Vicki Seduces Her Workboy (but when will she see him NEXT)

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Hi, my name is Vicki.   A little about me, I’m 18, about 5'4", shoulder length black hair, my friends say nice body (a very nice ass) so I won’t go into detail, but I’m pleased with it and get enough looks that I’m happy.   I’m told I have a nice smile and that’s good because I like to laugh and smile, even giggle a bit. I like to tell you about some that happened last week that still has me going fizzy when I think about it (which is quite often). I work part time in retail and there is this really cute guy that works there, 21, but very shy.   I’ve thought about him often after I go to bed at night, fantasizing about what it would be like to be with him.   Lately I lain quietly in bed, gently stroking myself and thinking of the bulge I’ve noticed in his trousers.   (Oh did I mention, I’m an inveterate ‘crotch watcher’).   I love to check out a guy and imagine what is there and what it is capable of becoming.   I also appreciate a well formed bum (which he has). Lately, Mike, that’s his name, has been more and more in my fantasies.   I lay there thinking of that bulge, one hand massaging my tits and the other fingering my cunt.   I would squeeze my breast, pinch my nipples and play with my clit, pretending all the while that Mike was doing these things to me.   I would roll my clit with my thumb and insert my finger into my cunny, thinking about Mikes cock stroking in and out of me and him sucking on my nipples. Well, all that changed last weekend. Mike and I had the same time off for lunch and when he said where he was going I asked if I could go with him.

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    I knew that he would take his car and I was laying plans for a sinister plot.   I was going to get what I was wanting if I could just get everything to go right. Mike blushed when I asked him but agreed to let me go. Lunch was nothing special, sandwiches and a drink.   I was trying to keep a conversation going. However, Mike, seeming to be even more shy because we were alone together, was mostly only able to stammer and blush.   Still with the plan I had in mind, getting in his car was the first step. When we arrived back at work I slipped my purse down behind his seat and left it.   Second step, all going good so far. All afternoon I could hardly contain myself.   Could this be working out?  How would he react as my plan progressed?  I got wet just thinking about it. That evening, while we were closing the shop, I suddenly ‘remembered’ that I must have forgotten my purse in Mikes car. “Mike”, I said, “I must have left my purse in your car at lunch, I’ll go with you to get it, OK?”“Sure, be with you in a minute”, he replied. As we walked to the car I decided that I would have to pursue this head on. When we arrived at the car he unlocked the passenger side door and walked around to the drivers side.

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    I got in so that I could reach my purse and stalled long enough that he could get into the drivers seat.   As soon as Mike is seated I turn to reached for my purse with my right hand and used my left to release the catch on his seat-back.   As his seat reclined I feigned losing my balance. I said “oops” and as I rolled slightly toward him my left hand lands directly on his crotch. I gave a gentle squeeze and said, “Oh MY”. Mike was now on his back, my breasts pressing down on his chest and my left hand holding his cock.   I looked him straight in the eye but didn’t move.   With a sly smile I moved up to place my lips to his in a quick kiss.   I drew back and looked at him again.   He still looked a little panic stricken, but he didn’t move. “Well”, I said. “Here?”, he asked. “Why not?”, I queried. It had already gotten quite dark, although the lights from the surrounding shops illuminated the interior of the car so that anyone who might have noticed would have been able to see us. Mike shrugged a little as if to say ‘Oh, what the hell’ and placed his right arm about me and pulled me to him.

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    I brought my lips to his and kissed him.   This time with more passion, flicking my tongue against his lips.   Mike returned the kiss and held me even closer.   He maneuvered his left arm free, it had been trapped until then between my body and his seat, and encircled me, caressing my back. Suddenly my body began to tingle as I thought, ‘This REALLY is going to happen’. Our kisses grew more passionate, our tongues dancing and probing.   I was gently drawing my fingernails of my left hand up and down the front of his trousers, excited by the rising response it elicited.   Mike slid his right hand down to the juncture of my skirt and blouse pulling up on the back of my blouse enough to free it and moved his hand inside.   Goose bumps formed on my forearms as he touched my bare back.   I arched my back forward to allow him more freedom to explore as he made way toward my bra strap. My fingers were no longer willing to play outside.   I unbuckled his belt, undid the button on his trousers and unzipped his fly.   I began to unbutton his shirt, slowly, one button at a time, starting from the bottom, trailing the tips of my fingertips gently along the bare skin of his stomach from one button to the next. Mike had reached the back of my bra and expertly unfastened it with one hand.   As my bra came loose his right hand began to undo the bottons of my blouse, his forefinger playing between my tits as he went and then trailing downward to my navel as each button came undone.

