Room For Rent ch2 [Got you Officer]


Before the sun smiled at the land below, Rael was already cleaning the entire compound. Vilma and he just had a good understanding on what kind of relationship they would both have. Rael couldn’t believe that the passionate sex they had became a reason for Vilma to trust him, and so she told him that her boyfriend broke up with her because she couldn’t give him herself.
Which sounds absurd because Rael took her virginity with ease, though he doesn’t know it at that time, but when they both wake up Rael realize he did something undoable. He thought Vilma would sue him for sure and he was determined to fly away but she surprised him when she told him that she love Rael.
Rael knew it isn’t so, but decided to play along. After an early breakfast, where he ate tons of foods before Vilma rush back to work, Rael sweep the entire compound clean. Enough to satisfy the eyes of Alex, “Hmm. . not a bad job for your first day. ”. He took it as a complement and helped the young woman inside the house with all the clothes she bought.
He was busy preparing their lunch when he heard Alex calling. “Rael can you please hand me the towel?”, he just finished cooking a chicken when he was forced to rush toward her room.
“What the?!. .

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  . you already have a towel. ”
“Did I?”, she make her voice sound so innocent but the smirk on her face escaped from Rael’s eyes. The lad was about to go back to kitchen when she call for him again, “Since you’re already here, why don’t you brush my back. ”
Rael was the one embarrassed by her actions though her motives are still a mystery. The young man doesn’t have much of a choice since it is his job to fulfill this woman’s craziness.  His jaw almost hit the floor when the scorching body of this hot babe came to his view. The slenderness of her body is amazing and the abundance of her tits is surprising enough.
She looked so sexy with the soaps and water running over her pinkish skin. If Vilma has a sensitive skin, this girl is fragile. “What you never saw a naked woman before?”, oh how she love teasing Rael. Looking at him gazing at her perfect curvy body made her pussy moist. But the water made everything look so natural. Rael was all the more embarrassed while he wet the towel with soap. As delicate as he could, he brushed Alex’s smooth skin.

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   Her skin felt silky as he let his other hand massage her shoulder.
Alex didn’t mind at all as a matter of fact she’s trying hard not to laugh while looking at Rael from the mirror. By the expression in his face, she’s sure that his cock is throbbing hard right now. “Will you wash my breast as well? I think you can clean them better than I can. ”
It sounds really fishy but with a stunning body in front of him, Rael can’t just disagree. “You mean here?”, the lad was playing innocent as well as he grab Alex’s tits with the towel. “Ouch!. . ”
“I’m sorry. . ”, his apology was almost instantaneous as he withdraw his hands away from Alex. To his surprise, the brunette lady shifted so both of them are now facing each other. “I want you to use your bare hands. ”, almost whispering on his ears which sets the mood for Rael.
Wary not to mess it all up, Rael give up with the towel and soap his hands.

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   Massaging Alex’s bountiful breasts led his cock to fulfill his erection. With only his boxer short on, he couldn’t find a way to hide his rock-hard shaft. “What’s happening to you, Rael?. . Aren’t you enjoying?!”
Rael couldn’t stop his hands as right hand slip down her waist to her tacky pussy. “Ohhhh…what are you doing?”, her acting is disgusting since it’s obvious to Rael that she’s enjoying herself more than he is. “How about two, Ma’am?”
The question he spit to her was answered quite honestly this time as her moaned lingered inside the bathtub. “No. . no. I shouldn’t be doing this. ”, her sudden change of heart made the young lad alarmed. There is no way he would want to stop right in the middle. But a slap on his face made him realize that she is serious. ‘Damn woman’, cursing her was the only thing he could do as he vacate her room.

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Sitting on her bathtub, Alex looked at the mirror thinking deeply what was it she’s doing while her husband is away. ‘I can’t let him stay any longer. ’ was all in her mind as she rose up and gets dress.
While Alex was reflecting on her self, the young stud decided to clean the car on the garage instead. He is still mad with the game Alex was cooking for him but there is no way she can contradict her. Unknown to Rael an eagle’s eye was on him and with all the hatred living in her eyes she approached him.
“Stay away from Vilma, will you boy. ”
The stud doesn’t understand her at all but he knows her. She is one of the tenants of Alex. Officer Sheryl is what the neighbors call her. Aside from the fact that she’s really hot, she is anti-social as well.
“What’s wrong with her?”
During their lunchtime, Rael was asking Alex about Officer Sheryl. He also mentioned about the incident in the garage, but Alex has no interest in it at all. Knowing that he doesn’t have right anyway to complain, Rael’s only resolute is to finish his meal quickly and tidy up things.
Just as he was about to clean the dishes, Alex spoke to him.

