Dreams do come true….


Dusk was starting to set over the countryside, the darkness closing in slowly as a panther stalking its prey. The waves gently lap at the shore while a cool breeze blows calmly inward toward the town. On the soft sandy shore, sits a young woman as her brunette wavy hair wisps softly around her shoulders and back. The setting sun gives her skin a soft glow, giving her the appearance of an angel that has lost her wings to be cursed down to earth. The soft white blouse enshrouds her shoulders, the material lightly kissing her skin as her soft blue skirt, speckled with blue flowers, drapes over her legs. Her soft brown eyes staring out over the waters of the ocean, her mind lost in a soulful bliss, the type coming only from true happiness. Her smile is evident of such emotion that wraps around her like a down comforter.
Out of nowhere, two soft skinned hands come from behind her, covering her eyes. Her heart jumps to her throat as she feels his breath pass by her ear. Whispering softly in her ear the love he has for her before uncovering her eyes. As his hands slide down from her eyes they gently rub down her shoulders to her sides where they wrap around to pull her angelic body into his arms. As her body falls back against his chest, he reaches behind him to pull out a single red rose, surrounded by six white roses, in a tight bouquet. As she gasps with enjoyment she thanks him turning her head up to look at him in the eyes. Thanks Hun, they’re beautiful. He responds gently kissing her lips, letting himself linger; feeling the love of the kiss through her soft lips. Her body going limp in his arms as he nibbles at her lip before letting her breathe again, only to begin softly nibbling at her ear momentarily.

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   Hearing her sigh, he reaches back to open a box.
From the box he produced a piece of chocolate, which he placed to her lips and let her slowly take it from his fingers with her mouth. They spend the next several minutes feeding chocolate to each other watching the sun set over the horizon. The sun is gone and the moon now makes her skin softly radiate with beauty. Her eyes twinkle in the moonlight as she looks up at his face. Reaching up she feels his smooth skin as she softly runs her hand down his cheek. As if she had total control of what he did, he leaned in toward her once again locking lips in a passionate understanding of love. Slowly, he starts to unbutton her blouse taking time in order for his fingers to glide down her skin as he does so. Her body shivers to his soft touch as his fingers reach her midsection and his finger draws a couple circles around her belly button before undoing the last couple buttons. She shakes her shoulders letting the blouse fall softly off her shoulders and to the soft sand which is covered with a red satin blanket.
Her skin shivering as the soft breeze swirls around her now bare skin. As she continues to kiss his lips, she reaches down to pull up his tank top over his head, taking a break from his lips to softly kiss his chest before returning to his firm full lips. His hands slide down her sides to her waist letting his fingers wrap in the soft material, slowly sliding the skirt off her smooth, round hips. As his hands return to hold her close to him, he runs his fingers softly up the inner part of her thighs feeling how warm and soft they are. Pulling her up against his body he starts to kiss her neck softly, working his way inch by inch down to her shoulders.

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   She takes deep breaths as all of her silent passion starts to work its way to the surface, her eyes closing to enjoy the lustful feeling of his lips kissing down her shoulders. Slipping one hand around to her back he undoes the clasps of her white lace bra, letting his fingers slide under the straps, pushing them down her arms and off her body. Placing it near her blouse, he lets his fingers gently run up from her waist to her breasts which are now exposed to the moonlight.
His hands cup her breasts loving the way that they are slightly too big for his hands. Moving back to kiss her neck again, with an occasional nibble, he begins to massage her breasts and letting his thumbs play with her now hard nipples as they stand up full and proud. Her breath starts to get a little shorter and quicker as he continues to please her breasts while making her head swim as he lovingly kisses her neck. It doesn’t take long before she’s full of passion and can’t take anymore; turning around in his arms and slowly making him lay down on his back. His tight muscles accented by the soft moonlight as she runs her hands down his chest, tapping on his abs briefly and smiles loving the way he keeps his body fit. Leaning forward to kiss his neck she starts to move down his body with her hands reaching his jeans. Unbuckling his belt she slides his jeans down slightly until his cock, which has grown in length and has gotten firm, pops up. Her pussy getting more wet seeing his cock so full in length and knowing it is all hers to use tonight as she wishes. He smiles to himself loving the feeling of her hands around his hips, and letting his cock out of the jean prison it was in. As she starts to kiss above his boxers along the waistline, while her hands continue to pull his jeans off completely. As soon as the jeans fall next to her clothes, she gets on top of him and slowly slides up his body kissing her way back up to meet his lips, her pussy rubbing against his cock through the material of their underwear.
As she moves her hips, grinding against his rock hard cock, his boxers slowly slide off a little bit at a time with each motion.

