The dream Part. 2


The Dream part 2By thedeepCopyright 2005As the boat headed south for a few days, Jim noticed Sally had grown restless.   It was hard for him to understand, they made love several times a day.   Sally just did not seem as passionate as she had been the first day.   He was worried that after all he had done to make her feel wanted and needed, that she was slipping away.   He had almost worshiped her, yet still she did not seem as happy as Jim would have thought. When he looked into Sally’s eyes, gone was the sparks of fire that had been there.   Every time he was near her, he had his arm around her shoulders, and his hand squeezing her breast.   Jim felt that she was drawing away from him and he just could not let that happen.   Sally meant the world to him and he would be damned if he would let her toss it all away.   When he would ask her what was wrong he would get the standard woman’s answer of nothing.   Jim knew there was something wrong, something missing and he was getting mad at himself for being too stupid to figure it out. The more he thought about it the madder he got, here he was on the boat he loved, sailing the ocean that he loved, with the woman whom he adored, and something was wrong.   How could this be, he had taken Sally from a loveless marriage, he had treated her like a queen, had almost obsessed at giving her attention and love, and something was wrong.   Damn, damn, damn, thought Jim; I had planned this to perfection, what in the living hell could be wrong.   I have given Sally everything she lacked in her marriage, and she was getting colder and colder. When they anchored for the night and went below, Sally ran for the head and locked the door.

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    Jim stood outside the door and listened to the shower running, seething because they had been taking their showers together.   After a few minutes the shower stopped and Sally opened the door and ran past Jim to the cabin, again Jim heard the click of the lock on the door.   Jim had always been a kind loving man, who was slow to loose his temper, but the locked cabin door seemed to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Jim ran at the cabin door, and kicked it at the knob, the sound was like a rifle shot in the small cabin.   Sally jerked upright clutching the sheet to her body, she knew Jim had had enough.   He walked over to the bunk and jerked the sheet from her, to find she had one of his long shirts on.   He grabbed the front of the shirt and ripped the buttons open, pulling Sally across the bed.   The site of her beautiful naked body sent shivers down Jim’s spine, as he quickly shucked off his shorts and shirt.   Sally was trembling when he reached for her and tried to get away, but the cabin was just too small to allow her to escape.  Jim caught the back of the shirt and it came the rest of the way off her body, but not before throwing her off balance and falling back on the bunk.   She tried to roll away from him but he caught her on her stomach, and straddled her body facing her feet.   Seeing Sally’s naked ass struggling to get out from under his weight, was a pleasing sight.   Well Jim thought to himself, you want to throw everything I have planned away, then I am going to enjoy this.   He brought his hand down hard upon the quivering globe of her ass, again and again, he just did not seem to hear her scream and cry.   He did not stop until both globes of her ass were a fiery red, and she had quit screaming but just lay whimpering.

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    God his cock was hard as iron, and his precum was leaking all over her ass.   Oh what a sight, he started rubbing the slippery liquid around her ass, and she seemed to shift to open her legs.   He could not help remembering the sight of his finger plunging in and out of her ass the other night, so he got off of Sally and pulled her up onto her hands and knees.   He sought out and found her wetness leaking from her pussy, and used it to lube her asshole.   In went his finger twisting and moving from side to side, pulling out and then thrusting back.   Oh Christ what an awesome sight.  He could stand it no longer and he aimed his hard cock at her dripping pussy, sinking to the hilt.   He removed his finger from her ass and inserted his thumb, while he took her from the rear.   He could feel his thumb thru the thin separation between her ass and pussy.   He rocked and pumped, with his other hand he reached around and mauled her tits.   He pumped her for what seemed like hours as her pussy spasmed  around his cock.   Sally whimpered and moaned like he had never heard her do before when they made love.   She seemed to be trying to suck him into her super hot pussy. He felt it coming, he could not stop it or slow it down as he thrust like a wild man into her.   With a final brutal thrust, he tried to bury himself in her womb, as he shot rope after rope of his hot cum into her.

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    He fell off of her back, onto the bunk. He fully expected her to jump up and run from the cabin, locking herself into the head again.   But to his surprise Sally snuggled into his arms, throwing one of her legs across his body.   Her hand gently caressing his shrinking member, she kissed him with the passion that had been missing for the last few days.  Sally kissed down his chest, down his stomach, until she reached her goal.   She took Jim’s limp cock into her mouth, tasting his and her juices, and gently began to suck it.   It did not take long for her to get a rise out of his cock, so she swung her legs across him and inserted him into her steaming pussy.   She placed her hands on his chest and rode him as she screamed his name.   Jim reached for her and pulled her down to him, looking into the fiery sparkle that had returned to her eyes.   He kissed her eyes and sought out her lips, their tongues entwined and she rode him.   Sally rode him until she felt Jim’s cock swell in her and she hopped off to catch his essences in her mouth.  She swallowed every drop and tried to milk more from him, then crawled back up into Jim’s arms.   Jim kissed her and cuddled her, he was sure he would never tire of her.   She was almost perfect, she just need a little attitude adjustment from time to time, and Jim would enjoy giving it to her. there is a part three ---if I get enough intrest.

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