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My name is Amanda and I am a modern woman, working in a man's world.   I work in commercial construction using tools, wearing hard hats and work boots.   I'm proud that I can hang with the boys, but I'm glad that my foreman is also my boyfriend-it usually keeps me out of trouble.
Sometimes it doesn't. . .
All day long, I’ve been checking out this electrician that is working on this floor with me, his name’s Dave and he is a man of sexual energy and passion, to be sure.   Just the glint in his eyes when I catch his look tells of that, so does the horny grin on his face when I bust him looking up my shorts while I’m on the ladder (of course, I’m wearing my favorite panties-none!)  I suppose that’s why my pussy is so wet now.  
 I know Kevin is working nearby and I don’t want him finding out or else it’ll piss him off, make him crazy jealous, so instead I find him working under a desk and I stand straddling over him, push my shorts to the side.   Horny, eager surprise shows on his face as he reaches up to explore the dark places in my shorts and he finds my dripping cunt with his rough calloused fingers.   I love the feel of him, taking what he finds as his with no holding back-he has two fingers in my pussy and his other hand wrapped round his hardening cock through his black jeans.
“Baby! What’s got you so worked up?” A little surprised to find me so expressive on the job-site, when typically I’m much more reserved at work.
“Just thinkin about your fat cock ramming my tight little poop hole. ”
“Uh huh,” he says, his fingers massaging my slippery gash from the inside, pinching my clit and sneaking a digit into my asshole now and then.   Feeling so damn good I almost forgot where I was.   I unzipped his jeans to free his thick straining bulge, already rock hard and deep red.

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I pushed him all the way to the floor and squatted over him to feel his shaft tightly squeeze into my cunt with the help of gravity and my natural juices.
He wasn’t expecting such a bold move and that was turning him on even more than I’ve ever seen him.   I slowly take in his whole prick and then begin a slow bounce on it, squatting on my steel toed boots, shorts pulled to the side to let his monster in, screwdriver in one pocket, level in another.
As I begin to quicken my rhythm I notice his eyes over my shoulder.  
Oh shit, I think, I can’t even turn around to see what he’s looking at, horrified at the thought of a customer finding us this way.   I try to stop but Kevin thrusts his huge hard prick up into me and tells me to keep on riding his cock.   “Don’t even think about stopping,” he says.
I guess the coast was clear, though I felt somewhat uneasy still.  
Then I felt hands wrap around me from behind to squeeze my bouncing tits!
I had no idea whose breath was at the back of my neck and right then I was just so turned on that I didn’t even care!
I groaned loudly and Kevin asked me if he was enough for me or did I need to have more men to satisfy me.   “Do you need more of your dirty little holes filled and reamed?”
I always fantasized about fucking two big cocks at the same time, I never really thought I would get to fulfill it, “oh yes, please give me another cock!”
I felt the hands on my titties squeeze harder and pull their weight out away from my chest, the fingers pinching my hard nipples like a vice.   I felt as if I could cum right now, that I might not even be able to handle the ecstasy of another man inside of me!
The hands moved down the curves of my waist to my hips and released my belt and Kevin pushed me up off his prick as the hands pulled my shorts down off of me in a coordinated move.   I wanted to turn to see who the lucky guy was that was about to stuff my asshole, but Kevin wouldn’t let me.  
As soon as the shorts came off, I was pulled onto Kevin’s fat cock, though he had moved to slip it in my backdoor-”gotta make sure our friend here can slide into that tight little hole allright-wouldn’t want to hog all your slickness for myself. ”
I could feel the silky head of this mans cock sliding across my lower back and my ass cheeks.   Kevin was sliding his hard on in and out of me alternating between pink and brown eyes to even out the slippiness for both their cocks.

