My Best Friend’s Fiancé: Part I


My Best Friend’s Fiancé
My best friend Sara was raving about her new fiancé, and I was a little less than excited to meet him, but reluctantly dressed in a short sea foam green sexy, yet still classy, Gucci dress and gold heels.   I was supposed to meet the happy couple at seven… it was already seven thirty and there was no sign of my best friend and her groom-to-be, so I sat down and ordered us drinks.
Finally, a tap on the shoulder, “You must be Olivia,” said these curvy, sexy, irresistibly kissable lips.   My eyes traveled to his perfectly chiseled jaw line, then his flawlessly formed nose.   Finally my baby blues reached his striking sapphire green eyes, and a flash of recognition was displayed in those beautiful green eyes.   He toyed with one of his dark brown, Greek God like, curls as a reminiscent smile crossed his oh so kissable lips.   Butterflies flew around in my stomach, making me feel slightly queasy.   As he smiled at our memory, I was appalled, and thought, “It can’t be him… it’s not possible…”
Sara introduces us to each other, “Liv, this is Gabrielle Parker, Gabrielle, this is Olivia Moore. ”  Every inch of my skin began to tingle, and I knew I wanted him.   There was no doubt in my mind that this was him… & blood rushed in-between my legs… an awkward silence passed over the table, while I could not help but stare at him.   To break the awkward silence, I lamely said, “Er… nice to meet you. ”  He looked surprised that someone had spoken, and returned from his trip down memory lane, but responded, “You as well Olivia. ”  After our waiter had taken our orders, I excused myself to the ladies’ room, insisting that Sara keep her groom-to-be company, simply because I was desperate for a moment alone.
I walked unsteadily to the ladies’ room, at once thankful for the overstuffed pink couch and the privacy.   I sat down quietly trying to keep it together and doing my best to recall every last detail of the perfection of those two weeks…
We were eighteen, young and stupidly in love—all the feelings of first love hit me, and inwardly I groaned, laughed, and cried simultaneously.   Still, surprising, a wetness was detected in-between my legs just thinking about Gabe’s perfect face.

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    “My God, he is out of bounds, but he is still so incredibly sexy,” I thought to myself, and smiled.  
My parents had given me & my best friend in high school, Kate, tickets for a two week cruise to the Caribbean Islands.   We were so excited, and on the very first night of the cruise we met Jake and Gabe.   Kate and Jake immediately hit it off, leaving Gabe and his then more boyish, but still gorgeous self, to me.   My sexual experience was limited, and I was a little nervous.   But, I had never wanted to lose my virginity, but Gabe’s smooth, lean body stirred an immeasurable amount of lust and love in me.   Gabe and I ate together, drank together, toured the islands together, and admitted our darkest secrets and highest hopes to each other.   We knew each other completely in that two weeks, and the kisses we shared are indescribable.   My fingers unconsciously toyed with an exquisite white gold ring encrusted in diamonds that Gabe had given to me before he had taken my virginity.   As he put the ring on my finger he said, “Olivia Moore I love you. ”  Gabe then kisses my forehead and tells me he loves me.   Then he kisses the tip of my nose and tells me he loves me, and finally kisses my lips and says he loves me.   “I love you three times,” Gabe whispers as he looks in my eyes with a smile.   I slipped the ring off and looked at the engraving…
Gabe Y Olivia
I smiled at the memory… and remembered how it had happened on the beach.   How cliché, I thought, but it had been perfect.

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  . .   he kissed my lips gently and I opened my mouth wanting to taste him.   His hands entangled in my hair traveled to my belly, making everywhere he touch tingle with lust.   He kissed my neck and I smiled with pleasure.   His strong hands were still caressing my lower back and stomach as his lips moved downward.   His strong hands made smooth circles on my skin, always traveling close, but never actually touching my breasts.   His lips again graze mine and I pull him in closer for a deeper kiss, my legs in-between his, my hands, fist, playing with his curls.   Then, they move sexily down his neck and his sculpted bare back.   My hands go toward his bronze shoulders, strong arms, and hands that were slightly rough but so able to please me y every need.   All of my body was on fire with lust, everywhere Gabe touched me desired to get even closer to him.  
“Uh-oh, baby,” Gabe laughed, “I think I feel something in-between your legs,” as his hand slipped in-between my legs, but to my dislike did not slide into my bikini bottoms.   A smile crossed his face, and he said, “Since I’ve taken off my shirt, I think it’s only fair if you take yours off. ”  He flipped me onto my stomach, straddled me, and began to massage my back.   He kissed the knot at the nape of my neck where the top of my bikini strings kept me modest.

