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I grabbed Curtis around the neck and rammed my lips onto his and our tongues sucked deep and hard as our lust increased in intensity. He began to increase speed and my cunt delighted in the feel of his hard cock slamming into it. In and out he plunged as he fucked every corner of my cunt. I slid one arm from his neck and dropped it down to my clit and rubbed. I screamed as I felt the orgasm begin and I KNOW the passengers heard me that time. My body shook and my eyes began to water as the flow of my orgasm ripped through me. Suddenly Curtis pulled his cock from my dripping cunt, lifted me off the small sink and whispered; “I want your arse baby girl. ” I gripped the edges of the toilet seat as I bent over as far as I could in that confined space and I screamed again as he grabbed my hips and drove his hard prick straight into my tiny arse hole. I gritted my teeth as I felt the thrusting of each stroke reaming deep into me but Curtis knew I loved to be arse fucked as much as cunt or mouth fucked and so he plunged harder and faster into my tight hole until suddenly he moaned and murmured that he was going to shoot it out into my arse. I felt his cock grow just that little bit harder just a few seconds before I felt that hot cum spurt into me. I felt it slide out and run down my leg as he pulled his cock out before plunging in yet again to finish that massive eruption into the depths of my body. And he continued to ram in and out until he was totally spent and all his lovely hot cum was either inside my arse or running down my leg. I felt his semi hard cock slide from me but before I could grab a tissue from the wash stand to wipe the spunk from my arse and legs Curtis had dropped to his knees behind me and rammed his stiff tongue deep into my now wet arse. I almost screamed again as I felt it go in and delighted at the feel rippling through my bum as his tongue then began to lick his own cum from my arse and then my legs. With glazed eyes I flipped the lock on the door, after checking Curtis had re done his fly, and we emerged back into the aisle. I knew the passengers near to us were either smiling at me or, as in the case of a staid, middle aged couple, were whispering things about ‘ disgusting’ and ‘It’s a disgrace’.

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   I stopped as I passed them and leant down to the man and whispered. “Try giving her a good stiff one honey, I think it will do you both good. ” I smiled at the shocked look on their faces as I headed for my seat. A young couple, Who were seated two rows further back, smiled at me. The girl looked me straight in the eye and winked as she placed her hand on her partner’s groin. I knew the toilet would not be empty for long. Once ensconced in our seats we ordered a couple of miniature rums and I smiled to myself as I saw the couple ahead of us stand up and head up the aisle. It was 18 minutes before they emerged with red faces and a smile from ear to ear. The girl passed by her seat and came to where I was sipping my rum & coke. “Yours I believe sweetheart?” Her smile broadened even further as she handed me my panties and winked again. Curtis’s narrative. As I climbed the steep steps to the aircraft, with my wife Linda ahead of me, my cock gave a sudden jump inside my shorts as my eyes feasted on the tight crack of her bum as it tried, unsuccessfully, to hide beneath the short skirt she was wearing. She knew she was flashing her panties; not only to me directly behind her but to the other passengers ascending the steps behind me. The thin material had wedged inside the crack of her tight bum cheeks and I knew that I was going to fuck that tight arse long before the plane touched down in Morocco. I decided to have a couple of rums once we were airborne and then get her into the tiny cubicle around the time we were over the Spanish coastline.

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   However my sexy, red headed wife had other ideas. No sooner were the seat belt signs off than she run her tiny hand over the front of my shorts, pressed it against my cock, and headed for the toilet. I knew the signal and followed her in there; knowing that we were being watched by many pairs of smiling eyes. No sooner had I locked the door behind me than I was on my knees lifting Linda’s tiny skirt and sucking at the moisture that had already began to seep through the thin material of her knickers. I grabbed at the elastic and yanked them down to her ankles to expose that glorious snatch that I had sucked and fucked so many times before. As she stepped out of them and flicked them under the shelf behind her my tongue rammed deep into her open cunt and I thrilled at the sweet taste of her juices. I would never tire of that taste as I lapped like a cat at cream. I could hear the soft moans as I nibbled at her little clit before raising my hands to place my fingers against her pussy lips. Opening then wide I again stiffened my tongue and rammed it back in as deep and as hard as I could. My tongue fucked the depths of her cunt as her juices began to flow onto my face. My cock was pressing hard against my shorts and I needed it to be released. Quickly. Standing up I unzipped my fly and let the beast out to point straight at Linda’s cunt. Gripping her hips I lifted her onto the wash basin, placed her skirt up around her waist, grabbed her ankles and opened her legs wide. She planted them firmly against the wall behind me and I drove straight into her.

