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After lunch I strolled into my 5th hour class.   It was a Monday, but as far as Mondays go, it wasn't terrible.   I had managed to stay awake during my first hour class for a change, skipped 2nd and 3rd hour for a much needed nap and then left 4th hour early for a long lunch.   Unfortunately, it was going to be much more difficult to enjoy my afternoon as I knew that there were important things to be done that I would prefer not to have to make up, I wondered if it was even worth it, seeing as how this was senior year, but I decided I had better at least stay caught up for awhile.
This particular class was a science class, more specifically, "Scientific Crime Investigation. "  It was basically all about the kind of stuff you see in CSI: fingerprinting, handwriting, blood analysis, etc.   On this particular day, our teacher had had different people leave fingerprints around the room and we were supposed to dust and find them.   Just another boring class in high school I suppose.
It could have been worse I guess, as I walked in I saw my lab partner, Lainey, standing behind her desk.   She was wearing a short black leather skirt and a red tank top that made her seem even more sexy than usual.   Lainey was about 5'2" with long brown hair, a cute face, C's, a well-cut ass and, my personal favorite, long, tan, sexy legs, to be honest and blunt, she was a complete hottie.   I had met her in 7th grade and had a huge crush on her then, but ever since, I really had experienced only momentary attraction to her when I saw her.   Well this was one of those moments.   I walked to my seat, put down my bag and let out a sigh, leaning back and stretching.
 "Rough day?" I heard a girl named Sharon ask.  
"Aren't they all?" I responded, looking at her and smiling.


 "They won't be in a few months," she said, half-laughing.
"Well I have a feeling college still won't be easy, but I'll give you that one. "
  "It won't be, but it'll be a lot more fun," chimed in Lainey from the other side of my desk.   I looked at her and smiled, she returned the friendly smile before sitting down.   I couldn't help taking a glance at her legs as her skirt rode up on them while she sat down.   I think she may have caught me looking, but she didn't say anything.
After we were given instructions on our lab the two of us went off around the room, dusting shelves and desks.   We eventually arrived in the back corner of the room, she was trying to reach up with the brush to dust a window but couldn't reach it, so I took the brush from her and attempted to reach over her.   It was at that moment that I brushed against her nicely-trimmed ass.   She felt my semi-hard member brush against her ass and jumped.   Well that was certainly an awkward moment.   Luckily for me, it only lasted a moment, as before I knew what had happened, she had reached behind her and was rubbing my cock through my jeans.  
I quickly grabbed her hand and pushed it away, looking over my shoulder at the rest of the class.   She turned around to face me and licked her lips.   I looked down into her startlingly green eyes, my eyes wandered down to her cleavage, showing freshly under her under-sized tank top.

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    She suddenly took her hands and pushed her tits together, as she noticed me staring.
I suddenly realized that we were still in a classroom, but that didn't seem to matter to her, she reached down and grabbed my cock again through my jeans before removing it and slipping past me, telling our professor she needed to use hte bathroom. A minute later, I followed, stating that I had a headache and was going to the nurse's office.   
I wasn't sure where she had gone, but I first checked the bathroom, which resulted in near embarrassment as I realized ath te last moment that someone was in there, but it was not her.   
Barely in time, I slipped out of the bathroom and headed down the hall.   The halls were empty, I remembered now why, as this floor was primarily sophomores who were taking a standardized state test today.   As I started down the stairs I nearly broke my neck tripping over a shoe left on the first stair from the top.   I noticed that it was Lainey's. Someone certainly was in the mood.   I finished my descent and found her, rubbing her nipples under the staircase.   I walked toward her confidently, before I'd taken two steps she had jumped on me.   We swirled and spun around, me holding her in the air giving her hickies, sucking on her cleavage and holding her up by her ass while she wrapped her legs around my waist and relentlessly jammed her tongue into my mouth.   This fierce makeout session of moans and sighs and slurping sounds lasted a couple minutes until I couldn't take it anymore and started to rub the groove I had found in her panties.   She broke away from me and moaned loudly.   I pushed her panties to the side and jammed two fingers into her cunt hard, fucking her wildly with them.

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    She gasped and grunted as I worked her.   I pinned her up against the wall under the staircase and lowered myself to her pussy, shoving my tongue inside it and flicking her clit as fast as I could.  
"OH YEAH RIGHT THERE!" I heard her yell as my tongue entered her.   I began to bob my head, faster and faster, her yells became more intense, louder and louder, I was afraid that someone would hear so I pulled away.   She looked at me longingly, her juices clinging to my lips.   I smiled at her and began to pull her top off, she raised her arms and grinned.   As soon as her top was off she threw it to the side, I ahd already began to suck on her nipples, pleased with the absence of a bra.   "Ohhhhh, yes, oh god I want you. " She sighed as my lips caressed her rock-hard nipples.   Thsoe boobs had always driven me wild and here I was, finally getting to do everything to them.   Her moans and cries were almost tuned out to me as I simply concentrated on those incredible tits, they were so soft and yet so firm.  
"AHHHHHH!" Her loudest shriek yet brought me back to Earth and I immediatley pulled away, startled.   She looked at me longingly before lowering her gaze to the bulge in my jeans.   I approached her again, "I want you inside me, god I fucking need you," she whispered in my ear as I reached under her skirt and peeled her panties off.  
She moaned loudly as I lowered my pants, revealing my 7 inch long, 7 inches around, rock hard member.

