My Own Private Wilderness

Sex In Public

It was a gorgeous autumn day, so we decided to go for a hike in the woods at the local state park. Following the marked trails, we made our way through the sometimes difficult and deceptive terrain. You led the way, I following somewhat close behind. I couldn't help noticing how strong your legs were, wondering idly to myself, if those legs would be strong enough to support my weight. . . I grinned mischievously at the thought, knowing that we were supposedly just friends. Just then I misjudged a root, and tumbled into you. "Are you okay, Nic?" Embarrassed at being caught I stammered that I was fine, but you only smiled knowingly. We continued until our path meandered through some boulders, that were quite large, almost like a miniature canyon. "You need to rest", you explained slowing to a halt. I leaned up against one of the boulders, thinking this was a really nice place, somewhat sheltered from prying eyes, yet open enough to allow for my exhibitionism. so intent was I on my rather dirty thoughts, I barely had time to register that you were leaning in before your lips were pressed to mine! "What are you doing?", I protested, knowing full well, and becoming quite aroused at the thought. You flashed a lusty smile. "I know that you want me, and I've wanted you for quite awhile, so let's cut the bullshit, okay?" "This innocent friends stuff never was my style", I agreed, smiling coyly. You leaned in again, this time reaching under my t-shirt.

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   I put my arms around your neck running my fingers through your soft, dark hair. I gasped when your very capable hands clicked opened my front closure bra, releasing my breasts. You gently stroked my nipples until they came to attention, causing me to grow damp. You moved your lips from my mouth to my nipples, trailing kisses as you went, and sending a jolt of electricity down my spine. You sucked on my nipples and played with my breasts, until I almost grew impatient with longing. I reached for your pants, but your hands gently pushed mine away. "This is my show", you teased. You unzipped my jeans, pushing them down, allowing them to drop to the ground. "Someone's wet", you said grinning. I moaned in expectation of what you would do next. Working your way into my panties, you began to stroke my pussy, causing me to shudder, and lean against the rocks for support. Your confident fingers found their way between my lips, quickly slipping into the wetness briefly before rubbing the length of my clit. "Mmmmmmmm", I moaned, closing my eyes. Just as was about to come, you slipped a finger into my now dripping slit, causing my eyes to snap open.
"Oh please, I want you now", I begged.

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   "I don't think you're ready just yet", you said with a sexy glint in your eyes. You began to enter me with the finger, picking up pace as I became more and more wet with my juices. You then knew I was ready for more, and added another finger, slowly working up to three. I became maddened with lust, wanting you inside me now. You expertly hooked your fingers finding my g-spot, find causing my legs to buckle. "Careful now, I wouldn't want you on your back just yet", you winked. You took my legs around your waist, hooking my arms tighter around your neck, and fucked me with those fingers even faster. Each time you felt me getting closer, you slowed down, torturously. I then noticed that your fly was undone and wondered when you had time. I barely had time to smile my triumph, than you withdrew your fingers and replaced them with your rigid cock. You licked my wetness from your fingers and told me how tasty I was, although you couldn't quite place the flavor. "I'm fucking you good, aren't I?" "Oh yes, fuck me, fuck my pussy. . . harder, oh please harder!" You sped up, fucking me faster now, my clit slipping along the length of you, heightening the sensation.

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   "Oh God, yes, yes!", I screamed, my cries echoing loudly, in the quietness. We came closer to the edge, moving together toward our own release. You flicked my nipple with a knowing tongue, and I could contain my passion no longer. As I felt your cock swell even larger, I came covering your cock with my sweet fluid, as you filled me with yours. You rode me still, and I marveled that you could continue in your state. I came again and again, milking every drop from you. Just then we heard voices, and you quickly withdrew. "We should go", you explained, "we can finish this later". "Finish this?", I thought to myself, "what have I gotten myself into, now?" With a knowing look you pulled your pants on and helped my shaking hands with mine. As we made our way back to your car, I wondered what the future held with you. . .