Cornfield Capers

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Cornfield Capers:
One good thing about having children is that some day they will come to you and ask for the car keys to take the other kids up town to get ice cream. We look at each other and agree. It would give us time for a chance to be alone, even for only a short while.
Since we live right across the street from a large corn field, we take each others’ hands and go in about 18 rows, I pull you close from behind and nuzzle you just behind the ear. As you leaned back and looked up at the stars, I move my way around under your chin leaving a warm wet trail up toward a brief encounter with your lips and cheeks.
As your breathing gets heavier, I can feel your anxiety building as your chest pushes insistently toward mine. Letting my hands roam, I cup the side of your breast while my other hand makes its way under your top to undo your bra. Once released I remove your top slowly and completely. Your signals are not unnoticed when you pull out my shirt and remove it as well.
As our bodies are pressed against one another we can both feel the warmth and electricity building. Your hands are roaming all over my back and even dipping lower and lower to the back of my pants trying to get them off.
I can now move my kisses and warm trail down from your neck and chin to your waiting breasts. After running a wet trail to both nipples, I blow a cool breeze across them in order to make them stand up to receive more attention.
Once I have them standing, I spend the next few minutes nursing like a newborn as you cuddle me closer. Regaining the confidence that this is you want, I pull away and make my way south leaving that damp trail with my flickering tongue and following it with my nose.
My  hands have been roaming over your back and butt, but now work their way across your hips and to your belt buckle.

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   My wet trail stops at the top of your pants, but my trail continues as I mouth your mound. Grinding my chin, tongue and nose in the V formed by your pants. Nuzzling you into a frenzy, my fingers have been busy working on your buckle, button and zipper. My nose finds the top of your V and moves in and out providing you with exquisite pleasure. Your hands are on the back of my head holding me close and providing me with a rhythm that makes you shutter with your first mini “O”.
Your knees are weak, but after only a short pause, you regain the momentum that caused your first shudder. By now, my hands have been kneading and caressing both you butt and breasts. The rhythm starts again, back and forth, back and forth almost using my nose as a mini dildo. Your thrusts get stronger and longer. I can feel you starting to tense up as you quiver around me.   Your breathing stops all of a sudden and you start shaking all over. I can feel your knees start buckling and allow you to slump to the ground straddling the bulge in my jeans.
You continue the back and forth motion over my jeans as you ride yourself to orgasm. As you reach your peak, you slump forward feeding me your wonderful breasts.   Your knees are spread out like a cheerleader getting the most pressure possible over my manhood still hidden behind my jeans.

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Once your breathing returns to normal and your muscles regain control, you start backing away toward my feet leaving a wet trail of your own. When you reach my belt, you make short work opening my pants and letting me loose. My pants seem to have a mind of their own as they start disappearing down my legs and off. I see them landing on an ear of corn like it was a coat hook on the back of a bedroom door.
A light breeze passes over both of us rustling the corn leaves. As their motion increases, you move down and nuzzle close to me. I can feel you getting restless as you start to stroke and caress me. As I start flexing my butt, I graze your cheek with my manhood. A light mmmmm passes your lips as you turn and start your wet trail again. Now it’s my turn to mmmmm as you take me deep in your warm mouth only to bottom out on the roof of your mouth. I am so hard the angle is just not right to go any further. You keep trying to get me deeper, but with each bob of  your head, it just isn’t possible. Sitting up a little, I gently motion you to reverse your position and have you straddle my head. By this time, your pants and panties are long gone hanging on another ear of corn beside mine. As you settle into position, you are able to get me deeper and deeper into your throat.

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   Slow and slippery. Up and down. Up and down. Your hips are also moving against my lips and tongue. Give and take, Your mind goes back and forth, not knowing which feels better. I start to tense up and your hips stop moving. That is when my tongue goes into overdrive. I find your clit and attack the little nub as it pops out of its protective hood. Round and round your clit, up and down, back and forth, in and out. Slippery, warm. shudder. I trap your clit between my lips, pulling it into my mouth and flickering my tongue across it at blinding speed. My hips thrust up and you take me all the way down your throat. Every muscle in both our bodies are shaking. .

