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We talked a bit more and by the end of the conversation it was decided that rather than letting the ticket go to waste I would hop on the bus and go down and hang out with her and some of her college friends. So I hopped on the bus at 8:15 am on a Thursday in the small town of Portsmouth, Ohio heading for Knoxville, TN. To this day I haven't figured out why but buses leaving Portsmouth always had to go north to Columbus where you would change buses for the south bound trip. The bus made a few stops between Portsmouth and Columbus before finally crawling in to the station at 12:25 pm. As I stepped off the bus I looked as my watch and cursed. I had missed my transfer. I scowled and fumed, cursing the bus driver and his damned 20 minute bathroom break. Little did I know that 20 minute bathroom break would lead to one of the most erotic encounters of my life. I would be singing the praises of that driver within 3 hours. Now, as any smoker knows when a smoker gets pissed off or upset they tend to want a cigarette. Being no exception to the rule I was craving one myself. I stepped outside the station dragging my suitcase with me in to the cold November wind. After fumbling around and searching through my pockets I managed to locate my cigarettes. I pulled one out of the pack, stuck it in my mouth, and began looking for my lighter. "FUCK!", I said out loud, realizing I had left my lighter on the bus. "Here", I heard from over my shoulder, "this should help".

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  When I turned to see who had spoken to me I was greeted with a smile from this cute blonde. She looked to be about 19 or 20 years old and around 5'4". All of that aside, she had what I needed. There in her hand was a lighter. She put the lighter in my hand and smiled. After lighting my cigarette and taking a long drag off of it I handed her the lighter back and thanked her. She quickly pocketed the lighter and walked back inside the station. I finished my cigarette and went back inside. I was bored and from looking at the posted schedules I had determined I had at least another 45 minutes to wait before I could catch the next bus going to Knoxville. I scanned the station looking for something to do to pass the time when my eyes fell on the same blonde had rescued me from a nicotine fit with her lighter. She was walking in to the Burger King that was located inside the station. "What the hell". I mumbled and headed for Burger King myself. I was starved having not eaten since about 7:00 am and a burger sure sounded good. I walked in, ordered a whopper with cheese, some fries, and acoke.

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   After waiting for what seemed to be an eternity the clerk placed my food on the counter in front of me. I turned from the counter and started looking for a place to sit. I scanned the lobby for a second or two when I caught site of the blonde. She was quietly reading a book and sipping on a soda. A half eaten burger sat in front of her. But what really caught my attention was her amazing figure. She had a small waist, large breasts and legs that went clear up and made an ass of themselves. She was a knock out. "Hey, thanks for the light", I said as I walked to her table. "I REALLY needed a cigarette. ""No problem", she said as she gave me an understanding smile. "I've been there myself a time or two". "Mind if I sit with you?", I asked hoping that by some miracle she'd say yes. "Grab a seat", she replied. I sat there with her for a half an hour and talked with her as we ate.

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   Her name was Trisha, she was 19, and she was on her way to Nashville to meet her dad. I discovered that, like me, she loved to read and she was an aspiring writer herself. She was planning on going to college to get in to journalism once she turned 20. I don't blame her, after 12 years in school everybody deserves a year or two off. I explained to her that I was going to Knoxville to meet a friend of mine but that I had bought the ticket to go see a girl I had been talking to online but had gotten the shaft from her. Trisha just smiled at me as she rested her head in her hand. "Well, perhaps we could keep each other company. . at least until I get to Nashville", shewhispered. "Sounds good to me. . . it'll make the trip go faster", I joked. Just then we heard our bus being announced over the intercom. We both jumped up at the same time trying to get to the bus before it left, banging our heads together, and causing quite a comotion.


   I apologized to her for my clumsiness and helped her carry her things to the bus. Being the gentleman that I am, I let her board the bus first, and then promptly followed. She went to the back of the bus, the very last seat, and began putting her things in the overhead storage. I waited until she was done and then began to stuff my things in to the cramped storeage area. They never seem to make those damned compartments big enough for the average back pack. After cursing and fumbling with the back pack for what seemed like forever I finally managed to wrestle it in to place. I breathed a sigh of relief and was about to sit down when I noticed Trisha was staring directly at my crotch. As stunned as I was, that was nothing compared to the suprises yet to come. I sat down next to her and we began talking again but her eyes never seemed to leave my crotch. By then all of her staring had gotten my mind to working and I started to get more than a little aroused. At that moment I felt the bus starting to pull away and I started to say something else to her when she leaned over and kissed me. It was a soft kiss at first. . just her lips against mine. .

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   but after a second or it turned in to a hot, passionate kiss with our tongues dancing together for what seemed like an eternity. I pulled away and just sat there, stunned, confused, and really turned on. I was too stunned to say anything. I hadn't even begun to imagine she would kiss me, let alone that it would be such a hot kiss. She reached out and gently placed her hand on my leg and smiled at me. We sat there for a minute. . neither of us saying anything until she slid up close to me and, after placing my arm around her, leaned her head on my shoulder. We cuddled like that for a few minutes just enjoying being close until she sat up, grabbed her coat, and covered our laps with it. She smiled at me and snuggled back up against my body. She began running her left hand over my chest while her right hand was busy rubbing my leg. The next thing she did both shocked and excited me. I felt her hand starting to unzip my pants. Her hand on my cock felt great. It was the most attention my neglected dick had gotten in months from anyone besides myself.

