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My girlfriend Kathy is beautiful.   She has brown skin, the perfect color and complexion.   Her hair is light brown with a few blonde streaks.   Her eyes are green, with long lashes.   Her breasts are beautiful DDs.   Come to think of it, I dont know how I got this girl.   I am a five ten tennis player with short brown hair and blue eyes.    Whatever she saw in me, I hope it never goes away.
The first time I ever saw her was at school.   My locker was right next to hers.   I was a senior and she was a freshman.  
She always wore the shortest skirts.   Whenever she'd lean over, I'd see her beautiful pussy through her red thong.   She also always wore the sluttiest shirts.   When she leaned over, you could see right down her shirt to her beautiful DDs, bouncing and jiggling perfectly.   Her ass was tiny too.

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    A perfect shape, she had.   And a perfect face.
I always just assumed I would stand on the sidelines and watch the popular guys take such a beautiful girl.   But boy was I wrong!
Kathy had this thing for the underdog.   She always thought he was tougher than the hero.   I hadn't realized this, though, until one day she came into school wearing a see-through shirt, no bra, and no underwear.   As soon as she opened her locker next to me and I looked at her, I saw her breasts.   My penis went rock hard.   Then, as she bent over to retrieve her books, I saw her pussy without any thong covering it.   And boy was it beautiful.   So beautiful, cum shot right out of my penis, staining my jeans.
She must have noticed, but I didnt' know she had so I raced down to the nurses office to find something in the lost and found.   The nurse looked at the cum that had seeped through my jeans suspiciously, then dismissed the idea, convincing herself she hadnn't seen it.  
I found a pair of jeans that almost fit me.   Classes had started by that time, so I took my time to get to class.

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    I had rounded the corner and was on the deserted stairway, when someone grabbed my ass from behind.   I turned around, and there she was.   She moved her hand to my erect penis, and, holding onto it, guided me into a supply closet.   I did not object.   Once inside, she closed the door.   She turned around, and without saying a word, lifted up her skirt to reveal her beautiful pussy.   I feasted my eyes for about a minute before she said, "Are you going to touch me yet?  Feel me?  Lick me?  Stick that thing up my love tunnel?  We haven't got all day, you know.
    "  I grinned, and then I pulled my pants off.   I took my shirt off and was fumbling with my underwear, when she came towards me, already nude, and kissed me full on the lips.   Our tongues mingled, and then she pulled away.   She took my hand, and slowly placed it on her breast.   I began to massage her breast, feeling every curve.   Her nipple was hard and perky, so I began to suck on that.  
    She pulled down my underwear, and immediately began to suck on my dick.   I placed my hands on her DDs and felt them till the nipples were no longer hard.

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        When she had finished her blow job, I reached my hand down to her pussy. I felt her.   She was wet!
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