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    He pulled with his teeth and it became unknotted, his kisses progress towards the middle of my back where the second knot laid, he undid the knot with his teeth, stopping only to kiss the spot where the knot had been.   His hands massaged my back and shoulders as I relaxed, suddenly, his hands began to slip down, just brushing the sides of my breasts.   My breathing stopped for a moment, and I felt a gush of wetness between my legs.  
He moved to my legs, kneading, and caressing them.   Gabe’s hands were brushing in-between my legs and I sank lower so his fingers brushed the bottom of my bikini, hoping for some satisfaction.   To my dismay, Gabe did not give it to me.   His fingers and his mouth continued to tease my every cell—well, every cell except the ones of my breast and pussy, where the craving for attention continued.     Gabe laid down next to me, and I placed myself on top of him, and kissed him; my tongue explored his mouth and my legs unconsciously squeezed together as if they were hoping for something—or someone between them.   His hands moved to my ass and he caressed it, sometimes grabbing it and pushing my hips closer to his.  
He kissed me and I opened my legs feeling his enormous cock between my legs.   He sits up and I straddle him, sitting directly above his cock, craving for it to be in me.   I move forward so he can give my breasts the attention they so badly want.   Both of his hands caress them, making smooth circles around them, and he slowly, tantalizingly moves in to touch my nipples.   My back arches in pleasure and a slow, sexy smile crosses his lips as he bends his head and sucks on my now hard nipples.   The bonfire and the full moon provide enough light for him to see the look of pure pleasure that crosses my face as he moves to suck and lick my other nipple.


    I moan softly, wrapping my legs around him more tightly.  
He grabs me by the ass and stands me up so I am still straddling his legs.   I’m so turned on that I’m afraid my moistness has soaked through my bikini.   He pulls the bows on either side of my bikini and they fall to the sand.   My nakedness is not facing him and his mouth is level with my completely hairless self.   He kisses the patch of skin directly above the lips of my pussy and my knees buckle in pleasure.   Gabe steadies me and smiles, and then tries to lower me to the ground.   But I shake my head and help him up.   I undress him slowly, enjoying the feeling, and smiling at his huge cock, now unrestricted and fully extended.   He places two fingers under my chin, and I look up, he kisses me, and lifts me by my ass, and I wrap my legs around him.   He looks at me and says, “Baby, you’re beautiful. ”  We kiss my nipples hard against his chest, and his head lowers and my nipples slip in his mouth as he lays me down on the blanket.   He remains standing, simply looking and drinking in the sight of me.   He smiles and lays down on top of me… his rock hard cock between my legs, but not inside of me… which denies us both the satisfaction.     
He kisses me and his hands travel all over my body, they move lower, and caress my breasts, sucks on my nipples and Gabe’s hands move even lower as my hips lift off the ground in hope.


    He kisses me as he runs his fingers back and forth between my thighs and the lips of my wet pussy, net entering me.   His other hands holds my cheek and his thumb brushes my lower lip, for some wild reason, driving me insane and making me wetter than I thought possible.   I pull him toward me for a kiss and feel two fingers slip inside of me.   I gasp… it feels incredible, and they explore brushing over my clit and I moan.   He uses his thumb to make slow circles on my clit and two other fingers to continue the rest of the exploration of my raining wet self.   I bite my lower lip in anticipation, ready to climax, and his head lowers and kisses my sex.   He tugs his fingers out, and in desperation, I say, “No, baby don’t stop! Please!”
Gabe laughs and his tongue slips inside of me, as he finally gets a taste.
      My legs spread even wider, and I want more; my heart is racing as he licks my pussy.   He sucks my clit and it feels amazing, he kisses all of my pussy and I want more, my hips are now off the ground, and I’m about to come.   He licks in circles and flicks his tongue across my pussy, he inserts two fingers in me while he licks.   It hurts when he puts his fingers in me, my pussy stretches, and my breath becomes constricted.   The pain feels good, and I moan his name and Gabe sucks harder.   I’m about to come and Gabe sucks even harder, he moves his fingers inside me, and it’s the incredible moment before, and suddenly Gabe just stops…
    He smiles, relishing in being the tease that he is.   I groan and beg him, in complete misery, “Please baby, do it again, I’ll do anything for you. ”  Gabe shakes his head no and my hands move to my sex in hope of satisfaction and he stops me.

