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Hello everyone. This is Robin. Please share your feedbacks and don’t feel hesitant to mail me at romanticrockstar4u@gmail. com.

       I am a regular visitor to this site since 2005 and have read almost all the stories. While going through hundreds of those stories, I always wished to post mine one day. That was a wish which was a distant dream till this January. Your first experience on bed can be one to remember for the whole life depending on your desires and the person who is accompanying you. Well, I had an awesome time and thought of sharing this with all of you. The feel was so intense that even now, almost a year after that incident, I can’t control my hard on, Thinking of that experience.

I am a 21 year old guy, born and brought up in a middle class family with extra cautious and conservative parents. My childhood passed on in the way, every child dreams of. About Myself, I am 5'11" tall, Average built, very fair and my chubby cheeks had always tempted the girls since my childhood to have a go at them and pinch them. As I said, I was being brought up in a conservative family and where talking to a girl was considered as a sin. So, to keep me "pure" till I gain my senses, I was kept in a boy's school. Being in a boys school, the tempt and the desire for the opposite sex is much higher than being in a co-ed school.

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   The boy’s school thing did one thing for sure; it marred my courage to open my mouth in front of any girl. This thing troubled me even more when I was given admission in class 11th and for the first time, sharing the campus with the hottest and most gorgeous girls of the town, made my head go in a whirl spin. Thanks to the lack of courage, even if a girl approached me for some casual and useful work, I would hardly open my mouth and my voice often trembled. So I was given the tag "PHATTU" by my fellow classmates. It showed and became more popular when I liked a girl and couldn’t muster up the slightest of courage to talk to her. I kept delaying it for around a year when she finally got into relationship with someone. To curb this feeling and to show my sexual orientation being straight, I started spending a lot of time on internet. Yahoo Chat and Orkut helped me out in a way and made me believe that I can at least chat with a girl. Orkut helped me find her.

Her name was Rashi. Being in the same school, I have never seen her but had heard a lot about her and more so because of the news about her break up with her boyfriend. The chats were its usual self in the beginning and I hardly payed any attention for knowing who she really was. I was happy with this new progress and was spending quality time with her over on the chat. One such evening, she mentioned in our chats that she will come to my class for meeting me, as she also needs to know, with whom she was chatting hours and hours. I said Ok giving it a slight rethink but the thought that I had been talking with her for over a month now gave me some confidence.

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   She came into my class next day during recess while I was outside. The guys who were inside at that time said "Abe ek tunch item tujhe dhundhte hue aayi thi. Kahi tune kuch panga to nahi kiya hai na(Dude a hot chick came looking for you. Is everything alright)" And all my confidence shrank below the danger level. I asked who she was. To which they dragged me outside by my hands and shouted "This is the guy whose name is Robin. " And started Screaming at the top of their voice, "Robin, Robin". I saw a pair of long legs wearing black shoes moving towards me. Looked up and I saw a big smile on that girl's face. And my mind went blank again. Before she could come near me,  I ran inside my class.

That evening during our regular chats:

Rashi: Robin, tum kitne fattu Ho. : D

Tell me something new, I already know that. I said to myself. But to cover up things, I said, "Arre, wo, The teacher was coming, so I went inside, as I didn’t wanted him to shout over on me or anyone else.

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   And tomorrow I'll meet you for sure. "

To avoid facing her, I bunked my school for around a week, made some excuse and stopped going online. It was during that period that she called me up on my mobile. She got my number from one of my friends. I was dumbstruck hearing that sweet and melodious voice.

"It’s me. Rashi"

"God, jitni tum sundar ho, tumhari aawaz bhi utni hi acchi hai(Your voice is as sweet as you, yourself are)".

"Huh, where did that came from. So, Mr. Fattu has finally gained some courage" and laughed. That voice and her face, flashing in my eyes, made me go crazy for her.

