Kristin pt 1


this story is about me coming to a new school and finding a girl who rocks my world.
It all started on the first day of school for my Senior year. Unfortunetly my parents go a divorce, and my dad got custody, so i had to move since he did. that really sucked cause i was going into my senior year of high school not knowing anybody, especially since i was well known at my old school.
I guess should describe myself. im about 6'2" and weigh 165. I am 18 and pretty muscular considering i play football, soccer, and baseball, i have been on varsity in all these sports since my sophomore year, so im pretty athletic. I have dirty blonde hair that is pretty shaggy, sorta like surfer hair. I have well defined abs. I dont think you would call me a ladies man, i mean i got a lot of girls, but i was rather shy and didnt talk much, sorta the strong silent type. Oh, and my name is daniel.
Anyways, as i was saying, it was the first day of a new school, and it sucked being the new kid. I was rather early and so i went straight to home room, home room is only 20 minutes long, so it's not considered really a class. I asked the teacher is there was any assigned seats and she said know, so i plopped myself in the back corner of the room so as not to be noticed. Sooner or later people started arriving, then the bell rang and the straglers finally came in. Everyone seemed to know who everyone, and there i was, just sitting there watching everyone, talking about how their summers were, and who they hooked up, or dumped.

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   All of a sudden i saw her. she was stunning, with dirty blonde hair just past her shoulders, gorgoues eyes, and a smile that could kill. It seemed that many of the guys knew her, cause they were all around her trying to get a word in. as always, i admired from affar.
I was just looking at her when i felt a tap on my shoulder, i looked and saw this guy sitting next to me. he introduced himselft, his name was alex, he asked me if i was new, and i said "yeah". he seemed like a pretty cool guy, he said that he was the "new kid" last year and that it was a little awkward. he also played baseball, and football. he saw that i was looking at the girl, and he sorta told me about her.
" Her name is Kristin, she is probably one of the most popular girls in school, she's into soccer, and she is really athletic" he said, then he said " Every guy wants to be with her, but it never happens, she's not really one of the sluts of the school, i mean she's not shy, but isn't easy. " By this time i was really interested in what he was saying, then i asked," how do you know so much about her?" he replied with " oh, that's easy, cause she's my twin sister. " at that statement my jaw just dropped, i was totally stunned, i looked a him, then looked at her, then i saw it. they really did look like twins. he got the biggest kick out of it though, i started to apologize and he said " that's okay, i get it all the time, as long as you dont ask me to hook you up with her, it's all good". i was really relieved with that.

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   i assured him that i wouldn't ask, he said cool, then asked for my schedule. i had one other class with him, and two with her. my class with him was right before lunch, and he said i could hang with him at lunch, and he would introduce me to people.
the bell finally rang and i headed to my next period class. i didnt really stand to talk to anyone, seeing as how i didnt know anyone. but as i walked the halls i saw many girls staring and whispering about me, i do have to admit that i am rather attractive. i passed one group of girls and there, in the middle, was kristin. she wasnt really paying attention as i walked by, but her friends sure did.
i walked into class and sat down again, in the back. it was english, not really one of my stronger subjects, but i managed. i got through that class okay, then walked to my second period class, pre calculus. again, no assigned seats, so i sit in the back. as im sitting down i look up, and in walks kristin, looking more beautiful than ever. she sits a couple of seat in front of me, and to the right. a bunch of her friends sit around her, and a few guys around them.

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   they start whispering and i just look down and open up my notebook, when i look up, they're all looking at me, but quickly look down. i just look straight ahead and do my work. after that class i go to third, which i have with alex. i sit down and he comes shortly after me and sits down next to me. we have government together, which i boring, but at least i know somebody. it goes by pretty quickly, then we head to lunch. i hang with alex, and he introduces me to some other guys who also play football. they considered most of themselves as second strings and not that important, they were pretty popular, but the first strings were more popular. they said that this year the team was going to be really good, but they had just one problem, they needed a quarterback, lucky for me, i was one.
lunch ended and i headed to fourth period (we only have 5), chemistry, real fun. i asked if there was assigned seats, and there was, the teacher had also randomly selected partners. i sat down and waited for the bell to ring, sure enough, kristin walks in with a group of her friends, the teacher Miss. Knowland, points kristin in direction to her seat, right at me! she walks towards me and sits down, i have my head straight down trying to avoid eye contact. then i hear her voice, like angels singing, she says " arent you in my home room and math class" i mummble a " yeah", she then says " you're friends with my brother right?" another " yeah" comes from my mouth. by this time im looking straight into her stunnings eyes, she sticks out her hand and says " hi, im kristin", i take it and feel her soft skin, then reply " hey, im daniel.

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  " we sort of chat a while and her personality is better than her body. it's wierd cause i didn't feel that shy around her, not like i do around other girls. unfortunetly class ends and she says by, and i go to the locker room, cause football is the last period. i talk to the coach and he want me to " show him my stuff" so i suit up and head to the field, as im walking to the middle of the field with alex, i look over and see kristin, she's a cheerleader! i mummble to alex " you didnt tell me your sister was a cheer leader!" he smartly responds " you didnt ask. '
* part 2 coming soon, and the interaction with kristin and daniel becomes more fregquent