In the Wilderness


I was with Daniel, my boyfriend. We have been dating for a good year, and had never had sex before. I always thought about it, and played with him, but never really had the real thing. One day, Daniel and I were going to the mountain behind my house. He held the picnic basket and my bag in one hand. In the other, he held my hand. I was getting pretty horny because all I wore was a gauze skirt and the wind blew it up pretty easily. Daniel noticed every time my skirt went up, and he had a lot of interest in it. Finally, unable to take it any longer, I grabbed the basket and the bag out of Daniel's hand.
"I've been waiting to do this," I said, as I kissed him with passion. He kissed me back with so much enthusiasm that I knew he'd been waiting for it too. Daniel wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me up. He sat down on the spot, leaning against a pine tree. He still had me in his arms, and he put me on his lap tenderly. He lifted my skirt and started fingering me.

I didn't stop him, but moaned a little, getting wet.

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   he slowly pulled my one piece dress over my head so i was just sitting there naked. Then, he stood up, and took off his clothes. We were still kissing, and the saliva was dripping down our chins. Then, he pulled away from my lips and started to suck my tits. I moaned, and grabbed handfuls of his hair. He was fingering me while nibbling my nipples, making me wetter than before.
Daniel had a finger in, and slowly started inserting his fingers one by one. Every time he inserted a finger, I let out a gasp and a groan. He soon had a whole fist in there, vibrating it. Then, he put in his other hand in my pussy, too. Soon, we were again on the floor, this time doggy-style. I was moaning and screaming in pain as Daniel banged me from behind. With each thrust, the wind was knocked out of me, and it felt wonderful. Soon, cum mixed with blood was dribbling down Daniel's leg from my pussy. I was practically in tears by then, but I'd had a good time all the same.

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Just as Daniel finished with my pussy, he put his dick in my ass, asking me if I was ready. I assured him I was, and he inserted his dick slowly at first, getting faster by the thrust. He then was banging me so hard that I had to stifle my screams in my own breasts. Then, he turned me around and started kissing me. It just started with little kisses, but then moved on the a French kiss, then a deep kiss.
I had the best time in a long time, as this had been my first sex.