Ghosts of Harper

Sex In Public

At least four and a bit months since we had quit the group, much to the chagrin of at least a dozen fathers I could name, Jenna and I had found ourselves at home one weekend recently with some time to kill – the other kids all following their various pursuits. Chris and Larissa were over with her in-laws, Kylie had her friends upstairs while Natalie was interstate playing hockey.
Although winter still, it was unseasonably warm – sunny and in the high twenties. I asked Jenna if she would like to take a brief stroll with me in the nearby park. Giving me a little hug and a "Sure dad, just hold on a sec," she was off to her room from which she emerged shortly afterwards in a rather fetching ultra-short denim skirt, teamed with a tight but most attractive little grey-ribbed top with Foxy Princess emblazoned in pink lettering across an area of her chest that really didn’t need any further advertising.
Holding my hand and looking as pretty and desirable as all Hell, we walked the couple of blocks to the park’s entrance. Despite the warmth, the paths were still strewn with fallen leaves and the trees awaiting their Springtime renaissance. A couple of young boys on bicycles crossed the path just ahead of us. Judging by the look the elder of the two gave Jenna, it didn’t need a clinical psychologist to figure out what he was thinking. Areas of his anatomy I feel sure, were reacting much as nature intended. Taking stock of the bed of soft brown leaves just across the way, I was having trouble dismissing a few somewhat lurid fantasies myself.
Just two minutes later we were stopped in our tracks by a familiar voice.
"Hey, Noel…Jenna…… wait up!"
Turning around, no less a duo than Connor and Jerry were hotfooting it in our direction.
"You two don’t look much like nature lovers," I said, "What are you doing here?"
"Just driving past the entrance gates," replied Connor, inclining his head back down the path. "We saw you and Jenna heading-up this way. "
"Yeah, well don’t get any ideas Connor," I muttered.

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   "We’re not rejoining the fold – just in case you were wondering. "
"Nah, its fine," Jer put in. "Mind if we just walk with you for a while? Nice and relaxing in here isn’t it?" he exchanged glances with Connor, the meaning of which weren’t immediately obvious.
I could hardly fail to notice Connor’s eyes as they alighted momentarily on Jenna’s hot little rear end as she leaned over to brush a couple of leaves off her shoe. Hardly in a position to judge any such action myself anyway, having been glancing at that same prominent set of curves at every opportunity. Seeing her breasts jiggle slightly as she dislodged the leaves was something less than a hardship also.
"You look very pretty Jenna," said Jer, his words carrying a meaning far beyond their immediate implication. The hot little smile she tossed him was a bonus! Even though she was now sixteen, girlishness had yet to be replaced with womanhood and hallelujah for that!
We had come now to the kid’s playground, completely deserted but for an older couple crossing the far side of the grassy knoll just behind the swings. I remembered back to the hours I had spent pushing the four of them in tandem when they were yet to hit double figures, in hot summers past.
"Want a swing Jen?" I asked her. "Let’s see how high you can go these days?"
"Oh sure dad," she replied. "In this skirt – you could see my panties. "
"Well don’t mind us," Connor quipped, "I think we’ve seen more than that before. " He actually got a blush out of her.
"Well keep your legs together sweetie," I suggested.

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   "Just a quick swing…. Jer can give you a push. "
I never thought she’d do it.
Nestling her bottom on the small wooden seat, it was indeed a privileged view momentarily. She gave a little gasp of girlish tease as a flash of white undies lit up the retinas of Connor and myself. Jerry was sharing an equally good aspect however, standing directly behind her, his hands on her hips as he pushed her higher. With each successive push it was obvious he was making contact far lower than was necessary and at the point Jenna giggled and turning, said "That’s enough I think, I can do it myself now," his hands were fully encasing her butt with each push.
Despite the down-draught of each swing, which caused the hem of her skirt to flare out, so tight did she keep her legs together and by continuously holding her skirt down with one hand, we were denied the view we all cherished. Even Jer had walked around to the front in the expectation I’d imagine of seeing right up her tight skirt.
"Such a spoilsport," he muttered, as Jenna slowed to a halt, after which she alighted from the swing and stood there, smoothing the denim down over her hips. I had this sneaking suspicion the exhibitionist in my daughter had yet to run its course. I so hoped I was right.
"Hey Jenna," Connor called out, "Come and park yourself down this-a-way on the slippery dip here. " He patted the shiny plastic at the base of the slide. "Let me take a couple of pictures of you…if that’s OK with your dad?" He looked across at me.