Now about her, she was a girl with milky white complexion. Long and smooth hair, Long legs and assets which can make any guy go head over heels for her. Over on the telephonic conversation she asked where had I been and mentioned that she missed talking to me. Well that came as a green signal to me and I said, "Same here and I would love to meet you in person, but not in school as I don’t want anybody to create and spread rumors about you.

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"Ok. CCD. Tomorrow . 12. 30 pm. "

After that incident we met almost daily and the length of telephonic conversations increased to over midnight. During one such night, she said she doesn’t likes being alone and you are a really nice person, someone I can trust blindly. All I would wish for is, Please stay with me forever, as a friend or anything else, but never leave me alone. That came as a pleasant surprise to me because I never expected such a beauty will tell this to me. I said, "I promise I'll never leave you. All I need you to be standing by me. That's all. " Sessions of flirting started after that and within 18 days, I proposed her. She took her time, almost a month to say yes. The delay was more so because she had recently overcome from a bad relationship and that she also never wanted to lose me, did the trick for me.

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   I had reached the first step and needed few small steps before I could reach the ultimate goal, breaking my virginity.

On our first date, I had the first touch of a girl. She kissed my cheeks but I, more so because of the feeling of being with a girl for the first time, couldn't do anything. After the date, she asked me on the phone how was the kiss and she said, you are such a big jerk. You didn’t even kiss me on my cheeks. See, no boyfriend treats her girl like that. To that I said, next time, I will kiss you for sure, not on the cheeks but on the lips. To which she said, "We will see. " Two days later, came my first kiss and God that was awesome. I tasted a girl's lips for the first time and the aroma and taste of her lips made me go crazy and tempted me to eat them even more. Few more dates passed, with us being engrossed in hugging and kissing only. The feeling which we had while kissing: the feeling of togetherness, kept us getting close to each other and it meant, more and more kisses. As our 12th board approached it became difficult for us to meet, forget about anything else. After the finishing of the exams, we went on to a date after about three months and it was a movie theater again this time. I ensured that it was a Flop movie, so that the theater will be empty.

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   And I booked two corner seats. We went inside and as soon as the movie started, we started kissing. And we kissed like two individuals crazy in love with each other. The passionate kissing meant we both missed each other a lot. The heat of the moment was such that, while kissing, I inserted my one hand inside her Top and was stroking her back from inside. She didn’t say anything. After which, I brought my hands further and touched her Bosoms from over her bra. I could hear her moan slightly and she pressed my hands from over her top. Well, that was unexpected. I kept on massaging her left boob first and the right one after that, when I decided to insert my finger in. Keeping her busy in the kiss, I inserted my fingers in her cleavage. And trust me, that was the softest thing I had ever touched. With some complications, I successfully inserted my right hand inside her bra and moved towards her left boob. Wow. Those titties were big.

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   I struggled to take them completely in one hand. Tried for that but after failing several of times, I moved ahead, searching for the nipple. Here It is. . ! I touched it with my finger and she let out a loud moan and hugged me tightly and kissed me vigorously. Being new to the act of love making, I didn’t know what was going on. And I kept on fondling her breasts. While I was busy doing this, I felt a hand over my cock. I looked into her eyes and she said, "mujhe bhi chhuna hai(I also want to touch this)". To which I kept her hand on my cock, from the base. And she said, "Bahut chalu ho tum. Mujhe bare skin touch kiye aur apna upar se de rahe ho"(You touched me bare skin and you're giving me yours from over the pants. Thats not fair). I opened my zip and let her slid her hands through my undies to my shaft. Her soft touch was enough to send tickles through my body.

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   She started stroking my dick and laughed, looking at the restless face of mine. She kissed my cheeks and said I Love You. I hugged her and said, “I won’t let you escape so easily" and inserted my hand inside her jeans from top. It took few adjustments from her and I had to stretch my hand to the max for having a touch of her love hole. Oh My God! She was WET. I looked into her eyes. She smiled and said "who said you are a fattu,jo bhi kehta hai, use yaha le aa kar apni kartoot dikha dena" And kissed me. Since it was a theater, I couldn’t do anything else other than that. But that day and the incident meant, we took our relationship to the next level. We could talk of and about anything and everything. It was then only when I properly understood about the menses of a girl, The figure, the size of boobs and other complications affecting one's sexual life.

