I Love College Towns - Ch. 2

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It was pretty much the same announcement at this time, every night. They would proceed to issue another simular announcement at ten 'til and five 'til, before finally announcing at ten that the store was closed. None of this concerned me, though. By 10:45, we were finally told to go clock out. As we did so, I listened to other employees echo down the back hallway, as each one shuffled in line to make their way to the timeclock. Before long, we were all clocked out and heading out the front door. To my shock, I was approached by a slow-moving blue Camaro. "Hey, baby! How much?" The girl giggled from the passenger's seat of the car, as the driver looked on with a grin on her face. The car had three girls in it, and as I turned to look at it, I realized that the girl in the passenger's seat was the same blonde from the night before. "How much you got?" I grinned, as I walked up to the car, my ungodly blue vest still in hand. The girls giggled as they looked at each other, and back to me. "Sorry I didn't come in, tonight. I got caught off-guard with a suprise sorority meeting. " She said, smiling up at me. "No worries. " I answered, obviously lying.

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   A moment passed before she spoke again, following a long line of whispering between the girls, inside the blue Camaro. "So," she said, "me and a couple of friends were on our way to hang out at the broken bridge. Want to tag along?""The broken bridge?" I asked, the term was a new one on me. "You've never heard of it?" She asked, almost in shock. "Afraid not. " I replied, half-way embarassed. "Then get in, we're about to educate you. " She said, grinning as she bit her lip. --We drove outside of town, down an old highway that I was unfamiliar with. It was about a ten minute trip, which seemed to be alot longer, as I was still somewhat nervous. Being in a hot sports car with three giggly college girls you don't even know will do that to you. When we arrived, I noticed a large barricade in the road. Amongst the reflective orange and white colors, the bold black lettering stood out well. DO NOT ENTER - BRIDGE OUT"We're hoofing it from here. " The blonde said, as the driver killed the engine to the car.

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   She turned off the headlights, and the four of us wandered past the barricade, and on down the road. The brunette that had ridden in the back seat, beside me, was carrying two large paper bags with her, as we strolled a good hundred yards down the highway. The darkness was blinding. The blonde and the redheaded driver were several feet in front of me, whispering and giggling to one another, inaudibly. "Okay, we're clear. Break out the lights. " The redhead said, as the three of them turned on flashlights, revealing the crater-like hole in the road. What could be seen is a massive section where an old bridge had collapsed. Sections of the highway, in either direction, hung into the dried-up creek, and were riddled with over a decade of graffitti. "Holy shit. " I said, amazed that such a thing existed in this area. "Yeah. This thing fell in 1975, due to lack of maintenance. The Department of Transportation was in the middle of putting in a new highway anyway, so they just tied it in to the other end of this one, and barricaded the bridge off from either side. " The brunette said, before passing one of the paper bags to the blonde, and setting the other one down.

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  "They just left it? Isn't that dangerous?" I asked, as a can of lighter fluid was pulled from one of the paper bags, by the cute little brunette. "Sure is. That's why they got that law suit in 1986, when two college students drove their little convertible into it, after the barricade was stolen. The car flipped bumper for bumper, and it decapitated them both, on impact. " The redhead said, as she helped her friend start a fire. "That's bullshit. Just urban legends. " The blonde said. "So, I never caught your name last night. " She giggled, as she turned to me. "James Jacobs. " I smiled, holding out my hand. She blushed and started giggling. "Sounds like a porn star or something. " She said, embarassing me a little.

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   "I'm Julia. The brunette's Stephanie, and the redhead's a dyke. " She giggled. "What?" The redhead turned to her, caught off-guard. "Just kidding. She's Lisa. " Julia laughed. --They eventually got a good fire going, in what would be the middle of the highway. The light it shed on the area revealed broken beer bottles, condom wrappers, and the occasional fireworks debris. It became obvious to me that this was a popular hangout amongst the town's youth. A bottle of Jack Daniels was passed around, as the four of us talked, flirted, and drank. Before I knew it, I found myself highly intoxicated from the alcohol. When they lit a joint, I was quick to partake in that as well. When the girls found the area around the fire to be too hot, they had no problem removing their shirts, leaving a beautiful array of bra-covered chests to stare at. Of course, me, not expecting them to start shedding clothing, was caught completely by suprise.

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   They seemed to enjoy it. Before too long, simple flirting had evolved to the four of us highly stoned and drunk, groping each other as we sat beside the fire. Julia made out with me, as Lisa unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, revealing my erect dick to the small group of girls. "God, he's huge!" I was suprised to hear Stephanie say, as her hands rubbed across my chest. Lisa just grinned up at me, before taking it all in her mouth. The feeling of her warm mouth enveloping my dick made my entire body limp, giving me no other choice than to lay flat on the ground. Lisa and Julia took advantage of this, and hovered above me, caressing my flesh with their hands as they began kissing each other.
    "Save some for us, Steph. " Julia said, as she grinned down at me. She and Lisa laid on either side of me, as the three girls began taking turns sucking my throbbing tool. I was in disbelief, but oh, so much pleasure, as I lifted my head to watch these three beautiful petite college girls, hungrily sucking my cock and grinning back up at me. I watched as Lisa's hand slid up Julia's leg, lifting her small skirt to reveal her panty-less crotch. Her fingers came to rest on her soft hairless mound, and began caressing it. Julia moaned as the three continued taking turns sucking my dick. Stephanie would slide the head of my dick into her mouth, and down her throat, and grin at me as her throat muscles massaged my hard shaft.

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       Then she would take it out of her mouth and hold it while Lisa flicked her toungue over the head, massaging my balls with one hand. Meanwhile, I watched as Julia's hips bucked and jerked, as Lisa worked her delicate hand over Julia's clit with a surgeon's precision. Their moans filled the air, as I watched the three of them continue on. Julia's voice got louder, as I felt my cock begin throbbing harder than before. I knew she was going to orgasm, and I knew that I wasn't that far behind her. As her moans turned into desperate gasps for air, I felt my balls retract, telling me exactly what was going to happen next. "Oh shit! I'm cumming!" I moaned, in an effort to warn anyone that didn't want to swallow or wear what was about to erupt. "Yes! Cum, baby! Cum all over us!" Julia squealed, as all three girls put their faces to my dick in unison. Lisa pounded away at the shaft of my dick with her free hand, while Stephanie massaged my balls. With an overwhelming explosion, blast after blast of steaming hot cum erupted from the end of my cock, shooting streams of semen all over their beautiful young faces. Lisa caught as much as she could with her mouth, as my climax sent Julia over the edge. "Yessss!" She screamed, orgasming. I watched, out of breath, and in disbelief, as the three began making out with one another, and licking the hot cum from each other's faces. I felt incredibly weak, as I watched them. The fire had begun stinging my eyes, and with that and the mind-blowing orgasm I'd just had, I started having trouble keeping my eyes open.


       As the three continued making out, I slowly closed my eyes and began drifting off to sleep on the cold hard asphault of the old highway. Julia looked at me and smiled. "Get some rest, baby. If you enjoyed tonight, you're going to love what we've got for you, tomorrow. " She said, before coming over and kissing me, softly. Her soft lips were the last thing I felt as I lost conscienceness. (Part 3 Coming SOON).