Lacey's coming home!!


            Oh my god!! I can’t believe the day is finally here!! I finally get to see my baby after 3 weeks of waiting! I jump out of my bed and quickly get into the shower. (No need to take any cloths off, because I sleep naked anyways!)  Whew the waters pretty warm today, but honestly I didn’t notice nor care because I had one thing on my mind! And that is I get to see my love today!! And I don’t want to be late to the airport!!!  Once out of the shower I quickly got dressed. I put on a pair of boxers and my dark blue jeans with my blue Ecko shirt.   I grabbed some socks, shoes and out the door I went!
            Jumping into my freshly cleaned and waxed 1996 Ford Mustang I tear out of my driveway leaving a trail of dust heading straight for the airport! The time is 10:28 and her plane arrives at 12 and I still have a good hour before I am even close to the airport! Damn! crank up Nate Dogg lets roll!!
            Upon arriving at the airport I look for a spot to park and glance at the time.   It’s already 11:42! Damn ok now let’s find the gate!!! As I’m running through the airport frantically looking for gate number 69 or Lacey; I spotted her, just walking out of gate 69 with a huge smile and looking ever so cute! I stopped for a minute to admire her! Her long blonde hair and her cute dimples, with her very beautiful blue eyes!! She was wearing her blue jeans that make her ass look irresistible!! With a white tank top that made her boobs look huge!!  What can I say?!  She looked phenomenal!
            I ran up to Lacey and gave her the biggest hug lifting her off of her feet and twirling her in a circle.   I set her down and gave her the most passionate kiss!  Once our kiss broke I looked in her eyes and said “I love you and I missed you so much”!!   With a grin on her face she said the same.    After we gathered and loaded her luggage we got into my car and headed for home, our home!  The whole way home we talked about her trip and how everything went.   She showed me her 88 dollar belt! Which might I add looks hella sexy on her! What am I talking about!? She is hella sexy!! Then she showed me some of the pictures that she had developed over in New York.  
            Upon arriving at home there was a package sitting on the door step. . . I smiled picked it up and went inside.   Lacey kept asking me what was in it, but all I said was you will find out soon enough love! Lacey finally gave up and accepted the fact that it was a surprise and she was going to find out later!!  Hey baby I’m feeling a little dirty from the plane ride I’m gonna go take a shower.   Okay Lacey! I heard the water turn on and I started to think about her being in the shower all wet, slippery, and looking ohh so fucking hot! I could feel my dick starting to rise and get very hard! I heard the bathroom door open and Lacey poked her head out. . .

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   hey I can’t reach a few places. . wanna come give me a good wash down?!  With that I jumped to my feet and ran to the bathroom to join her!
            Damn was I right!!! She looked sooo fucking hot! Standing there naked in the shower with water running off her body!  Her pink nipples were slightly erect from the cool air and looking so very luscious! Her legs were slightly crossed but I could still see much pubic hair and I was overwhelmed with excitement!  I stripped down and climbed into the shower with Lacey and started kissing her.   Our tongues met with great passion and began to swirl around each others!  I broke our kiss and moved down to her beautiful neck while gently massaging her ass! I could hear slight moans coming from Lacey and it was turning me on even more!  I pressed my hard throbbing cock tightly up against Lacey’s wet beautiful body.
            I turned Lacey around so that my cock was pressed up tightly against her ass.   I began to nibble on her ear while caressing her boobs.   A gasp of pure ecstasy escaped her lips and I felt her knees weaken.   My hands moved from her breasts to her hungry pussy!  I lightly brushed her mound with my finger tips giving her goose bumps from a sexual thrill! I gently ran my finger between her pussy lips; it was so hot and wet! Lacey began to bend over a bit exposing her gorgeous pink pussy lips! The warm water was running down her back creating a stream of water heading straight for her vagina!  It gave it the appearance of a dripping wet pussy that was ready to be devoured!  I was so hungry for it!  I knelt down and started kissing and gently messaging her clit with my tongue!  I slapped her clit with my tongue and started to suck on her pussy trying to get every bit of juice I could! I slowly inserted a finger. . . then two. . . and I heard her moan. .