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I just shrugged…didn’t bother me.
Jenna flashed one of those devastating smiles she can produce on cue and sat her curvy little rear down on the slide while the three of us watched. Connor took out his camera phone and moved in closer.
Looking around momentarily he opted for the naughty approach. "Look, there’s no-one around sweetheart," he said to her, "Just give us a flash of those cute little undies – just once huh?"
With but a second’s hesitation, glancing first at me, Jenna wriggled her hips fractionally which had the effect of causing the skirt to inch up her thighs. Parting her legs just slightly, completed the tease, as the clear triangle of her white cotton undies was openly displayed. Connor took way more than one picture if the truth be known. What this was doing to me best not be admitted, but my resolve lets say, was decidedly on the wane. Parts of Jerry’s anatomy I have reason to believe, were anything but!
"God, that is so sexy Jenna," Connor muttered and glancing around once more to confirm the group’s continuing solitude, added in little more than a whisper, "C’mon, lets see all of them sweetie. Make your Uncle Connor a happy man"
My mouth was drying up rapidly as Jenna, evidently willing to "play," rocked back on her bottom, tugging her skirt right up to her hips and exposing her panties in totality. The effect was cruelly heightened by her parting her legs wide, now allowing us all the luxury of seeing that amazingly feminine indentation for its full depth. I knew she was enjoying this. What girl doesn’t like to be the center of attention, even allowing for being in the company of three irascible old deviates like ourselves?
"Now that’s all," she said, tugging her skirt down once more and sitting demurely on the end of the slide, hands in her lap. Connor almost dropped his cellphone in shock.
"You can’t leave us like this Jenna," Jerry pleaded.

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   I don’t think he even realised his hand was idly caressing something it shouldn’t be. Jenna realised. She giggled and looking directly at his groin area, smiled sweetly.
"Can’t trust you two," she replied, glancing then across at me…. "you three, I mean. "
I was hurt!
"I didn’t start this Jen," I told her…"Don’t be blaming me. "
"C’mon dad," she teased, "You didn’t stop it either!"
She had a point there.
"Look sweetheart," Connor was cajoling pitifully, "There’s no audience. How about you just give us a quick look at those sexy little tits you’ve got hiding under that top?…just to remind us of what we’ve missed all these months. We really have missed you Jenna…incredibly. "
It was the most emotionally charged statement I ever heard Connor make. Might have brought a lump to my throat had not one already been forming elsewhere.
"Nooooo," she replied softly, folding her arms across her chest in an unconscious show of girlish innocence. "I’m not going to expose myself in a public park. "
"Well come home with us then," said Jer, quick as a flash.

