Corrine --An Erotic and Lusting Woman----Chapter 1


Corrine-An Erotic and Lusting Woman ----Chapter  The following story is true with very minor emblishments. It is Chapter 1 of 3.
For those of you who have had the experience to have been to Yellowstone Park and all its wonders, I hope it brings back a few memories.  
Please comment so that I can see what readers like to read that make a story again it was a time of turmoil. I had some hope that my most recent failed relationship had all of the qualities for a long term commitment. But it was not to be. I decided that a week or more in the quiet and solitude of the wilderness was the medicine for rejuvenation. I needed to get my life juices flowing once again. As always, I decided that some camping and fishing in Yellowstone Park was the magic silver bullet.  
I arrived in the late afternoon to get my camp set up with the plan to begin fishing early the next morning. I awoke before sunrise and hiked back up along a stream that fed into the Yellowstone River; fishing the deep holes as I moved along. Close to mid day, I stopped to take a rest from fishing and take a few minutes to have lunch. I walked along a path that led through a series of very large rocks and emerged out on a ledge over looking the stream. I stood close to the edge of the ledge that offered a good view of the stream below to look for fish. Standing on the ledge, I decided to pee over the edge and watch it fall into the steam. It’s a man thing … women just have to miss out on these wildlife adventures.

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   Finishing, I zipped up my fly and stood there for a second, taking in the spectacular view of the stream and surroundings.

“Hi” was a surprise greeting from my right.
Startled at the apparent closeness of a woman’s voice, I uttered a sharp cry out as I heard her voice. I hadn’t seen a living soul since the evening before when I entered into the park and surely no one was this far from civilization.
“Good grief woman, you scared the bejeeses out of me just then. ”
 “I’m really sorryyy, I didn’t mean to startle you. ”
 Here was a young woman in her mid 20s with blonde hair tied up somehow and covered with a baseball cap just leaning back against the rocks in really plain view. She could not have been more that 20 feet from me. I don’t understand how I did not see her as I walked out to the edge of the ledge. I in fact knew why I hadn’t seen her; I had been lost in thoughts that were not related to fishing. I was still back in civilization languishing in my failed attempt at solidifying a relationship with my once upon a time woman.
My most recent acquaintance was dressed in a slate grey work uniform that blended in with the rocky back drop. Her fishing equipment was next to her. At first, I figured she had just arrived.
She was softly laughing as she said again, “I’m really very sorry.

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I still was amazed at her closeness and invisibility until she broke the silence.
 “How long have you been standing there?”
“Oh, about 18 minutes or so. I was just admiring the grand view when you suddenly appeared from between the rocks and walked past me to the edge of the rock outcrop. At first, I thought that you must have seen me, but quickly it was apparent that you hadn’t when you…. ahhhh well…. I figured you didn’t know I was here. I quickly decided that since you didn’t see me and you were standing dangerously close to the edge, it would be better if I waited until you were done before I said anything. ”
She could not hold back her laugher any longer. It only took me a second or two to see the humor in the whole event and I chuckled along with her. I then took a deep breath and sighed in attempt to calm myself. I then placed my hand on my chest and commented that my heart is still racing due to her startling me.
All she could say was “Please forgive me …please …. I’m very sorry!”
It turned out that Corrine worked for the forest service and was on vacation for two weeks in the park; just relaxing, doing a little fly fishing and photographing wildlife. I told her that I was camping just down from Fishing Bridge while she said she had a cabin over at Old Faithful lodge. I had stayed in the cabins at Old Faithful before.

