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It's a bit odd.   I've always been the type to love horny girls and love fucking them even more, but I've never been too attracted to the club scene.   I've gone a couple of times and both times just found it awkward, I enjoy winning women over with my words and my smile, both of which aren't used much on the dance floor.  
Anyways, despite my lack of enthusiasm for the club scene, one Friday night my best friend Elana convinced me to go to the club with her.   We arrived outside and saw a long line.   "Not looking good so far," I said to her, obviously less than enthused.   She smiled, "Just follow me. "  She walked outside the dividers up to the front of the line and waved to the bouncer.   He nodded to her, "Ms. Rogers," unhooking the divider and waving us through.   I guess it was nice that she comes here relatively often.
We got inside, the dance floor straight ahead full of jail-bait age teens as this was a minors club, meant only for teenagers 18 and under.   Elana lead me to the side, leaning against the wall.   I looked at her, confused.   "You never go straight onto the dance floor silly, you have to wait for things to pick up. "  I shrugged, it had never made a difference to me.

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    "Nate, you just worry too much about getting the girls you dance with to actually think you're a guy they'd like to date and fuck.   The girls that come here are just looking to shake their asses up on some guys. "  "Maybe that's why I don't like it here so much," I responded.   "We'll find a way for you to have some fun tonight," she said smirking and putting her finger to my lips.
Elana and I had never had any sort of romantic involvement despite acting like this very often.   We had talked about it a long while ago and decided that it would be ebst to remain under the best friends tag, we didn't want to risk losing each other.   I had wanted to fuck her a lot of times, she wasn't a knockout but she was incredibly cute, but at the same time, there was a bit of a brother-sister relationship in our friendship.
After a bit Elana led me onto the dance floor, right into the middle of it.   We started dancing together, she always had been one of the best club dancers around, she knew how to pop her ass like a true slut, even though she wasn't one.   Tonight she was dressed sexy, but safe, wearing very short shorts and a black tank top, her long blond hair hung down her back, swaying back and forth as she grinded on me.   As the song changed she yelled that she had to go to the bathroom, leaving me standing awkwardly on the dance floor.   I turned and saw a great ass flying side to side under a mini-skirt, long tan legs flowing down to the floor.   I stepped up behind it and began to bump with this mystery girl.   She turned for a moment, gave me an approving look and started to grind her ass into my crotch, hard.   Wow, this bitch was getting me hard.

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We went on grinding bumping and bouncing for a couple of songs, I found out her name was Alicia.   She was wearing the afore-mentioned skirt and a short-sleeve t-shirt, unbuttoned at the top.   She had highlighted medium length blond hair that dipped just below her shoulders.   As I also found, she was wearing no panties.   I found this out in a relatively unpleasant way.   During the faster parts of songs she would often look back at me when she bent over, a look of pleasure on her face.   I figured she was just trying to look extra sexy until on about the third song we had been dancing together, she started to smash her ass back into me extra fast, her legs shaking, I could have sworn I heard her yell in pleasure over the noise of the music.   The next thing I knew, the crotch on my pants was drenched.   Alicia almost fell over from her orgasm, leaning forward, I grabbed onto her hips and held her stable, continuing to smash against her.   There was no doubt now, I could hear her yelling in pleasure, the bulge in my pants slapping against her bald pussy under her skirt.   As Alicia bent down I had a good view of the exit and saw Elana trying to sneak out, looking back at the dance floor.   I knew it, she was just trying to get me some ass because she knew it had been a couple weeks for me.   What a great friend.
Alicia straightened back up, starting to grind on me again, her arm wrapped around my neck, her head turned to the side, looking at me.   I grinned and started to make out with her passionately.

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    Our tongues rolled over each other wildly twisting and slobbering.   She pulled away and smirked through her looks of pleasure.   "Slow down or I'm gonna' cum again. " She yelled to me.   I grinned and started to pick up the pace.   She looked at me with a shocked look of pleasure, her face contorted, I felt her legs starting to shake wildly again, I grabbed the back of one of her thighs and squeezed it tight, from there I snuck my hand around her and without warning, with a lucky grab, seized her clit between two fingers and started to rub it like crazy.   "FUCK1 OHHHHH GOD!" she shrieked over the music as the combination of our wild dancing and now her clit being massaged sent her over the edge, bucking back against me, her cunt spasming.  
Once again she almost lost her balance, teetering to the side.   I held her up around her hips again, dancing slowly now to let her recover.   She looked back at me in amazement.   "Holy shit.   You're bad. " I smirked, without warning sticking a finger up her pussy.   She bucked and moaned "ohhh yeah. "  "You're claling me bad and you're the one not wearing any panties, " I whispered in her ear.