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    Fait accompli, his hand reversed course and slid under my now loose bra from the bottom.   My nipples had already hardened in anticipation as he approached and he grasped the left one between his thumb and forefinger and delicately rolled it back and forth.   He cupped my breast with his hand and sucked my earlobe between his lips.   Contractions in my pussy. Having completely unbuttoned his shirt and loosened his necktie, I slid my palm down his chest and stomach and under the elastic of his boxers.   I ran my fingers through his abundant pubic hair, enjoying its coarse and curly feel.   I approached the base of his cock, which was still pointing down his leg.   With my thumb on one side and my fingers on the other I slid slowly down its’ length.   When I reached the back of the head, I encircled the girth and brought it around slowly to point at his navel.   I squeezed, his dick pulsed. Mike breathed short warm breaths around my ear, sending shivers down my spine.   He began kissing down the side of my neck, starting at my jaw just below my ear and continuing down to the hollow of my throat.   My back arched, his bent, I moved upward to allow him better access and he crossed over my frilly bra with his mouth.   The feel of his lips on my breast was incredible.   Although my breasts are not every large they are EXTREMELY sensitive.

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    The warmth, softness and moisture of his lips as he moved toward my nipple were extraordinary.   When he fastened his mouth on my nipple and began to suckle I inhaled sharply and moved my right arm to hold him close.   I moved carefully over the shifter tunnel and under the steering wheel laying straddle of his legs.   Mike reached down and released the seat, letting it back to its limits. My skirt, fairly short to begin with, had worked its way upward to cling at the bottom of my ass cheeks.   My left hand, still holding and stroking his increasingly tumescent member, was now also pressing on that sensitive place just above my mons.   Mikes right hand moved to cup the right globe of my ass.   He slipped his finger under the hem of my skirt and pulled it up to my slim waist.   Because I was wearing tiny thong knickers this left my ass exposed to anyone who would happen by.   The thought fleetingly past my mind, adding to the erotic scene. Mike brought his hand back to caress my bottom, his thumb hooked under the back of my thong, drawing it out of the cleft of my cheeks and tugging it between the lips of my, by now, very wet quim.   I rose slightly away from Mike, released his cock momentarily and hiked the front of my skirt up to my waist.   I cradled his cock in my hand, pressing it to me.    The only thing between us now was the thin gauze like material of the front panel of the thong. Involuntarily my hips began a motion of their own accord.

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    Mike grasped both sides of the thong and lowered it as far as my legs would allow, almost down to mid thigh.   After a moment of indecision I took my right hand and gave a sharp pull on the right-hand side of my thong.   It snapped, freeing my legs, small loss.   I worked his warmth into my wetness, opening my lips to his shaft.   My clit began to swell against him, flooding my body with warmth and chills at the same time.   I rotated my pelvis to and fro, sliding along his strength. Mike released my breast from his mouth, swirled his tongue around my nipple, and looking up, smiled, revealing dancing blue eyes and a dimple.   His ginger blond hair in disarray he made a small animal noise, somewhere between a moan and a pant.   He brought his hands up and pulled me to him, our lips meeting in a deep and lingering kiss.   When our kiss finally broke we lay, cheek to cheek, his hands now on my buttocks, moving in concert with my rolling hips. I bend my back and moved forward, guiding his manhood with left hand toward my waiting tunnel.   As I eased back down he began to fill me. Once again I began to rotate my hips and Mike joined in, accentuating my movements with his own.   Slow and easy, point and counterpoint.   Better than anything I had ever imagined.

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    The fingers of my left hand, still between us, strayed lightly over my clit while sensing the inward and outward movement of my nether lips with each stroke.   My right hand pressed his face and neck against my face. Our passion had began to build as our motions increased.   I had the overpowering desire for two things.   I wanted to be as free of my clothes as I could be and I wanted him to be as deep in me as was possible. I sat upright, pressing myself down on his rigid prick, forcing it to fill me completely.   I wrestled with my blouse and bra trying to free myself. BEEEP!!OH MY GOD!In my haste to shed my clothes I had set back against the steering wheel and sounded the horn.   Here I was naked from the waist up, setting on a wonderful cock and in full view of anyone in the car park.   Did I hesitate, not in the least.   I pressed my hands against his chest, threw my head back, drew my knees up and proceeded to fuck that dick for all I was worth. Mike continued to thrust upward each time I came down filling me to the max.   Our pace continued to increase, our breath ragged as we gasped and sucked for air.   Faster and faster we went, building toward the final inevitable climax.   Each stroke seem more powerful than the last.

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    Mikes wide cock stimulated my clit on every inward pass.   My slick juices were lubricating our motions, coating his dick and adding to the intense feeling of our coupling.   Waves of pleasure racked my body and mind. Mikes legs and back went stiff and his hands along my waist pressed me hard down against him.   His penis grew and pulsed inside me and I felt the first strong spurt of his warm cum.   That was what my body was waiting for, my vagina contracted around him and a sudden rush filled my body as I climaxed.   The following moments were like aftershocks of an earthquake.   Each time he pulsed I contracted, adding to the hazy glow that had overcame me.   Finally I collapsed on him, nuzzled his neck and found my way to his lips for a deep and searching kiss.   We lay there, both completely satiated, basking in the afterglow. Later, when we finally stirred and dressed, Mike drove me home.   Seems that I had missed my bus. As I got out of the car I leaned over and stuffed my torn thong in his shirt pocket and with a smile said, “I don’t think these will stay up very well”. Mike kissed me goodnight and said, “We should do this again sometime. ”I’m really looking forward to it.

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