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   They were essentially a place out of the rain with no extras but a hellava better environment than a tent. I told her my name and she asked if it was ok to call me Robert instead of Bob. Robert was her brother’s name. Whatever!
We had an hour of small talk about fishing and the park. I said I had stopped here to have a ‘picnic’ with the food I had packed in and I would like her to join me. She gracefully declined as I expected, but I told her…. .
 “Sorry it’s against all the Yellowstone Park regulations to eat alone, so please sit down and join me. ”

With that, she laughingly accepted to ‘dine’ with me and we shared my packed lunch and a few goodies she had also packed in for nourishment during the day.   We stayed together for the afternoon, talking and fishing our way back down the stream to the vehicle parking lot and our trucks. Damn woman out fished me before we arrived back at the trail head.
As we preparing to separate in the late afternoon, she said it was not fair that I had supplied the majority of our shared my meal with her and she did not have a chance to reciprocate. I thoroughly agreed, so I told her ……
 “Invite me to dine with you at the Old Faithful lodge tonight and I’ll graciously accept if you let me buy! You can leave the tip. ”
She agreed while laughing and asking if I was always that forward with a woman I just met.
“No” I said “Usually I’m faster.

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   Here it is late afternoon … I usually would have asked you this at noon during the picnic lunch. ”
She was pleased with the dining arrangement and we made plans to meet at the lodge.   I told her that I was tenting at Fishing Bridge so I would be very casually dressed. She gave me a thumbs up sign as she drove off in her truck to her cabin.
I waited in the main lodge area looking for her at the agreed too hour. I was looking for a woman who looked like the one I had fished with in the afternoon. I somehow overlooked a woman who was making a frontal approach to me. I truly did not recognize her until she was upon me and said “Hi. ” It was her voice that I recognized first … she was stunning.
She had fixed her long blond hair differently and she was wearing a casual but smart looking outfit. I just did not recognize her in and among the numerous people milling about in the hall.   Embarrassed, I stood there and quickly covered my lack of not recognizing her by staring and obviously faking being astonished with my mouth slightly opened.
 “I apologize, you took my breath away … you look stunning. ”
She laughed saying, “Now there’s a line I haven’t heard for a long time!” She took my arm which caught me off guard and walked me towards the dining room.
We had a delightful dinner and drinks and then went into the main lodge area and sat in front of the large fireplace and talked for a few hours about the outdoors.

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   She had many interesting stories to tell. I really was taken back with how beautiful she was with long blonde hair, a good figure with a little more flesh than an athletic hard body look and ……. she fished!!  I always had a yearning for women with more flesh than athletic figures for some reason…. . maybe it was the effect of sometimes they came with love handles.
Toward the end of the evening, I had to ask if she was ‘attached’ because she was too good looking to be running free.
“Same old story,” she said … “long relationship that went sour and now I’m with the forest service getting away from it all and crying in my beer. ”
 I said, “I’m sorry” She countered, “I’m not. ”
“Well that’s my excuse for being here alone. What is your reason for being here to fish? Are you on vacation?”
I just smiled and said “No…. not exactly a vacation. I think the best answer to your question first question would be ditto. ”
Corrine knew immediately that it was a replay of her reason to be here in Yellowstone. We both knew the topic of discussion needed to be changed.
It was now or never for me make a move.

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   I told her I would like to see her the next day for whatever she had planned  …. fish, hike, or just see the sites in Yellowstone. I had been to just about every site several times over the years, so I knew where to go. She closed her eyes and sighed. She was quiet for a moment.  I thought I felt a rejection coming on until….
 “I’d love to spend the day with you doing anything, yes …. . just anything. ”
We set the time to meet in the morning and we parted for the night.
I returned to my camp tent and crawled into my sleeping bag. The bag was a little bit cold and I opened it trying to visualize if two people could fit into this bag. I was already sexually fantasizing over a blonde woman that I just met. Sleep over took me quickly.
 I awoke late with no alarm from my watch and hustled to get to the lodge … trying but failing on getting there at the agreed too time … arriving 18 minutes late.

