Motorcycle Poker

Sex In Public

It’s Spring. The flowers are blooming. The air’s fresh and fragrant. White clouds float about overhead. There’s nothing better to do than to kill time.
You call me up and we decide to meet in town. I'll bring lunch. You'll bring your motorcycle. It's that sort of lazy day. I pack some sandwiches, beer, fruit, and a deck of cards. I drive there with the windows down and meet you on the outskirts of town. When you get there, I deal us each five cards and lay them on the hood of the car. Whoever loses the hand has to remove an article of clothing. Whenever one of us loses all of his or her clothes, we’ll find a place to stop and have sex and lunch.
You look at me like I’m nuts. You also look at me like you are determined not to lose, but then, I don't think either of us would end up losers under the circumstances.

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   The first hand isn't anything special. I have a pair of fours. You have a pair of jacks. I pull my arms inside my tank top and pull my bra off. I drop it on the pavement of the parking lot. Down in town, that should merit some interesting speculation. I slip into my leather jacket, and grab the knapsack of lunch.
You have some vague plan of finding an out-of-the-way road to follow. Frankly, I don't care if we end up making love on a picnic table in the state park. I don't feel particularly discreet today. I climb behind you on your bike, and I am going to enjoy holding you. Today you are Mine.
You start out of town looking for the kind of road that will wind off into nowhere. Five miles later, we stop to deal the hand of poker. I have three sevens.

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   You have two kings. I take off your belt and put it into the knapsack.
The road we are on doesn't really look very promising, so you double back and we head back to a side road that we had passed a mile or so back. At five miles, you stop again, and we play another hand of poker. Your full house beats my pair of aces, so I ask you what you want me to take off.
You dare me to go ahead and take off my jeans. I pull them off and fold them into the knapsack. At this point, I am wearing my shoes and socks, my tank top and leather jacket, and some very skimpy, wet, satin panties.
Fifteen miles later, the paved road turns into a gravel road. We are winding along a valley dotted with farmhouses. I have to put my jacket over my legs so the gravel spitting up from the road doesn't tear me up. I have lost my shoes and socks and you’ve lost your shirt. When I get off the leather seat to deal with the next poker hand, I leave a streak of wetness which dries quickly in the sun. I lose another hand of poker, and relinquish my jacket. We find and follow a dirt road that looks like it will take us back into a wooded area on a hill.

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   At two miles, you stop the bike by a stream and deal another hand of cards.
I am not a good card player, but then I'm not trying to be. I manage to find a pair, but you have four sixes (cheater?), so I slide my panties off. Before getting back on the bike, however, I pull off my tank top and wet it in the icy water of the creek. When I slip it back over my head, my nipples spring out and the soaked material hugs my breasts. I press up against you, but my shirt is very cold against your skin, and you pull away. I begin licking and tasting the back of your neck. We're not going very fast anymore.
I rock my pelvis back and forth on the seat slowly, loving the way the vibrations pulse through my body. I could come on the motorcycle, but I know that if I wait, it will be better, more complete. I reach around you and unfasten your pants. Your penis is full and hard, and I take it into my hand
and trace little circles on the head with my thumb. The cold from my shirt sends chills up your back. My legs are pressed up yours. I want to make love to you desperately.

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The road ducks down into a hollow and you pull off into a ditch, where you let the bike idle. I start to get off, but you spin me around on the seat, and position me so that you can go down on me. I shudder as the sensations roll though my body, and it doesn't take me but a minute to come. You kiss me hard, after I am through, and hold my hips to guide yourself inside me.
However, you still have your jeans on, and the bike dies. You can't go in as far as either of us would like you to go. I hold you between my legs and grip you hard, for just the feeling of having the tip of you inside me brings me to another climax. You hold me and kiss me and laugh a little,
saying that you want to watch me come some more, but if we are going to do this right, we are going to have to get off the bike.
You take care of the bike, and I slip down off the motorcycle as you do that, then watch as you take off your pants. You peel off my wet top and lower me to the ground. The air feels sudden and silent after the drone of the bike, and the weeds and grasses are soft with the newness of Spring. The hollow that we are in arches my back slightly, and in a moment, you push yourself back into my wetness and watch me come again and again.
    You pull away to watch, still hard, and I roll over onto my stomach. You grip my hips, pulling them up, and push into me again and again, forcefully. I start to climax again and you hold me against you so you can feel my rhythm with me.

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       You play me some more, and when I am spent, you ask me take you inside of my mouth. I can taste my tangy self all over you and smell your smell and I turn and use the angle of my throat to take you all the way inside.
    After a few moments, I want you inside of me again, so I straddle you and lower myself down on you, feeling every inch as you stretch inside. I ride you until I come and then use my hand to spread the wetness all over me, up and back. I pull up and off of you, turn so that I am facing your
    feet and sit down on your cock, catching my breath as you glide suddenly into my ass.
    I feel your hands holding my hips and I let the tension tell me how quickly you want me to move, once I have relaxed and can take you there. I follow your lead and quicken the pace until you arch up and push yourself deeply inside of me as you come. Then I lay back on your chest and feel the rising and falling of your body as you breathe.
    I just want to touch you and taste your skin and listen to your stories. Afterwards, we'll share lunch and drink a few beers and maybe, before it gets much colder, you will let me take you home and we can shower. I will take you inside of my mouth under the water and feel you harden once again so we can and do it some more.
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