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   “I know that I am the one who force you to stay. That is because I feel lonely and I needed a company. ” The lad doesn’t know where this conversation is leading both of them but decided to sit down again and listened.
“…forgive me for using you Rael but the truth is that I have a husband. ”, the sincerity in her eyes are apparent and so Rael decided to take her seriously.
“No need for you to apologize. You saved me. Don’t worry I’ll quickly find a place to stay. Just as I said before you don’t need to worry about me. ”, he smiled almost forcefully which made Alex cry and step out the kitchen. Now he needs to find a new place.
‘I am really sorry Rael for using you as a diversion. ’
Outside the compound he stood with his cigarette on his right hand. He lit the stick and had the cigarette close to his face. Rael was surprised to see his stick of Marboro got stolen by Vilma.

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   The smile on her face soothes his loneliness somehow. “What happened got kicked out?”
“How did you know?”
She sighed and threw the cigarette from her hands before she continued,”Alex love her husband though the latter seems to love his businesses more. ”
“What do you mean?”, his curiosity was lightened up by the sudden shower of information from Vilma.
“Let’s talk about it later, for now you can stay on my place. I have the right to welcome any person I like, right?” She is clever and tough, those are the impressions Rael got while talking to Vilma on the street on their way back home.
“Wait let me take a shower first?”, Vilma was pleading as the stud tore her clothes off her revealing her sweaty but slender body. The slickness of her skin made their contact more intimate and arousing. The high temperature in the air makes them like animals in heat. It’s another perspiring moment for Vilma and for the second time she have Rael ravish her slender body.
He bit her lower lips and sucks on her tongue while both of his hands were busy massaging her generous tits. With the use of his fingers he played with her rosy nipples. Like a wild animal, he pulled her hair and kissed her ears down to her neck and stopped on her shoulders.
Now his in front of her still kneading her breasts, in and out, like a baby he sucked on her nipples while his right hand move down to her thigh. He found the cheek of her butt, he firmly clasp each one. Slapping them each time she moans.

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       “You like that don’t you?”
    “Yes, I love everything you’re doing to my body. ”, he can see her sweat pouring down to her large tits to her lean belly and beautiful long legs.
    “How about I fuck you from behind this time?”
    “Oooohhh…I’ll love that!”, she positioned her self as she stick her butt out ready hard pounding action. “Are you ready, Vi?”
    Not even waiting for her answer, he slammed her like a dog while slapping her butt from both sides until they are rosy red. “Ahh…so good. ”, she can feel her juices oozing out her pussy down to her thighs and legs.
    Every pores on her body are covered with fret, but its just a small matter. Right this moment every inch of her muscle are waiting for Rael to ravage. He reached down to grab her bouncing breasts while his left hand kept a firm grip on her blonde hair. They are all sticky and every single move they make is producing squishy sounds which heighten the mood even more.
    “Yes…yes…right there. Oh! You’re hitting the right spot. ”
    She sounds like she will come any moment now but he became a sadistic maniac as he stop and force her to face him. Believing on his strong arms he lifted her and in one swift move his inside her again.
    “Oh!! That’s it…Ohhhh I love you…I love you.

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      . you’re the best. ”
    Sex is an art for Rael as she kiss and suck on her neck while his member is taking a hell of shower of juices from Vilma’s wet pussy. Squish…squish. .
    “Rael oh pleazzz…make me cummmm nnnooww…I-I I am gogogoing ccccrazzzyy. ”
    She’s like a matador on top an ox with her tits bouncing on every move the oxen makes. “Greattt. . great. . ”, she said while her saliva are practically spilling down her chin.
    Both of their breathing is becoming heavier on every pounding action he makes. “This is it…this is it…”
    “Not quite yet. ”, Vilma is becoming wilder while the stud stop her from cumming.

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       Suddenly there is tranquility inside Vilma’s room. Sheryl has been listening from the wall on every action taking place inside her neighbor’s room.
    She’s been lying down her bed naked with her two fingers inside her small pussy. Sheryl knows that she’s almost at her age too but she wish to cum at the same time Vilma will.
    The door of her room suddenly swung open revealing two naked body. “Hello officer want us to join you?”, Rael’s voice was strong and dominating, although Sheryl is not obliged to follow. Looking at the naked body of Vilma made her roused more, “Vi will you eat her, I promise you’ll cum this time. ”
    She agreed without resistance and so is Sheryl. It’s like a dream come true to have Vilma eat her pussy like a dog. ”Ohh. . ”, she’s trying hard not to moan but it’s almost impossible to stay quiet. Vilma is as wild as a dog in heat and with Rael pounding her pussy like crazy, there is no way she can contain her self.
    “Mmm…shhurrrpp…”, the sound of Vi eating Sheryl’s pussy made Rael go at his top speed. It’s just a matter of time before the three of they reach the peak of their pleasure.

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       “Yes…mmmm…that’s good. ”
    Even the anti-social Sheryl couldn’t restrain her self. “More…more…”, Vilma asking for more pleasure heightens each of their hormones. Rael could see clearly the huge tits of Sheryl bouncing as well, while his plunging his shaft inside Vi.
    “I’m coming…”
    “Me toooo…”
    “Vi I’m cumming inside you. ”
    Three bodies collapsed on each other as they reach the end of the road. “Sheryl, How about a round.



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