"So, what's your size", I asked one day.

"How big it looks like huh?"

"I don’t know, but I wasn’t able to take it in my hands. And from the impression I get after looking you over from the top. Are you 32?"

She laughed and said, "Well you're almost there, Its 34C.

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   And I said Wow, now I think I have something. "

After school ended, we both went into different cities and different colleges. She went to Punjab and I went to Hyderabad. We used to talk a lot on the phone. After that incident in the movie theater, I felt like our sexual needs intensified, but since we didn’t have any other out of it, so in the night after our roomies used to sleep, we used to do Phone sex. It was like, I would tell her that Close your eyes and just imagine I am with you. I holding you in my arms and we are kissing each other. And then, I'll say, I remove your top, then your pants. Now you are just in bra and panty. Then I'll tell her, Ok, now you remove all my clothes. Now I am naked in front of you. I'll then remove your bra hook and at last will drop your panties down your legs. I'll hold your boobs and massage them while kissing you. Then I'll take one of your boobs in my mouth and suck them. To which she would let out a moaning sound.

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   Then I will say, I am inserting a finger inside your pussy. After a while she will say, you know what baby, I am fingering my pussy. After a while she would say, I want you inside baby, Fuck me. And I will tell her that I am holding you by your waist and kept my dick at your pussy's entrance. Then I push it a little and she will moan. Then I say, I push it further and with one more push it will all be inside. Now I move my dick in and out of your cunt. Fastly. And she would say, faster baby. Oh yeah. mmm. . . Haan aur zor se dhakka do. Meanwhile I would be pumping my dick and while I cum, I'll let out a gasp, signaling the finish.


   And then she will say, “It’s Ok baby, I am hugging you tightly”. And after that we used to sleep. This was almost a daily routine for us. As it was a mean of keeping us together. But it was never going to be the substitute of the ultimate pleasure when the two bodies actually meet. Time passed on like that and we were happy with our relationship. We were happy with each other and were more than happy thinking of each other as life partners and how it would be like after our marriage.

Both of us wanted to have sex but time and situation never permitted us. We became busy in our studies and since it’s an open world we often get distracted by many unwanted things. We had many hot chicks in the college and few of them were in my class. But such was my determination and my commitment towards my relationship that I never gave a thought about anyone else. This was one of the reasons; I never tried talking with any girl, except for the girl in my batch, during labs. This however came as a wrong signal to most of them. Thinking me as an arrogant and someone with high attitude, all girls wanted a share of me. I wasn't interested in any of them.

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   But there was one girl named, Tanya Banerjee, who thought of herself as the bombshell of class and as I had heard about her that she is a master in making guys crazy for her and run behind her like dogs. Men are dog. True, they are, but not all of them.

There is one thing about all those girls or guys who try to seek attention of others. If you don't give them what they are looking for, they will run after you thinking why the hell this person is not taking interest in me. Having achieved that successfully, one day I came to hear from one of my friends, "Tanya was asking about you. That why do you show so much attitude? Why don't you talk with her?" Hmm. Something is there for the taking, I thought. "I will talk to her when the time is right. "

Six months later, before our fresher's party, I was said that I am her partner in the dance event. That day, while I was sitting at my place during recess, she came to me and said, "Hi Robin. Have you heard of the dance event? We are partners in that. " She said with a smile and extended a hand to me for handshake, "Tanya". There is something about a girl's smile. It makes the odd guy fall for her even with a smile.

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   I shook hands with her and asked her more about the event. She gave me brief details about the event, the dance and the song.

"I am very bad in dancing. Trust me. So, if possible remove my name from the list. " I said

"Oh come on, No one is a dancer here. And I am sure you can't be that bad as you are telling Me. " she said with a smile.