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   Had to pay that one.
To be honest, the image of Jenna getting stripped - even down to just her undies – right there in that playground, especially with the potential to be caught out, was playing havoc with my sense of acceptable social etiquette.
Connor had moved over meanwhile to where she was sitting. As she looked up at him almost inquisitively, he lowered his hand and cupping her left breast smiled at her.
"Sexy as ever Jenna. Look around, there’s no one in sight sweetie – just a quick flash for us?" He looked up at me, "You don’t mind do you dad?"
"Jenna’s call," I answered him.
I couldn’t believe what I was saying. Not yet five months since we had all agreed to take ourselves completely out of the loop at Harpers and having totally ceased any and all inter-family by-play, here I was now acquiescing to Jenna’s imminent sexual re-exploitation. Talk about "Just one more for the road. "
Glancing around, and also back down the pathway along which we had just strolled, Jenna did what she does best – she giggled. Then with the most sensual of hand movements she took a hold of her top and pulled it up quickly. Hooking her fingers en route, beneath what must have been the skimpiest little bra in her underwear drawer, she tugged both articles up to collar-bone level.
I hadn’t realised what even a few months of teenage development could achieve. Rounded and filled-out now to unprecedented levels of desirable young femininity, her beautiful breasts shook momentarily as they were freed-up in the warm early-afternoon sun.
"God Jenna," muttered Jerry.

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   "You are just so lovely. "
Indeed, looking at those lightly tanned slim legs as they disappeared up beneath the denim – short enough that Jerry and I at least, could clearly see her panties once more. Her wonderfully flared hips and the concavity of her abdominal area as it curved up towards her upper chest – "lovely" seemed a sadly inapt word for what we were seeing.
Wholly exposed for the ultimately short time that she was, Jenna sat there proud and smiling prettily. Connor could hardly be blamed for dropping to his knees, leaning forwards and suckling her left breast as she looked down at him with seeming fascination. I saw her eyes close momentarily as he drew down on her nipple and the softest of sighs was audible. One hand cupping her other breast now, he sucked her right nipple. Barely ten seconds would have elapsed before she tugged the material back down and the magic was hidden from us.
No one spoke. There was nothing to say – least nothing that could adequately address how we were all feeling.
I knew even then that there was no way Jenna would be leaving that play area without at least one of them fucking her. I think she would have known it too…. . wanted it most likely!
I watched as one suffering temporary paralysis, as Jerry moved over to join Connor – a man either side of her now. She put up but the most token of resistance as they laid her back on that slide, legs draping off the end of it at the knees.

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   Connor bent over and began kissing those hot, lightly glossed lips, his hands starting now to fondle her barely-covered breasts. Jerry was taking the southern flank and pushing her skirt even higher than it had naturally slid already. Those tempting white panties were almost completely exposed now as she wriggled beneath her assailants’ ministrations. Jerry joined his friend in openly caressing and abusing the young girl’s breasts. I knew just how hot this must be making her, given the several months sexual abstinence especially. I watched, as with his right hand he began then to rub the outside of her panties at precisely the point her clitoral fold would have been located. Between Connor’s kisses she was beginning to moan slightly.
There was still no-one around, yet seeing what was happening right here in broad daylight was hotter than anything I had ever experienced at any of the parties. Watching my youngest daughter being sexually molested in public pretty much, could only be described as the ultimate turn-on.
Grabbing her around the waist, Connor pulled Jenna down until her hips were right at the very end of the slippery-dip, Jerry’s hand still up between her now freely spread legs, rubbing her pussy through the thin cotton material with unfettered glee.
At the point Connor muttered "Take her panties off Jer," Jenna tried to sit up.
"Nooo, not here…please," she protested between kisses, making a grab for them with her free hand as Jerry tugged them down marginally, displaying the first dark wisps of some obvious re-growth.
The problem was solved with a minimum of fuss. Jer moved himself to a vantage point between her well spaced-apart legs, whilst Connor somewhat indelicately took a hold of her panties at their narrowest point and simply tugged them to one side. Her moist and intriguing little ingress, framed once more by her natural dark curls was displayed in all its youthful glory to the three of us – my having to move up and to one side to compensate for Jerry’s torso blocking my earlier view of proceedings.