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    She grinned.   We started dancing again, a lot slower than we had been.   During the songs we'd half-shout to each other over hte noise.   I found out, much to my dismay that she was a minor, where I live, that means under 18.   She was 17, going into her senior year at prep school.   She noticed my change in expression when I heard that and tried to make me forget it quickly, starting to pick up the pace with her ass shaking, grinding it extra hard against my cock.   I pushedh er away for a moment, turning her around to face me, grinning.   "You're not gonna' squeal are you?" "What?" she asked, confused.   "I mean you're not going to run and tell anyone that I fucked you, right?"  "Not anyone who would give a fuck that I'm a minor. "  I laughed and pulled her close to me, she rode up on my leg and stuck her tongue into my mouth, even more wildly than the first time.  
I spent this song grabbing her, feeling her and fucking her mouth with my tongue.   She was grinding against me even harder than before now, throwing her head back and screeching once in awhile.   I grabbed one of her sexy legs and wrapped it around me, lowering myself to suck on her cleavage.    The dance floor was crowded now, no one even noticed, especially not the staff that was paid to patrol and make sure no one did exactly what we were doing.   I pulled her t-shirt down past her bra and yanked her bra down as well, red-lace, allowing her nipples to breathe.

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    She pushed me away for a moment, she may be a dance-floor slut but I could tell that she was relatively new to sex and was obviously nervous about this public display.  
I looked at her, confused, and she gave me an apologetic look before pulling me by the head back into her breasts.   "Yeah nigga'!" I heard a voice behind me yell, I turned and saw a large black man looking over his girl at us.   I grinned at him before sucking wildly on Alicia's nipples and dry-humpnig the shit out of her.   By the end of the song she was moaning non-stop, her pussy spasming.   She pushedm e away for a moment and looked me in the eyes "Fuck me.   I want you to fuck me like a whore. "  She said, her eyes burning with lust.
As the next song started I wrapped her leg around my waist more tightly, unzipping my fly and letting my 7" member pop out.   I placed the head at her entrance, surprised at how drenched she was.   I grinned at her before grabbing her and wildly making out with her again.   She moaned wildly as I felt her breasts, squeezed her ass, rolled my tongue around her mouth and rubbed the tip of my cock against her pussy lips.   Then without warning, I slammed all in at once, my cock is at least 7" around, it's quite a filler.   She tried to pull away and scream but I held her head to mine, making out with her wildly.   I guess it was a sick habit of mine, but I always liked to hear women scream without being able to actually scream.

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    Her eyes were wide with shock, I was pounding her fast right away, as far as I was concerned, she was a slut, she had told me to fuck her like she was, I wasn't going to disappoint.  
I pulled away from the kiss and concentrated on fucking her, holding her hips as she held me around the neck.   I increased my speed and started to fuck her even harder.   She obviously had never been with an experienced guy, especially not one who went as fast and hard as I did.   She was shrieking, throwing her head back and shouting.   "FUCK! FUUUUCK! OHHHHH YEAH!" she yelled, I could hear her over the music but no one else could.   I could feel her shaking wildly, she was nearing the edge.   I picked up the pace again, I couldn't hear it, but I could imagien the slap of my ball against her amazing ass.   Even if someone did notice us fucking, they would probably think we were just dancing because my cock was concealed under her skirt.   Of course, if they heard her yelling they might notbuy that.   I dove my face into her cleavage against as I felt her whole body start to convulse.   I fucked her as hard as I could for these few seconds and heard her screaming at the top of her lungs. "FUCKKKKKK ME! OHHHH YEAAAAAHHHHH OH GOD YEAH!  FUCK ME HARDEEER! YEEEESSSSS! OHHHHH GOD RIGHT HTERE!" I felt a hot flush of her juices run out of her pussy as I pulled out for a moment.   Adjusting myself and re-entering, fucking her like an animal.  
For the next 5 minutes I pounded her wildly, she was shaking her head back and forth, shrieking "FUCK! YESSSSSS! I'M CUMMMING! OHHH GOD YEAH!" over and over.

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    I fucked her to another six orgasms during this time.   I could feel my balls tightening, this girl was either a virgin or a second-timer because she was tight as hell.   I hooked my hands under her thighs, picking her up and fucking her madly.   She started to shake wildly, "YESSSS! OHHH FUCK FUCK FUCK! I FUCKING CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! OHHHH GOD IM GONNNA CUM! IM CUMMMMING FUCK YEAH! FUCKKKKK MEEEEEEEEE! AHHHHHHHHHH!" she shrieked a high-pitch squeal as I fucked her like a machine-gun, her whole body shaking wildly.   She threw her head back and I sucked wildly on her tits as her latest climax ripped through her.  
I lifted her off my cock and lowered her down, she stumbled into me.   I grinned at her.   "Oh my god Nate. . . . " she slurred to me.   I turned her around and pushed her back down.   She looked back at me "ohhhh god yeah. " she moaned.