"Trust me, I can’t even move properly. "

"hahaha. Ok. If possible, I'll teach you the steps. And if time and place permits, we can practice together. But first, you should try it by yourself. "

The smile was such, that I was not able to say anything other than a gentle nod.

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   She said bye and left. After that, I was trying to have a look at her, all the time, by every possible mean. Even after the class, I was thinking about her. Is this what a girl can do to someone who never tried to even have a look at her? I opened my orkut account in the evening and sent her a scrap, telling I need your number. At around 9, I had a new message from an unknown number, "Hi Robin, this is my number. Please save it. "

I replied to the message, "Who's this?"

"Oh sorry, I forgot to add my name in that msg. It’s me, Tanya. "

My eyes shine up seeing that name. I had to talk to her, so diverted the topic to the fresher's.

“I watched the videos of the songs you gave me. They are very tough. I can’t do a single step. :( “, I messaged her.


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   Try a bit more. If you still don’t get them, I’ll teach you. Ok? :) “

“Ok. Thanks a lot. ”

I was happy at this fast paced approach of mine. What she did, was, it forced me to push my relationship and Rashi a few steps back in my priority list. I was trying to have a look at her all the while and we started chatting over on text in class also. During the lunch break, we were talking, sitting at my bench. This time, we were talking about topics like family, friends, interests and hobbies. That 40 min chat made my mood lighter and I was thinking about ways to have a go at her and her body.

About Tanya, she was 5’ 6”, fair, long hair, her lips were sexy, nice and firm shaped boobs, probably 32 B and nice round ass. Perfect attributes ones which are required to make any guy dream of her in the nights. She had all of them. While talking to her, I always used to watch her lips and always thought of biting them. Frustrated and eager to bring her to my bed, I messaged her, “Look.

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   I can’t do this. You please find some other partner. I am really bad. I tried, but I wasn’t able to follow the steps. L ”

“Don’t worry. I’ll teach you. All you need to do is support me. OK? J”

I was excited and happy at her response, but still trying to curb my happiness I messaged her, “Where are you going to teach me?”

“Can you come over to my place? You can practice there as long as you want. ”

That came as a positive sign to me. I did not know what she wanted, and I was least bothered about that. What I was looking up to was what I had in mind and I had to make quick strides in what I was having in my mind.

“Will that be alright? I mean, your parents won’t be having any problem with me coming to your house?” I asked her.

“Of course, No one will say anything. And after all you will be coming for a purpose, right? So, come over to my place at around 5. 30.

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She gave me the address of her apartment. I went there at sharp 5:30 pm. She welcomed me with a smile and introduced me to her mother and sister. After that we went into her room. There is something special about a girl’s room. That girlish fragrance and the pink color of room were as cute as her smile. We did some normal moves for around an hour. She had a tough time in making my legs and ass move to the rhythm of the music. She showed the steps to me when I was unable to do anything. She moved swiftly and her body was rocking to the rhythm of the beats. My jaw dropped and I was sweating like hell. Seeing me panting, after a short session of dance, she laughed heartily. The best way to impress a girl is when; she is having a good time with you, when she is laughing a lot. I have achieved this now and was looking for the next steps. We were talking about it in messaging and from her accent, I could make out, she was happy.

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   3-4 days of practice was what it took me to shake my legs a bit. When a teacher sees even the slightest of improvement in her dumbest student that gives her more pleasure than when a topper tops the exams. Here in my case, I was certainly worse than the lot. The improvement in my dancing made her happy. This happiness of her also brought her close to me, she often pinched my cheeks and we both did light flirting sometimes. I was successfully able to complete the whole dance steps of the song which we were to dance on, in the event. Practice makes a man perfect, and to be the best, you need to practice more and more. I was not sure about this winning thing, but the reason of me practicing with her, was, it gave me the amount of time I needed to have a shot at this bombshell Bengali babe. We started hanging out together in the college as well, and that increased our bonding as a dance couple.

Our class had a mass bunk, one Wednesday. She called me at around 10, saying that, we could have a longer stint of practice today. I agreed to her and said I’ll be there in 20 minutes and hung up. I got ready and went to her place. She opened the door with a smile once again. Her smile, it killed me.