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There was nothing reticent or even vaguely restrained about what followed. Extricating what must have been as solid an erection as ever Jerry had managed, he placed his penile head right at the entrance to her fully exposed slit and just pushed right inside her. I heard her gasp but this was stifled by further kisses from Connor who had set himself the highly pleasant task of working her shapely little breasts free once more from her top. These he was now rubbing and fondling rather lewdly. I could hardly fail to notice how incredibly erect her nipples were also, in response to what was being done to her.
With Jerry basically raping her with unhinged abandon I doubt Jenna noticed or even cared what Connor was doing. Certainly no one had to encourage her to spread her legs wider – she was overseeing that little requirement all by herself. Connor even was able to let go of her panties completely. So spread was she at that juncture, her pussy remained fully visible and Jerry able to drive his erection up into her at will.
Watching her being so forcefully taken, her skirt pushed up around her hips, yet still in her school knickers, was one of the hotter sights that life has to offer.
It was over in record time. Jerry, obviously gripped by orgasmic forces beyond his control, held Jenna tightly around the hips and for what seemed like ten seconds or so pumped everything he had and more up inside her. Judging by her own upward pelvic thrustings, Jenna herself was little more than a committed female on heat.
As Jerry withdrew from her inner sanctum, breathing irregularly but flushed obviously with post coital pleasure, a torrent of milky-whiteness leaked out and ran visibly down the inside of Jenna’s thigh. Connor even, appeared awed by the sight and stood back looking down at my daughter as she lay there gasping for breath, one hand idly caressing her left breast.

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   It really wasn’t a moment for conversation.
In all the sessions I had ever witnessed during the Harper period, nothing approached the erotic sensuality of what I had just observed. The ultimate intimacy being transacted in so public a place. Once more I glanced around, simply to reassure myself we were all in no immediate danger of unwanted disclosure.
Speaking of disclosure, Jenna appeared to be in no hurry to close up those increasingly sticky thighs, which may have accounted for Connor’s decision to take up the slack left by Jerry’s vacating the starting block.
Manouvering himself between her legs and having taken out his own vitally interested erection, he leaned down and whispered something to Jenna I could not hear. Her swift reaction of a giggly "Nooooo" would suggest an initial reluctance to comply. With Jerry’s prompting and further persuasion however, I could but stare as they got her to turn completely over and straddle the very end of the slide, bending over in such a way as to suggest she was about to be soundly spanked.
With her curvy little rear-end displayed to the max now, and with Jerry, after glancing around nervously to ensure their continued privacy, beginning to grope her breasts freely – an activity unfortunately quite obscured, by virtue of her back being to us, Connor parted her legs again while with his free hand he was obviously pulling her panties aside once more.
Jenna gave the loudest of gasps as he penetrated her. Her legs appeared to buckle momentarily but by supporting herself with both hands grasping the edge of the slide, she was able to maintain the status quo. Holding her hips tightly, Connor spared no energy in his quest for seminal finality. Thrusting up hard into her, his labored breathing was matched by Jenna’s cries of passion. I actually walked around in front of the tableau and the view I have to report – Connor fucking her tail lights out and Jerry rubbing and pulling on her fully exposed breasts - was not exactly a visual hardship.
Jenna was in extremis.

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   Public place or not, nothing could have eased her fully wanton pleasures at that moment short of a high-pressure water-cannon. At the moment Connor shot his bolt…. . the analogy with the water cannon was not that far off the mark.
"For God’s sake Jenna," Connor was muttering between his respiratory distress. "You are so the hottest little tease on the planet. " There was no-one up for an argument there.
As Jenna slid to a sitting position on the edge of the grass, right alongside the slippery-dip, she tugged her skirt and top back down. Her hair was a mess! The three of us sat around her in a near semi-circle. As she raised her eyes to me, questioning……. . I just shook my head.
"Don’t even think about it Jenna. " I said. "Of course I want to….


