The Raven


Fast running out of patience and falling behind on his delivery schedule, the broker’s voice rose in response to the challenge. “Yes, yes and yes! In fact, look at the print-out I gave ya! It even beats some of your requirements. ” Beaten, the Doc let out a long sigh. “Alright. Leave it here. I’ll do what I can to get it to work. Maybe I can suppress or even remove the primary functions. ” “Great Doc! Look, if ya have any problems with it, and I mean any, then you know how to reach me. You’re one of my best customers here on Europa Station. I’d hate to lose your business over something small like this. Look I got a schedule, deadlines to meet. Be sure to register via the hypernet. The warranty only covers the basics, but it could come in handy. It won’t cover your after-market stuff though, so you’re on your own there. ” The broker lowered the grav-lift and gently set down the large wooden crate and then he was gone before the Doc could come up with another reason to refuse delivery. “I can’t believe I let that scoundrel talk me into this.

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  ” The Doc approached the crate cautiously. He picked up the claw hammer and began opening the panel marked ‘OPEN THIS SIDE. ’ In just a few minutes he had the panel off and most of the intervening packing material removed. “Whoa. The picture he sent doesn’t do her justice. ” The Doc stood staring into the crate admiring his soon to be lab assistant. Her hair is shoulder length and black and her skin is fair. She has been dressed in a simple frock with a floral print slightly reminiscent of a Hawaiian shirt. The Doc’s cock stirred inside his jumpsuit causing him to blush uncontrollably as he adjusted himself. He managed to pry his eyes away from her long enough to read some of the directions on the print-out he’d been given. Once he realized that they were no different from the ones he already knew he set about performing the full unpacking and boot sequence. An hour later his Raven 7800 Series was walking under its own power into his lab. The Doc followed it closely and could not help but watch the finely shaped ass wiggle beneath the thin fabric of its dress as it walked. He couldn’t help but think that for a ten year-old android it was remarkably well kept. Three hours of delicate work and the Doc was nearly in tears.

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   Everything he had tried had failed. He couldn’t suppress the Raven’s primary functions. She was hard-wired for pleasure. A tiny part of his brain was celebrating, but his main focus was on his former lab assistant. He and the Model 06 had worked so well together in the lab. Its personality was perfectly adjusted. Now he’d be forced to turn the 06’s brain into a secondary drive for the Raven. It’d be able to access all the pertinent information to assist him in his work, but it’d still have all the instincts and personality traits of a… He couldn’t believe this had happened. This was all his fault. The 06 would be fine if he’d kept a closer eye on the tolerances of the new plasma unit. The Doc let out a heavy sigh and closed up the Raven’s access panel. Reluctantly he powered the systems on and initiated the start up sequence. “Please stand by while I index the data in the newly installed memory device. ” Her voice flowed over him like honey and had just a hint of a Southern accent. The Doc thought for a moment while she performed her indexing task.

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   Then it came to him; the free-state of Georgia in the former United States, North America. “Indexing complete. Initiating system restart. ” Her eyes closed for a few moments and then slowly opened again. The Doc stood waiting for her to begin the primary owner programming sequence. “Please state your name for ownership and voice recognition. ” Again her voice flowed over him. It felt like a giant velvet glove that caressed him and it stirred something deep inside him. He tried very hard to ignore it. The Doc took a step forward. “Doctor Thomas Quinlan, P. H. D. ” “Voice record stored. Please restate name for verification.

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  ” Her voice caressed him again. In the lab, that was going to be quite annoying. Perhaps he could alter her voice data to produce a less… sultry voice. Pleasing as her voice was he didn’t need any distractions in the lab. Distraction is what had resulted in the near total destruction of 06 and half of the lab almost six months before. He repeated his name for the benefit of the machine and then waited for the sequence to continue. He found himself gazing into her eyes. They were a deep green, his favorite color. He began thinking of lush forests with hidden streams where they would swim naked under the tree canopy. She blinked and it snapped him back into reality. “I’m sorry. What was it you asked again?” The Doc’s voice wavered a little as he spoke. “Please state your naming preference for this unit. ” She regarded him blankly and awaited his response. “Oh… Well I hadn’t actually thought… Hmmm.

