A Visit to Remember

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It was the middle of September, and it wass my freshman year, I was only 18 years old. I had the hots for my language arts teacher, Mrs.  Klein.  She never really even noticed me in class. She was about 5'6" and had long, bright blonde hair. She was 29 years old, but looked a little older. I was about 5'8", and had short, brown hair. One day after class, i saw her finnessing her breast, and automatically erected.  
A few days later, i forgot to bring my book to class, and she gave me a detention, after school on the following Friday. So, to skip a few days, it was Friday, i got my work done in detention, but still had to stay until 4:30, which was about 45 minutes away. I walked up and started talking to her. As I looked away, she itched her crotch area, and I caught the last second of it. Again, I automatically erected. She was already married, and I had stared at her before, but this was different. I could see her staring at my pelvis area from time to time, trying not to be too obvious. Eventually, I could see her nipples through her bra, and i got even bigger.

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   Now, it was impossible not to notice it. As I was about to leave, she grabbed my shoulder, and told me to come here. Next thing I knew, she was on her back on the desk, looking at me.  I couldn't believe what she said next. As i stood there in udder disbelief, she muttered out the words, "Fuck Me!" I almost fell over, but she caught me back into sense, and said, "Well, are you gonna fuck me or what?" First, she removed her t-shirt, and i was more erected than ever before. , as she removed her pants, and socks, unbelievably, i got even bigger. I had to be at least a foot long, when she removed her bra & panties. She walked up, dropped my pants and boxers, and removed my shirt, and i grabbed her, jumped on top of her, and stuck it in. She dug her fake fingernails into my back. Not long after, i got off the desk, not removing my swollen member from her insides, and laid myself down on her desk, and set her on top of me. All of a sudden, we heard a slam right outside the door. She tried to pull away, but i held her down, and said "No, hold on!" Still sexually connected, i carried her light body over to a closet, and sat down on a basket.  Just then, someone came in. I thought she was drunk, since she was trying to make out with me, while pumping herself up and down. Unfortunately, she couldn't hold it in, as she let off a loud moan.

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       I removed her from me, and we both laid there, worn out. Then, i remembered, our clothes were still sitting there, and there was an after school class coming in iin a little bit, so i zipped out of the closet, and luckily, the person wasn't there, and got the clothes, as we both put our clothes back on, we both left. The next day, during class. I was working and she rubbed her hand across my back, and winked at me as she walked away. "What the hell was that all about?" the kid next to me asked. "Don't worry about it," i said as i winked back to her. AT the end of class, as i was leaving, she said to me, "Wanna make today (Monday) actually a good day?" She then said, "If you do,  then see me after school," and smiled as i left the classroom.