I have such a crush its not fair. I always think about him. Being thirteen, i had no flippin clue i would be so involved with these things.
It all started when we had to do this gay class assignment. Partners partners! I hate having partners! you always feel dumb compared to the others, and you get a shitload of work dumped on you. So once again, deciding to be daring, I asked zac. We're kind of friends , i guess you would say, we joke and stuff like ' how did the baby get across the road? Stapple it to the chicken!' fun stuff.
so when we were fooling around, him right next to me, i scrawled on his paper, wanna be partners? he looked at it, scribbled back, sure.
my heart jumped out of my throat and did a bloody dance, im sure. next surprise, due THURSDAY! today was only TUESDAY. how in the hell do i get that done huh? so Zac and i worked on out "Gaymontitious" symitry thinger, we made a gay guy with all this symitry, like rainbow trunks and nipple peircings. it was great I drew, he colored, we were finished. UNTIL, our teacher said the symitry was off, start all over, by now it was Weds. So i said , How about i ask my mom if you can come over, she'll prolly say yes if its for school. , so he said that it'd be so great, that way we could hang and do the project. By now my heart was dancing like a retard on speed.

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I asked my mom right when i got home, she said yes and i called up zac. He said his mom also said it was okay. His mom drove him over and we got to work. About an hour of working, goofing, and being dumbasses, my mom came into the living room to announce she had to go to the hospital in New Jearsy, some distant relative or something she was going to take my brother russell, and my step dad Mauriceo was meeting her there. My mother said that it would be okay if i was here alone with zac, and wondered if it would be fine if i were to stay somewhere. I said i'd call up angie and all that jazz. and then she left. i was going crazy in my brain, jumping spazzing, flipping out. Just wondering how the hell i could play my cards to get the jackpot. I always wanted to lose my virginity to someone great, funny, someone i had always felt deep for. But then "poof" everthing came back to me, i was a Popunerd. Popular, loved, cool, hot, buttttt shunned, made fun of, stupid. Zac was the punk guy, for some reason, punk weirdo guys dont get ANY discrimination, but no girlfriends.
He was popular, sort of, and i wasnt. I snapped back into work mode.

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   Zac and i turned on the tube, ordered a pay perveiw movie, a scary one, and turned to work. Slowly , work faded out, and the movie up-loaded into our brains.
The movie, flipped me out. I tend to shriek and squel when ever i am surprised. WHENEVER i am surprised. so naturally, It was like zac was watching the movie with a hamster stuck to his shoulder. he didnt mind when i held onto him, which was great. I loved it. so anyways. the fear subsided and went to a normal spot in the film. Zac, at the moment had his hand on my leg, from the last time i squealed to stop me from jumping four feet in the air, and started caressing just above my knee with his thumb, he didnt realize it, but he was doing that. I felt at that moment, like his girlfriend. The greatst feeling. Paying attention to the movie again, a couple just started to pasionatly kiss, slowly turning into a make-out session. this turned me on! very much so.

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   especially with my ultimate crush right on my leg, woo. so then, they started to undress! Woa i thought, Woa! zac thought that too, a bulging in his pants, i became aware. 'MY PRAYERS!!!' said my thoughts screaming!Holy crap. Could it happen tonight? woa baby. lol as my best friend would say. so ONCE MORE, lol, i become daring, i slid my fingers through his hair. Oh my god. his hair, faded, soft green. just like rabbit fur or something, unbelievable. his head leaned back on my hand , he turned to me, and smiled. Ari, he said, do you like me? Freaked out, i said, Yes zac, i do.   and with that, he leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. i felt like i was  swimming in time. i had kissed guys before , plenty actually, (never made out with any) but this felt so new, there was a roller coaster in the pit of my stomac, doing frantic loops. Slowly, I swivled myself around to face him more, and put my arms around him and just sort of cuddled , i guess thats the word, and i kissed him on the lips and we fell over onto the soft couch.

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   he made the next move by putting his tongue in my mouth and  swirling it around . he tasted so good! I mean , i always thought someone elses'  saliva would taste so gross, or something along those lines. but i just dipped into him back, it was so fantastic i almost forgot to breathe. after what seemed forever, we broke our kiss and he said, do you want to take this further, I mean, like uhmmm. . . . ,
He didnt have to say anything more, I knew, so he ran to his pack, and pulled out a condom, he won it in a little contest the boys had, and he kept it.
So he removed his shirt, revealing only a pale milky peach. Then , it was my turn, i slowly shed my black shirt showing my pale whitish tan color, only covered by my light pink bra.
He said i looked lovely, and i answered back he looked divine , and we burst out laughing. at that moment, we rushed so close to each other that the thought of it earlier would have made me faint. He then put me up against the wall , pinning me, I loved this. Angie told me about it all the time when she was with her guy.
Our lips meshed as he fumbled with the back facet of my bra.

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   he finally got it and pulled it off. my boobs arent much, very perky, ha ha , and ones a little bit bigger than the other, but he said i was so gorgeos, and with that he put one in his mouth. WOA i though. that is soooooooooooo goooooodddd! I let out a little gasp, this never happened to me before. He continuied this for a while and then we stripped the rest off. soon we were completely naked in my living room. I then decided i would have to yet again be daring, as i told him to sit on the couch. He did so , and i told him to close his eyes. He did so once more. then slowly, i lowered myself, looking at his cock. I could never picture the guys i knew with their cocks. dunno why. so this was kind of strange. but i suddenly cast all thought out the window and licked the head. he took in a very sharp breath, and i took him in, being careful not to scrape him with my teeth.

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   i went over the shaft, and actually got so close to the base, i shocked myself, he was really BIG. well, not that big, but big enough to be a little astounded. I'd say a little longer than a crayola marker, and about as thick as a very large carrot. After a few minuites, he blew. to my astonishment, i swallowed it all! i actually liked it, and i didnt miss a drop, not even a little.
Then the most amazing thing of my life, he ate me out. he didnt mess around, he knew how hot i was right then, mabe thats why he tongue fucked me straight away, pulling upwards each time, the way a cat drinks milk, each time i shuddered, and spazamed lightly, I was in such a dreamy state, i didnt even notice when he took hold of one of my breasts and pinched the nipple, but my vocal chords answered everything. i was moaning and squealing up a storm. and zac was loving it, he even laughed a little. Both our favorite parts , though were when i came. It was un beleivable. i never orgasamed before, never even flipping knew how to masturbate! i just inserted things like crayola markers, my top number of those in my cunt was six, and carrots. then i would just hump something with those in until i got my satisfaction. i never knew if that was an orgasm or not, after zac, i was pretty sure it wasnt. after he was done, and i came out of the clouds, i grabbed the condom, and he grabbed his dick, i tore open the little packet and smoothed it over his dick.

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   after that it looked so shiny, and well, shiny is my favorite color. (Zac still argues with me about that) He laid my down onto the couch and positioned himself, looked me in the eyes, and waited. I nodded yes, and it happened , all in a flash. Him , pummeling in and out of my cavity, suddenly, immense pressure, it hurt so bad, i let out a cry, he looked at me concerned, but i told him to keep going. and with that he gave one final shove, and i broke.
i collapsed onto the couch, he was so worried, it was kind of funny. but then i told him i was okay, and we continued. the feeling, just bouncing off the inside of me, amazing. then he went faster and faster, i felt more pressure, except this time it was good, fuzzy warm blankets good. nice. our tension built, and we came at the same time, and the last final strokes of him impailing me, fabulosity.
What am i going to tell my boyfriend?



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