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   When Corrine saw me approaching a smile appeared on hr face.
“I thought that I had been stood up for our date. ”
 “I apologize for me being late. My watch alarm did not wake me. Anyway I can’t imagine anyone who would make the mistake of deliberately standing you up. Why just having breakfast with such a gorgeous woman is going to make my whole day. ”
I followed that with my fake sigh routine again that always works as an ice breaker in similar embarrassing conversations.
 “See you have taken my breath away again!” 
I got a “Yeh right! I can imagine how many times you’ve used that routine before. ”
We turned and started to move toward the dining area.   Once again, she took my    arm and walked close to me. I could feel the warmth of her body she was so close to me. I took pleasure in the fragrance of her enticing perfume. I smiled to my self as I thought of her being with me and not someone else.
 Corinne suddenly stopped us from going into the area to eat. She turned and faced me ….

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  then moved in closer to me …. . very close for the immediate situation and not really knowing me. I was confused as to the reason she stopped. Now she was looking into my eyes with what I thought was a passionate look. I felt as if I was going to be kissed right there in front of everybody at the entrance to the dining room. I felt warmness coming over me …. damn, I was embarrassed and blushing ……and that never happens to me.
Then Corinne looked up at me and into my eyes, tilted her head like she was going to kiss me and while smiling asked ….
 “Do you have to go and pee on a rock before we go in?”
 With that she went into laughing hysterics. She let go of my arm and had to put her hand over her mouth to help squelch her laughter. After a few seconds, she looked like she had recovered until she looked at me again and went back into another fit of laughter.   She kept saying “I’m sorry …. I’m sorry. ” while I now chuckled along with her.

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   She had laughed so hard she had tears on her face that required a tissue to wipe them away.   She looked around then, blushing when she noticed all the people close by were staring at her not knowing the cause of all the excitement.
 Corrine drew a breath, finished with a sigh and then gathered her composure….
“I’m ok, I’m ok, I apologize.   But you sure did jump when I said Hi. ”
We were now snickering together as we entered the dining room; still the center of attention of many of the early morning breakfast diners. If there was any formality between us because we had just met the day before, it was now gone.
We ate breakfast as she recalled many wildlife encounters. I sat mesmerized, quietly listening and smiling. At the end of breakfast, we sat there over coffee. I was in a playful mood after all that happened. I don’t think I was serious in my attempt to hustle her right then … it was just going to be an attempt at fun.   I was leaning as far as I could over the table with my arms crossed to project an attempt at closeness and familiarity.
As she spoke, I dropped my eyes from hers and stared at her lips. After several seconds, I moved back to her eyes for a second and then went back to staring at her lips again.

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   I wet my lips and then caught my lower lip in a fake bite and went back to looking at her eyes.
She leaned forward over the table and whispered  “Stop it. ”
I recoiled a little from her addressing me and played the dumb act, not knowing what the issue was.
 “You know what you were doing! Come on its going to be a beautiful day. Let’s go do the park. ”
Corrine took my hand in hers as we left the building. I guessed I had a preconceived image of what she was all about but her responses were not fitting my idea of her. Outside she took her hand and placed it behind my back pulling me in close to her. I put my arm around her to show acceptance as to her gesture.
Corrine looked up at me and she said jokingly “You are bad aren’t you, in fact your borderline incorrigible, right?”
“ Aahhh come on now!  I’ll bet that you say that to all the men you pick up and go fishing with --- don’t you?”
“See, see, that’s what I’m talking about Robert!” Corrine dug her fingernails gently into my side.   I now sensed that I had found a gem of a woman in the wilds of Wyoming
The day went as planned …. I had found a very open, friendly and fun spirit all wrapped up in one good looking woman. She enjoyed many of the things that were of interest to me. By late afternoon, we were both tired from hiking to many of the geysers in the Yellowstone geyser basin and fishing some of the streams. We sat at a secluded picnic table to rest, having lunch while enjoying the surroundings.


