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Sex In Public

Jeff pulled the car into the parking spot. He got out of the car, followed by his girlfriend Melissa and her friend Alexis. Jeff and Melissa had come to the local nude beach for a regular visit, and Melissa convinced Alexis to come because she was curious about it. However, Alexis didnt know that Jeff and Melissa were also exhibitionists, and would fuck whenever they could, and they would get a thrill from having sex out in the open where they could be caught. Jeff took off his shirt and swim trunks, revealing a chiseled and toned body, and a cock that was 8 inches long when hard. Melissa was the next to disrobe, revealing DD tits with nipples that were already rock hard, and a freshly shaven pussy. It took a little while before Alexis could gather up the courage to do this, and was shy once she was naked, but had nothing to be shy about. Her body was just about perfect, with C tits and a body that would catch any man off gaurd. This didnt last long, and when she started walking with her friends to the beach itself, she could feel her nipples get instantly hard when she saw all those naked bodies, and she even felt a slight tingle in her pussy. They all set their things down, and Jeff went in the ocean. Melissa and Alexis stayed on their towels, laying down to get a tan.

"So how are you liking the beach so far?" Melissa asked. "Its not bad, its just wierd seeing everyone naked and being naked myself, but i like it so far. " Alexis responded. They both fell asleep soon after their conversation. Jeff was done in the ocean and came back to her girlfriend.


   He was starting to get kinda horny, and sat down by Melissa. Reaching down to her pussy, Jeff noticed that it was wet. He started rubbing, and she started to moan in her sleep. Eventually she woke up to this and started moaning louder. Alexis woke up to this sound and was surprised at what her they were doing. She found herself getting horny again, and her nipples got hard again. By this time, Jeff and Melissa had noticed that Alexis had woken up. "Looks like youre liking what you see" said Jeff. At this point, Alexis wanted to have sex with both of them so badly, so she figured she would be honest. "Yeah. To be honest, im really horny cause i havent had sex in a couple months, and you guys are so hot. " With this, Jeff whispered something into Melissa's ear, and they both stood up. "Follow us if you want more" said Melissa. Alexis followed them to a secluded part of the beach that hardly anyone went to. Melissa laid down on the soft sand and spread her legs, revealing her pussy, which was dripping with anticipation.

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   Jeff got on his knees between his girlfriends legs, his 8" cock now sticking straight out, and slowly penetrated Melissa.
    She let out a moan of ecstasy. "Oh my god Jeff! Go faster!" she looked at Alexis and almost commandingly, said "Alexis, get over here and let me suck your pussy, you look so damn horny and delicious. " With that, she instinctively got on her knees over Melissa's head, who started sucking on her clit, sucking up all her juices. A wave of pleasure shot through Alexis. "IM ABOUT TO CUM!" she yelled. With that, Jeff pulled out of Melissa and pulled Alexis off of her. He pulled Alexis to him and shoved his throbbing cock into her. Alexis moaned, which sounded like a mix of pain and pleasure, but soon Alexis was thoroughly enjoying herself. Melissa, was fingering herself off to the side. She soon got up and squatted over Alexis's face, who started sucking Melissa's clit and slid a finger into her ass. Jeff then let out a moan and picked up his pace as he shot his load into Alexis. This caused Alexis to have the best orgasm she ever had, as she arched her back and screamed with pleasure. Melissa soon came too as the sucking of her clit caused her to squirt her juices all over Alexis's face. They all laid down on the sand, and were panting from the fatigue from their fuck session.

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       After a few minutes of silence, Alexis said "We should do this more often, that was the best orgasm I have ever had. " Jeff and Melissa got excited as they realized they had a new sex partner and someone to come to the beach with. I would really appreciate feedback on this story, so email me at peephole13@gmail. com with your opinion. thanks. .