02 - Airport - A Vicki Story

Sex In Public

Smoothing my dress around me and crossing my legs, I looked up and noticed a man sitting across from me smiling. I smile back and my body shuddered with a feeling I knew was going to be hard to suppress. ‘Are you alright?’ he said, nearly making me jump out of my skin. ‘You look a little disappointed, as though you’ve been stood up. ’ I nodded slowly, looking up at him becoming transfixed on his mouth.
Before he could notice my staring, he stood up and walked over to the seat next to me. ‘Mind if I sit here?’ and sat down smiling with a broad smile that sent shivers down my spine. Looking my body over with his eyes he adds ‘Mike’s my name, what’s yours?’ ‘Vicki’ I replied feeling myself quiver inside, trying not to show what I was feeling. The shudder got stronger as he placed a hand on my thigh and I looked at him as he spoke ‘Don’t worry no one would stand up a beautiful woman like you, not if they could avoid it. ’ I stood up, grabbed my bag, trembling at the knees and straightened my skirt, hoping that he hadn’t noticed my shaking. ‘I’m going to look for the rest rooms. Thank you for your kind words’ and walked away feeling flushed. The spot where his hand had rested on my thigh burnt into me as I walked through the terminal. I thought I had better try and calm my nerves and headed for the bar, sitting on a stool at one end, breathing deeply as my mind raced over the last hours events.
Suddenly, Mike sat down next to me. ‘Funny meeting you here.

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   Did you find the ladies?’ he said as I nearly leapt out of my skin shook my head ‘No’ but managed to smile as he ordered me a drink. I couldn’t keep my eyes off his mouth as he chatted to me, hardly hearing his words, only nodding and muttering occasionally. I watched his lips move and my body screamed at me, letting me know it was going to erupt soon asking me to do something about it. A few drinks later, my mind and mouth didn’t want to cooperate with each other and before I could stop myself I said ‘You really have a very sexy mouth Mike and if I wasn’t waiting for someone, I would take you to a hotel and’ I caught myself mid sentence and looked at him, blushing.
He laughed ‘I think you are very beautiful. If you want, we don’t even have to leave the airport’ and placed his hand back on my thigh. I felt my stomach tighten and an unmistakable feeling shot through me as I thought about pushing his hand away, but didn’t. His fingers moved up my thigh and slipped under my dress. Then I felt his fingertip lightly brush over my satin panties, moaning as he whispered in my ear ‘I can feel how wet you are and it’s not pussy juice is it.
You’re ready to let go, aren’t you?’ He didn’t wait for a reply instead he slipped his finger under my panties and pressed hard, just below my bladder. Then slipped it over my wetness and touched my arse. I gasped and the bartender looked over and asked if I was OK. I smiled nodding and asking directions to the Ladies while Mike withdrew his finger and placed it in his mouth then sucked on the juice. There was nothing else for me to do, I had to go so I got up and walked out of the bar. He followed behind me, close enough for me to feel him near, but not close enough for anyone to think we were together.

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   I walked into the rest room panting and leaned against a sink as my pulse rate rocketed. Spasms shot through my body with a growing urgency as I shuddered wondering why I had willingly let him touch me.
I stood looking at myself in the mirror as a door to a stall opened and a woman emerged, I felt myself getting closer my body spasmed with a more urgent sensation and then I felt Mike enter the rest room. My heart raced as I started to burn deep inside and he moved behind me, saying nothing. He took my hand and guided me into a vacant stall and I knew I was loosing control. Locking the door and turning around, he grabbed my arse and pulled me to his mouth sucking on my lips with a lustful hunger. He probed my mouth as he pushed past my lips, sucking my tongue as I moaned and my spasms became more intense. We kissed deeply, probing and fighting with our tongues, sucking on each others lips.
Then he lifted my dress and slid my panties down over my hips as he bent his knees, following them down my thighs with his wet tongue. My pussy screamed out for him to stop, come back, you have missed the best part and went into spasms as my orgasm began its journey through me. Holding the hem of my dress, he came back up my body, flicking my navel with his wet tongue, leaving a trail of saliva as he moved past under my arm and stood up, pulling the dress over my head and tossing it to the floor like a rag. My breasts and nipples had become hard and stuck out in the hope that he would see them. Then standing behind me, he unsnapped my bra letting it fall to the tiles and began kissing my neck as I pressed back on him. Shaking as he licked his wet tongue over my shoulder, he slid his body around to my breasts, cupping them in his large hands, kneading their firmness and sucked a nipple in to his mouth.
Rolling his tongue over my hardening nipple, pinching the other one hard between his fingers, I shuddered and moaned louder in pleasure.

