Room for Rent ch3 [Play My Ball]


Play My Ball

It was a hell of a night with Rael, as he look down at two gorgeous body entwined on the bed. Banging two hotties at the same time really squeeze some energy out of him. For some reason he feel somewhat stronger as he grab the basketball lying on the floor. The ball was probably Sheryl’s but she won’t mind anyway.
Letting his sweat out is probably a good idea so he burn sometime while enjoying the humid air on the court. “Hey! How about a game?”, a sudden voice came from behind which made the young lad look his way. The guy is wearing a head band and looks pretty good since he came prepared. “What. . are you chicken?”
He was shocked by the way this guest speaks to him. It is pretty obvious that Rael was older but the other stud doesn’t seem to have any respect towards him. “Nobody call me chicken. . okay you got it. ”, he immediately passed the ball to the new comer but the latter smirk as he inspect the ball.
“Let’s use this one.

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  ”, he said while showing off with the ball rotating at the tip of his fingers. “…you won’t mind, do you?”
“That’s okay…”
“Wait how about a bet?!. . . huh. . come on let’s make a bet. ”
Rael seem to be bemused and so the lad before him didn’t wait for any question, and just explained the idea encircling his mind. “How about the loser become the winner’s pet for an hour?!”
“What do you mean ‘pet’?”
“You’ll know when you lose…”
Rael was a bit in challenging mode himself, “. . i-it’s a deal. I think I know what you meant. ” There is a small shadow of smile on his lips, ‘Oh! Im gonna make you pay…you brat. ’
He faked, made a crossover and shot a few jumpshot before Rael, but it seems fucking two bitch in heat gave Rael a reversed condition. The young lad was left in the dust as Rael made a quick and sloppy dunk which resounded in that still empty court.

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“So. . what now?”, rael was more sarcastic than usual as he looked down the young lad while tossing the ball in the air as he speak.
“Let’s move over there. ”, his finger pointing on the small room in a pavilion nearby which seems to be the courts storage room. He smiled and followed the loser to the end of the room while holding down his laughter.
He already thought of some naughty things, thinking he will make this boastful young student to give him a blowjob or something embarrassing for a real man to do. “Well then let’s start with your clothes shall we?”
Slowly the young man removed his head band which made Rael realize that if he would have been a girl instead she will be really cute with his heart shape face. “. . go on with your clothes. Don’t be shy. ” He is celebrating as he lock the door behind him.
Rael’s jaw almost hit the floor as he saw tits right in front of him. They are small but those are still woman’s breasts.

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   “What the. . your a girl?”
“I prefer lady you dick-head?”
“Thank you…anyway I love this change more. I have you for an hour right?”
The young lad, no, I mean girl who seems to be in her high school with her petite slim body without her big t-shirt. She nod at him realizing she has no way out of this mess. “You seems to be prepared so shall we start with it?”, pointing at his rock-hard cock which regardless on how he talks is now saluting this girls blistering body with sweat.
She was hesitant at first as she held the base of his cock. For a minute or so he has his eyes closed as she fucks his cock with her soft lips. The softness of her lips is slowly driving him crazy as he felt her silky-smooth hands take hold of his tightening crotch.
“Hold it right there. . ”, he said holding her hands and helping her sweaty body lay down the banner of the basketball team. As his tongue touches the tip of her clit, he felt her tremble with anticipation. Using the versatility of his wide, elongated tongue he flick and caress her pussy nice and slow. Afterwards he put a finger inside of her, “uhhhhh…more.

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Hearing her cute little voice, Rael put another finger inside, entering her hole like bullets, juicing her already moist vagina. “Huuuuhhh. . please let me feel you. ”, she said without reserve in her voice.
If he was a magician than she’s already under spell as he position himself in front ready to thrust her any moment. And than she said, “. . no. . please fuck me up the ass. ”, he of course surprise but more pleased as he look at her tiny butt hole.
She’s perfectly lubed but even so, he got bigger rod than she thinks and it was evident when he entered her anal. He was pushing hard but she’s so tight. He can feel his veins tightening in as the walls of her anus try to force his rod out.

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   He can see blisters of sweat from her butt yet she yielded.
“Fuck me more…harder…”, Rael found himself pounding her harder like she told him to do so. ‘This is so good’, he told himself as he grab her by the neck wiping the sweat covering her greasy body.
She was practically grinding her own ass towards him, “…you’re really good… please grab my butt more. . like that. . ”, it seems that the young stud is not in control now as the young girl shift to give him more room.
Both of them are now in a doggy style position, giving Rael more room for penetration. “. . I love it. . i love it ahhhhhh good so good”, she’s been whispering on his ears making it more appealing for Rael as he felt her warm breath on his neck.
“I’m cumming….

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  ”, Rael felt his notch tightening giving the young lady enough time to feel his hardness in her anus. She love it, every move of the stud gives her more pleasure. “…M-me tooo. . ah…ahhh…ahhhh…”
“Uhhh…”, she felt his hot-rod pulsating inside of her as she herself came from the anal pleasure he gave her.   Like a hungry wolf she sat on her legs only to suck him dry. It was almost painful for Rael but she was swift and suck his balls as well and soon enough his hardness came to her view. “I love you cock…and you recover quickly, too. ”
After a couple more minutes both of them are now standing in front her house’s door. A nanny opened the door for them, she isn’t old but not as young as the lady beside him either. “Mai…Is father home?”
“No, not yet ma’am. ”
From their conversation, the young stud learned that she’s the daughter of the owner of the house which seems to be huge enough for a rich businessman. “My father is the town’s mayor, if you will ask?”
At that exact time, a big fat seemingly old man stood before Rael. “Jun, what are you doing outside. Didn’t I told you to stay in the house.

