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It was Wednesday February 15th, 17:15 p. m. , and John Ventura is a commuter, waiting for his train to take him home from an unnamed train station in Chicago. He was waiting in the small station diner because he was having a bad day, and that happened to include his usual train leaving just before he managed to get inside. A cup of hot coffee was sitting on the table in front of him and his newspaper was opened and in his hands when he heard a friendly, soft spoken female voice: “Is this seat taken?”
John looked up from his daily and, behind a small-framed pair of glasses saw a pretty little face, belonging to a blond female of what seemed to be about 29 or 30 years old. Light red lipstick, just a bit of mascara and a small bloom on her cheeks. The blond, curly hair was pulled tightly back to where it was bound by an elastic band, and the rest of the hair hung from the back of her head in the form of a ponytail. The body underneath this head was well shaped. It was slim, but not in the starving supermodel sense. A well defined front, somewhat wide hips, and long legs. The woman carried a purse in one hand and had her jacket wrapped double and hanging over the other. She wore a beige blouse, tucked into a loose skirt of the same color which reached down to about knee height. Aside from that she was wearing flesh colored nylon stockings and brown, suede pumps.
Within a second, John estimated that she was probably a secretary, or an accountant or something along those lines. In any case she was most likely a somewhat mousy, maybe shy lady who would probably let go of her inhibitions when liquored up to the brim, but then again she may have been someone who simply wouldn’t ever get really liquored up in the first place. Maybe a juice, and that was it.

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But mousy or not, she looked really attractive; she had friendly eyes that suggested hidden, dark sexual secrets. Did she even know what she could be really like, and how much she might like being like that?
Her lovely enthusiastic smile was infectious.
Ventura’s background as a corporate psychologist enabled him to draw these conclusions. He also had his own little practice as a psychiatrist for about a year. But after about 18 months he realized that with only four patients it would only be a matter of time before it would be best to call it quits and work for someone else again.
“Oh, no,” John replied to the question of the woman whose name was Melissa Hill, married to bookkeeper Victor Hill, and mother of 2 kids ages 5 and 3. “Please sit down. ”
Melissa sat across from John, reached for a romance novel in her purse, and crossed her well shaped legs, the sounds of rubbing nylon rustling. John couldn’t resist the temptation and used his newspaper to hide the fact that he was looking at her over the top edge and under his eyebrows, and in a flash he saw the top of one of her nylons as the blonde crossed her legs. John then quickly aimed his eyes at the newspaper to prevent being caught staring at her legs.
Ventura was reading the stock market section but his thoughts were with Melissa’s nylon stocking-top, when the soup of black letters in his newspaper started becoming blurry and faded before his eyes. This was the point where reality faded away for John and his fantasy started taking over. And did it ever take him over!
The price of gold couldn’t interest John in the slightest anymore because the blond lady had managed to attract his attention pretty damn easily.
After all, she had slipped off her pumps under the table and, legs spread, put her nylon-clad feet on the table. With her left hand she kneaded her breasts and with her right hand she rubbed her crotch through her skirt as her toes curled.

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She then pulled her skirt up, exposing her white lace panties; panties with an ever growing wet stripe vertically along the crotch. Melissa looked at John through squinted, lustful eyes, through her small pair of glasses.
This woman didn’t seem to give a damn about doing all of this in the middle of a crowded station diner in a heavily populated train station.
John looked around, heavily blushing, and noticed that Melissa had managed to attract the attention of everyone around as she moaned ever more loudly while furiously rubbing her pantied crotch.
Melissa’s nipples started becoming more prolific through her blouse, poking out visibly and sexily, and making clear she was not even wearing a bra.
As everyone in the diner (which seemed to be about 35 people of all ages) watched the blond woman in stunned silence and attention, she shoved her hand into her panties and John could clearly see her fingers busily rubbing up and down along her crotch, until it was obvious that one of her fingers was disappearing in and reappearing out of her vagina. This she did several times under the watchful eyes of a diner full of spectators. After about 18 insertions she pulled her hand out of her panties and with a load, guttural groan she stuck a wet finger in her mouth, slurping the digit clean.  

Being stared at by numerous people, young and old, John felt the blood pound in his neck and temples when Melissa, half groaning, asked him if he would please…please suck on her toes. The man’s cheeks flushed a bright red and his eyes fixated on Melissa’s feet. He stared at those beautiful female feet, cased in flesh colored nylon, with a thin seam running evenly along the undersides of the woman’s toes. Those big, succulent looking toes curled and the wrinkles in the nylon that it caused colored a light brown. Piercing blue eyes stared at John through those small glasses and large eyes, of dozens of surprised onlookers, penetrated his soul.
But his mouth started watering.
His mouth started watering from those ever curling toes. 