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    She immediately grabbed it and started to jack me off furiously.   I nearly lost my balance with teh suddenness of her movement. Her hand was blur on my cock as she lowered herself down to her knees and started to take it into her mouth.   I moaned and leaned back against the wall, she continued to rub my shaft, licking the head.   She was rubbing her cliterus with her other hand, moaning loudly while she blew me.   I looked up in ecstacy, this was heaven.   "Oh shit Lainey, you're so fucking good," I said to her in a half-whisper.   She grinned at me before pulling off my cock.   She pushed her tits together and looked at me.   I couldn't believe I was going to get to do this.   I titty-fucked her like hell, going as fastas I ever had in a pussy or asshole.   She moaned loudly, seeing her beautiful tits being fucked like this.   I couldn't take much more and pulled away from her, pulling her up and bending her over, leaning against the wall.   As I entered her she let out an absolute scream of "FUUUUUUUUUACK THAT';S SO FUCKING HUGE!"  I had never thoguht so much of my cock but I guess the girth was a bit above average.  
Surprisingly, as I knew that Lainey got around, her pussy was probably the tightest I had ever fucked, virgins included.

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    she immediately started to ram her ass back into me, matching my every thrust.   I picked up the pace and so did she, screaming expletives and egging me on, "Fuck yes! You fucking stud, come on, fuck me like a fucking slut, slam that cock into me!" 
I grabbed her hips and shifted into another gear, slamming into her with every thrust, the slap of my balls against her echoing through the hallway.   She was screaming so loud now that I had to do something, so I took her wet panties from the floor and stuck them into her mouth.   She moaned at first in protest, then in pleasure as I sent a particularly hard series of thrusts into her.   She was slamming back into me as hard as she could.   With every thrust a new set of ripples would go through her ass.   "Mmmmmmm!"  Since she couldn't scream she was simply moaning as loud as I'd ever heard anyone moan.   "Mmmmm FUCK YEAH!" she finally screamed and let hte panties drop from her mouth.   I started to bend to pick them up, but no, I didn't care if we got caught, I needed to hear her scream.
without warning, I pulled out.   she looked back at me in protest, looking like she'd like to hit me.   I simply grinned at her as I placed my head at the entrance to her asshole.   "Oh god you'll never get it in there" she said to me, as if it were a challlenge.   I just kept on grinning as I grabbed her hips tightly and started to push.   She began to screech, the pitch getting higher and higher, more intense by the second, as I went further in.

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    I was moaning too with every centimeter.   Finally, I was all the way in, all the way to the hilt.   She was out of this world, moaning and groaning.   I started to thrust, slowly at first, but within seconds I couldn't take ita nymore and was slamming into her as fast as I had her pussy.   
Now was when we might get caught "FUCKKKKKK YES! OH MY GOD FUCK MY ASS! FUCK ME HARDER! YESSSSS AHHH RIGHT THERE! RIGHT THERE! OH MY FUCKING GOD I'M GONNA' CUM! AHHHH I'M CUMMING AGAIN!"  I felt her shake violently as her pussy erupted into an orgasm, with it being empty, the cum fell like a waterfull out of her, all over the floor and my feet.   This flush of warm liquid made wild as I started to pump her faster than I thoguht I could.   I grabbed the back of one of her thighs and lifted it off the floor, wrapping it around behind me.   She reached back and wrapped an arm around my neck, turning her head to make out wildly with me.   This didn't slow down my rhythm though as I found my last gear.   My dick was a blur, flying in and out of her ass, I could feel her shaking again.   "AHHHH FUUUUCK! OHHH MY FUCKING GOD! FUCKKK YES FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUUUCK MEEE! FUUUUCK YESSSS OH MY GOD IT FEELS SO GOOD! AHH IM CUMMING! OH SHIT! I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE, I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! FUCKKKKKKKK IM CUMMMMMMMING!"  I couldn't believe how much cum came out of her pussy, even more than the last time, and after another few seconds of my wild attack on her ass I was there.   I pulled out of her with a plop, turning her around and sticking my cock between her tits again.   She moaned wildly, still shaking as she pushed her breasts together.   I began to thrust up between them wildly, moaning "Yeah Lainey! YEahhhhhhhh you fucking slut take it!"  She shrieked encouragement to me, until I felt my cock about to explode, squeezing it as I began to squirt huge gobs of cum up into her face.   She immediately lowered her mouth to my cock and began to suck on it ravenously.

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    I grabbed her head from behind and pumped her throat with my cock for almost a minute, she was trying to scream, both in pleasure and in pain, but couldn't because my cock filled her mouth.   I was slamming it against hte back of her throat wildly, shooting so much cum down her throat.   She gagged and I pulled away, afraid she would throw up, but she didn't, instead she simply grabbed my cock and fed it back into her mouth.   
Then we heard a gasp, and it wasn't either of us.   I looked behind me and saw a sophomore who had heard us while taking a bathroom break.   I grinned at her, she was cute, probably about 5'3" with developing B-Breasts and toned legs that were being shown except for the top 6 inches, covered by extgremeely short shorts.   Lainey motioned for her t ocome over to us, but she was hesitant. Lainey got up and walked over to her, the sophomore seemed scared, I woudl have felt sorry for her, but my lust was still controlling me.   Lainey's clearly was too as she walked over to the young girl casually before grabbing her and shoving her tongue into her mouth.   The girl protested at first, trying to get away, but I walked over, lifted her shirt up and started to make out with her young but sexy tits.   She moaned at this and we began to take her clothes off.  
The rest, is another story.