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Aunt in Action
Hiding behind the clouds, the sun is slowly descending the sky marking the end of the day. Inside the campus, Vilma got all of her things prepared. She was a bit excited since this is the first time Rael will be escorting her home. Luckily an opening in the janitorial staff gave job to this young stud whose been living with her for the past weeks.
Vi was delighted to know she will now have an escort everyday, and not only did she got a partner, most of her stalkers will have to think twice or thrice before they will try to approach her. “Are you done, lover boy?”
The lady instructor has been teasing the young lad since the start of the day. Most of her students think that he is indeed a boyfriend material. He got the height and the body which could drive a woman crazy. “Please stop calling me like that. ”
Rael has been living for free in the past weeks so to pay back the kindness of Vi and Sheryl, he decided to accept the offer even if the pay is a bit low. “Surprise!!!”, a nicely fit body haggle Rael as both of them, including Vi, entered their room when they finally reach Mrs. Gran’s compound.
All three of them were merrily drinking when they heard someone knock at the door. “Hello…am I interrupting something?”, it’s Jun and it seems she not yet aware of the new job of Rael. The young lad is not actually proud to boast it on their neighborhood. “Yes, you are.

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Sheryl was more than just rude as she practically sneered at her presence. The young police officer knows that Jun is just using Rael so she can freely hook up with her boyfriend. She knows it but decided to hide it from everyone.
“Stop that…Rael is it okay if you can both talk outside instead. ”
Rael has no problem doing that but his just disappointed because he was grabbing two gorgeous tits when Jun interrupted them. The lad locks the door behind him and pulled Jun behind the car. He told her why they are currently celebrating which made Jun’s eyes sparkle.
“Why won’t I give you a personal gift then…”
Before he could respond to her, she was already sitting below him grabbing his thick shaft. “Mmmmm…I love the taste of your cock. ”, she quickly got his tube between her watery lips. Using swift motion of her head and with the assistance from her right hands groping his balls, Rael felt tremendously good as the young girl give him an on the spot blow job.
Then he heard some door opening slowly, he got his closed eyes widened as he took a glimpse of Alexis on the corner of his eye. He immediately decided to tease her this time as a pay back. “Wait…I can’t cum like this. Sit on the trunk.

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She’s definitely in no position to argue, sucking on his big, lively dick made her crotch juice up, making it easier for Rael to ram up his hard meat inside of her. “Oooohhh”, she whispered to his ear as if saying not to stop which is exactly what he did as she writhes in ecstasy with him pinching her nipples while kicking his way inside her hungry hole.
Her nectar is literally soaking the car’s trunk behind as Rael lifted her right leg so he can penetrate her even more. She can feel his rock-hard rod trying to break her womb. Rael can see Alexis rubbing her own breasts underneath her thin shirt.
“. . mmoore…ahhh. . ”, Jun doesn’t know about the starving eyes of Alex stuck on them, all she cares about is how Rael’s drooling ram batter the inner walls of her hot luscious crack.
Slowly, Alex made it almost beside the two couple while kneading her supple big round breasts. She could not contain herself as she looked at Jun drooling all over her car while her other succulent lips drenched with warm pre-cum. The mayor’s daughter remains unaware of Mrs. Gran’s façade except for the lad whose eyes made contact with her.
Without any more remorse she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his lips, their spit mixing in and their tongue enjoying the other’s company.

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   Even with Alex’s disturbance Rael’s soaking wet spear remain busy drilling its way inside Jun’s wet pussy. “. . give it to me. . yeah like that. . ”
“Ohhh…aahhh…I can’t take it anymore…”, while Jun fill the humid air with gasp and almost silent moan. Alex was trying not to shout as she felt Rael’s strong hands and fingers penetrating her womanhood. “Ooohhh…”, she groan almost in silence.
Blisters of sweat are forming on their forehead, down their smooth neck and sexy shoulders. Rael was almost at his limits beside him is a hot young and lonely housewife, Alex, whose tightening pussy almost pain his already soaking wet fingers. Right in front of him is a hot bode whose eighteen year old bust hasn’t ripen yet with her silky like skin and super midget hole, Rael can almost feel his monster load cumming.
“Oh. .

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  ohhh. . this is it. . Rael cum inside me…”
At that very instant, Alex is at the verge of her ecstasy as well and that almost at the same time both searing body of two women arc their back as the bliss of the moment came to them.
“Ahhhh…ahhahhh…. ”
“Oooohhh…”, as both women are catching their breath, Rael pulled the shirt of Jun and due to her weakening legs. She and Alex crumbled down with their face below Rael’s aching dick. He felt the thunder forming at his balls and as he release the nozzle. Threads of cum came landing to their pretty faces.
“. . AHhhhhh. . ”, much to Jun’s surprised, Alex seems to be begging for more cum from Rael as she suck him dry with her warm hands caressing his still hot orbs.

