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A short drive to the shore and a couple of back streets of the shore community found them at a little shack like eatery.  As they walked in the place was abuzz of activity and the only place available to sit was at the small bar.   They ordered glasses of Kendal Jackson Chardonnay, oysters New York style for their aphrodisiac qualities some clam chowder and a small order of special spiced fish spread to go with the crackers.
Throughout the meal they eyed each other with that misty look of what was to cum next.   He complemented her several times for how nice she looked and sweetly whispered in her ear his appreciation for the magnificent moment she’d given him earlier looking inside her mystical womanly chamber and seeing the throws of passion quivering the walls of her pleasure passage and fully witnessing the luscious lubricating liquid leak onto his capturing tongue.   Whenever he replayed the moment in his mind it was greeted with chills and body racking shivers.  
Their plan was to walk the shore after dinner then check into the beach front lodging they had decided would offer them a romantic scene to go along with the erotic play they were going to share.    
The water in the gulf was too chilly to wade deep into but barefoot it provided a refreshing experience as the small waves washed up the beach.   The walk had taken them nearly out of sight of the evening shore lights and left them nearly alone with only the occasional evening jogger or night walker passing by.   As the evening grew darker they made their way up into the sand dunes overlooking the beach and back away from eyesight of any possible passers by.   Long deep passionate kisses soon found them lying on the sand; her hand had found its way into his pants to discover his ever harder growing bone. He exhaled audibly as her hand grasped fully around the stiff shaft, he so loved how she held him as he fully developed into full erect arousal by pumping her hand as if inside her.   He enjoyed her occasional aggressive approach because it gave him reassurance she wanted him as much as he wanted her.   He was always very surprised by how much she enjoyed pleasing him or letting him appreciate her feminine unique nesses.  
His mind snapped to a moment stored in his mind when they had been discussing how much each of them adored the qualities of one another and of the physical and verbal sexual turn-ons that enhanced their sensual ness and made them hard or wet and when he then had jumped off the chair he’d been sitting in while they were talking and instantly put his face between her legs to discover how intoxicating she smelled and how quickly she’d gotten moist just talking about it.   He so enjoyed making her cream.

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Laying in the dunes his hand too had found its way into her pants but outside her high cut  panties rubbing the slit of her pussy through the material then moving his hand farther into her pants to cup her entire mound and then began using the palm of his hand to caress the top of her womanhood and his middle finger to moisten the crouch of her panties even more and telling her as they deeply kissed how he liked making her creamy wet and how he wanted to inspect in more detail later, what she was making on his behalf.   The sounds of her soft moans were muffled by the cool night sea breeze and the rushing sounds of the water meeting the shore. His finger moved aside the now very wet crouch of the panty material and slipped his firm long middle finger just into the entrance of her passage.   Teasingly he played with her while humping her hand in his pants gripped around his cock like it was his stiff meat inside of her.   Soon she was pleading with him to go deeper and move more, he new she wanted to cum this way and he enjoyed her telling him how she wanted it to happen and he complied instantly to meet her needs and wants.   Soon he was feeling the contours of her passage changing and her breathing and moaning totally focused on the motions of his finger maneuvering inside of her, touching every arousal point he had become familiar to; touching and rubbing all portions of her tunnel using the natural glide juices she freely offer to aide the lunging  and thrusting, pushing then pulling until in one great instance her breathing came in short rapid gasps and her hips pushed with boxer punch like thrusts into his hand and extended finger deeper inside her wet needful love chamber and with simultaneous cries of pleasure her frame shook and tightened and her pleasure passage consumed the prong of his hand and he could feel the quakes vibrating within her.   She was cumming and he wanted her to cum with wild abandon and expel the screams of erotic fulfillment.   Still he continued to thrust and pull with his hand and finding the right points over and over again she shuttered and moaned and as if on queue at the end of her fall from the peaks of pleasure his mind went numb and both their focus moved  between his legs to the stiff shaft moving within her warm hand rubbing with hip churning lunges and stroking thrusts into her palm his unabashed groans of pleasure began erupting from within his throat and the uncontrolled body jerking explosion of hot jizzing man cum pulsed hard from the end of his stiff gorged member filling her hand and wetting his pants with the slick creamy liquid marking his moments of shear satisfaction and sighs of relieving pleasure.   
The glow of their pleasure though only seen by them, felt as if it were a light house beacon shining out into the night, as they laid together with each others hands still touching and holding what moments before were fire pits of erotic passion that had now burned to a calm intimate expression of shared fulfillment.   Slowly extracting their hands they then snuggled together on the sand looking out over the gulf as the sea washed the shore the stars twinkled in the night and for a long while they were one with each other and one with the world that surrounded them.                              



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