She was too close to me to let this minute go by in these secluded surroundings. I began running my fingers over the top of her hand and then slowly back and forth as I advanced up her arm. Damn, I was getting hot for this woman over doing essentially nothing. When I looked at her, she had closed her eyes with her head tilted back and her face to the sky.   I leaned over and kissed her neck. There was no response… but no rejection to my intrusion. I kissed and nibbled on her ear. Corrine drew a deep breath of air between her teeth finally murmuring  “Ooooohhhh”. Corrine quietly then said “Stop”
I ignored the request and kissed her ear and neck again. “Stop Robert, please stop!”
 I felt myself getting hard and uncomfortable as my cock grew in length and hardness. I spun around on the bench in order to stand and give myself relief. Corrine never moved. I was now standing behind her as I unbuttoned a top button on her blouse to allow me to massage her neck and get better access to kissing the back of her neck. I once again began to kiss her ears and neck. She continued to “protest” while she tilted her head from one side to the other to give me better access to just “massage her neck.

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The last protest was a little bit more forceful with Corrine saying…
 “You know my situation … you know I’m vulnerable right now and you are taking advantage of that. ”
I responded quietly “I know and I promise to stop in a half hour!”
Corrine slowly turned to face me and started to stand …
 “I’m not going to last a half hour if you keep doing what you are doing!”
She stood and held me close in a tight hug and announced “It is time to go. ”
She kissed me gently on my cheek and then whispered in my ear…. .
“Robert, we came to go fishing and if you continue to kiss my neck, I’m afraid I would let you undress me right here and now.   And that’s not to be!”
She suddenly broke free, running to my truck laughing. She jumped in and locked me out. Corinne asked me “Are you going to be good?” while she smiled through the truck window.
I replied “No”.
 Corrine said “Good, I really don’t think you could be if you tried. ” 
With that, the doors were unlocked and I climbed onto the driver’s side front seat.
 Now there was the smile again that I had come to know meant only one thing.
 “Do you have to pee before we leave?”
This woman just couldn’t leave such a minor event alone … But I had to admit it was an odd way to meet someone.   She slid across the seat to get close … which is a real turn on for me. I put my arm around her and she snuggled up close.

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   I sure did feel good with this woman near me.  
We fished through the rest of the afternoon but quit a little early to see some of the bison close to where I was camped. I also went to my tent to get a change of some clean clothes. She talked about the incoming weather being unseasonably cool and wet and was I prepared with the tent. I told her I had camped out hunting in 20 deg. below zero weather and was never cold …. You just have to be prepared. With that, we set off for the long drive to the Old Faithful lodge for a few drinks.
 Clouds were forming and the temperature was dropping quickly. It started to rain.   Corrine was cold and we turned on the truck heater. Her attempts at snuggling up to me as we went along coupled with the rubbing of my back and neck was more than comforting…. I needed the attention just as much as she needed to give it. Corrine then pulled her legs up and under her on the seat letting her kneel next to me. Now she started fooling around by putting her tongue in my ear while I driving.

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   Kissing and licking my ears was always exhilarating to me. It always sent strong sensations down my neck and along my spine to the cheeks of my ass. I however found it to be very distracting while driving in the rain.  
Corrine asked me if I liked that. I replied “No. ” 
She laughed…… “Liar!”
 I almost pleaded with her.
“Please stop doing it while I’m driving. It’s very distracting. ”
 I got a “Oooooh I see, …. . when I say stop, it doesn’t mean stop. But when you say stop now that’s a different story. Well too bad because here I come again for a few more nibbles!”
She was giggling as she crawled over me on the front seat.   The turn off in the road to go to the overlooks on Yellowstone Lake came into view through the pouring rain. I turned down the lane and quickly pulled into the first overlook parking slot, shut off the truck and pulled the steering wheel lock to push the steering wheel up and out of the way.

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 I turned to face Corrine displaying a …. . I’m going to get you look. She looked at me, then around at the outside location with all the pouring rain and laughingly commented….
 “Oops …. I think I’m in trouble!”
 As Corrine crawled across the seat to meet me, her demeanor changed as she got close and quiet. She tenderly kissed me on the lips and then put her fingers to my lips.
 “Shhhh. Don’t speak and don’t move. This time is my time …. . not yours. ”
She began by kissing me where I had kissed her, my eyes, nose, lips, and my ears. She ran her fingers over my face and neck touching and softly blowing and kissing me everywhere. I moved to kiss her back.

