Fucked at School

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"Jonathan do you mind helping me with my math homework?"
"No problem Sarah what seems to be the issue?"
"Well I just don't seem to get this chapter at all!"
"No problem, why don't we meet back here after school and work it out then?"
Sarah was thrilled, she had been wanting to fuck Jonathan since Beth had told her how good it was! Good thing she had gone out the other day and bought a matching lace bra and panties, which were barely hidden underneath her short skirt and button up top.
School couldn't end fast enough! By third period she was feeling the distinctive tingling sensation in her pussy, by fourth period she was sneaking touches to her clit and by fifth period she had sat by the wall and played with herself all class trying to keep her moans down.

As the bell rang Sarah practically ran to her math room.
She was just on time, Jonathan was just getting there also.
"Shall we get down to business Sarah?"
"Oh yes Jonathan, oh yes!"

He sat down near the front of the room and she pulled up a chair close enough that their legs touched. As he started to explain to her the math she already knew she concentrated on getting him hot and bothered. She started to run her foot up and down his leg and would lean in to "see the textbook' by placing her hand on his knee and squeezing.
"Johnny do you think you could show me that question on the board"
"uhm, yes i uh suppose so"
As he stood she noticed he faced away from her and kept his hand over his package. Perfect, thought Sarah, this should be easy.
"Johnny Baby do you think its kinda hot in this room" Sarah asked unbuttoning her shirt
"Its not to bad, now when you multiply a numerator by a uh, numerator, and uh uhm..." He had finally turned around to see her 36C breasts barely covered by her new bra.
"Oh I'm sorry Johnny i was just too hot to be able to concentrate on what you were saying,but i think i get it now, why don't you come sit back down?"