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The last straw came after a long day with a bimbo secretary, pissed-off clients and the boss who just could not keep his eyeballs out of my cleavage. All I wanted was to get undressed and hit the bed when Jack launched into another one of his lectures. I shoved him towards the bed, “You know what Jack, I’m sick of you and your shit. You sound better with your mouth shut. ”I was a little surprised at myself. I definitely wasn’t a small woman at 38-30-36, but most certainly smaller than Jack. I couldn’t believe I had actually used force on him and it worked. He was lying on the bed, with a complete look of shock. It was cute, having a grown man potentially at your complete mercy, and I wanted to eat him alive. The frustration, years of pent-up tension and sexual deprivation drove me crazy with lust and a certain controlled sexual rage. It did not take me long to be straddling his tummy comfortably, my hands gripping his wrists. I felt a rush through my head and body; a sense of being so alive that had been lost for a long time. I felt slutty, in control and sexy. He didn’t resist, even after the initial shock subsided. I wasn’t expecting submission and it pleasantly surprised me. I looked down at him and smiled.

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   This was a side of him I never expected and I liked it. I dug my nails into the mattress, pinning his wrists down hard, feeling his pulse and hearing each breath he took. “Like it, huh, Jack?”His eyes shut, he nodded. This was uncharted, but exciting territory and I had every intention of making the land mine. “Oh my god, Jack, so you’re a dirty little bitch like that, huh? And all that nagging was trying to get me mad enough to do this?”He nodded again, moaning softly, a pinkish-red colour rising to his cheeks, and I smiled. I leaned forward, licking his ear lightly, pursing my lips over his ear lobe. The tip of my tongue slid across his cheek, down to his lips. I knew it felt ticklish, made his lips tingle and ache with want when I ran the tip of my tongue along his lips. I had almost forgotten that. His moans got louder and his hard on between his shorts and my panty-clad crotch became more apparent. I cut him short, biting his lower lip a tad too hard, tugging it away from him. The skin between my teeth was at breaking point when I let it go and whispered, “If you even flinch, Jack, it’s over. You understand?”He nodded and I cautiously let his wrists free, observing a little swell on his lower lip. I pushed his shirt up slowly, dragging my nails across his skin as it was uncovered. I left the shirt covering his face.

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   For a moment, seeing him masked by his own shirt, hands above his head, moaning helplessly made me want to hurt him and love him at the same time. I just had to kiss his lips through the cloth. My curious fingers found their way to his tiny nipples and I rubbed both between my thumb and index fingers. Fingertip rubbing turned to nails trapping and pinching the tiny little buttons as I pushed my tongue against the shirt, into his open mouth. I shivered, hearing him moan in pain and pleasure, my crotch subconsciously grinding against his. “Poor baby…” He was panting hard as I pull away and his nipples were swelling a little. I ran my tongue around both, soothing the ache. I pushed the shirt up over his nose, leaving just his eyes covered. My hands continued their journey down the outline of his body, occasionally pinching his bare flesh as I shuffled down his thighs. Unceremoniously, I pulled his shorts down, leaving them around his ankles. “Just like a little boy, Jack…”His cock, god how I missed fucking and being fucked by it. 7”, pink, cut, hard and juicy. It got juicy at the slightest touch and it tasted so good, I just had to taste him. A quick kiss on the head left him groaning and my lips moistened. Fuck, it felt good on my tongue again after so long.

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   I licked gently along the underside, rubbing my cheek against it, the skin moving up and down along with my movements. I could feel Jack trying very hard to resist grinding against my face so to reward him, I massaged his balls. My teeth carefully crowned the base of his head, grazing up and down his shaft, hurting him only a tiny bit. The pain from that was quite obviously balanced by my fingers still kneading his heavy, full balls. I pulled out the thin silver belt from the waistband of my skirt, dragging the cold metal along his thigh. I made a small loop round his thick cock and around his balls, winding it one last time again round the now throbbing shaft. I pulled the entire bondage construction round his throbbing pink wreckage taut with the excess belt in my hand. The look on his face was exquisite, a mixture of pleasure, pain and humiliation.
    It was intoxicating and gave me a sense of freedom and self I had never found in a book, a promotion or the missionary style. And the screams and groans made my pussy drip like a fucking leaky faucet. “Oh god Mistress, please please fuck me…”I tugged the chain harder, rubbing my palm round his large, sensitive head. He squealed. “I can’t hear you. ” I really couldn’t, at least not all of it. I knew I had broken him and made him beg.

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       It was hard for Jack to swallow that pride. But it was not enough. “Louder, Jack. ” I slapped his cock with the back of my hand once, hard. He jerked forward, groaning and grunting. “Mistress, please let me cum…” Laboured but loud and clear this time, it made me happy. And it made me want to sit on that swollen hot cock and fuck the living daylights out of naggy old Jack, which is exactly what I did. I wanted desperately to torment his cock further but not at the expense of my own urgent needs. I unwound the belt slowly as I squatted over his cock. The blood rushing back to his cock made him wince and writhe like a sexy, worthless worm beneath me. “Don’t you dare cum before Mistress, understand?” He nodded frantically, desperate for release. I pull my panties aside, rubbing my moist pussy lips along his head, letting it slip between them. A huge rush washed over me as I lowered myself on his cock, the wetness making it almost too easy for his cock to fill me up. It drove me crazy and I was riding him like never before, bouncing atop his cock fast, rough and hard. He was grinding and pumping his hips desperately, as was I.

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       And honestly, for the life of me, I cannot remember who came first. I know I exploded over his cock too soon, the orgasm hitting my body like fucking dynamite. “Thank you so much, Mistress. ” I smiled at my new petThese days, Jack is quieter, pleasant-mannered and cooks a mean Chinese dinner. I appreciate coming back to a spick and span house after the long day and we’ve never been more in love. He does get out of hand sometimes, but I always manage to rope and paddle him back into place. After all, he needs the discipline he can get, what with baby Tiffany on the way. Electric Geisha 2004.



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