsed on the driftwood panting. I took a deep pull off my beer and rearranged my very stiff member.  
I looked over at both girls and was flabbergasted by the lust I saw echoing from them. I blinked and took a deep breath. "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. " I laughed as another slow song came on.  
Stacie got up and walked over to kneel in front of me. "Then I better swallow all of it then. " and pushed her soft hands into the waistband of my shorts. I had a second to consider before the devil won and I let her pull them down past my knees. I heard Jody gasp as I felt Stacie first wrap one hand around the red shaft and her mouth around the shiny purple head. I felt her tongue begin exploring as she slowly jacked me off. I grunted in pleasure, wanting to enjoy it, but knowing that time was fleeting. Stacie couldn't get much of my 7 1/2 inches of pink steel in my mouth, but she did what she could. She had surprising skill for her age, and I could feel my balls begin to boil as she worked the head with her tongue and the shaft with her hand.


   I looked down at her and felt it coming.  
"Oh God, Stacie!", I gasped, but she didn't stop working, just clamped her lips down tight.  
If I've cum more than that moment I don't remember when. By the time I finished it was running down her smiling face. She licked my still hard dick lovingly and stood as I did.
I looked up at Jody who had a beer in one hand, and her bikini bottoms pushed to one side. "Having fun yet, John?"