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   “mmmm David that feels so good!”  I hungrily licked and sucked on her pink lips while I fingered her.   Her hips began to rock with pleasure to the rhythm of my tongue and fingers! “Yes, yes David! Harder, harder!” “ohh RIGHT THERE!” “ohh ohhh im cummumminnnng David ohhhhhh!!”  I could feel her pussy lips contracting around my fingers while my tongue was still working its magic on her mouthwatering clit! It all tasted so good!
            I stood up and Lacey turned around and I gave her the biggest kiss with her pussy juice still all over my face!  With a sexy grin she said “That was amazing! Now it’s my turn!”  Lacey started kissing me with a hungry appetite!  She started twirling her tongue around mine and I could feel her tongue ring rubbing up against my tongue!  While we were kissing I felt her hand grasp the shaft of my rock hard cock and begin to stroke up and down. First it was gently… then it began to get harder and harder! It felt so good!  Lacey stopped kissing me and looked into my eyes and gave me the sexiest grin ever! And slowly she got down onto her knees!  She licked the head of my cock and gave it a nice wet kiss!  She was teasing me! And it felt so good!!!  Lacey licked from my balls all the way up to the head of my cock and then finally consumed my whole dick into her mouth!  It was so warm!  I could feel her tongue with her tongue ring swirling around the head of my dick tantalizing me into an orgasm!  While the same time she was giving me head, her hand wrapped around my dick and began to stroke with the same rhythm of her sucking!  It was almost all I could take!! I could feel my orgasm building rapidly!  My breaths began to get deeper and deeper.   I looked down to watch her work her magic on my throbbing cock, and that’s all it took!!  “Ohhh OOOOO yeeeeah I’m gonna cuuuum!!”  Lacey pulled my cock out of her mouth at the most perfect moment and kept running her hand up and down my dick!  I shot my cum all over her face, mouth, and breasts!  It felt so good and looked soooo HOT!  My cum running down her chin and dripping onto her boobs! She certainly knows how to please her man!  She stood up and looked at me with my cum covering her and it was hot! I gave her the biggest kiss! I could taste my own cum in my mouth, but for some reason I didn’t care!  As a matter of fact. . it kinda turned me on!
            We broke our kiss and I reached for the soap.   I started to wash every inch of Lacey’s beautiful body! First I started with her boobs, gently massaging and washing my cum off of her.   I then moved down to her stomach keeping her well lathered!  My fingers were covered with soap and were sliding so well over her smooth sexy skin!  Next I went to her freshly shaven legs!  I ran my hands and the soap up and down each one several times to make sure they were clean and well relaxed.   From her legs I went to her ass.   An incredible ass might I add! It looks even hotter when it’s all slippery from soap and water!  I spent quite sometime messaging her ass and caressing it!  But it was time to move on! I gently ran my lathered up hands across Lacey’s vagina teasing and tormenting her while I continued my wash job! Her back and neck were the last place that I was going to be able to continue my fantasy! I was running my hands and the soap up and down her back, while messaging her neck!   I pulled her closer to me to give her neck a kiss and my cock poked her ass.   She looked down and saw my dick was rock hard again! She smiled and gave it a little tug, and said “hold on David were going to finish this on our bed!”. . . to be Once Lacey and I got out of the shower. .