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  ” He took a few steps back from her and looked her over again. Her looks reminded him of a girl he’d known in primary school. One he’d had a crush on. What was her… “Jennifer, uh Jenny. ” He nearly yelled when he remembered the girl’s name. He shouldn’t have had that difficult a time recalling it. He was only forty-five after all. It’s not like it was ages ago. “Please restate your preference. Jennifer or Jenny?” Again she regarded him with that blank look in her eyes. “Your name is Jennifer, but you will respond to either Jennifer or Jenny. Isn’t your system capable of that?” The Doc crossed his arms and looked at her without looking at her eyes. He knew that if he made eye contact that he’d lose himself again. “Jennifer saved as primary name. Jenny saved as secondary name.

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   Full primary name is now Jennifer Quinlan. ” She turned to him and smiled. “Oh my. Can we do that?” The Doc blushed brightly. “Instant marriage eh? It’s a bit of an assumption don’t you think?” He looked at her sternly for a moment, but he had to look away. Her smile was so disarming. “Please use remote unit to adjust interaction levels. ” “What remote unit?” The Doc quickly looked through everything the broker had given him and everything he’d unpacked from the crate. “There isn’t any remote unit Jenny. ” “In the absence of the remote unit I can engage the factory defaults. ” She winked at him. He wondered what the factory defaults might be like. “I suppose that will be fine until I can find that remote. ” “Primary programming sequence complete. Initiating system restart.

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  ” Again her eyes closed briefly and opened again. This time she turned to the Doc and reached out to caress his face. Startled, the Doc took a step back. “Hello Thomas. ” Her voice was like the velvet glove again and it seemed to reach inside him and caress his soul. He reached out and took her hand to shake it. “Hello Jenny. Are you ready to get to work?” With his other hand he gestured towards the other side of the lab where he had begun his work again after the accident. “Work? But darling Thomas, wouldn’t you rather…” Her hands ran down her body suggestively. “Oh lord. ” The Doc’s voice had almost left him. “Um. Uh. NO! I mean… uh. Oh my I knew this wouldn’t work out.

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  ” He turned away from her for the briefest of moments and then turned back. “You don’t desire…” She looked genuinely hurt. He wondered if she was really hurt. He knew that many of these machines, even some of the older ones, had been programmed with a minute level of awareness and intelligence. They had to have it in order to function fully in the roles many people put them in. Long gone were the days of the rubber or silicone ‘love doll. ’ “Oh Jenny I’m so sorry. Uh… maybe later?” He hoped she couldn’t detect his deception. She smiled broadly. “Alright, later then. What would you like to do now?” The Doc smiled at this small success. “Well for starters let me show you where we’re at on the project and you can access your secondary information to help get things rolling along at full speed again. ” Her eyes went sort of blank again and then she focused on him. “Ready to proceed Doctor Quinlan. ” This caught him off guard.

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   She called him that without any prompting. My but these machines were smart weren’t they? Day 9 “Thomas?” Jenny was standing next to him as he worked diligently cleaning one of the coils of the new plasma unit. “Yes Jenny?” He kept on working. He’d found it was the best way not to become too distracted. The first full day of work in the lab had been extremely difficult. “Thomas, you’ve only been using my secondary functions. Wouldn’t you like to take a break and…?” She looked at him hopefully. He froze. She hadn’t asked him about this since the second day. “Uh. Maybe later. ” It was all he could think of. Though he could not see it, her gaze dropped to the floor and her easy smile vanished. Day 18 The Doc looked all over his compartments, but he couldn’t find Jenny anywhere. He checked the kitchen area again.


   He looked in the lab again though he knew she would only go there if he specifically asked her to. Finally he decided to look in the corridor outside his compartments, but she had never left before. The main door hissed open and he stepped cautiously out into the main residential corridor. At this time of day the majority of the other station residents were typically at work so the corridor was eerily silent. At the far end he spied her standing at the view-ports which allow spectacular views of either Europa or Jupiter depending on what hour of the day it is. He hurried down the corridor until he was a few feet away. He froze when he heard a gentle sobbing. “Jenny? Why are you out here?” He stood solid where he was, afraid to move any closer. She turned to look at him and then he saw the tracks of tears on her face. Real tears! Why on earth had they installed a system like that in a pleasure ‘droid? “Jenny you’re crying. ” She turned her face back toward the view-port without a word. Her gentle sobbing continued. His heart exploded with feeling for her. He found himself tearing up and he moved the final few feet to stand next to her. He had no idea what to do, but he knew he must find out what was causing this state.