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   My cock was as hard as granite as it rammed into her. I heard her less than low moans as I began to fuck that tight cunt over and over again. My hands gripped her waist tight and I felt like yelling out as loud as I could as the muscles of her shaved snatch contracted around my cock. I fucked her. I fucked her for all I was worth. In and out my stiff cock pleasured my wife’s hot, wet cunt as our mouths met and our tongues were almost bitten off by each other’s teeth as we sucked and fucked like a lion forcing himself on his lioness. Suddenly her hand dropped down between us and I knew it was headed for her tiny clit. Her fingers had barely touched it when the orgasm shot through her. The scream echoed around the tiny cubicle as I pulled my throbbing cock from her. Now was the time to fuck that tight arse she had flashed at me earlier. I told her I wanted her arse and she slid from the narrow shelf and bent herself over the toilet; exposing her tight arse hole to my gaze and my cock. I didn’t linger at the entrance but rammed my prick deep and hard into the depths of that tiny hole. She yelled again as I plumbed the depths of her arse and, with long, slow strokes fucked deep into her over and over again. I felt my balls about to explode and my cock hardened just as the spunk shot up the shaft and erupted like Vesuvius deep into her waiting hole. I let out a stifled moan as my cum filled her arse and began to seep out and coat my cock before I plunged it back in.

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   On and on I fucked until my balls were empty and my cock went slack inside her. I pulled out and felt my cum seep out with it. I dropped to my knees behind her and rammed my tongue deep into that now very wet arse of hers. I love to lick Linda’s cunt and arse out after I have spunked inside her. I know she loves it too and today was no different. I heard her scream as I began to lick my juices from deep with her; and then up and down the insides of her legs as I lapped all of the white fluid from her skin. I ignored the grins of the passengers as we exited the cubicle and headed for our seats. Linda paused to say something to a young couple as I called for the flight attendant to get us some drinks. I didn’t notice the same couple leave their seats but nudged Linda as I saw them both emerge from the toilets with their faces slightly red and a little breathless. I grinned broadly as the girl approached us and handed Linda the knickers she had left behind under the shelf. I looked at her and she smiled as she slid them under her bum to put back on at a later time. The hot sun hit us as we alighted a few hours later onto the tarmac of Rabat airport. Linda’s knickers were duly back around her hips as we headed for the arrivals lounge to await our baggage. Once we had cleared customs we were relieved to see our friend Adele waiting for us as planned and she threw her arms around Linda’s shoulders and the kiss that developed was more than just a kiss between old friends. It was a kiss between very close old friends.

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   They eventually broke their embrace and Adele turned to me with a smile; “Sorry about that Curtis. It’s been a long time. Come here honey and let me welcome you to Morocco. ” The kiss that she planted firmly on my lips as I held her slender waist started my cock fidgeting all over again. Her firm breasts, naked beneath her blouse, pressed against me as I hugged my wife’s closest friend and memories of past nights, back in England, came flooding back to me. Nights of pure lust with the 3 of us fucking like wild animals all night long. Adele was about 30 with dark, highlighted, hair and eyes that gleamed out from her tanned face. Her long legs seemed to go upwards forever before disappearing beneath her skirt. Her ample tits were barley hidden beneath the off the shoulder blouse and her hard nipples showed clearly through the thin material. Her well tanned skin, a result of living in Morocco for 6 months, suited her features well and added to her sexiness. I knew that this was going to be one hell of a sexy vacation. The greetings over we loaded the cases into Adele’s Audi and headed for her apartment. As the car sped down the long, wide road towards Adele’s apartment complex I sat in the back grinning to myself as I saw my wife’s hand slide under Adele’s steering wheel and alight on the soft skin of her leg. Within seconds her fingers were probing under the elastic of Adele’s knickers and I knew they were rubbing against that tiny erect clit that I, myself, had sucked on many times. It was 5 minutes before the car swerved across the road and Adele barely regained control to stave of the impact I thought was going to happen between us and the battered Lada in the lane next to us.

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   Adele had just had an orgasm at the wheel. Linda pulled her hand away and turned in her seat to face me. Her hand reached backwards and she smiled as I let her slide her juice coated fingers between my eager lips. The taste of Adele’s cum was as sweet as I remembered it to be. The door of Adele’s apartment had barely closed behind us before she had Linda by the hand and was pulling her eagerly towards the bedroom. She whispered to me to give her an hour before following her in; I headed for the toilet to pee before I found the fridge and pulled out the cold beer I had hoped would be there. Settling myself into a comfortable arm chair I relaxed in front of an Arabic TV programme and waited for the girls to renew their friendship in the only way bi sexual girls can do. Linda’s narrative The sight of Adele rushing across the arrivals lounge towards us sent my heart fluttering as I dropped my case and flung my arms around her as much in lust as in joy at seeing her again. Our lips met and our tongues rammed into each other’s mouths as we renewed our friendship in the only way 2 bi sexual girls can.
    Well almost anyway. I could hardly push her to the floor and suck her pussy in the terminal building; as much as I would eagerly have done given the chance. Instead I had to wait until we were on the open road from the airport before I slid my hand onto her leg and began to slide it slowly upwards under her short skirt. My fingers found the elastic around her panties and slid straight under and found Adele’s pussy nice and moist and waiting for me. If Curtis had known where to go I would have suggested he drive while I sat in the back and tongue fucked Adele’s pussy until she screamed for me to stop. If ever.

