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Which brings us to now, about four years later. I was sitting in my room watching tv when the telephone rang. To my surprise, it was none other than Cindy herself. She was going to be coming back to the area to visit some family, and wanted to know if I wanted to see her. Of course I agreed. I practically made a blithering fool of myself trying to get the words out fast enough. We made arrangements to meet the following weekend, and catch up on old times. Her brother's place was full of people when I got there, and there was really nowhere we could be alone and talk, so she suggested that we go for a ride. I had no objections, so we got into the car and started driving around, talking about this and that, and how much we really missed each other. Then suddenly, I felt Cindy move close to me, and I felt her lips on my neck. She began kissing my neck, and worked her way up to my earlobe, and began to suck on it. "Ive really missed you Robert. " She whispered into my ear. "I missed you too Cindy. "Cindy looked at me with that evil twinkle in her eye and suggested we go to a motel room for the night so we could be alone, without interupption. We stopped and rented a couple movies, and got ourselves a room and locked the door.

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  I went to the front office and got a vcr so we could watch our movies, and I hooked it up while Cindy was in the bathroom. I started the first movie, "The cutting edge" which was one of her favorite chick flicks to watch. I started to fast forward through the previews, and then Cindy finally came out of the bathroom. She was wearing a sexy black silk nightie that was practically see-through, and damn she looked good in it. "Wow. You look fucking amazing Cindy!"She smiled and climbed into the bed, and patted the mattress next to her, motioning for me to come and sit next to her. I moved close to her, and put my arms around her and held her close to me, planting the occaisional kiss on her neck. The kisses became more and more frequent, until they became full out french kisses that only ended when we were both in danger of suffocating. "Mmmm. I almost forgot what a great kisser you are honey. " Cindy said with a big smile. I kissed her again, this time running my hand over her nightgown and giving her breast a gentle squeeze, which elicited a moan from Cindy's gorgeous lips. Cindy moved into a position where she was sitting on my lap, facing me, and me with my back propped up against the headboard of the bed. Cindy loved to be in control of the action. She unbuttoned my shirt, and took it off and cast it onto the floor.

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   She began kissing my neck and shoulders, and running her hands all over my chest. I ran my hands up and under her nightie, and cupped both of her big, gorgeous breasts in my hands. Her nipples were rock hard, and I began to lightly pinch and pull on them as she kissed me. I squeezed and massaged her breasts, all the while getting her hotter and hotter. I could tell by the increasing suction she was putting on my neck that she was getting really turned on. I moved my hands lower then, lightly running my fingertips over her abdomen, all the way down to her hips, where I discovered she was not wearing any panties. I moved my hand lower, and began to play with her clit with my thumb, causing her to moan and gyrate against it. Cindy leaned back, and pulled the nightie off, and threw it onto the floor. She was completely naked now, and hotter than I could ever remember seeing her before. I continued playing with her clit, while she moaned and continued sucking on my neck like a vampire. She kissed me hard, and our tongues swirled around one another, and then I felt her whole body stiffen, and she took a deep breath, then her orgasm hit her like a tidal wave. She threw herself into me, locked her lips onto my neck and I felt her entire body shudder with her orgasm. When her euphoria had passed, she released my neck and moved off of me, and began running her hand up and down the front of my jeans. She ran her hand down the entire length of my rock hard cock, smiled at me, and then began removing my jeans. Soon, we were both completely naked, and she was stroking my hardon with her soft hands.

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   "mmmm. I remember this. Ive missed you. You have the biggest cock Ive ever seen. "She then slid my cock into her incredibly hot, wet mouth, and began to suck it at an excruciatingly slow pace. Cindy loved to torture me like that. She slid the entire length of my cock into her mouth, and then out again, and began running her tongue up and down the shaft, and making circles around the head, before repeating the entire process. "oohhh Cindy, you are soo good. Dont stop. Please dont stop. "Slowly, Cindy began to increase her pace, and began to jerk my cock in time with her bobbing head. The suction in her mouth was intense, and her tongue was running all sorts of patterns all over my cock. Just when I couldnt take anymore, she pulled her mouth off of my cock, and kissed me hard on the mouth. "Mmmm. Not yet baby, not yet.