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   There was silence surrounding her house. Sensing my suspicion, she answered by herself, “mom and dad went to office, and my sister went to school. ” I smiled and thought this could well be my day. But I was unable to take an initiative. She was wearing a pink noodle top and a knee length skirt. We sat in her living room for some time, watching videos on MTV. After few disco and fast tracks, they played “Beete Lamhe” from The Train, featuring Emraan Hashmi. The song ended with a hot kiss and love making scene. We watched one more video and after that she said, “Let’s start the practice now. ” She held me by hands and brought me to the room. There was a special and different feeling, this time. I was having butterflies flying in my lower abdomen. We started practicing by the song we were to perform. She was looking a bit off color today. After two rounds of practice we sat and while I was drinking water, she played another song.

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   This was a fast track probably the one for salsa or the one they play in the dance clubs. She winked at me. I asked her in gesture, “what?” spreading my both hands. She came to me on her toe tips with a naughty smile on her face and held me by my hand. I did nothing but was looking straight in her eyes. Her eyes were speaking for her actions. She placed my one hand on her waist and placed her on my shoulder, while we both had one hand clasped to others. That was the closest I had been to her body. I didn’t know how to do salsa, but the lady in charge was so hot that I just moved along the music. While moving around and coming to me, she came too close to my body. After that, I held her by placing my hand on her back. After a few moves, I brought her closer to my chest, so that I could feel her breast rubbing on my chest. That move must have made her heart skip a beat or two. She stopped there itself. With her face facing the floor, I could sense her breathing heavily; by the rising and falling of her breasts.

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   This was the moment; don’t let it go, I said to myself. With some courage I placed her hands on my shoulders, held her by her waist and brought her closer to me. We stood there in that position for around 5 minutes. She was taking her time to catch her breath and I was waiting for the right time to make the next move.

I held her chin and moved her head up. I looked into her in her eyes but she turned her gaze downwards. I moved closer to her body, to which, she looked up in my eyes. I thought of it as the right moment and placed my right hand behind her neck. She closed her eyes, in expectation. Probably, knowing what was to happen, she tilted her head towards her left and parted her lips in anticipation. I brought my head closer to her and placed my lips on hers. There it was. Those soft and juicy pink lips, I have them under mine now. That came as an energy booster to her. She took the next step and was biting my lips like a hungry kid, and hugged me tighter.


   I was just playing the role of an assistant to her. We stood there, kissing, passionately and lovingly, the passion increasing with every passing second. She even bit my lip while kissing. She withdrew her from the kiss and took a step backwards. Looking into my eyes, she held the straps of her top. She was dancing seductively to the tunes of music and was trying to tease me. She then called me towards her. I took a step further and kissed her again. She matched me stroke by stroke.

After a long stint at kissing, she tried moving her top, while still engrossed in the kiss. Breaking the kiss, she removed her top and threw it away.  I saw her wearing a black bra.   Hardly 5 seconds of parting and she again started kissing me. This time, it was more vigorous. The flavors of her lips were craving me to take a step further.

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   All this while, I was having a look at her boobs from the side of my eyes. While we still busy searching the depth of each other’s lips, I moved my right hand on her bare waist. Then I brought it further up. Using my index finger and the middle finger, I traced a path from her waist to the below of her breast, like a toddler. I explored the length of her near nude upper half body using my fingers. She saw me by the side of her eyes and sensing what I wanted, gave me a smile and opened the clasp of her bra. Given the naughty and slut bitch she was, she opened the clasp but never removed it completely. Holding it close to her boobs, she was teasing me. Her boobs were visible till her nipples. I could see a part of her areola. That’s why she loves pink. Even her nipples were pink in color. She was testing my patience but was dying herself because of the heat of the moment. I reached towards her and kissed her again. This kiss was strong enough to weaken the strength and hold of her hands.

