Alice and my Father

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This is the story of how I found my father fucking and using my girlfriend. To any of you who have a weak stomach. . . Stop reading now.

I don't know what's inspired me to tell this story. Every time I think of it, it almost brings me to tears. . . Maybe on some subconscious level, I think that if I'm able to share it with someone, anyone, it'll get better.

I was 19 when I started dating Alice (I'm 23 as of a few months ago). We'd met in chemistry lab and hit it off. . . no doubt in part because her grades were less than stellar, while mine were at the top of the class. I don't know what attracted her to me, especially in light of what has happened between us.

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  . . but on my part, she was by far the most beautiful woman I have ever had the chance to date, let alone sl**p with.

Even back then, she had fair skin and long, black hair. She was short, and I stood a head or two taller than her - which I enjoyed for obvious reasons. She wasn't chubby but she wasn't slim either, she had just the right amount of weight in all the right places. Her ass was divine, and don't get me started on her breasts - perky, with tight pink nipples, as I later found out.

As I went to college with her I was, to my chagrin, still living with my parents. She didn't mind, and my parents loved her from the day they met her. . . Telling her they were glad that I had found a "nice girl".

Yeah right.

On the outside she might've been nice, but once the lights were off she became a complete freak - a real nymphomaniac. Every night she practically begged me for sex, and I was always eager to oblige.

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   I've never slept with another woman that was quite so insatiable, always begging to have my cock between her lips or inside her very tight pussy. I never found out who she had slept with before me, or why she was such a cock-craving slut (for lack of a better word), but I definitely enjoyed it.

The first night she spent in my bed at home, she was so loud that I had to hold my hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. . . and even still, I was worried that the sound would carry over between the thin walls of the old house. My mother said nothing, so I thought I had gotten away scottfree. . . though looking back, my father was a little more friendly, a little more courteous with her after that.

Fast forward two years.

After turning 21, Alice decided to take a year off school. She was unhappy with her major (psychology) and wanted to try something new. Her parents didn't agree. After kicking her out, I pleaded and begged with my f****y to let her stay with us.

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  . . to which they grudgingly accepted, provided I start paying rent.

Up until that point, I had been a slacker and got by in university through my wit alone. I didn't have a job, and barely had any money to my name. . . a fact which would have to change if I was going to pay rent. I applied for jobs across town, and luckily found one working with one of my professors as a laboratory assistant. It paid well, but f***ed me to work strange hours. Alice didn't like the idea of my spending so much time away while she stayed at home, but without anywhere else to go. . . she didn't have much choice. Her part-time job paid very little, and most of what she earned she saved for her education.

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   Though she tried to find extra work, she was turned down everywhere she applied.

This led to a strange situation in my household. Alice and I shared the same bedroom and slept together, but she would leave for her part-time job each morning before I woke up. Around noon, I'd wake up and head off to my job - where I would be stuck for between 4-8 hours each and every day (weekends included). This meant that Alice would arrive home just after I had left, and we would usually only see each other in the evening for a short while before heading off to bed.

The schedule held tight for two months, and everything seemed to be going well. . . Until I noticed a change in Alice. Usually she practically begged me for my cock, climbing under the sheets and stroking me or using her soft lips to caress and suckle me until. . . Well, you know. Slowly, she started being less and less eager for sex, until there were some days where she wouldn't bother at all.

The longer this went on, the less responsive she became - until I had to ask, or even beg her for sex.

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   Eventually even that wasn't enough, and I'd be lucky to fuck her once a week.

Naturally, I was worried - confused. I chalked it down to her settling down. . . she certainly wasn't any less loving. She was even perkier than before, and seemed to have a spring in her step! The situation went on for over four months before I finally figured out what was going on.

As I have alluded to, my job caused me to work strange hours. Sometimes I'd be home by 4:00 PM, other times not until midnight. All of that week, my supervisor had kept me right until the last minute - stressing that his experiment was almost done.

