Seducing Nick


Her dark brown eyes opened as she gazed up at the ceiling. A gentle chuckle freed itself from her. In her own foolishness, she was convinced that he could never want her. She was tainted by others, left doubting that there could ever be anything pure in her life, but that was what her feelings for him were. He tried and tried to show her that his feelings were more than pretty words. Her stubbornness soon gave way to acceptance of his emotions as truth. That was what led her to this day. He was innocent, unspoiled by carnality. She was completely overwhelmed when he said he wished to give her the gift of his virginity and love. Today would be the day she accepted that gift. The preparations had been made and tonight she would seduce him. She submerged herself in the water completely for a moment. Once her hair was washed she sunk under the level of the water once again to rinse. She sat back and thought about the rest of what she must do before he arrived. She hummed softly to herself as she grasped the soap. The lather grew thick on her left leg as she prepared it for shaving.

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   The razor stripped away segments of the froth. Her hand traveled over the hairless flesh as she admired it smoothness. Everything had to be perfect tonight. She began on the other leg, leaving it equally as flawless before slipping up on the edge of the tub. Her thighs spread widely as she began to lather the more intimate areas. The soft stubble that had grown there since the last shave tickled her hand as it moved across her skin. Carefully, it was trimmed away as the razor passed over her. The cool air that kissed the tender crevice sent a chill through her. Her fingers drifted down and lightly brushed over the puffy pink lips and swollen little button. Her eyes fluttered nearly shut as a wave of pleasure rushed through her. She quickly stopped, rinsing herself clean and draining the tub. She slipped the thick white towel around her body as she wrung the excess water out of her hair. As she exited the bathroom and entered her bedroom, she glanced up at the clock. He would be there shortly. Her clothes were laid out on the bed waiting for her.

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   She pulled the towel from her body and began to dry herself off. Taking the bottle of fragrant lotion from the table, she squirted some into her hand and rubbed them together. The intoxicating scent filled her lungs during each breath. She smoothed the decadent creamy substance into her skin. The bedroom had been filled with beautiful flowers and unscented white candles. Everything had to be just perfect. That is what she kept telling herself. Her fingers nervously fumbled with the clasps as she fastened the clingy white lace bra. As she slipped on the soft cotton red dress, she stared at herself in the mirror. Her anxiety over him seeing her undress shot through her mind. She ran her fingers through her mousy brown hair and stared at her own reflection. Somehow, the uncertainty seemed to fade as she thought about looking into his eyes once again. She smiled for a brief moment before picking up the panties she had laid out. The thin white lace felt nice against her skin. She moved to the vanity and took a seat.

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   In her mind, she knew exactly how she wanted to look for him. She kept everything very natural and soft, yet drawing attention to her eyes. Her hair had dried and was in need of a good brushing. As she drew the brush through her hair, she let her mind wander. Soon he would arrive. The images that cluttered her mind brought a smile to her baby pink lips. She took a final look at herself before glancing back at the clock. A quick sprits of perfume and she was ready. One by one, the candles were lit and the lights were lowered. She wanted it to be an experience he would cherish as much as she did. The mood was set. Now all she had to do is wait. The ice bucket with a bottle of Knudsen's sparkling cherry chilling and two glasses sat upon the table by the sofa. Neither of them drank alcohol it was the perfect choice. She gave everything a final inspection as she awaited his arrival.

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   The sound of a car as it pulled into her driveway quickly made her heart beat faster. Delia peered out the window as she saw him climbing out of the car. The simple blue t-shirt and jeans seemed to make him look even more amazing. She turned the stereo on as she crossed the room. The soft music filtered through the room creating a perfect balance. She opened the door just as he was about to knock. Their eyes met, sending a surge of emotional electricity through her body. She stepped aside as she held the door open for him. "Come in Nick. I've been waiting for you," she said as he walked past. "Today time just seemed to come to a complete standstill. I never thought I would get to see you" he smiled, softly kissing her cheek as she turned to face him. "I know. It seems like an eternity since we talked this morning on the phone. Come on.