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    I rubbed my cock against her entrance again before entering her.   She was so tight, the tightest girl I'd ever fucked, as soon as I entered her for the third time I knew that I couldn't hold on too long.   I started to rip into her, up until now I hadn't been able to put my cock in all the way to the hilt because she was so tight.   I finally put that fear aside and ripped all the way in.   She was bucking against me wildly, she turned her head and I saw a look of pure desperation and wild pleasure on her face.   I reached around and started to rub her clitterus wildly while fucking her senseless.   She bent all the way over, I was fucking her like a machine.   "FUCKKKKK ME! YESSS! YESSSSS FUCKKKKKK! OHHH MY GOOOOD! AHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she screamed at the top of her lungs.   Her legs were shaking wildly again and she lost her balance.  
She fell onto one knee, I went down right with her.   We were in the middle of the dance floor, no one that would have stopped us saw us.   I kept pounding her, even faster now.   She was on one knee, one of her legs raised up.   I was slamming into her harder than any girl yet, the atmosphere was such a turn-on.   "FUCKK! AHHHH! OHHHH GOD! YES! YESSS! YESSSSSS FUCKING GOD YEAH! HOOOLLLY SHIT! I'M CUMMING! OHHHH I'M CUMMING AGAIN! HEREE IT CUUUUMS! FUUUUUUUUUCK!"  She was shaking non-stop now.

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    I felt her latest orgasm rip through her, she looked at me, her eyes sort of glazed over.   She spassmed like wild, her other leg losing all stability.   I rammed into her harder and harder, as far as I could go.   She went down even further down to both knees.   We were fucking doggy-style in the middle of the club.   She lowered her head and raised her ass against my thrusts.   I maneuvered her onto her side, spooning.   I rammed into her as hard as I could, as fast as I could, pulling her hair, twisting her nipples, jacking off her clitterus and fucking her senseless.   "FUCKKKKK! OHHHHHH YEAH! FUCKKKKK MEEEEE! IIII CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I'M CUMMMMING AGAIN! OHHHHH FUCK YEAHHHH! FUCKKK FUCKKKKKKK FUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK YESSSS!" she shrieked as I felt her shake more than ever, almost like she was having a violent seizure.   She looked up atm e and I grabbed her and slammed my tongue into her mouth again, her screams became wild moans, even louder than her screams had been.
I grinned to myself, realizing that I was fucking a seventeen year old possible virgin on a dance floor, at first I thought I was crazy, then I realized that the craziness was what had made it so amazing, all the whild fucking her faster and faster, my tongue and lips containing her screams and turning them into equally wild moans and groans.   I felt her tongue quiver and her whold body shake evenf aster, her cunt was spasming wildly, flushing out an incredible amount of juice with every pulse.   My cock was a blur up herp ussy, her skirt was up around her stomach now and everyone could see that we were fucking like animals.   I rolled her back over into the doggy position and pounded her wildly.   She could scream again now and didn't hesitate "FUCKKKKK MEEEE! YESSSS OH MY FUCCCCKING GOD I'M CUMMMMMING! FUCKKKK YEAAAAAAH! OHHHHH GOD! OHH GOOOD! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOD! IIIIIM CUMMING! IM FUCKING CUMMMMING! YEAAAAAAH YEAHHHHH RIIIIGHT THERE! FUAAAAAACK!" she screamed, throwing her ass back against my every thrust.

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    Then she started to scream even louder and I started to shout as well, for the first time in my life, I had hit the bottom, my cock was in to the hilt and I was hitting the back walls of her vagina.  
At 7 inches my cock wasn't a monster in length, I had never gone this deep.   This was the biggest turn on so far and I couldn't hold on any longer.   Her screams mixed with my moans, I could even hear the slapping of my balls against her now over the music.   I reached under her and fondled her tits wildly.   She was rubbing her clit.   I slapped her hand away and started to rub it faster than she had ever done to herself.   She shrieked ath te top of her lungs one more time and erupted into her biggest orgasm so far, her cum seeping out around the edges of my cock as I grabbed her hips, holding them in place, thrusting into her at the a ridiculous pace.   "OHHHH ALICIA!" I shouted as I shot hot jets of semen into the deepest parts of her.   She shrieked, feeling the cum stick to her walls and shook violently again.   She erupted into another orgasm, I fucked her wildly for another minute, I continued to cum for the whole time, amazed at how good this girl had milked it all out.   When I finally came to my senses I pulled out and stood up, everyone was looking at us, there was a pool of our cum mixed together on teh floor.  
I saw a staff member running towards us with his night-stick drawn and I picked Alicia up off the floor, she was pretty much passed out.   I held her in my arms while holding my pants up with one hand, sprinting out of the club as fast as I could.   I hid in an alley for awhile with her until she came to and asked me if I wanted a ride home.


    Our car sex is another story completely.