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        “Fine,” I say slightly resentfully, “I’ll show you how it feels. ”  I push him onto his back and he lays down obediently, but responds, “Baby, you wouldn’t be as mean as me. ”  I smirk at him, and lay myself on top of him, kissing him, and as he tongue slips inside my mouth I suck on it.   His eyes are wide in surprise about how good that made him feel, and I kiss his neck and the place that drives him crazy, the spot behind his earlobe where his neck and ear meet, my left hand travels to his nipples as I brush over them.   I continue kissing his neck and his mouth, as my left hand travels lower and lower.   It moves to Gabe’s legs and in-between them.   I move up towards his rigid cock.   I cruelly touch every part of him, but the tip of his penis.   He groans and tries to shift so the head of his penis is touched.   I laugh, and begin stroking him.   They follow his length up and down, varying the pressure, but I never touch the tip.   He groans, and I finally kiss the tip after my fingers have finally brushed over it, he moans my name louder.   Suddenly, I’m concerned that his cock is too big to fit in my mouth.   I shrug my shoulders and try anyway.
    Caressing his ass and balls, my head bobs up and down over his dick.

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        He tastes salty and delicious.   My tongue flicks over the tip of his penis and I suck on his balls; he shivers and groans in pleasure.   His hips raise from the ground slightly and I know he’s getting ready to cum.   I place all I can of him inside my mouth and he is moaning, this is the moment before climax, and my tongue makes a circle on the tip of his penis.   He moans, and I simply stop.   “Baby, oh, baby, please don’t stop.   Please, please, I love you.   Baby don’t stop,” Gabe begs, and I simply laugh and respond, “I love you, too, but what goes around—“
    He interrupts me by pulling me on top of him, I sit directly above his hard cock and we begin to make out.   His kisses make me increasingly wetter and wetter. His lips and tongue brush over my nipples and I groan, wanting him inside of me more than ever.   He kisses my lips and I open my mouth wanting his tongue badly.   I am nearly begging him, “Gabe, baby, I want all of you inside of me now. ”  He smiles, rolls us over, so I’m on the bottom, and asks if I’m sure.   I respond that of course I’m sure.   His gigantic dick is still between my legs but still not inside me, and he kisses my forehead and tells me he loves me.

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        Then he kisses the tip of my nose and tells me he loves me, and finally kisses my lips and says he loves me.   “I love you three times,” Gabe whispers as he looks in my eyes with a smile.   I kiss him hard and know that I’m so wet, but I say, “Wait, baby. ”  He looks down at me with questions in his eyes that say we don’t have to.   I ask, “You’re so big, I don’t know if I can fit all of you inside of me. ”  He laughs, and asks if I want to try.   I nod my head yes.   He kisses me and pushes his massive cock inside of me and a moan of pleasure mingled with pain escapes from my mouth.   Gabe’s cock inside of me feels incredible, and he asks, “If it hurts, I can stop. ”  I shake my head no and say, “Baby I want to.   Please don’t stop. ” 
    He pulls out, and I gasp.   He enters me again, but this time not all of him is in me, and he pulls me closer for a kiss and I tingle.   I feel amazing… he pulls out creating a steady rocking rhythm.   He glides inside of me and I moan his name, he pulls out and pushes in.


        Each thrust making a hot tingly sensation flow to every part of my body.   He pulls out, thrusts in, and I groan louder, “Gabe! Baby, that feels so good!”  We’re both about to cum, and he thrusts his entire length in me and pulls out, faster now, I’m about to come and I close my eyes.   Gabe shakes his head no, and says “Don’t close your eyes baby, look at me beautiful. ”   I open my eyes, staring into his sparkling sapphire eyes, and he smiles.   Gabe pushes in me harder this time, and pulls out faster, pushes in harder, and the moment before our climaxes was marvelous.   I didn’t think I could feel any better until Gabe pushed in and pulled out hard and fast, and then pushed in again, I tightened my muscles to keep him inside of me… and our senses soared.   We yelled, and moaned, and I felt warmth inside of me from his cum and his huge dick was still inside of me.   “I love you, Olivia,” Gabe whispered in my ear as we cuddled and I soon fell asleep in his arms.  
    Part II Coming Soon!.



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