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It seems that the mayor, which is also Jun’s father, haven’t noticed Rael’s presence yet and so as he step side way, Jun noticed her and grab him by the arm. “Dad this is my boyfriend, he is strong and cunning. ”
“Cunning? Huh?!”, his big-old eyes made Rael almost tremble with fear as both his eyeballs would seem to pop out any moment. “Ehem!. . . ”, clearing his throat our young hero stood straight and raise his hand as if wanting to shake the hands of the mayor.
“Do you know who I am young man?”
“Yes sir and I am very pleased to meet you, sir. ”, Jun was quite amazed as how Rael present himself. Suddenly she remembered that she herself doesn’t this studs name and so she whispered something to his ears while his father was disturbed by Mai.
At the same time the mayor face both of them, Rael made a quick and confident introduction. “Do I know where you live?”
He seems to have seen through him but although Rael doesn’t believed in angels he was saved by one. “Under my roof, sir. ”, a voice from behind came into their presence which made the three of them look at her dazzling appearance.
“Sheryl”, it seems that the mayor knows the hot lesbian girlfriend of Rael and by the way he looks at her.

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   The young man was sure that the old fart has a thing for her. “Is there any problem sir?”
“None, actuall. . ”, but he could even finish his words, Sheryl made a quick grab and go. Pulling Rael towards home, the mayor made a swift spit of words before they are ear shut. “Nice meeting you Rael. . please visit anytime with Sheryl. ”
Our naughty hero received a mouthful of sermon until they both reached their small and overused room. Sheryl finally lay down on the only bed and asked the young stud to massage her back as a payment for her saving his butt.
Rael doesn’t really have anything against the situation only she stripped first before laying her tight sweltering body on the bed. He oiled his hands and begun massaging her spines and shoulders down to her buttocks which made Sheryl moan a bit. “Ahh. . did you fuck that Jun from behind?”
“How’d you know?”
She rose from the bed and sat down before she continued, “.

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  . I saw her walking with her legs spread wide open. . hahahaha. ”. This is the first time rael heard the appealing laughter of Sheryl but as his eyes focused on her bouncing breasts. He felt something erecting within his sporty short.
“You wanna fuck me too. Don’t you?. . . didn’t you just had?”
“It’s because your bodies so adorable…well I know you wouldn’t anyway. ”
To his surprise, Sheryl grabs his raging cock inside his pants. And slowly she tried to ejaculate her. Rael know she hadn’t tried this thing yet, but to his astonishment.

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   Sheryl dig his cock out and swallowed him whole. She chokes the first time but still try to make it feel good for him.
He tried to protest but the heat has reached his brain as blisters of sweat started to appear from his pores. Carefully he removed all his clothing and put her hungry mouth on her startling body. With his strong arms he lifted her butt up just so her already wet pussy is on her watery mouth.
Tongue action, lots of spit and saliva, including some hand techniques were the weapons of Rael against the still tight body now on top of him. In sixty-nine position, the young stud’s hands were working more efficiently than before. He already has his two fingers inside her drenched vagina and with his tongue on her clit. Sheryl can’t help but moan loudly. “Ahhhhh…yess. . ”
Suddenly Rael remembered that Vilma might hear both of them but the hot babe on top of him quickly answered as if wanting to return quickly on her task. While his dick is in her mouth she told him that she will be back later that afternoon so he got her for more than just an hour.
“Ahhh…. ioooohhh…tha’s enough…fuck me now.


The lad didn’t know that they will both be going full throttle which made him more excited with the shocker. “Pound me hard like you did Vi…okay…”
He nod at her and clobbered her pussy with his hot-hard tool while seizing both of her breasts. Kneading both of them as if massaging a bread. They are both soft and have hard nipples which Rael suck on every he push hard. “Ah …you’re big. ”
“You are such a big boy…”, she said as if talking to her nephew.
“This boy will make your pussy cum more than you can even think of. . Auntie. ”, setting the mood for their glistening-sweat sexual explosion. Rael attacked her crack with brute excessive force amking every inch of her muscle vibrates on any sudden movement.
“Ohhhhh…didn’t know this can be so great toooooo…”
“I’m close …”
“Wait let me cum on your boobsie. . ”
“. .

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  okay. . but don’t stop ahhhh…. not yeaaahhhheeeetttt…”
Mixture of saliva and sweat are bucketing out of their body down to Sheryl’s already soaked bedsheet and moistening floor. This will be the biggest orgasm for this hot and wild officer.
“Now Rael…uhhhh…”, he immediately pulled his cock out her pussy letting some of her warm juices flood the wet floor. Veins of his cock are angry like hell as load of pulsating cum out of his big hard fucking machine. Sheryl can feel the young stud’s cum over her plump boobs. Exhausted, both of them lay down, and as they close their eyes everything went in a flash as they both fell asleep while hugging each others naked.



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