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There it was again. I look at you. You look at me. . . your eyes smouldering. My hands shake a little, as you take the one you are holding and rub it over the front of the short dress. . . lifting it, then pulling the elastic waistband of your panties back and moving my fingers into your luxuriant bush. I'm not game to look at your face, but I can't and won't stop now. My finger probes your labia. . . hovering over yourclit, teasing small circles round the hardening nub . .

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  . your slit dripping. . . you shift again. . . looking around for signs of waiters, or interested snoopers. . . . . there are none. . .

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  . sliding your panties down, fingers trembling, as they hook on the elastic. They fall to the floor, under the table, a crumpled ball, for retrieval later. "Maybe not,though,". . . . the thought enters your mind, "tomorrow's cleaners would be shocked to find these,", imagining the look on the face of whoever picks up the frilly knickers, wondering if he or she will hold them to their noses, to catch the fragrant smell of sex that will linger on them. Your bare ass sits on the soft, textured fabric, musky smells escaping into the darkened room, your thighs open again. A light breeze from the air conditioner, whirring away above, swirls across the floor and rebounds, causing you to shudder, imagining the cool air has found its way to your swollen lips. I watch this with undisguised interest, my cock thumping in my pants, thinking: "Hope I don't have to get up in ahurry, I'll embarrass the hell out of myself if Ihave to, and Ann will fare no better, with her dressup to her waist, bare assed. " I grin to myself at thethought. Your face takes on a preoccupied look,eyesglazed as you lick your dry lips. You turn your headto me, lust in your eyes, but a lttle unsure if thisis right, thinking: "I hardly know this man, andhere I sit with my ass bare, pussy on show to the world, and my nipples ache like hell, and I'm so bloodyhorny I could jump him here and now. What am I doing?" I sense your uncertainty and smile.

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   "Ann, if youare in the least unsure of me, then we'll forget thishappened and I'll take you home. If you decide tostay, then I promise to be gentle, considerate, andmake this a night that will stay in your memory andmine a long time. You are beautiful, sexy, desirableand I want to make love to you so badly. . . . . whowouldn't?" A smile breaks out on your lips, youreyes shining in the reflected light from the candle onthe table, that flares and dims, as it competes with the air swirling above. "Why, John , I believeyou're trying to seduce me," winking at me, as mirthshows in the corners of your eyes and red lips. "Who. . . err. . me.


  . . um. . . moi? Just because I had thisfinger I'm licking in your panties" I stammer,trying to look innocent, the feigned shock not at all convincing. "Yes, vou!," you laugh, "Shag off. . . Mister Innocent. " We snigger together in that huge room, like two schoolkids, caught by the teacher, sneaking to the lockers for a smoke. The laughter eases the tension,as you lean to me, brushing my shoulderconspiritorially. I look into your eyes, as your gaze meets mine. Our lips meet , grazing lightly together. We explore each other's mouths, time stopping, as that first skyrocket of passion bursts around us, the sounds of the room, so evident before, silenced.

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   Your tongue flicks out into my mouth, running over my teeth,and lashing my tongue tip, with an attacking embrace that stuns me for a second. Erotic thoughts tumble around my brain, my cock hard as a rock in my trousers, balls aching with desire for you. My hand slips back between your thighs, finding you sopping, three fingers entering you. Your hand grips my shaft, through the fabric, telltale wet coming though it, onto your fingers as they squeeze and massage me forcibly. Hurriedly, you reach for my zipper; it grips a moment but slides down audibly, thrusting your hand into the open fly and into my jocks, my cock filling your palm hotly, lips glued to yours, moaning softly as they mash together. Your breath comes in gasps, as my fingers explore your slit, finding inner ridges and wet hollows. You spasm on them, your cum close, as your breasts rise and fall faster and faster, nipples threatening to push through the lacy bra,aching for some attention.
    I open my eyes to watch your face, to find you watching me levelly, your fingers easing the skin of my cock back and forth, faster and faster. . . trying to make me cum. A huge shudder escapes you, your legs closing tightly as you spasm again and grip my fingers inside. . . eyes shut again.

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      . . biting your lip, your body wracked with orgasm, arching off the seat as it happens. Your fingers clasp me tightly, the cum that has been shooting up my legs finding its way into your palm. . . and over your wrist. . . staining the skimpy dress and my crisp, dark trousers. Aftershocks cause you to shudder violently, your legs opening, pushing my hand away, as I wriggle it in you, trying for another orgasm, before the moment elapses. We sit, silently, side by side, my lips seeking yours and finding you smiling at me. . . as they meet.

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      . . a dreamy expression in your eyes. Time begins again. . . the bustle of the room making its way into our ears and consciousnesses, forgotten drinks warm in their glasses. "Phew, that was fucking amazing," yousay. . . . smiling hugely at me. "Bloody incredible!" I reply, "Inbloodycredible, in fact". . .

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      grinning at yourdishevelled state. "We must look a mess. " "Who the fuckcares?" you reply,"let's get out of here and find a nice comfortable bed. I'm not finished with you yet,Mister Innocent. ", fishing for your underwearunder the cloth,grinning wickedly up at me as youfind it and deposit it in your handbag. "This was roundone, and this is a three or four rounder. Coming?”.