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   I grabbed her right hand and the cover was exposed. There she was, standing topless in front of me. Her boobs were firm and the nipples were pink and erect. She was looking even more gorgeous now. May be due to excitement or because of the goose bumps or because of shame, she was standing with her head down. I made her look into my eyes and kissed her lips once again. The kiss was not passionate this time, maybe, because I wanted to have a go at her breasts and her nipples.

I moved my head down a bit. Seeing my intentions she held me by my head and slowly guided it towards her right breast. Before my tongue could reach her boobs, my hand reached the destination. I held her right breast by its base and at that moment, kissed her on her nipple. The kiss and the touch of my wet lips around her nipples made her leave a slight moan. Moving the tongue in circles around her nipple, I took the whole of it in my mouth. She clasped my hair and pushed it harder. It made me suck her boobs harder and deeper.

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   She held me by my hair, pulled me up and kissed my lip. This time the kiss was a mirror of her hunger and lust. It was vigorous and wild. After a while she tried taking of my t-shirt, which she was able to do successfully, with a slight help of mine. Now it was her turn to explore my bare top. To my surprise, the first thing she did was hugging me tight. Both of us bare chest, or I would say, one bare chest and one with bulging boobs. The feel of her bare breast and the nipple, poking and touching my chest was driving me crazy. I held her left breast by hand. While my left hand was giving a massage to her left breast, I bend down further to take the right one in my mouth. While my hand was giving a massage to her right breast, my mouth was providing suction to the right breast. She was moaning a lot and pinching her lips. Was it the right time to put the paddle on acceleration, I asked to myself. I let go of her boobs. As I left eating and massaging them, they dropped and bounced up and down.

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   I loved the sight of them.

Then I pushed her on the bed. She was watching me with those cute and beautiful eyes. Dropping my body by her side, I was playing and fondling her boobs. Slowly I brought my hand towards the band of her skirt and slid my hand inside it. And I brought it further down. It took me around a second to realize the situation. She wasn’t wearing a panty. She was without a panty. My jaws dropped and my mouth was wide open. She winked at me and asked, “Want to get inside?” “I would love to. ” I said with a smile. And with that, she pulled her skirt down by raising her hips. The view of pussy was exotic and instantly turned me on. It felt like, she had trimmed her pussy a few days back.

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   Her pussy mound was inviting me to put my tongue in her love hole. I obliged quickly to that and licked her pussy clean with my tongue. She had a deep navel and she was literally an idol of sex goddess. I pushed my tongue deep inside her hole and was pushing it in and out. She was wet, wet from the foreplay and her moans while I was sucking her clit made me to push my tongue deeper and suck her more. She was holding me by my hair and was pushing me inside, so much so that I suffocated. I then took my tongue out and inserted my index finger inside her hole. With one hand I was fingering her pussy while with the other one; I was massaging her boobs, one after another. I slowly inserted the middle finger also inside her cunt and made the two fingers roam around inside the cave and reach the extremities. I was moving my finger inside in circular motion. While I was doing so, she then tried opening my belt but was unable to do so. Seeing her intentions, I opened my belt and stood there with my hands on my hips. She needed it badly, very badly. She reached out for the jeans button and tried undoing that and eventually successfully after two three tries. It seemed like she had got the key to the gateway to heaven.

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   She opened the zip and the jeans dropped down on the floor. While I was watching the jeans fall on floor, she hurryingly grabbed the elastic of my jockey underwear and pulled it down in one go. The sudden force applied on my underwear made my cock come bouncing out of it. Her eyes glit up seeing the length of my manhood that stood proudly right in front of her face. My pre cum was there inside my underwear and even the tip of my cock was glistening with it. She looked up in my eyes and held it with both her hands. To my utter surprise, she took her face near the cock and kept her nose near the tip and was trying to smell the cum. She then held my dick pointing upwards towards the ceiling. Looked into my eyes and then scratched the balls hanging between my legs. And after a few seconds, she planted a kiss over my dick and was squeezing the balls with the other hand. She kissed me all over my dick for some time. But it was all but gentle kiss. She never tried sucking or taking it into mouth. And when she did, I was flying high on the cloud of excitement. The wet touch of her tongue over my penis head tickled me.