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“Mmmmm…” she tasted him like his some melting ice cream, while both of them are still in ecstasy almost in the mood for another round, Jun suddenly fall flat on the dirty floor. Alexis panicked a bit and asked Rael to bring the girl in her house, which the latter did without restraining.
“…please come immediately. ”, those were the last words Rael heard as Mrs. Gran put the handle back on the phone. It seems that someone will be coming to take care of Jun, while help is on the way however, Rael took some necessary precaution and put some hot towel on her and even wiped her clean.
Soon a voice came out from the gate and when Alexis came back to Rael’s view, a beautiful hot asian babe came into his scrutiny.   She probably stands five feet and six inches tall, packed with marvelous thin waist and 38D tits which are almost as the same size as Alexis.
Rael didn’t notice that the girl behind her has awakened, “What are you doing here, Aunt Ela?”
“Please don’t speak, we will be taking you with us. ”, she sound smart and elegant, and as she point her finger on Jun a five-foot flat tall Asian, probably a Filipina, came in the room and helped Jun up together with another maid which is probably from the same country as the last except for the fact that she looks much prettier than the other.
The maid uniform that she was wearing really covered her body but as she passes by Rael, he caught her gazing at him with a luscious smile. “Excuse me…thanks for taking good care of my loving daughter…I really appreciate it. ”, our guy was forced to look at Ela. She is an exquisite Japanese beauty, her red lips and bombshell body made it hard for Rael to think that she’s already a mother of an 18-year old girl.
“She’s pretty isn’t she?”, the odd look on Rael’s face made Alexis rephrase her comment, “I’m talking about Jun’s aunt.

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A quick nod answered her, while rael’s eyes are focused on the beauties exiting Alexis’s door. “I need to go back. ”, the young man stood up as he bid his farewell to Alexis. She was hoping if they could make it out on her bed but before she could say the word he’s already out her doorstep.
As expected, Sheryl and Vilma are no longer in the room when Rael returned. It’s Saturday but Sheryl has no holiday in her schedule, she’s a workaholic and thinks nothing but sex when she’s home. Vilma on the other hand has a meeting to attend to, he heard something about a PTA meeting.
Now he’s stuck in the room with nothing to do, he hoped he had stayed over to Alexis house and maybe something outrageous will happen eventually. But he doesn’t want to have his hopes up especially with a woman who loves teasing him.
Rael was almost at the middle of a movie when he heard someone knocking at the door. He thought it was Vilma, though it seems a bit too early, he opened the door and found the asian hot bod waiting outside with her skimpy uniform.
“Hi. . uhmm…”
He grin at the sight of her, it doesn’t need an Einstein to guess what she’s thinking. Rael opened the door widely enough for her to fit the slim body of hers.

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“uhmmm. . ”, she ravished him before he could even close the door behind the them. “. . please fuck me quickly, I need to come back immediately. ”
Quickly but carefully he opened her blouse revealing her huge round natural tits. It bounces through the air as he unraveled her bra. Like a hungry wolf he grabbed the see through panty she’s wearing and ate her juicy pussy. “slurrpp…shrrrruuuppp…shhlliiipp. . ”, the sound of his tongue as it flip her clit and her hungry hole echoed through Sheryl’s room.
She could not believe how experienced this young man is, each touches he made, made her back arc in ecstasy. Rael grabbed her big boobs with his strong hands while her tongue traveled along her brown and now lively areola. “uhhhmmm…shiirrrppp…”
“Put it in…please…”
Rael couldn’t wait as well; her moan and groan made his boner grew larger than ten inch.

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   He can see the blisters of sweat forming on every pores of her body. She’s so hot and tasty, her perfectly tanned skin made the mood for Rael as he plunge his throbbing cock.
“Ooooohhh…ahhh. . ah”, they can smell each other’s breath as he kissed him almost passionately. She’s so tight and every move Rael made could make him explode, and so he bit his lower lip while looking down at her succulent skin. “I’m comminnnggg…oooohhh”
Rael felt the pain of her finger nails behind him as she came. He couldn’t stop himself and so he bit her long neck living a mark of lust. He almost pulled his cock out but she did it herself and to his surprise, she put his still throbbing rod in her other hole.
“Now. . fuck me up the ass. . i love it up the ass. .

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He was shocked but he couldn’t let this opportunity slide and so without  a word he ram his still slimy steel in her ass. “Yeahh…so good. . ”, each of her moan made Rael even stronger and wilder. He slapped and grabbed her ass as he pound his now eleven inch cock inside of her.
He can feel her inner walls trying to squeeze his rock-hard bone which made him even crazy. Rael caught her black long hair and to give her pain and pleasure at the same time. He pulled her hair soshe can’t get away.
She’s drooling wet, he can see her juicy wet lips dripping and with his free left hand he filled her. “Ahhhh…yesss…. ooohhh. . ”
“fuck me. . fuck me more…”
He lifted her up and fucked her dog style; her smooth luscious skin was slippery with their mixed sweat and so he clutches her hips and banged her as quickly as he could behind.

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   Her breath has increased as Rael increased his pacing; with every pounding he can see a drop of her cum on the floor.
“I’m cumming…”
“Me. . to—tooo…cum inside my ass. . ”
“No. . i want your face…”
After four more banging action she arc her back as she came,”…yesshhhhh. . ooooh”. He was about to come as well so he snatch her body and turn her around the bed.  I want to cum on your head, is what he’s been thinking. He didn’t know it himself that he had fetish for this stuff, not until.



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