Sex In Public

i was walking to school one morning. about to walk through the underpass were i heard a deep moaning, i looked down to see a girl from my school just round the corner rubbing the croth of her tight school trouses i stopped to pull back so that she didnt see me. i felt a twith in my crotch as my cock grew at the though of this hot girl pleasuring herself 10ft away from me. i dared another glance only to find her gone. i gasped in shock. looking to see where see had gone.
i continued to walk on though the underpass towards the park just as i emerged into the sunlight a hand reached round the corner pulling me round and up against the wall. she had such a small petite body but such stength she asked me had she seen what she had been doing
i replied that i had and she asked if i knew what that was at the same time pressing her bod closer to mine feeling the bulge in my trouses pressing close to her clit she didnt need an answer she pushed her hips closer rubbing her clit and parting her labia. i asked if she did it often outside in public she only replied come tomorrow as well and you'll see
she pulled me back behind the wall and into the trees beside the road. pushing her tongue into my throat and pulling me up towards a wall wrapping one leg around me and hand groping my cock through my trousers. i moved one hand to her tits massaging them and pulling her shirt from out of her trousers the tight fitting shirt gliding over her slender waist and stomach i undo the buttons with one hand as she start to dry hump me making my cock glide over her pussy.
i slide her shirt over her shoulders leaving her tie to hang over her naked stomach. she takes my hand brushing it over her breast and down towards her pussy pushing i under her tight trousers onto a g-string already sopping wet with one hand i rub her soft labia the other travelling down her back and towards her ass feeling the tingling up and down her spine.
she undoes her trousers letting the slide down her smooth legs sliding off her shoes she steps out of them standing there in her underwear. she tugs at my shirt pulling it up over my head feeling my arms and waist pushing her hands inside my trousers feeling hard cock tugging it with one hand she undoes my belt with the other and unbuttoning my trousers unzipping them and letting my cock push its way out.

she pushes me down lying on the grass kneeling on all fours about to take my cock in her mouth just as a car goes past reminding us that we were not alone she throughs herself onto me out of view from the road her body slides up mine and my cock slides down over her clit and through the pussy lips.

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she undid her bra revealing a pair of 32ds pushing them into my face letting me suck them she moans gently pushing on my shoulders so that my face is level with her crotch i see her pink crotch dripping already with pussy juices. i push myself up against a tree she postions herself so she is almost sitting on my shoulders. she pushes crotch into my face trying to face fuck me i take hold of her ass slowing her and i lick her thong tasting her sweet pussy juice she moans as i suck her through her thong.
gently i pull down the thong to reveal a perfect pink pussy hard and throbbing with pussy juice. i twist her round pushing her head towards my cock. she pulls my boxes off taking my cock in her hand pushing back and forth while pushing her ass towards me so that i can pleasure her. i lick her clit pushing my fingers into her pussy sliding them back out and in again. i slide a finger from my other hand into her ass she tenses but relaxes putting my cock in her mouth.
i push another finger into her ass pulling them out as i push my other hand into her pussy and vice versus she moans trembling. i can feel her orgasm building and as i am about to cum i push into both holes she gasps tensing and squirts juices over my face and neck. at the same time squirting my load over her face she turns to me licking the cum from her face putting on her thong
we dress grab our bags and she turns to me
see you tomorrow she says and walks off

first story i wrote and would really apprieciate sum feed back
thanks for reading hope you enjoyed