   “Jenny, have I done something to cause this?” He reached out tentatively and lightly caressed her upper arm. She shuddered at his touch. “You don’t want me. ” She said it as clearly as her sobs would allow. “That’s not true Jenny. I need you badly to help me continue my lab work. ” He watched her face closely as she turned to him. “No. You don’t use any of my primary functions. You don’t want me. ” She looked him in the eye and tried to control her sobbing. She dabbed at her tears with the sleeve of her lab coat. “Oh. Oh Jenny. I never thought…” He knew he was stuck.

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   She was basically right. He hadn’t wanted a pleasure model. He’d needed a new lab ‘bot and she was the only machine he could afford. It was a stop-gap measure until the university funneled some more grant money his way which wouldn’t be for another two years and they wanted results well before then. However, she wasn’t entirely right. He had grown accustomed to seeing her and hearing her voice, which he never got around to changing. He secretly enjoyed the way her eyes held him spellbound, the way her voice touched him deep inside. The very thought of the first day she’d been there made his cock spring to life. He blushed and tried to adjust himself without her noticing. She watched him fidget. “Thomas. Is that for me?” Her voice touched him scant nanoseconds before her hand caressed his arm. She was staring at his erection, which was plainly visible thanks to the relative tightness of his jumpsuit. “Uh. Jenny you have no idea what just the sound of your voice can do to me.

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   You’ve no idea how lost I can become when I look into your perfect deep green eyes. ” The Doc had no idea where he was going with this, but he had a pretty good idea where it would eventually lead and he felt something inside him snap. Some restriction he had placed on himself just got lifted. Jenny watched him as she listened and slowly a smile spread on her beautiful face. She took the Doc by the hand and began pulling him back toward their compartments. “Jenny…” The Doc sounded lost. “Shhh. ” Jenny placed a perfect finger to her full ruby lips. The door barely hissed closed and she was already throwing off her clothes. The Doc unzipped his jumpsuit as fast as he could. He now stood before her, completely naked. His body was pale and thin from two decades of living in space. Hers was, and would forever be, perfectly proportioned. Her hips were wide and womanly, but not too wide. Her breasts were very full C-cups and looked firm, but still managed to look impossibly real and not ‘enhanced.

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  ’ Her legs were shapely and at the top… “Oh my god you’re beautiful Jenny. ” The Doc could only state the obvious and he stepped forward and wrapped her in his arms. They embraced tightly and her warmth startled him. “Take me Thomas. Make love to me. I want you. I’ve wanted you since you named me. I’m yours. ” She kissed those last two words into his mouth. His throbbing tumescence was pressed hotly against her belly and he instinctively thrust his hips forward a bit more. Her tongue had fully invaded his mouth and he was returning her kiss as best he could. There tongues battled each other, gaining ground and then losing it. Finally he pushed his tongue forcefully into her mouth. She tasted sweet and hot. There was a hint of honey in the taste of her mouth and it seemed he couldn’t get enough of it.

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   She reached down and began stroking his cock gently with only her fingertips. Then she wrapped her fingers around it and jerked it meaningfully. His body responded the only way it knew how. Impossibly he seemed to become bigger, harder. “Oh Jenny. I’ve never been this hot for any woman. I want you so badly. I want to be inside you. ” He nibbled her bottom lip and then continued kissing her deeply. She broke their kiss and then let her lips trail over his left cheek and slowly down his neck. She kissed and nibbled her way down his pale chest and ran her fingers through his sparse chest hair. Once on her knees she put her arms around him and hugged him to her face. Then she lowered her face to his groin and took a deep breath. “Mmm Thomas, I love your masculine scent. It turns me on so much.

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   I’m so wet for you. ” She reached a hand down to her inflamed and protruding labia and dipped her fingers between them. The Doc couldn’t see what she was doing, but then she raised the hand and traced her wet fingertips over his lips. He greedily sucked her fingers into his mouth. She licked the head of his cock and then kissed it sweetly. As she brought her hand back down from the Doc’s mouth she moved her mouth down the length of his shaft until her lips were resting in his pubic hair. “Jenny, please suck my cock. ” The Doc’s voice had gone very deep and husky. He was nearly breathless with excitement and anticipation. She smiled up at him and then kissed her way under his cock until he found she was kissing and licking his balls. She sucked each one into her mouth and swirled it around with her tongue. She caressed his ass cheeks and the backs of his thighs with her soft hands. Her touches were gentle and tender. She licked her way up the underside of his thick shaft. Then, without any wasted movements, she quickly engulfed his entire cock in her mouth.

