Barbee's day had been too long and too hard, one of those demanding, nothing-goes-right days that makes you want to scream your head off. But it was over now and all she had to do was get through the rush-hour traffic and make it home. Everything would be all right then. Of that, she was sure.
Turning into the driveway faster than she should, Barbee knocked the gearshift into park, grabbed her purse, and nearly stumbled in her rush out of the car. She barged through the back door with only one thing on her mind. Her bulging handbag landed on the recliner seat and her keys hit the kitchen table with a thump. She passed the stack of mail on the tiled counter without a second glance, pulling her sweater over her head, throwing it on the floor as she sped through the den.  She hurried up the stairs, reaching the top winded. The bedroom door stood open, and Barbee burst in then came to a halt. Her eyes took in the object of her haste greedily and she forced herself to draw a deep calming breath.
Begi looked up. His sexy mouth slowly curved into a smile, his special reassuring smile that always made Barbee feel at home. He tossed the sports magazine aside and propped himself higher against the headboard, his muscular body perfectly at ease in its nudity. With the adjustment, he drew up one leg to bend his knee. The other leg lay heavily over the rumpled sheets.

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Barbee tore her gaze away from his face, letting it slip past the broad shoulders, the sparsely hairy chest, the flat stomach, to come to rest on his groin. Under her hungry probe, the limp cock lying in its nest of curls twitched once, twice, then began to rise to the occasion. Barbee, her irritation and fatigue quickly fading, licked her lips absently as she watched it stretch into its perfect shape and pleasurable proportions, becoming the work of art she had dubbed it to be on first acquaintance. Another deep breath filled her lungs; the world would be right again. Soon.
Their eyes met and locked. She took two slow cat-like steps and stopped. Begi's eyebrow flared then settled and his gaze dropped to Barbee's chest expectantly. Her arms crossed and she took hold of her shirt by the hem with both hands. A cheeky grin revealed her pleasure as she teased Begi with a brief pause before continuing. She raised the hem slowly, her narrow waist twisting side to side in deliberate seduction. One breast, covered in powder-blue lace revealed itself, disappeared momentarily, then reappeared, this time with its twin. The shirt climbed higher and higher, eventually sliding over Barbee's head and then falling on the carpet. There was no need for an exchange of words; actions and expressions spoke far more eloquently.
The shoes flew a short distance as Barbee kicked them off one by one, her eyes never leaving Begi.

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   The slacks were next. She undid the clasp, slowly drew down the zipper, and dug her thumbs inide the waistband. Her hips moved right and left as she began to tug the pants lower, but stopped abruptly with a change of mind. Her quick about-face drew a soft chuckle from Begi. She leaned forward, just a little, pushing her rear out, then resumed, wiggling more provocatively as she slowly pulled her slacks and panties down together. They cleared her creamy buttocks and came to a stop at the upper thighs. She held the pose until she heard an appreciative grunt from behind then proceeded to slowly slide the slacks and panties down her long legs until they laid on the floor at her feet.
Barbee straightened and turned to Begi as she stepped away from the heap of clothes. His glance descended leisurely and fixed on her pubic area. Barbee's hand followed unconsciously, fluffing the soft thatch of hair before her fingers uncurled on their own accord and slid between her dampened petals. The pleasure took her unexpectedly; her eyelids drooped, her head rolled back, and she moaned in her pleasure.
Begi cleared his throat. It took a second clearing for him to gain Barbee's attention. She shook her head and squinched her nose, giggling at her folly, then grew serious once more. Combing her fingers through her thick curls, she reached back and arching, unsnapped her bra hook.

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   The satin straps slid off her round shoulders and she discarded the lacy restricter with a hearty sigh of liberation.
Begi's staying glance halted Barbee's approach. She stood naked, her hands falling to her sides. His predatory scrutiny made her self-conscious. It also aroused her. Her breasts tightened and grew heavier, her pink nipples hardening like two bullets. Heat unfurled low in her belly and her breath quickened with desire. Begi’s eyes made a slow steady perusal of her slim, shapely form, taking their sweet time to take their fill. He summoned her with a nudge of his head. Barbee went to him without a word, her eager expression betraying her unhurried pace.  
She climbed onto the bed gingerly, and as gingerly, positioned herself astride his strong thighs on her knees. Once more, their eyes connected, immersing them in the knowledge that their exchange will constitute more than mere physical satisfaction.
Begi’s hand came up and wrapped firmly around his cock, holding it steady in preparation for Barbee's descent. She inched forward into position. Her shaky, anticipating fingers sank into her soft golden tuft and shamelessly parted the hidden slit to show herself.