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   I was told that the rules were that I must not kiss or attempt to touch her. She had me close my eyes while she touched me very lightly all over my face and neck. My head was cupped in her hands and my temples caressed. Fingers were run through my hair as I sighed to her every touch.   I was now drifting…. I was trying to focus on what was she doing.  I was slightly sexually aroused but this was more of an intimate sensual coupling between the two of us. It was a truly erotic and stimulating feeling.   Her hands held my face and I was kissed so beautifully on my lips. I moved to hold her and was told softly …. “Not allowed” I was intoxicated by all her attempts to please.
I listened to rain on the truck roof and it seemed to enhance the pleasurable feelings within me. I felt my shirt being unbuttoned. First there was the kissing of my neck followed by her tongue running down my neck and chest. When she arrived at one of my nipples, she flicked at it with her tongue.

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   She then kissed it, softly blew on it and licked it around and around before taking it in to her mouth. Corrine began by sucking on the nipple, first easy and then increasing the power of her mouth. I was now in totally ecstasy as she ran her tongue from one nipple to the other repeating the motions all over again. I had never been licked so seductively before and I was genuinely excited by her efforts. Sometimes the back of my neck would tingle as she performed her ritualistic seduction of me. The pouring rain pounding on the roof of the truck was a definite aphrodisiac.
I now was aware Corrine was softly speaking.
“You must promise me to keep your eyes closed and you must not move or try to hold me”. I whimpered “I promise” not really knowing what I was promising.  
Corrine unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it free of my slacks. Again, the kissing and running of her tongue over my nipples, chest and stomach was resumed until she reached my belly button. I could not take her licking me there, the feeling was extremely unsettling for me …. Luckily she moved on down lower. My belt buckle was undone … my slacks unzipped and drawn down along with my under shorts as I was allowed to lift my hips. My cock was truly hard and was standing tall and waiting.

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   …. She took my hardness slowly and sensually. She never stroked me or pumped me by riding her hand up and down my shaft.   Corrine simply lowered her head and let my cock slide slowly into her mouth. At first she continuously ran her tongue around and around and then over the head and the top part of the shaft. I then started to feel her tongue move slowly …. very slowly going in and out of her mouth as it caressed the just underside of my cock never attempting to lick any other locations.   The mental image I had to endure with my eyes tightly closed was truly extraordinary. I never broke my promise to try and look! Never!
It only took a short time for me to feel the changing sensations in my cock and balls that were the warning signs that things would be coming to a quick conclusion. Corrine must have become aware of what was beginning to be felt by me and began to lightly squeeze my balls as she licked and sucked my cock with now increasing zeal.
 I had to move now, I could not sit still to her licking and fondling of my cock and balls. Now there was a compulsive tingling sensation in my cock and balls as she began to hum, first quietly but then with an increased the intensity.   I strained to grasp hold of the truck seat covers as the humming continued with my cock in her mouth. This total stimulus was more than I could handle and I lost control of my cock and when I was to cum.
I only had time to whisper with excitement to emphasize my condition
 “Corinne, Corinne, ooooohhh Corinne!”
I heard her squeal softly with delight knowing what she was doing to me.

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   The rush to relieve all the built up tensions was overwhelmingly rapid.   My back arched up. I only thrust my hips convulsively upwards a few times as I exploded in several powerful spurts that surprised Corrine…. and it surprised me that I came on so fast.
 Corrine at first chocked to the first spurting surprise and then settled in to moaning and murmuring several “Mmmmm” exclamations as my spurts attempted to fill her mouth with multiple spurts of my love juice. She never faulted after the first squirt as she swallowed all I gave to her. When it was obvious that I was done she encircled my shaft with her hand at the base and stroked upward one time to get every drop that could still be inside the shaft of my cock. I felt her suck and lick the head a couple of times. She never lost a single drop.
 I was totally emotionally taken back by what she had just accomplished coupled with the vivid imagined visual stimulation of the moment. I completely collapsed with a very audible sigh and melted back into the corner of the truck seat. As I opened my eyes and went to speak and I was told “Shhhhhh. ” and to keep my eyes closed again.
My pants were zipped up along with the buttoning of my shirt. Finally, I sensed that she had positioned herself so her face was now just in front of my face.