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       Instead I had to content myself with giving her a finger fuck as she tried desperately to concentrate on the traffic around her. I began to kiss up and down her smooth arms as her hands gripped the wheel tightly and my fingers slid smoothly in and out of her wet womanhood. I smiled as I saw her remove a hand from the wheel and open the top buttons of her off the shoulder blouse. My own slit was getting very moist and the sight of her ample breasts waiting for me just inside her blouse; coupled with the feel of her wetness under her knickers only served to increase the speed at which my fingers were creating Adele’s juices to flow onto them. I used my thumb to flick at her tiny clitoris and grinned as the low moan escaped her lips. My head dropped as my other hand slid her blouse open to allow my mouth to encircle those gorgeous nipples waiting for me to suck on them. She started to moan louder and her legs opened wider to allow my fingers and thumb better access to her heavenly cunt. I bit her nipple a few times and felt her body begin to tremble. I knew this was the start of an orgasm for her and increased the pressure of my thumb as it rubbed hard at her wet clit. Her hips began to grind in her seat as she forced her open slit harder onto my fingers. I was aching to start rubbing my own, now very wet, pussy but my hands were busy elsewhere as Adele’s orgasm erupted onto my fingers. I felt the spurt of her juices as the car suddenly veered across the road and almost collided with a car in the next lane. But my attention was focused on bringing Adele’s orgasm to completion and my lips sucked gently now on her breast and my fingers slowed down to a stop as her orgasm subsided. Smiling to myself I slid my fingers from beneath her panties and, turning in my seat, offered them to Curtis who I knew was eagerly watching from the rear seat. We reached Adele’s apartment, on the outskirts of Rabat, and she helped us with our luggage into the coolness of the air conditioned lounge.


       No sooner had I placed my case on the floor than she grabbed my hand and pulled me into her bedroom. She whispered something to Curtis and I glanced back at him; he smiled and winked at me before Adele closed the bedroom door behind us. Adele’s slender body felt so good as our arms were thrown around each other and our lips met in a long, drawn out, passionate kiss. I could feel her hard nipples pressing against my own and the moisture began to build within the depths of my womanhood. Our kiss continued almost unabated as we eagerly began to remove each other’s clothing until we were both left standing in just our panties. I grabbed her hips and pulled her tight to me so that our pussies were touching and separated by just the thin material. Our tongues were diving in and out of each other’s mouth as we flicked and sucked like 2 wild creatures in heat. Our now naked breasts were pressed tight together and our hard nipples were rubbing over each other’s as the embrace continued until Adele pushed me backwards onto the double mattress placed over the concrete bed built into the flooring. She fell on top of me and our lips finally parted as she slid down my body to grasp my left nipple between her lips. My moans began almost immediately and her hand slid straight down and into the top of my panties. Her fingers immediately began to rub my clitoris and I almost screamed. It had been 6 months since I had last been with Adele and she was the only girl I had been with for almost a year. I had missed her terribly and I knew she had missed me just as much. I was so hot and ready for her, especially after giving her the orgasm in the car, that the moment her fingers touched my bud I was ready to orgasm. It had been building up since I had first laid eyes on her in the airport; and now it began to rise from deep inside me as her fingers massaged me so expertly.

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       Her teeth suddenly left my nipple and she ripped my knickers from my body and dropped her head into my now soaking wet cunt. Her tongue drove deep and stiff inside of me before it was replaced with 2 of her slender fingers. Her mouth then licked at my clit and I exploded. Adele screamed at me as I drove my hips up and down on her stiff fingers; “I feel you baby. I feel you squirting onto my fingers. Cum for your girl baby. Cum for me sweetheart” My whole body was trembling violently as the orgasm rippled through me. I screamed loudly at the sweet girl nibbling at my clitoris and ramming her wet fingers deep into my dripping cunt; “Fuck me Adele. Oh My God Yesss Yesss Fuck me, lick me OH Babyyyyyyyyyyy. ” My screams echoed around the bedroom as, despite the cool air conditioning, the perspiration poured down my trembling body. Adele’s fingers and tongue finally left my soaking wet pussy as she slid up the bed and took my face gently in her hands. “You needed that baby. Just as I needed you back in the car. ” Her lips moved down and our mouths met again. Our tongues flicked in and out slowly as we kissed the kiss of lovers.

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       The kissing now, however, was slow and sensual; unlike a few minutes before when we were almost biting each other’s tongues off. My eyes were closed as Adele lay, partly supported by her elbow, beside my hot and naked body as it slowly subsided from the fantastic orgasm that had just rippled through it. I lifted my left hand and placed it around the back of her head to hold it tight to my lips as my right hand ran gently up and down her arms. Hey Peoplethis is my first post . . so im sorry for any mistakes . . but do make an honest judgement . . be harsh if u feel like but i knwo u wont get a chance to . . so just enjoy ;).