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  "I kissed her deeply, and then moved to her neck, and then on down to her voluptuous breasts. I began kissing them, squeezing them, and then I took her nipple into my mouth and sucked on it very hard, and ran my tongue over it much in the same fashion she had done with my cock. "Yeah baby, ooohh suck on my nipples. Ohhh God ive missed you. yeah, yeah, thats it. "Back and forth I went, giving each of her breasts the attention that they needed. Cindy got that twinkle in her eye again, and lay back on the bed, and directed me to sit on top of her. "I want you to fuck my big tits baby. I want to feel your big cock sliding between them. "I put my cock in her mouth, and she wet it thoroghly with her saliva, lubricating it enough to slide between her incredible breasts with ease. I began sliding my cock in and out of her mounds, and she raised her head up and began licking the head of my prick whenever it became available to her. "Ohhh baby, your tits feel soo good around my cock. ""Yeah baby, fuck my big tits, oooh yeah. Fuck em, fuck em faster baby! Faster!"I began pistoning in and out of her breasts at an incredible pace, my cock throbbing and aching, my balls on the verge of exploding. "mmmm Baby, oh fuck Cindy, youre gonna make me cum!""Give it to me honey, gimme your cum.

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   Cum all over my tits, and let me lick up your hot mess!"It was too much for one guy to take. I began cumming all over her gorgeous body. Stream after stream of hot sticky cum landed on her breasts and neck. Cindy sat up, and immediately slid my cock into her mouth, sucking me clean, and then licked up every last drop of my cum from her tits. Cindy went back to sucking my cock again, and already it was coming back to life. Cindy turned around and got on top of me, in the 69 position, and began to work her magic tongue on my cock once again. Her pussy was right in my face, and I wasted no time in plunging my tongue into her sweet cunt. I sucked and licked at her pussy and clit as if it were the last time Id ever get to eat pussy again. I grabbed two handfuls of her sweet ass, and ran my tongue all over her gorgeous pussy. She was moaning around my cock, my stimulation of her driving her to try harder to make me cum. We were driving each other absolutely wild with passion. Up and down the length of my cock she ran her tongue, moaning and crying out as my tongue plunged in and out of her hot pussy. I began sucking on her clit, and I moved my tongue in rapid patterns over her joy buzzer, and her second orgasm of the evening hit her. She ground her pussy into my mouth, and threw her head backwards as she cried out, consumed with lust and ecstasy. "Ohhhh baby.

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   I have to have you inside me. Now! Please baby, please fuck me with your big hard cock! "I didnt need to be asked twice. Cindy pushed me backwards, and settled herself on top of me. She grabbed my cock in her hand and slowly eased my throbbing cock into her incredibly wet pussy. I felt her totally envelop me, the heat from her body unlike anything i had felt before. She began moaning as she rode my cock, steadily increasing her pace. I tried to increase the pace, but again the evil smile appeared again. She loved to be in control, and she would not relinquish it until she alone couldnt take it anymore. Slowly, she rode my cock, as I sucked on her nipples, and slapped and grabbed handfuls of her ass. Slowly, the pace quickened little by little, and I knew I was getting close to being able to have my way with her finally. As her composure slowly deteriorated, finally she switched positions, and got on her hands and knees, doggy style. "Gimme that cock baby! Fuck me and make me cum! Oooooh yeah fuck me!"I began to fuck her hot pussy as fast and as hard as I could without hurting her. I grabbed her hips and pulled them against mine, matching each thrust. "Ahhhh! Ahhh! Oooooohhhh yeah baby! Ooohhh yess! Just like that! God you are so good! Ahhh ahh aaaaahhhhhh!!!"Her orgasm sent her juices down my cock, making her pussy more slippery and wet than ever, and I knew I couldnt hold out much longer. "Im gonna cum Cindy!! How do you want it baby?""Ooohhh, Cum inside me!! I want to feel your hot cum in my pussy!! Ahhh!! Oh yess!!"I couldnt stand anymore, and I shot load after load of cum into her hot pussy.

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   I thrust my cock deep into her, until my balls had released every last drop. Cindy turned and licked my cock clean again. I lay down next to her and held her in my arms. We made love 3 more times that night, and we never really did get to watch those movies. In the morning, we made love to each other one more time before she had to go back. Im thinking about giving the big city another shot. . . . . . . . . .

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