Katie and Ian's First Time


Katie and Ian had known eachother since freshmen year in high school. They met at a mutual friend's party and during high school became great friends. They often went to parties and made appearances together, but never went on official dates. After high school they went their separate ways to college but still tried to stay close. Slowly, they lost contact over the first few months of school.
Ian had noticed what a gorgeous girl Katie had become over the past few years. She grew from a skinny freshmen into a tall, beautiful senior. Her long wavy brown hair fell all over her chest, shoulders and back, while her green eyes often stared off always searching. She was about 5"9', about 125 pounds with a beautifully toned athletic body.
When Katie first met Ian, he was a very tall, skinny 18 year old. She always had to arch her head to look at him, that is, until she grew. He was 6"4' and had a star track athlete's body by the end of high school. He was not some huge body builder, but he had a lot of muscle. He had beautifully dark brown eyes and straight jet black hair that always looked perfect to her. His smile could melt any girl. Katie never looked at Ian as a boyfriend, rather a close buddy until after high school.

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During their third year in college, Katie and Ian were reunited at a high school friend's wedding. They saw eachother across the huge dining hall and the whole night swirled in memories and laughter. They started dating a few weeks later, and close to their one year anniversary, moved in together. Katie even transferred schools so they could be together.
At night, both Katie and Ian felt the building sexual tension. They had shared their bed with oneanother for almost a week, and it was begining to be unbearable. In their one year of being together had never gotten intimate. Katie was a virgin and although she was gorgeous, she had always refused sex from the guys she dated. She wanted it to be memorable, special. She didn't know if Ian was still a virgin, and although at times when their makeout sessions became intense, she could feel he wanted to, he never pushed it. She knew he just wanted to be a gentlemen, and allow her to choose the moment.
Ian stared at the freshly painted wall and sighed deeply. He could feel the tension between him and Katie every night when they went to bed. Some nights they would give a quick kiss goodnight, while others they shared passionate kisses beneath the covers. It was never much more.

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   He could barely take much more. He wanted to have Katie since their first date. But he restrained himself. He didn't know how much longer he could, however, his body would often react to just thoughts of Katie. Throughout high school and college, Ian had man girlfriends. He was a very handsome guy. Somehow, he could never bring himself to become intimate with any of them. Some women threw themselves at him, tore his clothes off, even laid naked on his bed. And it wasn't that he wasn't capable of performing, he was quite certain he could, he just knew that he was saving himself for someone. He used to think it was Katie, even after they lost touch.
The next night was Saturday. Still a few days until the big anniversary. Neither Katie nor Ian worked or had class and hung around the house all day. They were either cleaning or straightening things up. Katie told Ian she was going to cook him dinner.

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   Ian was suprised, Katie almost never cooked. He decided to make it a special occasion and took a shower and put on some decent clothes. Katie showered while the dinner was baking and put on some new clothes she bought a few days ago. She set the table and lit some candles and told Ian dinner was ready. He came in, and was a little shocked. She stood at her chair, leaning slightly on her left foot and cocked her head to one side and smiled. He gave her a grin and a kiss on the cheek and sat down. They ate dinner, almost in silence just staring into eachother's eyes. Katie was ready, he could tell. She kept giving him seductive looks and provocative glares. Ian was still surprised, but he could feel it in the air, tonight was their night. Katie got up from the table to clean up dinner.
" Don't move a muscle. You made dinner, I'll clean up. " Ian said softly.

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"Alright, if you really want to. " Katie said with a giggle.
Katie went and sat down on the couch in the living room flicking through channels. Ian walked in a few minutes later. He walked over to her, smiled and stroked the hair out of her face. Katie melted, Ian's smile always had that effect on her. Ian took a deep breath in, and scooped Katie up in his arms. She didn't argue. He walked into their bedroom and gingerly laid her down, and sat down on the bed next to her.
" Katie, I love you with my whole heart. I'd do anything for you. I know you want this to be special and right, I don't want to force this on you. So I want to ask you. . .

