The Day We met


The Day We met

This is a story of the day we met. (from Madelle’s point of view)

It was around 8:30 when me and my friends were in a circle talking about girlish things, like all teenage girls do (I was 18 years old at the time). I then heard a sound, a quiet “humming” sound, and then it turned the corner. There, a boy in a power wheelchair with his head down as he drove, Miss. Able was to his E. A or “helper”. As he kept his head down as Miss Able put his things in his locker, I saw he saw shacking with fear.
One of my friends laughed at him and whispered “look girls it’s a cripple who scared to shit” that’s not nice!” I snapped at her. “awwwwe, what’s the matter Mandelle, going to marry him?”. I kicked her in the legs and walked away, deciding to go introduce myself. I got a few steps away him and said “hello!”. He didn’t move at all. I squirted, putting my books on the floor.
 “My name is Mandelle, what’s yours” I asked “S-S-S-Shawn”, he replied. “awwwwwwe that’s a nice name Shawn”.

The bell rang.

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   “well I need to go to class Shawn” and with that I gave him a soft peck on the cheek and walked off. All morning all I could think about was that boy and how scared he must be. The lunch bell went; I gathered my things and hurried to the lunch room. There he was, all by himself at the corner table picking at his food. I walked over.
“Shawn, are you ok? A tear went down his cheek. I went around the table and wiped it away with my thumbs “I’m sorry Shawn” I hugged him. “may I sit and eat with you?”. I guess…” he sobbed. “can I get you anything well I’m in line?”. “ummmmm”. “It’s ok; I don’t mind getting you something bud! Really!” I like candy” he said shyly “ok, candy it is then” I replied then went to line up. I got back a few minutes later and sat across from him. “Hope you like Arrow” “I love it” he said in a happy voice. We ate lunch then talked the whole hour and a half.

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    We went to our afternoon classes, meting up in Art class.
The end of the day came. As I was leaving through the north doors, I saw Shawn sitting outside. I went up to him asking “what are you going here by yourself”. “Oh just waiting for the wheelchair bus, since I’m the only  one on it” he answered.   “Oh ok, I’ll see you tomorrow then” “bye Mandelle” he hung his head as I walked away. I saw this and had to turn back. ”Um, Shawn?”. “Yeah” he looked up. “I was wondering if I could walk you home” really?!”, his eyes widened.
“Yes really” I said “ok! Lets go!”, and at that moment I saw him smile for the first time. We went 18 blocks to his house. He made me giggle and laugh the whole way. I made sure he was home safe to his mom before we said our good byes. Walking home all I did was day dream.

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   When I got home I went to my room and dropped my books and bag on the floor and crawled into my soft bed, thinking of Shawn till I fell asleep…