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   Follow Me," she purred as she took his hand. He followed her to the sofa, still gripping her hand as they sat. There was no need for words as they stared into each other's eyes. He leaned in and kissed her. His lips felt so soft as they met hers. Her eyes closed as her hand moved to the side of his neck. She caressed it softly as she felt the kiss deepen slightly. Their bodies pressed together as the passion they shared for each other grew stronger. The tension in the air was almost palpable. She pulled away reluctantly, breaking the kiss. His thumb softly stroked her cheek as his fingers cupped her jaw line. The scent of her drew him in for another kiss. This time she could not break it. Her arms wrapped around him, pulling him closer as the kiss became more intimate. Her body pressed tightly against his as he urged her back.

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   She gave in completely. Her back landed against the cushioned arm of the sofa as he lay slightly on top of her. His breathing was as uneven as hers was. They both wanted this moment so badly. Her nails raked over the fabric that clung to his back as their bodies remained close. This time it was Nick who pulled back, looking into her eyes for a long moment. He did not care about the music or the beverages or anything else. His appetite for her was voracious and it needed satisfied now. He smiled at her for a moment before removing his shoes and socks, setting them under the coffee table. Without a single sound, he stood up, scooped her up into his arms and carried her to the bedroom. Her fingers gently played with the back of his hair as she draped her arms around his shoulders. He carefully sets her on her feet next to the bed. She smiled at him, knowing it was time. Her fingers moved slowly as she lifted his shirt. Her gaze dropped as she watched more and more of his chest being revealed.

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   She pulled it over his head and tossed it aside. Her hands immediately moved to the bare flesh beneath, caressing it as she longingly gazed up into his eyes. Her lips brushed lightly against his chest as she continued to undress him. Each time he tried to touch her, she would push his hands away. She just wanted to concentrate on bringing him as much pleasure as she could. His belt gave her a moment of trouble as she hurried to remove it. Her fingers could not work fast enough. Once it was undone, she had his pants down in seconds. He stepped out of his pants leaving him in just a pair of black boxers. She smiled as she just stared at him for a few moments. His hands gripped her waist as he pulled her closer, his lips crushing against hers as they kissed passionately. He slid his hands slowly up her back, feeling his way to the top of the zipper. One hand rested against the back of her neck as the other unzipped her dress. He pulled away from the kiss. Immediately she looked away shyly.

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   His hands tenderly slipped the fabric down her shoulders. The sight of the sheer lace cupping her heavy round breasts took his breath away. He licked his lips as he watched the dress move down her body, dropping it to the floor. "Wow Delia. I have never imagined anyone looking so beautiful in my life. You are simply breathtaking," he whispered as he gently turned her face to his. This time the kiss was passionate and soft. His hands roamed her warm flesh, wanting to touch every inch of it at once. It felt so luxurious. His fingers quickly worked to unclasp her bra. The kiss was broken once again as he moved to sit on the edge of the bed. Reaching up as he looked at her, the straps were pushed down her shoulders and arms. He watched as the taut material freed her beautiful breasts. He stared, mesmerized for a moment by their candy pink centers. She watched him timidly, searching his face for signs of approval.

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   He could not even begin to express what was going through his head. His lips caught her nipple as he leaned forward. The gasp that escaped her was like music to his ears. He could hear the sheer pleasure in it. Her back arched slightly as she felt his nipple circling her distended nub. Fingers interlaced with his hair, as a soft moan pushed past her lips. His hands moved along her sides and ever closer to the top of the lace that now covered the prize he sought. Slowly, he peeled the edge of her panties down as his lips began to travel down her the curve of her breast and down her stomach. He continued to look up at her in an attempt to see the pleasure and approval on her face. Passion raged in her eyes. The scent of her arousal grew slightly stronger as he stripped her of her panties, his lips brushing over the smooth flesh just above her clit. "Lay down Delia" he softly whispered as he stood up. A blush crept across her cheeks as she lay down. She felt as if she had been transformed back into that nervous little virginal girl she was years ago. Every kiss felt like it was her first, every touch was equally as new.

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   His hands parted her legs as he climbed on the bed with her. It was amazing how suddenly he could see a renewed innocence mixed with the desires now. His lips brushed over the same spot they had just left. He was so nervous. He had only seen this done in movies and such. Timidly his tongue made a swipe over her clit, forcing a gasp out of her. Nothing had ever tasted so wonderful as that pink flesh did. Again, the magical surge of pleasure swept through her as he tenderly caressed the swollen little button with his tongue. Gasps gave way to blissful moans. He began to kiss it between licks. The sensation was driving her wild with desire. She wanted so badly to have him inside her but she knew she must hold out a little longer.
    His tongue dipped down, the tip slightly parting her lips. Her sweet nectar seeped out as he pushed a little harder. His nose lightly rubbed over her clit as his tongue delved into her delicate folds.