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  . . are you sure you're ready for this?" Ian questioned.
" Oh, babe. I've saved myself for you all these years and I knew one day it'd finally pay off. I've never wanted anything more in my life than I want this to happen right now. " Katie responded with a meek smile.
Ian didn't have to be told twice. He's lusted after her body for so long, since way back in high school. He leaned in for a kiss and moved himself lightly onto her body. She could feel that he wanted this just as much as she did. Ian carefully removed Katie's shirt, and Katie returned the favor by helping Ian remove his. In a matter of seconds they were both naked. Ian took a moment to admire her gorgeous naked body. She was perfect.

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   They stopped, and Ian looked her in the eyes.
" I love you so much Katie. I'll make this gentle and slow. I don't want to hurt you, so just tell me. . . . " He trailed off.
Katie interrupted him with a passionate kiss to soothe his worries. She knew it would hurt. But she was prepared to please Ian as no other woman has ever done for him. Ian pulled back from the kiss and Katie parted her legs. Ian position himself inbetween her beautifully toned legs and he looked up at her one last time. The last moment Katie would be a virgin and here he was staring her in the face. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

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Ian carefully positioned his member at Katie's opening. She felt it and her eyes fell open in shock of it's size. He blushed and pushed the head in. Katie gasped. He stopped just as he felt her barrier. He looked her straight in the eyes and held her close. He thrust his hips forward slightly and Katie moaned in pain. Tears sprung to her eyes and she bit her lip. Ian stopped and tried not to move so that she could adjust to the sensation. She grabbed onto his muscular arms and held tight. After a few moments she opened her eyes and told Ian to keep going. Ian was shocked, he couldn't exactly put himself in her position right now, but he loved her for giving himself to her and for enduring this pain just to give him pleasure. He was going to make this the best night of her life.
He inched in slowly until he had reached the deepest point in Katie's womb, and she had taken all of him in. He pulled out, leaving only the head in, and inched in again, slightly faster.

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   In a few minutes, Katie sprung to life and began to enjoy the moment. She started moaning and gasping and pretty soon she was moving with his rhythm, bucking against his hips. Ian was so turned on. Katie wrapped her legs around Ian's waist and screamed out in pleasure. Katie started panting and begging for Ian to go harder and faster. Ian shoved himself into her as forcefully as he could with each buck of his hips. Katie's lips were frozen in a constant moan or scream. Just as Katie's body shook in orgasm, Ian thrust inwards one more time and released the pent up lust he had for her and he climaxed as well.
They remained in that position even after Ian had softened panting and looking into eachother's eyes. They kissed furiously and in between pants and kisses, Katie thanked Ian for the most pleasure she's ever had in her life. He smiled and in turn told her that it was the most intense orgasm he'd ever had. Pretty soon, Ian was ready for action again. Katie was surprised but happy and told him that she was about to give him something almost as good. She rolled him onto his back and slid down his body, making a trail of kisses from his neck to his sculpted abs. She was very carefully so that she didn't touch his throbbing member at all.

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   Soon she found herself between Ian's muscular legs staring eye to eye at his long, thick, rock-hard penis. She gave it a soft kiss and heard Ian gasp at her touch. She slowly licked up and down the shaft and devoured the head in her candy mouth. She placed her slender fingers around the base and moved her hand up and down gently. Katie licked the head softly with increasing vengeance and then took his whole manhood into her mouth. Ian could barely breathe in between moans and pants and the sight of his beloved holding all of him in her mouth sent him over the edge. Katie felt his rock hard penis twitch and shoved him deeper down her throat. She tasted him for the first time and swallowed every drop. At the sight of this, Ian shot a few more drops down her throat and she held him there until he went soft.
She crawled back up to him and he kissed her ferociously not caring that he was tasting himself.
" That was the most amazing experience I've ever had. I have you to thank for all of this. Thank you for being my first, babe. " Ian panted.
" Oh no, all the thanks go to you.

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   I've never felt anything like that in my life. I'm so glad that I shared it with you. " Katie responded.
They laid in eachother's arms for the rest of the night. They became engaged a few months later, and after that night, the bedroom never had tension again. They made love to eachother almost every night, with as much passion and love (if not more) than they had that first night.
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