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   Her clit feeling his exposed cock and making her bite her lip from the small jolts of pleasure running through her body. She grabs his shoulders still grinding her pelvis against his, as he slides his hands down her sides to her ass, giving it a nice firm squeeze. Kissing her neck and biting it softly, he holds her hips tight against his; letting his cock be stimulated even more feeling her pussy now drenched through the thin lace. After a few moments she slides off to the side, and spreads her legs open slightly as his hand works down her legs, removing the wet lace thong that hugged her hips and pussy. She lifts her legs, to help him remove her panties, and then returns the favor by pulling his boxers the rest of the way off his legs. Sliding his hand between her legs he wets his fingers in her sweet cum, bringing his fingers up to taste her sweet nectar.
Licking them clean he slides them between her legs again to get them wet. He moves his fingers slowly at first massaging her pussy lips, occasionally sticking a finger into her pussy to get it wet again before going back to rubbing her pussy lips. Feeling his fingers pleasure her wet pussy, her mind going crazy with ecstasy, she reaches in between his legs to grab his cock by the shaft and stroking it in a full motion. As her pussy starts to dampen more, he moves his attention to her little clit sticking out and begins to rub the clit in a circular motion. Her breaths becoming short and quick as she can’t help but how wonderful his fingers feel rubbing her pussy and clit, knowing that all he wants is to make her happy and give her the most pleasure possible. Knowing this, she gets turned on even more as her body starts to tremble and shake; her hand increasing speed stroking his hard cock up and down. Damn she’s good, he thought to himself as he feels his cock throb in her hand. As he speeds up his fingers slightly more, she moans in his ear, turning him on even more as he concentrates fully on getting her to climax. Her hips start to buck as she squirms as she feels an orgasm building rapidly.

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   As it builds she starts to moan a little more and a little louder, causing him to smile knowing she’s feeling such pleasure and getting close to cumming. Right at the moment she feels like she’s going to erupt with pleasure, he leans in kissing her as his fingers finish pushing her over the edge, their kiss breaking as she arcs her back, "OH GOD YES!!!!!" He continues to rub her pussy now drenched in her cum and slowly builds her to another orgasm.
Before she can cum again she moves his hand away and moves down to his side, leaning over him as she starts to kiss around his cock, using her mouth and tongue to play with his balls.
    Kissing up and down the shaft a couple times she slides her mouth around the head, licking and sucking it. As she slowly takes his cock deeper in her mouth little by little she uses her hand to play with his balls, rolling them in her hand and tickling them slightly. He moans as his breath becomes shorter and quicker. Grabbing at her legs he pulls them over his head, one leg resting on each side. As her mouth slides up and down on his cock she feels his warm breath as he moves his face closer to her pussy. He slowly kisses her inner thighs moving closer and closer to her pussy. Kissing around her pussy lips he places a kiss where her clit is; his tongue flicking out quickly into her pussy, then sliding it up her pussy and over her clit. She moans, her mouth still around his cock, as jolts of pleasure run through her body with each time he licks her pussy and clit. Paying special attention to the head of his cock she starts licking and sucking on it, her hand stroking his shaft. "Mmmm…. yes, cum for me. " She says pausing momentarily.

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       As she says that, a jolt of energy ripples through his body as he get starts licking and sucking her pussy lips fast and deep, causing her to sit back against his face. As she starts grinding her pussy on his mouth and tongue, loving the pleasure he is causing her, she starts sucking his cock again. Feeling herself close to cumming she concentrates on sucking and licking the head while stroking the cock fast. As she feels his cock start to throb in her mouth she knows he’s close to cumming herself and sucks harder. "I’m about to cum…. " He moans. "Take it all, you sexy thing. " As she feels an orgasm rip through her own body she takes his cock completely in her mouth and starts to suck it all the way to the base and head. His body shakes and quivers as a river of cum shoots out of the tip, filling up her mouth up. As she swallows his massive load of cum, she licks her lips and sucks his cock some more getting every drop. While his mind comes back down to the sandy beach called earth he licks her pussy clean loving that sweet taste of her sweet juice.
    Sitting up she positions herself over his cock, looking into his eyes that are wild with passion as her own is filled with lust of this long hard cock, she lowers herself down on his cock, feeling it fill her up completely. Slowly as she rocks her hips feeling his cock moving around inside of her tight pussy, she begins licking and sucking her nipples and breasts. Moving her hips up and down she begins to ride him like a bull, as he drives his hips up to meet hers pounding deep into her pussy. After a few minutes of that she lies on his chest and slides up and down his cock sliding in and out of her pussy slowly.

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       He rolls over on top of her, sliding in between her legs and starts thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy, causing her to gasp each time it goes all the way in. Her hands start grabbing at the sheets as her body is filled with ecstasy feeling this thick cock sliding in and out of her. Once again changing position she gets on her hands and knees as he positions himself behind her and starts slowly at first sliding his cock in and out of her dripping wet pussy, increasing speed to start pounding her again. Her moans and gasps for air as the power of his thrusts and the size of his cock bring her close to cumming again. Moving his hands from her ass to her hips he thrusts in deeper, causing her body to shake once again with another orgasm. Collapsing on the blanket she tries to catch her breath as he gets behind her sliding his cock back inside her pussy.
    As the night gets later, they continue to lovingly fondle each other, the thrust of his cock become slower and more passionately as he nibbles on her neck and plays with her breasts. After they both experience pleasure again, cumming for each other, he holds her close cock still buried deep inside of her pussy. They lick and suck each other slowly until they are most of the way clean. He softly kisses her cheek and smiles. "So how’d you like your anniversary?" With that she snuggles up closer in his arms and falls asleep with him holding her, his cock still buried deep inside of her. Kissing her cheek he looks at her and smiles knowing that being with her is the best choice he's ever made.