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Let me start off by describing myself. I am 6 foot 3, about 150, brown shaggy short hair, and hazel eyes. I am 24 years old and I am a student in college. I am married, but my wife has not had sex with me in months for some reason. So I met this girl at school who really turns me on, and that is where the real story *        *         *    *
 So I meet this girl at school lets call her Danielle. She is about 5'5" and THICK with red hair and green eyes. Just the way I like it. We are just sitting in the smoking area talking one day and she mentions that she has a thing for tall skinny guys "like you" she says. This automatically got me aroused because I had been thinking about her naked for two weeks since I met her. So my response was "Oh yeah, well I like big thick redheads with green eyes. " and I give her a sly smile.
She turns her head fast and looks me in the eyes with disbelief on her face. "Really?" she says with a smile. "Really" i answer. After that for a few more weeks we just talk about sex and different things we have done and would like to do. I find out that she is into mixing a little pain with her pleasure so I start pulling her hair every time I see her.

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   and she likes that alot. "You are a fucking tease" she says "Don't start something you can't finish"
All I say to that is "Who says I can't finish it?" to which she smiles.  
Then one day after our respective Saturday classes we are in the parking lot by our cars talking and we are all over each other I have my hands on her ass squeezing and in return she starts pulling my hair. The harder I squeeze the harder she pulls. Then I place my head on her shoulder and lick her earlobe then suck it into my mouth, to which she responds with a small whimpering moan.
She then pushes me away "Stop you can't do that you are married. " 
"Not for long I am getting a divorce" I tell her
Then she pulls me in close again and I bite her neck and then suck her ear again making her moan a little louder. "You wanna fuck?" I whisper in her ear. To this she nods her head in the direction behind me in the almost completely empty parking lot.
I turn my head to see to black guys sitting on the trunk on a car talking to each other. "Don't worry about them they want some too" I tell her.  
"Yeah probably" she says with a smile.  
" Well lets do it then. Other than those two we are all alone. " 
"Where are we supposed to do it at?" she asks me
"Right here.

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  " I say " I'll just bend you over the trunk of your car or something"
"Ha Ha, right they will call the cops on us and we will go to jail. " 
"No they wont, but they might watch. "
She looks deep into my eyes and pulls me closer which was hard to do cause we were already making full contact. Now my leg is between hers and she is grinding her pussy on my thigh. I can feel the heat coming from her snatch and it is only turning me on more. "I have to go, I have to drive an hour and a half away from here to pick up my son then drive back another 45 minutes south of here so that is another 2 hours just to get home. "  she whines as she continues to grind on my leg.
 "Well we can make it fast just get naked" I say to her
She continues to stare into my eyes and I can tell she is just as horny as I am cause the front of her pants are getting damp, she is still riding my leg, and she is pulling my hair really hard now so I pull back on hers with just as much intensity now. She pulls me in and kisses me passionately shoving her tongue nearly down my throat. I start massaging her tongue with mine while pulling her hair with one hand and now rubbing her pussy through her jeans with the other.
With my hand that is on her pussy I unbutton and unzip her jeans and shove my hand into her panties. While still kissing her I pull on her hair a little harder and am now rubbing her clit with much pressure. She now seems to be lost in a world of pleasure and seems to have forgotten about the two black guys behind me, as had I until this point. I turned around pushing her against the side of her car and in doing so her jeans fall down around her ankles taking her thong with them.  
Only now do I pull away from the kiss but continue to pull on her bright red hair.

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   she is now moaning into my ear so loudly that the two black guys look up from their conversation. When they notice what is going on one them says loud enough for us to here " Go on and get it dawg. Come on man lets go and let him get some pussy in peace. " With that they get in their car and leave all the while staring as they drive away slowly.  
 Once they leave she seems to come back to reality a bit and she grabs my jeans and simply snatches them down. After she does I shove two fingers into her pussy, rub her clit with my thumb and grab her by the neck and squeeze a little. As soon as I do this she lets out a loud "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHhhhhhhhhhhhhh Im cumiiiiiinnnnnng" she squirts all over my hand and it runs down her legs and starts to pool up on the cement of the parking lot.
After her body stops shaking from her orgasm she drops straight to her knees and sucks my rock hard cock into her mouth and instantly swallows it down her throat. "Oh my fucking god, keep that up and I'm gonna cum fast. " All she does is suck harder as her head bobs and my 7 inch dick slides in and out of her throat.
OK guys I am gonna stop right here for now but if you think this story is worth finishing let me know and I will do the rest in a second part. By the way this is true