   nice and clean might I add, maybe just feeling a little bit “dirty”, but I like to thing of it more of sexy! Because my baby is! Damn! Sometimes I don’t know what to do, except sit there and try not to jump her in public… anyways back to the story…I dried Lacey off making sure I got every inch of her body. . twice! And of course, she did the same to me!  But instead of stopping she decided to give my cock a little tease with her pierced tongue!  Her hand grasped my shaft, while her tongue swirled around my cock’s head! MMMM it felt so fucking good!! I could feel her warm mouth wrap around my dick, while her tongue and tongue ring worked their incredible magic on tickling and pleasuring me! Her other free hand began to message and play with my balls, it felt so good!! Lacey gently squeezed them and I almost lost my footing! It was due to the fact that I was in a complete bliss of ecstasy, but luckily for me the towel rack was there!  I could feel an incredible orgasm building and building fast! It felt so good that I didn’t want her to stop; I wanted it to continue for a long time! My breaths began to get shorter and faster!  MMMMM yes baby! Keep going that feels so good!!!! She knew I was going to cum soon and she didn’t want that yet, so she stopped!… she looked up at me and gave me the most devilish grin! Lacey got to her feet and looked into eyes with that same devilish grin and said “I love you David, but I want to save that load for me!” Before I could even respond she kissed me! 
It was such a long and passionate kiss that I didn’t want to break it to reply to her!  Our tongues danced around one another’s while our hands explored our supple naked bodies!  My finger tips lightly glided down her spine, to the top of her sexy ass! While at the same time I could feel her hands running up my back feeling my muscles along the way!  My cock that was still very wet from Lacey sucking on it!  I pressed my dick tightly up against her pubic area where it was so smooth and sexy!  While still kissing me, she rubbed my dick against me with her pelvis giving me this HOT tickling sensation that made me squirm with delight! I broke our kiss and I looked into her eyes and finally replied to her!.
    . “I love you too Lacey Lintion!”  She smiled at me with this look in her eyes that made me feel like I was just as special to her as she is to me!
    Lacey took my hand and led me out to our bed.   She sat me down and crawled on top of me.   She gave me a sweet short little kiss and then moved to my ear.   She put her mouth right up next to my ear.   I could feel her hot breath on my ear, and I could hear her breathing heavily into it.   She whispered softly into my ear  “David, make love to me!”  She licked my ear lobe, and swirled her tongue around and around until she finally reached the center of my ear.   I could hear her tongue licking and playing with my ear!. . . IT WAS FUCKING HOT!!! This incredible feeling ran down my spine and my whole body tingled and goose bumps ran up and down my body! 
    I pushed her off and laid her down on her back and I started kissing her.   First I started at her lips, working my way to her neck.

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        She moaned with such pleasure and I knew she loved it.   I slowly worked down her body to her pink erect nipples that I gave a slight nibble to and then I continued on my way.   I ran my lips down her stomach and my hand explored her vagina.   It was so wet, her juices were running down her lips and down to her ass, I got there just in time.   I ran my tongue all the way across her pussy.    Lacey moaned with such pleasure that I knew she was extremely horny and ready for my tongue to work its magic.  
    I started off slowly.   First I let the tip of my tongue glide across the entrance of her vagina.   The aroma of sex was so hot that my dick felt like it was going to explode.    I then inserted my tongue deep into her pussy, I swirled it around teasing and taunting Lacey getting her extremely excited.   I then brought my tongue up to her clit and ran not just the tip of my tongue over, but I used my whole warm and wet tongue to lap up and lick this beautiful woman’s vagina.   She moaned with a pure bliss.  
    I started to use just the tip of my tongue to excite her.   The more I worked her clit, the bigger, harder, and hotter it got!  I slowly brought my finger up to her pussy and slowly began to go in and out of her; while at the same time my tongue continued to tease and arouse her clit.   Lacey’s legs began convulsing and shaking.

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        That’s when I knew I was on her special spot!  Her breaths got heavier and deeper with moans that were so hot I knew she was very pleased with my tongue!  Finally she had the most intense orgasm ever! It was probably the longest orgasm she had ever had.   Her legs squeezed my head, pushing me further down and tightly against her pussy.   I didn’t mind though! Because I knew it was making her feel so good!
    Once her grip let off of my head I looked up at her with the biggest grin and she looked into my eyes and said, your turn!  Lacey sat up and pushed me down onto the bed.   My dick was slightly softened but I didn’t mind, nor did Lacey!  She took it into her mouth and brought it back to life in a matter of seconds!  Hard as ever and wet with saliva, I love that feeling!  Lacey started kissing my lips, very passionately. (It was such a turn on!)  While kissing me Lacey positioned herself on top of me ready to ride! 
    Lacey slowly started to ease down onto my throbbing cock.   The entrance always feels so fucking good!  It was so hot and lubed up from her natural juices I slid right in!  Mmmmmmm it was wonderful!  She began to pump up and down, and rocking her hips on my cock.   It was breathtaking!  As Lacey and I continued to make love I grabbed her boobs giving them an intense yet soft squeeze.   Lacey moaned really loud and that was almost all I could take!  The way she was rocking her hips it was incredible.   I could feel my balls tightening, ready to explode deep inside of her!  Mmmmmm finally it came! My balls exploded and I shot the most cum I have ever had deep inside of her!  She continued to rock giving me a long and intense orgasm that made me want to stay inside of her while my cum oozed out her.  
    Lacey and I laid down next to each other completely satisfied with big smiles on our faces.   I kissed her on the lips, “I love you Lacey” with a smile of satisfaction and tired look she relied, I love you too!  And with that we fell asleep naked and tired, but so very pleased!



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