       The taste of her was even stronger now and he simply could not get enough of it. His tongue curled as it withdrew, collecting every precious drop. It did not take long for her to be reduced to a quivering mass on the bed. Despite his lack of experience, his desire to please her seemed to guide him flawlessly. Her moans grew in intensity as her hips gently rocked. He watched in amazement as she writhed under his tongues attention. He had never seen a woman look so amazingly beautiful. As the climax passed, she gently pushed him away. His lips and chin glistened, still glazed with her juices. She sat up on the bed and pulled him to her. Her tongue pushed past his lips as she kissed him deeply. He was caught off guard by the kiss but quickly relaxed and enjoyed it. When Delia broke the kiss, a gentle smile curled on her lips. She searched his eyes. "Now it's your turn my love" she purred.

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      He lay down on the bed and watched her as she sat next to him on the bed. Her lips lovingly moved from his, to his neck and slowly down his chest. She stopped just below his navel as her fingers hooked under the waistband of his boxers. He lifted his hips as she began to pull them down, revealing his erect manhood. She saw a slight embarrassment begin to show as his unwarranted fear filled him. She smiled broadly and moved between his legs. Her fingers wrapped carefully around him as she lowered her head. Her kisses continued from exactly where they had stopped, and moved slowly toward his swollen cock. He leaned up on his elbows as he watched her. Her lush pink lips planted soft kisses over the head before her tongue made a languid pass over the smooth flesh. He closed his eyes and groaned. Nothing else he had ever experienced could compare to how he felt at that moment. Her tongue continued to lavish attention on the tip of his cock as her fingers stroked up and down its length. Finally, she slipped the head into her mouth, sucking lightly as her tongue continued to move over him. Her other hand was resting on his thigh, reassuringly touching him.

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       Her lips slipped down his shaft as her fingers held him steady at the base. Her mouth was so incredibly warm and wet. He felt as if he could spend an eternity like this. Her suction increased slowly as her head began to bob. She took all of him in, swallowing around him before letting his cock slip back out. His breathing changed, becoming quick and erratic. She knew if she did not stop soon he would not last. Her lips slid off his cock as she began to kiss it all over. Her kisses moved up his body once again as she straddled his lap. He shivered as he felt the moisture from her lips rub over the tip of his cock. She reached down between them and held him securely as she guided the head into her. Once it was nestled inside, she lowered her hips slowly, staring down into his eyes. As the warmth enveloped him, he let out a low moan. His hips lifted, pushing him deeper inside her. Her voice soon followed his as their bodies began to move in perfect unison.

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       His hands moved over her body, trying to touch all of her once again. He then pulled her down against him. She sensed what he was about to do and wrapped her arms and legs around him as best she could. They rolled over, pinning her against the bed now. His hand gently touched her cheek, stroking it lovingly as his body lunged. Each thrust forced him deep inside her as hi pace quickened. Her muscles clenched tightly around him as the waves of pleasure rushed over her. He felt the spasms around his rigid shaft as it plunged deep inside her. Her nails raked over his back as she stared up into his eyes. It felt so perfect to have him inside her. Her hips rocked to meet his thrusts. The pleasure was overwhelming as their voices mingled in an aria of carnal ecstasy. Her nails dug into his shoulders as she let out a loud cry. Her body was trembling uncontrollably as her muscles clamped down tightly around him. The ways she squeezed him, sent him quickly over the edge as he leaned down to kiss her.

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       Their moans intertwined as they passionately kissed. Their tongues wildly lashing, seeking each other’s out as she pulled his body down harder against her own. Every drop of his thick warm liquid was milked from him, filling her and mixing with her own sweet juices. It was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. Exhausted and completely in awe of the entire experience the two remained embracing each other tenderly. Her arms wrapped around him as she stroked his back. The kiss was broken as he stared down into her eyes. The only words he could manage to force out were, "That was incredible sweetheart. " He laid his head back down against her chest as they cuddled. Her hand slipped up, stroking his hair as she closed her eyes. Neither of them had the strength nor desire to move from that spot. His eyes closed as he drifted off into a peaceful slumber, remaining inside her all the while. She softly kissed his forehead before she too joined him. .



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