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  . . . . . . . I can tell you are about ready to release and start a low humming that vibrates my whole face. Still having your clit trapped between my lips, WE EXPLODE. Thrashing around on each other, we have to hold each other tight to just keep from falling apart. Each of us GIVING pleasure to the other.
As our contractions get softer and softer we roll to our sides. Each placing one leg behind the other to form a pillow for the other. Small aftershocks continue as we just lay and cuddle each other’s parts. A light breeze gently move the corn stocks around us and we can look up and watch for shooting stars.

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   We have already seen them once, but that was only in our heads. You’re starting to get restless again and start lightly caressing  me. As I stir to life, you move up and over me. As you settle over my lap, your juices drip down the inside of your thighs ensuring a well lubricated coupling. I continue to rise to the occasion as you force me inside.
Spreading your knees like the cheerleader again, you start a slow rocking motion back and forth taking as much pleasure as you can get. I reach up and knead your breasts to increase your pleasure. You reach up and grasp my hands and lean back. Your feet move beside my shoulders as you throw your head back looking for the stars again. Our new position allows me to stroke your “G” and on the return, your clit. I pull you up. You pull me up. Back and forth like a mini sea-saw. I can feel more and more pressure building around me as you tense your muscles looking for release. Back and forth, back and forth.

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Whoosh, A car goes by on the road. Neither of us were paying any attention to the oncoming traffic. The momentary flash of the headlights cast shadows over the corn rows as they come alive for a split second. In the brief brightness, we both pull up at the same time and hold each other, both staring into each others eyes as our bodies quake and shake from being startled and the pleasure buildup. I can feel your contractions in your pussy as your orgasm overtakes you. Holding you close and bumping my hips occasionally, you finally make it through your contractions. Dark again, we untangle our legs and you end up on all fours.
I just can’t resist mounting you and in one swift drive I am buried. I enter you so fast I hear the breath escape from your lungs in a forceful oomph. I flex my muscles causing me to jump in place deep inside you. Another car goes by and the headlights brighten the field. We both notice the rabbit about 18 feet from us just staring. This gives me an idea and I start a bunny bump motion with you. In-out, In-out, In-out, woooooh. Hold still.

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   I can’t continue like that for long. I slow the rhythm down a little and notice you holding the base of a corn stalk for leverage. One of the low growing ears is hitting your cheek on every driving thrust. As my forceful thrusts continue you manage to tear the husk away with one hand and start working the young ear of corn between your lips each time you come near it. My balls are slapping your clit on every stroke causing you to go into orgasm overload. You are shaking, and shuttering on every contact. I grab your hips and give you a series of extremely deep holding thrusts. As I am buried deep and holding for the outstroke, I can feel you contracting all around me. Waiting for the third wave, I withdraw only to slam back again a moment later for another hold. Three more waves of contractions and I repeat it again. On my back stroke, you manage to look over your shoulder, “FUCK ME LIKE THE RABBIT AGAIN”. I take another hold on your hips, make sure my knees are just right and start the bunny bump again, making sure I bottom out on each stroke and my balls make a very loud splash against your clit. My pace is quick and unrelenting as it sends us both into orgasmic frenzy. The little corn cob is hitting the back of your throat on every thrust as you gasp for air between strokes. I continue my bunny bump even through my own release turning our mixed juices into a frothy mixture as it heads down the inside of your thighs to pool on the cool earth.

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We both finally collapse onto our sides ending up in a spoon position just quivering for seems like 18 minutes or more. As another car goes by, we realize it’s time to get dressed and return to our lives. One thing is for sure, I’ll never pass another corn field or see another ear of corn on my plate without thinking of this evening.