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    As turned on as I was, as awesome as Kevin felt inside me, I was impatient to feel the strangeness of this unknown stranger’s prick inside of me.
“Baby, fuck my pussy, let this nice man have my tight little asshole, you can’t use both at the same time, don’t be selfish. ”
I hear two chuckles and Kevin complies with my plea.   “Her ass looks fucking hot bouncing up and down like that, doesn’t it?”
“That it does, my man,”  I hear the man behind me say.   His cock is slapping lightly against my fleshy round ass and his hands are pushing my cheeks apart to find his mark.   As he begins pressuring his hard on against my little asshole, I feel his breath on my neck and he whispers to me that he’s been thinking about fucking me all day.   I realized it was Dave, the dirty electrician that got me worked up in the first place!
Kevin’s cock slides out and I feel Dave’s fully penetrate my bottom and his cock’s got Kevin’s beat in length-I never felt anything so deep in my ass before and it felt so good.   They fucked me in a see saw rhythm for a little while, each pumping me with an opposite stroke-my pleasure sensors were all overloaded, it was as if I were having one long slow continuous orgasm in this rocking fuck.
Then Kevin held me down, his cock filling my pussy, then Dave filled me from behind.   At this moment I could feel how truly filled I was and I was loving it.   Kevin just held me pinned on his big fat hog and said “give it to her hard brother, make her cum on both of our cocks.   You wanna cum on both our cocks, baby?  You like fucking two dicks at the same time you horny little slut?”
“Oh yeah, make me cum on your big hard cocks, it feels so fucking good, I feel like you men are going to rip me in half. ”
Dave’s pace wasn’t fast or slow, but steady, long, and oh so deep thrusts.
“Do you feel his cock sliding along the length of yours?”  I ask Kevin, knowing that they were separated by only a thin layer and squeezed so tight together they could feel every inch of each other.   “Does his cock feel good next to yours inside of me?”
“It feels fucking awesome,” they both reply at once.

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I love getting my ass fucked from behind and the harder I’m pounded, the harder I cum, “give it to me harder,” I beg.  
But Kevin tells him “fuck her any way you want to fuck her, make her beg to cum. ”
“Your ass feels so god damned good, I want to enjoy it as long as your man will let me have it, your ass is on my time now, you nasty, horny slut. ”
I try to take matters into my own hands and try to rock my hips up and back to meet Dave’s deep thrusts, while at the same time grinding my clit against Kevin’s prick still buried to the hilt in my pussy.
      I feel Kevin’s thick shaft getting even fatter, I know it won’t be long til he cums, and Dave is pumping me faster and so deep, his belly is slapping my ass loudly with every thrust.  
    “Are your balls slapping each others?”
    “Yes. ”
    God, the idea of that starts my climax, two mens big pricks rubbing against each other pumping inside of me-all of our sexes turning everybody on so much more.
    Kevin is guiding the rocking of my hips, faster and more violently I am grinding on his fat cock, Dave has his hands in my hair, pulling it down and forcing a deep arch in my back and sticking my tits up and out  for Kevin to appreciate, and at the small of my back directing his big dick harder and harder into my bouncing little ass.
    There are juices pouring out of my holes, it feels like they are shrinking or the cocks inside me are growing.   In a deep dark place I feel the first tremors of what I know will be an orgasm like I have never felt.   The  vibrations quickly build to spasms and releases with no mind to know anything except this carnal satisfaction.   The orgasm shot through me like a thunderclap, I’m unable to do anything but feel the waves of my own release wash over me.
    The men are still working me to their own pleasure, and I think to thank Kevin for this, I should do something he's hot for, “i want you boys to cum in my mouth, I want to taste myself on you and I want to swallow all your hot cum. ”
    I guess that convinced both of them, they simultaneously drug their throbbing cocks out of my holes and suddenly I felt so empty, but licking my cum off of both of them and feeling the two heads trying to force themselves into my mouth filled me another way.   I took turns taking them as far into my throat as I could-with much previous practice I could take all of Kevin and still get my tongue down to lick at his balls; with Dave’s long johnson, though, I gagged before it was buried, but I swallowed hard and heard him groan “oh god, what was that?” at feeling my swallowing the head of his cock.

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    “She loves to suck cock, it gets her so fucking wet,” Kevin shares. “Go on baby, make this nice man cum down your throat. ” He was stroking his own cock and watching his sexy girl take another guys cock down her throat. “You like sucking his dick, you little cock slut?  You look so fucking hot sucking that cock. ”
    I felt Dave getting ready to cum, I was stroking Kevin’s cock along with him and knew he was ready too.   I pulled my mouth off Dave enough to pull both their heads into my mouth and I stroked their cocks in time and Dave asked “you want us both at the same time?” and I felt hot jets of jizz against the roof of my mouth, I didn’t know who went first and I was treating their pricks as if they were one, stroking, sucking, licking and trying to lap up every bit of cum they gave me, but there wasn’t much room in my mouth and I could feel it running down my chin and my arms.  
    I felt them both release and I let their cocks free of my mouth and I licked them clean in turn while looking up at their faces to see what they were feeling and both of them had the same look, amazed fulfillment.
    Then Dave was zipped up and back to whatever he was doing twenty minutes ago.  
    Kevin tells me to pack up my tools, I’m still dazed out from what just happened that I’d forgotten we were at work!  
    “Lets call it a day so we can go home and I can see what two cocks did to your little ass. ”  I knew he was already worked up enough to fuck me again, just thinking of what just went down.   “That was so fucking hot, baby, I hope it did for you what it did for me!”