Fucked at School

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"Damint Johnny OOH" She yelled just as his tongue covered her vagina and started making its way through her folds. He kepy pushing his tongue until he was inside of her then he started sucking and licking. She started to squirm and moan and whimper so he reached around her and started to massage her clit, that sent her over the edge and she started to cum, He covered her vagina with his face and drank all the pussy juices that came out of her.

Before she could come down from her orgasm high he stood up and put his dick inside of her. Sarah was in heaven. Just coming down from an orgasm she could feel another one coming on. Jonathan started to pump slowly in and out of her, taking his sweet time. He again reached around and started to masssage her clit. Sarah could feel the familiar start of her orgasm starting in the pit of her stomach and warming her as Jonathan kept pum[ing. She started to shake and moan and it hit her. She felt the walls of her pussy contracting and her mind started to soar.

She let out a scream that was cut short by Jonathan's hand

"Hush, remember where we are!"

But Jonathan didnt know how much quieter he would be, he could feel the start of his orgasm in the bottom of his balls, he sped up the pace and the feeling grew up his shaft. He grabbed Sarah's hair again and knelt her down in front of him. He grabbed his shaft and started to jerk off until he exploded with his hot jizz covereing Sarah's face and tits.

"Oh god Sarah, mmmm:"

Sarah swallowed what landed in her mouth and she scooped up what feel on her tits and licked them clean, then she put Jonathans cock in her mouth and cleaned him up as well

"wow sarah, next time you need help with math again, im your guy!"