   From that groaning, finger fucking, tit kneading, blond beauty.
Dozens of people surrounding them or not, he grabbed Melissa’s right foot, and bit playfully, but lustfully, into her big toe. He slurped on Melissa’s toe and tasted the nylon covering it. He bit into the seam running under her toes and used his teeth to tear the nylon apart. He then sucked the woman’s big toe into his mouth and almost sucked fictitious toe juice right out of it, licked wildly across her wrinkled, pink sole and slid his wet tongue between all of her toes.
As at least thirty people were watching, John let go of all shame and swiped everything off the table with his arm, pulled Melissa onto the small table, pushed her back, and forced her legs wide apart. Panting, he wildly licked across the soaking crotch of her panties while he used his thumb to massage Melissa between the butt cheeks.
Melissa, insane with perverted, exhibitionistic passion, ripped her blouse open and the buttons flew everywhere. Perfect shaped tits with big red nipples vibrated as they were exposed to the watching eyes of the crowd around them.
The blond woman set her feet on the edge of the table and lifted her butt up, after which John didn’t hesitate for a second and pulled her panties off of her ass and down her legs until they were around her knees. He stuck his head between her thighs from underneath, sticking it between the panties around her knees, and her crotch, and proceeded to bury his tongue deeply into her warm, wet snatch. He roughly lapped over her swollen clit and sucked the frothing juices right out of her blond furred cunt with audible slurps. Melissa crossed her legs around John’s head and used them to pull his head tightly into her buttery, odorous crotch, only to feel his forceful tongue sink deep into her sucking quim. She started yelling out loud and couldn’t give a shit that she was being eaten out right in the middle of a crowded train station diner.
As a matter of fact, the stares of random strangers, both young and old, made her cunt leak all the more profusely.

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   Acting like a wanton slut for all to see, that was what she was about at this point.
John fucked Melissa’s leaking vagina with his tongue and slurped mouthful after mouthful of female juices out of her insides, only to proceed swallowing the hot liquid down and go for the next mouthful.
Melissa screamed it out with depraved lust, feeling this stranger called John sucking himself tightly into her pink, slippery slit, his nose flatly against her tingling clit, and sucking hard on the contracting opening of her cunt. Any drop he missed ended up sliding slowly into the crack of her ass.
John, feeling anxious with passion, pushed Melissa’s nylon clad legs back toward her chest, telling her to spread her ass cheeks and keep them spread. A task Melissa’s fulfilled with pleasure.
A cry of joy escaped from her throat as she felt John scrape the flat surface of his tongue through the crack of her pungently odorous ass, across the twitching, wrinkled pucker of her asshole. He massaged her tasty shitter with the tip of his tongue and spat a fat white glob of saliva on the slightly bulging, slightly dark colored rim. John massaged her anus with his middle finger and slid the digit into the tight, sucking caverns of her ass. Under the watchful eyes of thirty-something people, the corporate psychologist finger banged the blond secretary/accountant’s shithole until she started loudly whimpering and thrashing on the table.
“Fuck my butt with your tongue,” the ponytailed blonde squealed.
John buried his face between Melissa’s warm, soft globes and slid his tongue deeply into her dirtbox. His tongue squelched and sloshed as he drilled it into her bowels time and time again. Her wrinkled rim nipped and sucked onto his invading tongue, trying to draw it further into her shitpipe.
As he ate out her scrumptious, sucking asshole, he undid his pants.

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Melissa came up and helped him undo his pants and shove it down to expose John’s 8 inch cock to the gaze of over 30 complete strangers, a crowd that seemed to be growing as people from the platforms had started gathering inside the diner as well.
Melissa licked her lips and enclosed her slurping, hot mouth around his pole, proceeding to passionately suck his cock with fast bobs of her head, making her blond ponytail whip about. Slurps could be heard all the way out on the platform, and those that could watch, would see Melissa drool all over John’s fuck stick. Strings of spit cascaded down his shaft and balls, some of them dropping to the floor slowly like goo. Melissa seemed to be eating this man alive, this man that, just like the watching crowd, was a complete stranger to her.
At a certain point, the spectating flock had grown to numbers of 50 to 60 people, intently watching Melissa lick, suck, even gag on John’s prick with moans and slurps that sounded obscene even without the visual.
A small group of girls of around 18 years old came inside and started whispering and giggling to each other when they saw a young, blond woman lying chest-down on a diner table, sucking a stranger’s fat, dripping cock while grabbing his ass with both hands to pull herself deeper onto it. She was humping her crotch onto the table, seemingly hoping for something to quench the need in her sticky cunt. Ripped nylon was hanging from the heel of one naked foot.
John’s head had turned red to the point it seemed on the verge of exploding, especially after noticing being watched by a bunch of what looked like teenage girls; girls that couldn’t be older than his own daughter, who was living with his ex-wife. But his head seemed on the verge of exploding especially because of the wet, sucking mouth of this sex crazed blonde, slobbering and drooling all over his cock and balls in front of dozens and dozens of strangers. She was practically milking the spunk right out of his balls.
“Fuck me. Stick your cock up my snatch,” groaned Melissa with a raspy voice and laid back onto the table. She spread her legs and put her legs over John’s shoulders.