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   Mike moved down my stomach, licking as he went and I shuddered at the thought of what might follow, my pussy oozing juices, sending a sweet aroma into the air and I knew then that I had a battle on my hands. I ran my fingers through his hair and realised he was naked, my spine quivered and I felt myself getting weak as I fought my mounting orgasm. My pussy went into spasms as juice began to run down my thighs and I struggled to remain on my feet as he moved my legs apart.
I felt him spread my pussy lips with his finger and ripples of pleasure ran through my loins as I tossed my head back, moaning at his touch. He flicked his tongue gently against my clit and his finger spreading the wetness between my arse cheeks. My hands now on his shoulders, I felt his finger probe at the entrance, slowly pushing it’s way in, burying itself deep while I leaned back against the wall and started to shake as he rub my clit with his thumb, feeling the cold tiles burn into my back, knowing I had lost the battle and I pulled his head into me.
My orgasm climbing higher and higher with each thrust and started to take hold as his finger probed deep in my arse and I growl as he moved it around. His tongue swirled on my clit, his lips sucked hard as he pushed two fingers deep into my pussy, probing both my openings, taking me to a place I rarely visit.
It is then that I loose control of my bodily functions. My bladder released its liquid and my pussy juices flowed uncontrollably my juices poured out of me in a flood and I filled his mouth with the mixture, as he drank deeply the nectar I offered. He moaned sucking harder, pushing his fingers deeper and I let go into the ecstasy that now washed over me in a torrent of pleasure. ‘Ahh Mike. God ohh yes’ and collapsed over him, totally spent. Mike stood up pulling me with him and presses me hard into the wall, staring into my lustful eyes with hunger. Kissing me, he pushed opened my lips with his tongue and he squirted a mouthful of liquid into my open mouth.

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   I felt the warm fluid run down my throat tasting my essences, swallowing deeply, shaking with pleasure and shuddering, my orgasm levelled out and I sank to my knees, weak and spent shaking from the intensity of what had happened.
Through my half closed eyes I looked up at Mike and saw his prick staring me in the face and reached out to stroke him slowly moving my thumb over the leaking head, he quivered with excitement as his prick throbbed in my hand. Still shuddering with the effects of my orgasm, I pulled him towards me and I took his hard prick into my mouth, still tasting myself as I ran my tongue around the throbbing head and licked the cum as it oozed from the hole. Sucking hard, I cupped my hand around his balls stroking them with my nails, squeezing gently as I licked his hardness with my tongue. Then running my fingers around his arse hole, he started to shudder with spasms of delight and I felt the head of his prick grow and throb inside my mouth.
Feeling the first drops of his cum, as it travelled up from his balls and putting a finger inside my dripping pussy, I tightened my lips around the head of his prick, sucked faster then slipped my wet finger deep into his arse. I found his gland and pushed hard against it, feeling his cum rising, ready to spurt into my waiting mouth. Mike shuddered as his orgasm began and I kept up the pressure in his arse, moving my finger in and out in time with my sucking. He moaned louder as his prick began to flood cum down my throat and he filled my mouth with his juices.
I pulled his spurting prick from between my lips and sprayed it over my face and breasts as his knees shook and started to give way. With one final thrust, his balls emptied in my hair as my finger pushed deeper into his arse, rubbed his prick in my face, spreading his cum over me. Collapsing on the floor beside me, we sat on the cold tiles, looking at each other his cum dripped out of the corners of my mouth and down my chin his chest covered in my fluids. I looked at him through half closed eyes, ‘Thank you Mike.
That was the most intense orgasm I have ever had. ’ We slowly got up and dressed left the cubical and washed up in the basins then Mike took me in his arms and looked into my eyes ‘How about a home visit?’ I kissed his lips lightly ‘It will be a pleasure Mike’ and he handed me an envelope kissed my lips and left leaving me still shuddering and weak.

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