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   She sucked him and lavished him with her tongue. He threw his head back and wondered how he had ever thought to make this woman into a lab assistant. Her head moved up and down his shaft with incredible precision and a steady pace that no mere woman could ever manage to maintain. He was going weak in the knees and he reached behind him to support himself upon a bulkhead. He had to take a step back and she moved right with him, never missing a beat. “Jenny. Oh Jenny I’m going to come!” He thrust into her mouth as he exploded uncontrollably. She sucked it all down and swallowed. Not a single drop escaped. “Thomas that was wonderful. I’m so wet for you. Take me Thomas. Take me now. ” She reclined on the floor on her back, spread her legs and beckoned to him with open arms. He looked down at himself and saw that he was still hard.

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   He dropped slowly to the floor and gazed upon her beauty. “Jenny I must taste you before I take you. I can smell the aroma of your sex and if I don’t taste it I’ll go mad. ” He got down between her legs and kissed the soft, warm insides of her thighs. “Taste me lover and then give me the loving I need. ” She ran her hands through his salt and pepper hair. He kissed his way up the inside of one thigh and came to the place he realized he most wanted to be and never wanted to leave. He spread her pink lips apart and sank his tongue into her. She gasped and writhed, crossing her legs over his back. He drank in everything about her sex, the aroma, the taste. Even the sounds they were making as he ate her unearthly pussy drove him on and made him more excited. Eventually he could stand it no longer. He rose to kneel between her legs. She looked at him and smiled. Her eyes beckoned him and with her legs she pulled him toward her center.

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   With one hand he guided his engorged cock into her. She cried out and threw her head back as he pushed his manhood inside her. She pulled his face to hers and kissed him deeply. Her tongue plunged into his mouth and matched time with his thrusts into her heavenly sex. Together they began a journey that could have but one destination. They moaned into one another’s mouth. His sweat drenched her body. He reached up and ran his fingers up into her raven black hair. It was so soft it teased his fingers with its presence, encouraging him to caress her hair further. She ran her fingernails down his back and then squeezed his ass cheeks as he pumped himself deep inside her. Together they were moaning as one. They kissed deeply and could not have stopped if either of them had so desired. His hardness was sliding in and out of her tightness. Inside her body he could feel her inner muscles working his cock, milking him. He was going to do what he hadn’t done since high school.

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   He was going to come twice in quick succession. He drove deeper into her. Pounding her as much as he could and as hard as he knew she wanted it. He had sudden insights into her deepest desires. He reluctantly broke their kiss and lowered his lips to her beautiful and bounteous chest. Still thrusting into her with all his strength, he delicately took a nipple into his mouth and flicked his tongue across it. Jenny gasped and moaned loudly. He suckled at her and kissed her warm tit flesh. He reached underneath her and grabbed her shoulders. He hunched his hips forward harder and drove home as deep as he possible could. She squealed with delight at his deepest thrust. Then he took her other nipple into his mouth and gently nibbled it. In response he felt her pussy spasm around his cock. “Oh Thomas! I’m coming! You’ve made me come! Ohhhhh…!” Her whole body was pulsing beneath him and she held him tight against her writhing form. “Oh Jenny! I’m coming again!” He threw his head back and pounded into her willing sex one last time and then released a flood of his seed deep into her.


   They held each other and relaxed, riding the high they had achieved together. Day 22 “Yes, Doctor Williams? This is Doctor Quinlan out on Europa Station. Yes I’m doing quite well sir and yourself? Good, good. “Listen, I’ve got some rather depressing news. The alternative solution we discussed several weeks ago? Yes, about the lab assistant. I’m afraid that just isn’t working out the way we’d planned. No. Yes I understand sir and that is why I’m calling you today. Oh, sorry. I didn’t realize it was 4 AM your time. “Anyway, listen, I need a genuine lab ‘bot. Without one I will be functioning well below a reasonable level to complete any meaningful research. “You have a what? A Model 250?! Already on its way? Well that’s excellent! Thank you so much! I’m so sorry to have disturbed you needlessly. Yes sir I will. Good morning to you.


  ” The Doc pressed the disconnect button and then sat smiling. “Thomas… come back to bed. ” Her voice dripped over him like honey. .



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