Good virgin girl meets bad biker boy


Sandra was a good girl she walked threw the hallways of highschool with her pure white dress covering her dd breasts and slender neck, waist and her long legs, her blond hair in a bun,  and she didn't party or stay up late she just studied and did her home work.
Her friend Pamela teased her: Sandra your in 12th grade and still a virgin you never party you need to have fun.
Sandra said I don't know Pamela. . . that would totally freak me out and anyway I'm seen as a good girl who makes good grades, goes to church ever sunday and stays at home doing homework.
Pamela yawned and said that really sounds like alot of fun. . . come on! just stay for a little while at the party tonight at my house my folks are outta town no worries.
Sandra said why Pamela?  give me one good reason?
Pamela said  your lonely aren't you?
Sandra said yea, ok Pamela i'll go.  
The party was at a big white house  Sandra went in. There were lots of people drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and who knows what else. loud music and a ball on the ceiling making lights go around the room. Pamela said have a beer. Sandra said no.

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  . . thanks.  
She went outside and sat on the porch staring off into the woods.   She thought why did I walk up here. . . if i did get drunk what do i do stagger home.
Then a loud roar came, ten motor cycles flew up the road  and parked in the drive way. men and women in leather wearing red bandanas. Like wolves following a pack they follow one the leader.
He had short black spiked hair, black sun glasses, leather motocycle jacket over a muscular chest and blue jeans.
He sat on the seat smoking a cigarette he looked at sandra and said hey what's up?
Sandra nervously said nothing much. . .

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  my names Sandra what's your name?
Danny said my name is Danny
Sandra said nice to meet you.
Danny said wanna smoke?
Sandra said I never tried one.
He said try one of these.
She took a cigarette puffed it and coffed
He said you shouldn't inhale much at first
He said want to drink a beer with me?
She said ok. . I'll try it.
Sandra couldn't resist giving in he attracted her so much. deep inside she wanted to try to be bad for once.
He said how is it in the party house
She said a little noisy
He handed her another beer and said wanna just hang out here?
She said yea
Sandra noticed all the other bikers kissing each other
She said i never made out. . . either
He said if you want we can just play around
She said ok. . .
He put his arms around her and said you feel ok.

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She said i'm a little nervous. . .
He said put your arms around my neck and lets take it slow let me know where i can go
He kissed her lips and held her
He then kissed on her neck
She loosened a little and said i'm feeling a little better
He then touched her dress and rubbed her left breast
She pushed him a little and said not yet. . . .
He rubbed her leg with his hand and rubbed her neck with the other slowly kissing up and down her neck
he kissed down her neck to her breast and put his hand on her lap
He started rubbing her waist with his hands up and down
They sat on the motor cycle seat
She started kissing him and rubbing his side
He then stuck his hand between the buttons on her dress and slowly started rubbing her nipple
OH! she shreaked a little
He said ok? Sandra?
She said mmm keep going it feels weird but i like it
He squeezed the breast a little then said do like it when i kiss you.
She said yes. . . it feels good
He said open your dress and i'll make you feel even better
She leaned back and snapped open the buttons
He snapped off her bra and pulled it down
He took on breast in his hand he kissed it. . then slowly licked around the nipple and then  he gently sucked on it
He rubbed the other breast in his hand massaging it then kissed his way to the other breast licking it then sucking it gently.
He rubbed kissed down her stomach and rubbed her back with his hands
She leaned back on the motor cycle seat laying down
he started licking her belly while squeezing her tits.

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He then put his hand up her skirt and rubbed her panties
She spread her legs and moaned mmmmmm
He rubbed up and down her legs then kissed up and down them
She got a little nervous she said i don't know. . . I know what you want to do but. . . i never did it
He said i'll treat it nice i promise
He pulled down her panties and kissed her pussy
He grabbed her legs and started licking the inside of her pussy
Sandra squirmed grabbed her breasts and yelled uhhhhhh what's happening!
He said does it feel good
She said very strange but very good
She started rubbing her nipples and squeesing her tits
He put his finger in the pussy fingering and licking the pussy
He then opened his pants and held his dick in his hands
He rubbed his dick on her belly and then up her pussy lips
She leaned up quickly and looked down
She said I don't know. . whats it feel like?
He said lay down and i want fuck you till your ready
She laid down
He put one leg over her and put his dick between her breasts, then with his hands squeezed them on his dick  
He thrust his dick between her breasts and she squirmed a little saying mmm
He then held her head in one hand and said how about the mouth first?
She opened her mouth and held his dick
He slowly rubbed it in and out her mouth
she said mmm and started sucking it while he rubbed it in and out her mouth
She said ok.
    . . . . fuck me
    He then put her legs around his waist. she put her arms around his neck.

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    He grabbed her ass and slowly stuck his dick in
    She moaned owwwww she jerked up and layed back down 
    He layed on her sucking her breasts and rubbing her side with his hands
    He said i'm gonna take it easy since it's your first
    He started thrusting his dick in and out of her
    He went faster and held her waist titghtly in his hand
    She squirmed upward yelling uhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhh
    He went harder and harder totally forgetting to take it slow
    She was loving it so much she didn't care she screamed ooooooooohhhhhh
    He pounded her harder and she grabbed her tits squezzing them while she shook and sweat with heat
    He then took his dick out of her cumming on her belly beating cum on it
    He layed down and licked the cum off her belly
    He then massaged her sore pussy by rubbing it with his hand
    She got up and he said did you have fun.
    As she buttoned up her dress she said yes
    Danny said we'll have to do this again sometime
    She said you leaving?
    He said yea, I never stick around very long
    She said can i go with you?
    He said hop on
    She got on the back and put her arms around danny
    Just then Pamela seen her she yelled Sandra what's going on?
    Sandra said I had fun I drank, smoked, fucked and now i'm riding into the night with bikers
    Pamela said are you crazy this isn't l;ike you!
    Sandra said exactly!
    Then the bikers sped off down the road into the.