A Fun day outside-part 2

Sex In Public

  So I'm following you through the woods, you are leading me in pretty deep so that I can make all the noise I want, in here it isn't as warm and there is a slight breeze.   Finally you think we are far enough and you bring me into your arms and kiss me, while you grab my ass and bend me over a fallen down tree, you lift up the bottom of my sundress and enter me from behind.   You thrust your still hard cock deep into my tight wet pussy, I moan when you enter me, it feels like you are filling me up so full, you slowly pull out and then push back in, all the while I am moaning and screaming for you to fuck me hard.   You say that you will, that you are only getting started, you pull out again and turn me around so my ass is on the tree, you enter me and start moving back and forth, the friction of the tree on my ass is hurting a little, but feeling you fuck me feels so good that I don't even care.   You pull off my dress and suck one of my hard nipples into your mouth, and I let out a loud moan, I could orgasm right now, and you sense that, so you stop everything your doing and spread the blanket out on the ground.   You lay down on it, and grab my hand to pull me down too, you tell me that you want to take it slow, that you want to make this last.   I lay down on the blanket beside you, you pull me into you, holding me and giving little kisses on my neck and down my back, I giggle cause it tickles a little then get up on my knees to pleasure you.   I postion myself between your legs and gaze longily at your hard dick, I lick the tip of it, some precum coming out and slowly lick down the shaft, you moan with pleasure as i suck on the head and lick your balls.   I am still so horny and want to feel your cock so deep inside me again.   I stop licking and sucking you and crawl on top so my wet pussy is aligned with your cock, I bend down to give you a kiss and you move up and enter me, you grab my ass and make it move faster so I am fucking your cock, I sit up on you and start bouncing away, you grab my tits and start rubbing them all over, massageing them, twisting my nipples just the way I like it and pulling them in your mouth.

  I moan and tell you that I want you to fuck me, and I lay down on the blanket.   You get on top of me and push your cock into me, it feels so good when you fuck me.   I wrap my legs around you so I can feel you deeper inside me, I know that I won't be able to hold off much longer, and I want to feel you cum.   You tell me that you are ready and you want to shoot it in my mouth, which I have no objections to, I love the taste of your cum. But before your pull out, you feel me starting to orgasm, you almost cum right then from feeling my pulsating cunt around your cock, finally my pussy loosens a little on you cock and you pull out, I lean up on my elbows so you have a better angle to get all the cum in my mouth.   I love watching you rub your cock, making yourself cum over my body, I grab you ass and move you so your cock is closer to my face and i take the tip of your cock in my mouth, I don't want to waste a drop of your amazing cum, while you still jerk off.

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    Then finally, you moan and I can feel the white goodness hit the back of my throat, as I give the head a little suck you jump, from being so sensitive, and let out a second load.  I swallow everything you are offering to me, and then you are laying beside me, a little out of breath, telling me how good that felt and how much you enjoying fucking me.     After awhile, it is starting to get dark and you say that we should head back, I grab my dress and throw it back on, my pussy is still throbbing from the fucking you gave me and I can feel my own cum dripping out of it and run down my leg as we walk back to your house.   When we get there you ask if I want to shower before I leave to go to my house, I tell you that I would love to, and then ask you to join me, cause I know after out hot day of sex you are going to want to shower too.   I enter the bathroom and leave the door open as I let my dress slide over my hips, bending down to take off my toe ring, I give you a nice view of my ass and pink pussy.   You give me a little spank and take off your clothes to come in the shower too. . .  .