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   And my legs trembled with excitement. Seeing that, she sucked my cock even more. I was feeling the pressure building inside my dick. While she was busy sucking me, I pushed her even more, so much that she coughed. As if to take revenge, she took me inside her mouth and was rolling her tongue over the tip of my cock. I now knew that she won’t let me escape easily. So while she was sucking and licking the entire length of my cock, I grabbed her boobs and plucked the nipples out one after another. She let out a slight moan from the sides of her mouth and then held my dick with both her hands and started stroking it. I knew I was building my cum, so I said, don’t do that, or else I’ll cum. She started stroking it with even greater speed. And after a while, when she saw the changing facial expressions of mine, she took it inside the mouth and pushed it in and out of her mouth. I was watching her with surprise that how much this girl loves giving me the blowjob and split cum in her mouth after few seconds. Her mouth was now full of my loads. And she slowly gulped them all happily. The pressure released from my penis, made it sack a bit, which also discouraged me slightly.

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   She somehow guessed what was going inside my brains. So she said, “Now we will have longer session of fucking” and winked at me. And took my hands and placed it over her left breast and holding my other hand, she let me sit on the bed besides her. With both of us naked and sitting side by side, my bare hips were touching her fluffy ass and her bare thigh rubbing mine. This dirty thought made me excited and gave me a slight hard on. I then made her lie on the bed and got above her body. With both my legs on her sides, I bent down and gave her a peck on her lips, then slowly moved down towards her neck. Although it was a mere brush of lips, she let out a loud moan and raised her hips slightly. This is the spot, I said to myself. I kissed on both sides of her neck and slowly moved up towards the ear, and bit her earlobes lightly. She was breathing heavily and moaning out loudly. Her heavy breathing meant her boobs were hitting my chest and with a rhythm. Hearing her moan and the regular feel of her breasts made my dick go harder. It grew to it full length and was throbbing. The hardening of my dick did one thing right; it was touching her and rubbing her from over her pussy.

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   She was raising her hips and was giving me the signal of going ahead. I kept her kissing on her neck, shoulders and ear, and was massaging her boobs at the same time. She found this triple attack on her body too hot and too difficult to handle. She then held my dick and was trying to push it inside her pussy. Seeing her move, I was happy, but wanted to delay the intercourse. I wanted her to feel the heat of the moment. She was pleading me to enter her but I kept myself busy, kissing her and fondling her boobs. I then stopped kissing and directed my mouth towards her breasts once again. While I was sucking her one boob, I was massaging the other one. With every passing second, I increased the speed and intensity of my suction and rubbing. She let out a loud moan and pushed her hips further up and was breathing very heavily. I knew, she was about to have an orgasm. “I can’t hold anymore. Please fuck me robin. Fuck me.

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  ” She said catching her breath. There you go. She was pleading to me to fuck her. The hungry vixen wants me to get inside and tear her pussy apart. Obliging to her request, I lifted my ass a bit, placed my dick over her love hole and tried entering inside her, but failed. I never expected her pussy hole to be this tight. But she was now giving me a hard time while entering inside her love hole. I grabbed a pillow from her side and kept it below her hips for a better opening and a better projection. The pillow made her pussy rise at an angle, which opened her hole. I tried again by placing my dick head at her pussy entrance gate. She was extremely tight. With much of difficulty, I pushed it in a little. Hardly 1. 5 inch of the cock went inside and she was screaming like hell.   I won’t be able to enter her this way, I thought.