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 “Do you wish to kiss me on my lips after what I did?”
 “I would love to share a kiss with you. I would love to share with you what you took from me. I find that to be very sensual and some how just as loving as when I would make love to you. ”
Corinne murmured very softly “I did not know you felt that way about being kissed there and would not have swallowed it all. ”
 I took her and kissed her lips as lovingly as I knew how. There was a slight aroma of me as I came close to her lips and I could still taste myself as I kissed her deeply. When I told her of the taste, she kissed me again and snuggled as close as two people could get. I could not understand how so quickly this woman had come to dominate the deep feelings inside of me
 Corrine moved close to my face as I was drifting and told me what she had just experienced with me was special for her and a reflection of how deeply she was impacted by meeting me and how I made her feel. There were so many emotions at once, I was sweating. She took my handkerchief and dabbed my face dry and kissed me on the tip of my nose.
I felt that she needed to be satisfied after what she had done to me. I was told in a soft whispering voice that she was very satisfied by what she had shared with me and for me to just hold her close to me and keep her warm. She issued a deep sigh and snuggled her face into my chest.  
With a quiet comment from Corrine that she loved the sound of the falling rain tapping on the cab roof, we settled in to holding on to each other for a while, just snuggling and listening without speaking. Damn her perfume was a sensation in itself!
Rivulets of rain water streaked down and over the windshield and side windows obscuring the view of the lake and surroundings.

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   All there was to be heard was the occasional a deep sigh, first from me, and then from Corrine. Both of us were now lost in thoughts and feelings… both of us vulnerable …both of us hurting! Both of us wondering!



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Escorts Batumi - Intimate encounters with Batumi's escort females are unlike anything else you'll ever experience

Batumi, Georgia, is a city on the Black Sea coast that also serves as the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara in Georgia. It is a lively centre of tourist, nightlife, and a distinctive fusion of European and Asian cultures. Batumi's nightlife would be lacking without the special appeal that the escort girls Batumi bring to the scene.

Batumi's escort females are acclaimed for their one-of-a-kind beauty, which is a compelling mix of exotic charm and classic grace. Their appearances are often a mashup of the many different cultures that have coexisted in the area throughout the years. These ladies are stunning on the outside and within as well, with a reputation for being articulate, well-read, and interesting conversationalists. As a result, they are excellent company at parties, corporate functions, or even a romantic evening at a fancy restaurant.

Escorts Batumi
Batumi has a highly regulated and professional escort business that protects both its customers and its workers from any unwanted attention or invasion of privacy. Sexual encounters with the escort females in Batumi require an atmosphere of trust, safety, and open communication. They expect their customers to take the same care with their health and hygiene as they do.
Escort in Batumi
Every imaginable type of person may find their perfect fit in Batumi's thriving and diverse nightlife. The city has a wide variety of nightlife options, from lively nightclubs where one may dance until dawn to intimate wine bars stocking some of Georgia's best vintages. The escort females in Batumi are available to serve as your tour guides through the city's vibrant nightlife.

Escorts Batumi
Batumi also boasts a plethora of cultural institutions, like as museums, art galleries, and historic landmarks. Batumi has a lot of great places to visit, such as the Batumi Boulevard with its gorgeous beach, the Alphabet Tower, the Batumi Botanical Garden, and Piazza Square. Many of Batumi's escort females know a lot about the city's history and culture, so they can not only show you around but also give you interesting comments as you go.

In sum, Batumi is a city with a tempting combination of natural beauty, historical significance, exciting nightlife, and exotic escort ladies Batumi. You may have a more enjoyable time in Batumi with the help of the escort females whether you're a tourist hoping to visit all the sights or a businessman in need of a companionable lady.
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