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   John felt the nylon on her legs scrape against his neck and shoulders, as he stuffed the mushroom shaped head of his dick between Melissa’s pussy lips, and slowly buried his cock in the warmth of her cunt sheath. The blond woman closed her eyes with a whimper. It wasn’t long before the 60 headed crowd saw John starting to pound the blond haired twat.
His cock slammed into Melissa’s churning fuck tunnel to the root, his balls loudly slapping her ass. Melissa pulled her legs further up and pushed her feet into John’s face, who took her toes into his mouth as he had done before, plucked at the seam of the ‘intact’ stocking clad foot with his teeth, and pushed his tongue into the nylon and between her toes.
He looked up and noticed various people with their hands touching their crotches, and realized that nobody really felt ashamed of the watching the public spectacle. On the contrary, most people seemed to be having a pretty good time. Even one of the teenage girls whom had just joined the crowd, had her fingers rummaging around between her thighs and John could clearly see her rubbing the crotch of her jeans.
“In my ass. I want your cock in my ass,” sighed Melissa.
John slid from Melissa’s soaking fuckhole, and pushed her legs further up and back. As he surveyed the surrounding crowd, and noticed that Melissa did the same, he slowly forced his prick into the twitching pucker of her anus. Her sphincter squeezed tightly around his shaft as he sank it deeper and deeper.
Melissa groaned aloud and John looked up for a minute to see one of the teenage girls, Cindy, a 18 year old brunette with shoulder length hair, sitting on one of the tables, her feet on the edge, her skirt pulled up to her waist, and her fingers sliding over her crotch. She was wearing white cotton panties, which had been pulled back into the crack of her ass, and the bulge of her teen cunt was clearly outlined; the brown pubic hair of her clearly unshaven cunt was slightly sticking from the leg holes of her panties, and Cindy was rubbing her finger roughly across the hidden mound of her teenage puss.

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   One of her friends, Esther, 18 years old and a blonde with short hair, removed Cindy’s moist hand and replaced it with her own, rubbing her 18 year old friend’s wet, pantied crotch. She then pulled the crotch of Cindy’s panties to the side, exposing the girl’s hair covered snatch to anybody willing to see, which certainly included John. Cindy had a beautiful cunt; fat outer lips with wide labia protruding between them. Her clit was large and pink, and the hair of her cunt seemed to extend all the way into the crack of the teen’s ass.
John continued fucking Melissa in her tight, milking shitpipe, while watching Esther first rub her fingers up and down through Cindy’s pussy lips, only to see her index and middle fingers disappear into the 18 year old’s fuckhole, exposing the teen’s pink slit in the process.
With his dick pistoning into Melissa’s guts, John was mesmerized by the two teenage girls, one finger fucked by the other as they, like himself and Melissa, were surrounded by complete strangers. Esther withdrew her fingers from her friend’s sucking quim with a slurp and sucked them into her mouth as her other hand was busy squeezing Cindy’s tits. Cindy, meanwhile, had her own hand between her legs again, using her fingers to spread her hot lips and exposing her inner pink to the public. The darling girl added some spice by visibly squeezing the muscles in her fuckbox, the opening to her cunt tunnel contracting as Esther had removed her fingers from her mouth and slid them into Cindy’s mouth to give her a taste of her own twat.
It was soon after that Esther bent down, laid her head on Cindy’s lower abdomen with her cheek right on top of Cindy’s triangle of fur, the corner of her mouth on top of the teen’s clithood. Esther stuck her tongue out to the side, and wiggled it over and in between her friend’s cuntflaps, the tip and side of her tongue slithering through her slit. The blond teenager’s saliva oozed through the pink slit of the 18 year old brunette, and further into the crack of the teenage girl’s ass.
The image of those young, horny sluts cunt-sucking right in the middle of a large crowd made John lose control, not in the least aided by the tightly squeezing, sucking asshole of the unknown blonde that started the whole thing.
“Oohhh Jesus, I’m fucking cummingggg,” John yelled out into the packed diner.
“Ohh fuck, yess.

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   Cum inside my butt, baby. Spurt your hot fuck sauce into my bowels,” wailed Melissa.
John forced his dong into Melissa’s shit tunnel to the balls, and pumped his seed into her guts until his balls were drained. Melissa felt the warm goo fill her insides and thought she was getting a spunk enema.
As the last drop of semen had left his balls to end up in Melissa’s clenching backdoor, the mob started whistling and applauding loudly. They seemed content with the show. Middle aged people, teenagers, people in suits and ties, even elderly ladies. The sexing teen girls that had stopped their own performance. They were all clapping their hands.
John slumped forward on top of Melissa, his softening dick still halfway up his lover’s sucking, messy butthole.
He felt strange in his head. The noises around him started becoming unclear, unfocussed. And somewhat light headed he retreated his flaccid cock out of Melissa’s lewdly gaping, wet anus with a plop.
His sight became blurry, and he heard what seemed to be the screeching brakes of a train.
Suddenly he awoke from his daydream and noticed that the blonde, who served so deliciously as the object of his fantasy, was now standing on the platform, waiting for the train to stop.

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   Quickly John gathered his belongings, and sped onto the platform. He stepped onto the train behind Melissa and had decided to see if he could find an empty seat across from her.
You never know.
Sometimes dreams can come true.