   So I lied on my back and said her to ride my cock. This way she would be able to control the penetration and speed of intercourse. She did exactly as I said. While I was holding my dick, she sat on it. I felt the upper flesh of my dick unfold. While I had a slight pain by the stretching of my dick, I saw an expression of pain on her face as well. The benefit of this position was that, she was able to control the flow and speed of the intercourse, without hurting her much.   She lifted her weight a bit, held her breath and sat over on my dick once again. This time she sat with all her weight on my dick and it went all inside her. It might have hurt her and this was evident from her facial expression. She was in pain and withdrew from the intercourse. I was watching those Traces of blood that were there on my dick, “She was a virgin?” Seeing my dilemma, she just nodded and hugged me. There I was lying on her bed, in her bedroom, and she was lying on top of me. Her boobs rubbing against my bare chest, her soft ass, were all giving me the ultimate ecstasy and my dick was bulging out and throbbing, with traces of blood on top of it. The emotions were flowing high and we both were in the tight embrace of each other.

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   After a few deep affectionate moments, I again made her lie down on her back and placed the pillow below her hips. Thinking that now I have a fair chance, since her pussy lips must have parted a bit now, I placed my dick on her gates once again. After struggling a few times, I finally succeeded in entering her pussy. Only the tip went inside. I stopped there, repositioned myself, took the support of my arms, kissed her lips and pushed it further. Slow and steady wins the race, had heard this quote while I was a kid and thought of its significance now. Slowly, I pulled the length of my dick out of her cunt and pushed it all in, once again. She was biting her lips and was certainly in some pain, but the pain reduced with every push.

With every push, the momentum and pace kept increasing. Her pains now had changed to pleasure. I could make it out from her moans that she also loved it. “Ah, Robin, fuck me. Oh my god, fuck me harder. ” She was matching my pace by pushing her hips. I was going deep inside her pussy and trying to search the entire depth of her pussy.

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   She was scratching my back and clasped her legs by the side of my hips. That was to ensure that I penetrate her well and go deep inside her. She wanted every bit of my dick. This went out for around 18 minutes. Thanks to the blowjob she gave me, I was lasting longer. I was fucking her in full throttle and was far away from having an orgasm. She felt this and changed the posture. She bent down on her all four and said me to get inside. I positioned myself behind her and put the shaft on the entrance. Before entering, I planted kisses on each of her ass cheeks. This posture excited me well before I entered her. The view of her beautiful, round and milky white ass cheeks was making me reach the height of excitement. I spread her pussy lips and inserted my dick inside. It went inside more smoothly this time. It felt as if there was some lubricant that was making the whole ride so awesome.

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   I loved it and so did she. I bent down a little and grabbed her hanging melons, squeezed them and she left out a louder moan. She was moving her ass back and front, so that the cock goes inside the entire length of her pussy. I smacked her ass cheeks while I was riding her. Few more push and I could feel the pressure mound inside my dick. Feeling the pressure, I increased my pace and she was rubbing her clitoris. I could sense by the speed with which she was rubbing her clitoris that she was also nearing her orgasm. I was tearing her apart and she was moaning like crazy. Few more pushes, I could sense my orgasm on the edge. Tanya was rubbing her clitoris like a wild and hungry bitch. She even held my dick sometimes and pushed it inside by her hands. Once in a while, she also massaged and pressed her boobs once in a while. Few more pushes and she let out a loud moan and I sensed a flow of liquid around my dick. She had her orgasm and it’s my turn now. I increased the speed even more after that.

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   Few more push and I was tearing her pussy apart. With a loud moan, I pushed the entire length of my cock inside her pussy and stopped there only. I had reached my orgasm. I lied on her back like a balloon all whose air has been taken out. I had cum inside her. After catching my breath, I got from her top. And fall on the bed on my back. I was tired, tired like hell. She lied by my side and held me in her arms. I hugged her and held her close to my heart. I then kissed her forehead and she kissed my cheeks and said, “Robin, I love you. ”

“Love? I am screwed. ” I thought to myself and held her closely and tightly to my chest, so that she could not see my facial expression. All I did was kissing her head. I don’t know how far it is going to last, but right now, I am proud to say that “I am not a virgin anymore.

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  ” This thought brought a smile to my face. I tilted her face a bit upwards, kissed her lips and said, “I Love you too. ”