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   She gently ran her hand up and down the length of my shaft, lightly grazing it with her fingernails. I struggled to keep quiet, afraid my moaning would alert one of the other passengers to what was happening. Her fingers played up and down my tool for what seemed like an eternity until I though I would just burst. I began rubbing her tits under her shirt, gently rolling the nipples between my fingers. My right hand had found it's way down and was trying to figure out how to get in to the tight skirt she was wearing. Luckily for me after a few minutes of fumbling around she smiled at me and hiked her skirt up around her waist. I slid my hand between her legs, pushed her panties aside, and began running my fingers lightly over her pussy lips. I wanted to savor every moment of this. She was definately sexy and I wasn't sure if I'd ever have the chance to see her again so I figured I'd do my best to enjoy every damned second of it. She apparently had plans of her own. She scooted away from which I must admit was dissappointing until she started to lower her head to my lap. I moaned quietly as I felt her breath on my cock and when I felt her lips slide down my cock I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming. She was no amature thats for sure. She was sucking my cock like it was the best tasting thing she'd ever found. After all of the attention she had been giving to my cock with her hand I knew it would be a matter of seconds before I came.

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   I tapped her on the shoulder trying to warn her of what was about to happen but she obviously already knew. She had no intention of stopping and that was fine with me. She began lightly scraping my balls with her fingernails and that was all it took. I started cumming, shooting gob after gob of spunk down her throat, and trying my best to be quiet about it. After what seemed like hours my orgasm subsided and my cock quit twitching. She sat up, looked at me, licked her lips, and leaned towards me. "Mmmmmmm, I want more", she whispered in my ear. "Well come get it", I said smiling playfully at her. She pulled her skirt down, gently put my cock back in my pants, and then handed me a condom. I was confused. Why would she hand me a condom AFTER having put my cock away? It didn't make sense to me, hell, nothing she had done made much sense to me but I damned sure wasn't going to complain. I didn't have to wait long to find out what she had in mind. "Meet me in the bathroom in 2 minutes", she whispered to me. "OK", I said dumbly. And with that she was climbing over me to get to the bathroom.

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   I sat there looking at my watch as the longest 2 minutes of my life crawled by. Finally 2 minutes had gone by. I stood up and made my way to the bathroom, opened the door, and slipped inside the cramped bathroom with Trisha. We embraced and kissed, letting our tongues explore each other's mouth. Even though I had came less than 5 minutes ago I was at full mast again. This bitch was hot and she was making me harder than chineese long division. I turned her around and bent her over the toilet, hiked her skirt up around her waist, and enjoyed the view for a moment while I slipped the condom on. I rubbed my dick between the cheeks of her ass and down to her clit, teasing her for a moment. I moved my cock back up until it was lined up with her hole and then slid it in. I started fucking her for all she was worth, pounding in to her as hard as those cramped quarters would allow. She moaned loadly and I thought for sure someone was going to hear but I didn't care. At that moment all that mattered was me getting off. I pounded her for another 30 seconds or so when something happened. Something felt different but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Then it dawned on me.

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  "Damnit", I whispered realizing the condom had broken. "What's wrong?", she asked. "The condom broke. . . you got another one?", I asked. "Nope", she said, rather annoyed. "Well, it was fun while it lasted", I sighed. . feeling rather dissappointed. I started to pull my dick out of her but as I pulled back she pushed back trying to keep me in her. "You're not done yet. . . you are going to finish what you started", she demanded.

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  "We don't have any condoms. . ", I countered. "I don't give a damn, you started this and now you are going to finish it", she growled. I didn't need any more prompting than that. I started fucking her again with even more vigor. If she wanted it the god damnit she was going to fucking get it. I started pounding her fast and hard, making her cry out in pleasure. I didn't give a damn who heard. This bitch had just gotten rude with me and started ordering me around. I was going to teach her a lesson. I reached around her and pinched her nipples again making her scream. Her pussy locked down on my cock. That was all it took. I growled loudly as I shot wad after was in to her pussy, filling her pussy so full that some of it dribbled out of her and down her leg.


   I pulled out, my dick making a loud slurping sound as it exited her soaking wet pussy, and slumped against the wall. She looked at me and smiled, reached between her legs, scooped up the cum that was dribbling down her leg, and put it inmouth as she smiled at me and licked her lips. We managed to regain our composure, square ourselves away, and one at a time we exited the bathroom. I went out first, looked around, and to my suprise most of the passengers were either sleeping or reading or listening to music. They hadn't even noticed what had taken place in the bathroom. I grinned from ear to ear as I went back to my seat and sat down. After a few moments Trisha came over and sat down next to me. We smiled at each other and cuddled up. I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew I was waking up on the bus and Trisha was no where to be found. Had I dreamed all of that??? It seemed to real to be a dream. . . far to real. I sat up and looked around. The bus was stopped and everyone else had gotten off the bus.

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   I stumbled to my feet and grabbed my coat and headed off the bus for a smoke. I walked off the bus and over to a little area with benches and ash trays marked with signs that read "smoking area". I reached in to my coat and pulled out my cigarettes. There. . . in my pocket. . . with my cigarettes. . . was Trisha's lighter. . .

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   wrapped in a note that simply read: "Thanks for making the trip an interesting one. I thought you might need this when you woke up. Trisha. "That was the last contact of any sort I ever had with her. It might sound odd but to this day when I see a Greyhound bus I think of her and smile. I might never see her again but I had the memory of that day. Doris never did find out about my erotic encounter with Trisha. In fact hardly anyone knows of it. . . I haven't really told anyone about it. . who would believe me??*Well, thats it folks. Let me know what you think. Be honest, be brutal, I can handle it.

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