a step daddys love part 3

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  I’m sure my stepdad is in love with me now, after previously only having sex twice things between us has gone from good to fucking fantastic. Every time he passes me he discreetly grabs my ass or runs his hands down my ass and in-between my legs and gives me a quick feel, and all the time manages to act as though nothing as ever happened between us. My mom has no idea what has been going on at all, I’m sure. He even kisses the back of my neck while her back is turned, the teasing drives me wild and just made me more wanting him than ever   

     2 nights ago while i was laying in bed thinking of our other encounters and as usual i began touching myself but before i went any further i got up and locked my door turned on the bed light and lay back down, i kicked the covers down and propped myself up with pillows against the bed head. i removed my panties and spread my legs apart which gave me a fairly good view of my pussy. My pussy lips were swollen and i could see how moist i was and started to run my finger in circles in the juice. My top i was wearing was so loose that i pulled out my breasts and squeezed them in turn making my nipples harden, i pinched them between my fingers as i continued to rub between my legs. I tucked my feet up near my ass which gave me a better view of my soaked snatch.

      I worked my finger up and down from my clit to my pussy, sliding in my finger a bit further and a bit faster with each stroke, i removed my hand from my tits and used both on my pussy, one feverously rubbing my clit while the other fucked my hole with long deep strokes, watching myself do this made me hornier than ever so i quickly rolled onto my stomach and put my hand between my legs and pushed my body down onto my hand and fingers hard as if i was being fucked with a cock.

I writhed and humped until i eventually came. i sat back up and tasted the juices on my fingers but i was far from satisfied.

       I thought fuck it and decided to do something i never thought i would do. I climbed out of bed and snuck out of my room and quietly went to my mom’s bedroom door and listened to see if i could tell if they were asleep. The door was slightly ajar so i peeked through the crack to see that they were both fast asleep. My mom was rolled away from my stepdad so i tiptoed up beside my step dad and touched him lightly on the shoulder and as if he was expecting me he slowly sat up and gestured me to leave the room and he got out of bed and followed me back to mine.

      i closed the door behind us and looked nervously in his eyes, he said that mom had a busy day and was dead to the world and i knew that she was a very heavy sleeper which relaxed me a little.

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   I was even more relaxed when he reached down and slipped off my top and left me standing naked in front of him, my nipples were erect and my pussy was tingling knowing what i was in for. He was wearing boxers and a t shirt which i quickly removed, his cock was half hard as i took it in my hand, and I felt it stiffen as I slowly stroked it until it was fully erect. i dropped to my knees and took it in my mouth, he rested his hands on my head and moved them in timing as my head bobbed back and forth along his rock hard cock.

      His breathing began to quicken as i took it as deep as i could without gagging on his huge head,  i stood back up and took his hand and led him to the bed, i whispered for him to lay down and i straddled his chest, i could feel his racing heart against my thigh which in turn was felt against my tender clit, he took my tits into his huge hands and massaged them, i closed my eyes and reached around and rubbed his throbbing cock.

i sat up on my knees and moved forward, my pussy was dripping wet as i could feel his hot breath against it as i slowly sat on his face. His tongue lapped at my pussy lips as i held onto the bed head and rocked back and forth, sliding my pussy against his mouth. His tongue darted in and out of me sucking up every drop. He sucked my clit which drove me crazy and i writhed in ecstasy as i came. My body shook as I orgasmed again from his tongue teasing my clit. I wanted his cock inside me more than ever now so I got on my hands and knees lay my head down on the bed and stuck my ass into the air inviting him to take me as hard as he wanted. He knelt behind me taking my hips in his hands and his cock slid inside me with ease. His cock filled me up completely which forced my juices to run down my thighs. His throbbing cock slid smoothly in and out, he started to pump me faster as he pulled me back against him with each inward stroke , his balls slapping against my clit felt like heaven.

 I reached down and started to rub my clit, the feeling of his cock deep inside me and my rubbing made me cum so hard that i felt week in the knees and lay down flat on the bed with him still inside me. He kept fucking me without missing a beat as i came again, i could feel his cock wanting to explode as he pounded me hard until he quickly pulled out.

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   I felt his cum shoot up my back and across my ass. He slumped down beside me and gave me a kiss, i felt so satisfied and the look he gave me assured me that yes he did indeed love me