That fateful Friday of that week, I arrived at the lab having expected to spend the next twelve hours there wrapping up the experiment. . . But found my professor in tears. Turns out that his experiment had been a dud - errors had crept into his methods, and he was nowhere near completion.

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   Too exasperated to continue, he sent me home early. Though I comforted him, I was all too eager to return home and surprise Alice.

As I opened the door - quietly - I decided to sneak up on her, make my early return a surprise. As I crept up the stairs, I heard soft sucking and slurping sounds, as well as the softest of moans. I grinned to myself, thinking my surprise would be even better. I slowly tip-toed to the doorway and found it slightly ajar. . . Looking in, what I saw shocked me.

My girlfriend, Alice, was. . . was. . .

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. . . was kneeling at the side of the bed, naked, between the legs of my father. I looked on in horror as I saw her two rosy lips stuffed with his cock. At this point I'll say that I am by no means little, and I'm proud of my girth and length at 7 inches long and 6 thick. . . but my father? He was in a whole other level. His cock could only be described as huge - a big, fat cock. I couldn't guess at his size, but it was easily one and a half times the size of my own.

As I peeked through the doorway I saw Alice lavish his thick cock with her soft little tongue, swirling it around the pulsing purple head. . . She would try to part her lips and slide it between them, but my father's cock was too large and so, as she moaned, she'd wrap them along the side of his shaft and slowly drag them upwards and down.

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  . . smearing her drool all across it. His cock practically gleamed as she loved it and sucked, and she eagerly swallowed every drop of precum he produced.

As she busied her mouth with his thick shaft, his hand would brush aside her hair and he would look into her eyes and whisper some of the dirtiest things I'd ever heard.

"You love that fat cock don't you, you dirty little whore. "
"Show me how much you love sucking my cock with that tight little mouth. "
"Do a good job sucking me, and maybe I'll shove this dick right between those small little legs. . . "

What hurt me most about this was that to every question she would nod and moan around his shaft, looking up at him with the most loving eyes I had seen from her. I had flash-backs from when we first started going out, and she looked at me with the same eyes. . . but even that paled in comparison to the look of affection she gave him and his pulsing, thick member.

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After awhile of sucking his cock - it was glistening and throbbing noticeably by now, even from my vantage point - he pulled her lips away and lifted her onto his lap. Slowly he lowered her onto his shaft, and I watched as the thick crown of his massive cock spread her open. . . He held her there, with just the head pressed against the lips of her pussy, and she writhed in pleasure and desire. She begged for his "big, fat cock" - wriggling to try to get it inside her. . . and every word pierced my heart.

Eventually, he got tired of teasing her and just dropped her down - she screamed out as the cock pressed deep inside her. . . and as he held her tight with it inside her. I couldn't believe how deep it was - it seemed it should've split her in two. .

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After awhile, she began slowly rocking back and forth, helped by his hands on her ass. She rode his cock roughly, her tits swaying back and forth and jiggling as he laid back with his hands behind his head, watching as she pleasured herself on his fat prick. I watched as her juices drooled down the shaft with each rise and fall. . . biting my lip with tears in my eyes.

Eventually I couldn't stand it anymore. I summoned my bravery, and just as her moans were reaching a fever pitch I pushed the door open wide and stepped into the room. Alice couldn't see my from that angle, as she was facing away. . . So even as I stood in plain view, she kept riding the fat thick that was pushing inside her. My father, of course, did see me, and he tried to push her off. .


  . but she kept going, screaming in pleasure until I saw his eyes glaze and him grunt. . . He grabbed her ass, pulled her down hard and buried his manhood deep inside as he came. As she slowly lifted off, I saw white globs of his cum drip from her gaping pussy. . .

She turned around and gave a start when she saw me. I balled my fists and stormed out.

I later came home and sat down with the two of them - while my mother was away. They explained how it had started but. . . but.

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  . .

I don't think I have it in me to describe that at this time. Maybe if someone asks me to, I'll be able to put it down, but right now the memory is too painful to recall. . .