Teenage Fantasies 1


Topic: Part 1- Tyler Jerome AndersonTy was big, buff, and sexy. . . but he had glasses. people say it ruined the whole deal. ruined his sociallife. . and status. we were friends until i grew up and began to develope feelings for him.  i was about the only one who had a crush on Ty until he got contacts. THEN he joined the jocks, the losers. i had less respect for him, but i gained it back when i discovered he still found time to hang out with me. He comforted me when i cried. He always made me feel good. Ty's 18th birthday was coming up. that meant there would be 2 years between us again, and it wouyld make it even harder for him to show his feelings for me.

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   I pushed through the crowd of people, people waiting to see who was invited to his Hotel LaFrique birthday party. as i shifted through the line, i bumped into a jock named Gabriel. I knew him as Gabe. I hated him now because he tried to rape me at one of Ty's parties. If Ty wasnt there i dont know where i'd be right now. maybe pregnant. maybe a prostitute. i just dont know. Anyways i ran into Gabe and he turned and flashed a devilish smile at me and said 'Hwell whaddaya know? its Hairyanna. ' everyone laughed. 'thats not funny Angel Gabriel' no one found that funny but Ty. id been looking for him. I ran over to him and he quickly shoved an invite into my chest. He realized where he had squashed the invite and his face flushed. 'oh, sorry.

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  . . i didnt mean-' 'its okay Ty i know' and with that the bell rang and everyone rushed away to class. At the end of the day, my mom was at work and my dad was on a buisness trip and id forgotten to tell mom to pick me up from practise. Ty was mounting his motorcycle, a big, black, Harley motorcycle which turned me on quite a bit. I called to him 'TY! hey! i need a ride!' he smiled back at me, patted the part of the seat behind him and said 'get your fat ass over here then!" i rolled my eyes at him and mounted the bike. i put the helmet on and gripped him around his waist. i felt a big lump. i didnt have to look to see where it was. 'lets go!' he said.
we arrived at his house and he said 'is it ok if i go up to change and leave you here?' i suppressed a smile and said 'are you suggesting that i would follow you up to your room to see you change? nonsense!' i said in a fake british accent. he laughed and said 'be right back'. i nodded and looked around. his house wasn't too big. just 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms and 2 floors just like a normal house.

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   i went over to his trophy case. he had many trophies from wrestling. on one he was called Ty "Twister" Anderson. i wondered what it meant until Ty came downstairs and grabbed me around the waist and breathed on my neck 'STOP IT!' i squealed. he knew i hated it when he did that. 'so' he said ' what are we going to do?' i was about to reply when DING DONG. his doorbell rang. he ran and answered it. it was Jessica Maloney, his girlfriend. she flung herself onto him and kissed him passionately. The smile i was wearing dissapeared. it turned itself into a scowl. when Ty put her down she sauntered over to me and said 'well well well. look what the cat coughed up' 'hey Jessie! dont call her that you know shes my friend!' she looked me up and down and said 'shes 2 years younger Ty Bear. .

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  . . . you guys have nothing in common. ' as if to punish her he smacked her where her ass mounds should be. i was almost in tears and i didnt want him to see me cry over him so i cast my eyes downward to where my track bag was and mumbled 'i gotta go. . . my moms probably waiting' even though we both knew full well that my mom didnt come home until the following morning. 'whatd you say Ari?' by then one foot was out the door and tears were spilling out of my eyes. 'GOODNIGHT!" i almost screamed. and with that i ran home, the tears coming faster now. i ate a twinkie and sat in my room and bawled my eyes out. ' Ty why do you want that slut? why dont you want me? she doesnt even have an ASS!"
the door flung open and my brother stood there with a funny look on his face and his baseball cap turned 180 degrees the wrong way. 'we do not use that language in this house ,missy!' peter scooped me up kissed my forehead.

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   'what are we crying about now, huh? your boyfriend dumped you, your friends ditched you, your pregnant. take your pick!' 'PETER! you know im still a virgin dont you? that rules out the last choice' 'well' said peter ' you never know. you coulda been brutally fucked agaainst your will in your sleep! by an alien!' 'OMG stop it Peter!' he put me down ' alrighty. . . uve got some party tonight dont you? DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE YOU LEAVE OR I WILL GROUND YOU! ha scared you. but seriously try to at least do some of your homework. ' and i tried. i failed. and then i felt like going to Ty's house again.
I left at about 8:30, his party started at 10pm. i went to his house and his moms car was in the driveway. it was afgter 6 so she wouldnt let me in but i can climb in his window. i threw a few stones and when noone came i climbed up, pushed out the screen and tugged the curtain. .


  . what was that noise? there was panting and moaning and jumping and. . 'AAAH!' screamed jessica. 'who IS that?' she pulled the covers up over her flat chest. as if she evn had anything to hide. Ty just sat and stared in awe, wondering what my reaction would be. What EXACTLY was going on? well you know. jessicas legs were up in the air, Ty was in the middle thrusting away and they were both moaning and grunting like beasts. How EXACTLY did i react? well, ill admit that if it wasnt Jessica he was fucking, the scene wouldve turned me on. but it was. and it didnt turn me on. in fact i was in pure and utter disgust. ' TY! YOU MOTHERFUCKING SON OF A BITCH! YOUR UPSTAIRS POUNDING AWAY AT JESSICAS ASS, WITH YOUR MOTHER DOWNSTAIRS AND I TOLD YOU I WAS GOING TO COME OVER AND I FIND THIS?' i was completely ballistic. i screamed so loud his mom came upstairs and said 'what is the meaning.

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  . . . ' then she saw Ty and jessica. 'Mom-' he started 'NO ty. go finish your buisness with your stupid girlfriend. but dont expect me to talk to you or give you anything EVER again. because you know what they say, once a guy loses it, he can fend for himslef. ' she was almost in tears and she slammed the door even louder than i had yelled. i WAS in tears, and i said 'HOW COULD YOU? and as for you jessicaP: fuck you' and with that i jumped otu his window not even caring what i broke and for the second time in one day, i left Ty's house crying. but this time, i had left Ty's house for GOOD.