  "want" is a slight understatement sweetheart…but we made a decision. I have to stick with it. "
"Are you sure dad?" she pouted, parting her legs sufficiently to show me the foolhardiness of my attempt to take so high a moral standpoint.
"C’mon Noel," Jerry piped up. "You knocking back your own daughter’s charms. Never thought I’d live to see it!"
Connor put his arm around her waist and whispered something to her softly. Next instant Jenna was letting him kiss her passionately again, quite as if there were no tomorrow. This ‘walk-in-the-park’ idea had definitely been ill-timed I was thinking.
Connor’s wandering hands were once again on the move. I watched bemused, as he began once more pushing that short little skirt towards its northern horizons. At the point Jerry’s hand began inching its way up between her legs also, she gave a little yelp of surprise (and encouragement) as they both continued dexterously exploring her most intimate bodily attractions.
I definitely wasn’t needed to come-on as a substitute - not the way this game was panning out.
On her back and giggling uncontrollably, both men were kissing Jenna in turn while teasing her motor-sensory freeway from nipple to vulva. She was fully hotwired. One could only describe the paedophilic scenario as "deliciously decadent.

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In hindsight I suppose it had been the "piece-de-resistance" all three of us were thinking about but not admitting to. The thrill of stripping Jenna in public. Whilst I could never have brought myself to do this to her – I certainly wasn’t averse to seeing someone else do it.
With both shoes already gone, there was no lower impediment to their pulling her panties right down. With a hand each either side beneath the elastic, it was the work of but two seconds to tug those sexy little cotton briefs down to her ankles. Jer oversaw their removal while Jenna gasped and spluttered. "God, not my panties guys!"
She tried desperately to cover her now fully exposed triangle of dark curls – which given her wriggling and general struggles, was causing even more semen to run out of her delightfully sexy little cleft.
"Hold her waist Jer," Connor instructed, and on the instant this was accomplished, he yanked her "Foxy Princess" top right off, leaving her squirming on her back clad only in that skimpy bra and with her skirt bunched up around her waist. The view up between her legs was murder.
"Dad…Dad," she pleaded. "Please don’t let them strip me – not out here! That is soo embarrassing"
My paternal instincts were long departed. The more embarrassing the better! At the moment Jerry unzipped her skirt, Connor had the bra straps right down her arms. Both were tossed away on the instant. Seeing her lying there fully naked now and oh! so vulnerable, I think I felt a coronary coming on. It was definitely worth it.

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Sitting up and trying to cover her breasts, she made a lunge for her clothes. Connor, ever alert to the devious ways of a naked young girl however, grabbed her wrists and pulled her to him. She fell across his body lengthways, her breasts squashed up rather nattily against his shirt. He should be so lucky! Jerry kneeling beside the struggling and slim-hipped form, delivered a pretty decent smack flush upon those jiggling cheeks. Jenna let out an audible yelp as one small hand was suddenly relegated to bottom-protecting duty.
As before, the more she struggled whilst lying on Connor, the more hard-core the view appeared up between her thighs. It is only when you get to see a very young girl fully naked (struggling and pleading also, is just icing on the cake) that the utter beauty and perfection of all those curves becomes apparent. Jerry seemed intent on working his digital way across all of them that afternoon it would appear.
Finding it next to impossible all this time, to keep my own erection from indulging its biological preferences, I had been forced to take things into my own hands as it were – albeit within the confines of my own three-quarter-zipped privacy.
With Jenna still struggling futilely to reach her clothes, having both taken turns at spanking that hot naked little backside just for the Hell of it, they had her now fully on her back, wedged between them as they lay on their sides, doing one imagines, pretty much whatever they felt like to her. Her overall nudity was temporarily less obvious being shielded by the two male bodies either side of her prostrate body.
Virtually kneeling there, my hand continued to apply its frictionalised requirements to an area thus in need. Concentrating on nothing else, I suffered instant apoplexic shock on hearing not more than a few feet behind me.
Turning round fully mortified, I saw the two young cyclists we had passed earlier, on the way in to the park.
Karma had most assuredly caught up with me!
© July 2005 Peter_Pan
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"What are they doing to that girl Mister? Why’s she naked like that?"
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