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   Blood pumped and heat swirled deeper, producing more of the sweet nectar of love while Begi's devouring gaze continued to feast. Only when his glazed eyes rose to hers did Barbee slowly begin to lower herself onto his pulsing cock. Silk brushed against silk and her eyelids fell to the serenade of a long-winded sigh.
It took every ounce of self-control and patience to do no more than press against the thick crown, which covered the entire span of her opening. Her gentle hip rotations blended male, female fluids, making it slippery, slick. The crown slipped through accidentally, drawing gasps from both lovers. Surprised eyes met, and the same wild urge and struggle for control reflected in both pairs.
Barbee slowly slid down the hard shaft, ripples of ecstasy raking her senses, their duet of moans ringing in her ears. Her vagina vibrated as inch by inch the tight canal stretched to accommodate him, the growing fullness extending to her very soul, infusing her with new life.
The rocking began gently, back and forth, and grew more demanding as the magnet of desire drew Barbee closer to Begi with every motion. Big hands came up and fondled her pendulous breasts. Thumbs and forefingers worked to punish those luscious nipples. Her moans came continuously, reiterating her needs. It wasn't going to take long at all.
Barbee’s gaze locked with Begi's as her hips moved more urgently, more determinedly.

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   He thrust to her rhythm, long satisfying slides, while she squeezed in demand of pleasure. Recognition registered on Begi’s face the instant Barbee began to teeter on the edge of climax. He pinched her sensitive nipples with his fingernails and gritted, possessively waiting for his reward.
The sharp pain of pleasure hurled Barbee into sweet oblivion, drawing a guttural scream as mounted frustration and body exploded into indefinable gratification. Abandoning herself, her awareness centered solely on the sensations swirling within her feminine walls as they grasped, sucked, and devoured the hard cock pumping inside her, wielding its ruthless power to secure her dependence.
The numbness of the aftermath wore off while Begi cooed and held Barbee in his protective arms. Innocent pecks and nibbles of fulfillment were quickly pushed aside by the stubborn re-emergence of carnal needs.
"Barbee…. " Impatient for true satisfaction, Begi suddenly rolled over, trapping a lost Barbee beneath his tense body. His spread fingers clamped on either side of her thrashing head, calling for her attention. Barbee stilled suddenly. Blue eyes popped open to the present. She drew her legs up sharply and clasped them around his waist. Then the thrashing began anew, and with vengeance. Possessed by an overwhelming urge to spare him nothing, she huffed and grunted as she struggled to widen the spread of her thighs for the taking.


Begi's mouth swooped down and found hers. The kiss was savage, as if a punishment for the extent of his desire. He sucked and bit, unforgiving. His hot tongue thrust in and out, turning and twisting, sweeping thoroughly. And when his lips did tear away, they left hers swollen and bruised.
He forced his hands underneath her buttocks and lifted them with a firm grip, enabling himself to plunge deeper, to pound more passionately. Barbee groaned, her body welcoming the vicious attack, the unrelenting demands of his manly needs.
Still, it wasn’t enough. Begi freed his hands and quickly draped first one long shapely leg then the other over his shoulders, pressing Barbee into a tight roll, effectively locking her upturned bottom higher for maximum penetration. His strokes now more vehement, he repeatedly withdrew to the brim then plowed back in with the force of his desire.
Tension thickened and Begi thrust recklessly. Labored breathing, slapping balls, urgent whimpers and heartfelt pleas filled the silence of the room like a choir fills a cathedral.
Begi's body, sleek with perspiration, suddenly tensed and his head snapped back in preparation. A deep primitive growl, and Barbee felt hot sperm eject into her womb. Her mind conjured a vivid image of the rigid cock pumping vigorously, unburdening itself within her body and the coil of need tightened even more.

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   Her arms locked fiercely around Begi's neck and her hips pressed upward, straining to gain that impossible closeness.
The intensity of his climax tapering, Begi ground his pelvis against her spread cunt. The pressure was the crucial nudge Barbee needed and resistance shattered in retribution. A scream of victory burst from her lungs before her trembling body began to thrash violently as it gorged on a satisfaction more purified this time by their unison.
In this ultimate state, Begi and Barbee moved harmoniously and moaned rhythmically. He, still pouring his precious seed, she, absorbing it with untamed greed. It was a long time before heart rates slowed and breathing grew normal. With Barbee's stirring, Begi's soft, satisfied cock slipped out of its moist haven. He drew himself up on his elbows and studied her expression of bliss. His gentle, affectionate kiss to her forehead opened Barbee's eyes. They smiled at each other, once more awed by the healing power of love and lovemaking.
Begi rolled over onto his back, his tucked arm wrapping around her to draw her against his side. Barbee snuggled closer. She fitted her head in the crook of his shoulder and hooked a lazy leg over his. Gratified sighs and sweet kisses followed, sealing their sharing, then leading them into tranquility.

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As she was drifting off, a trickle of hot fluid slipped through her swollen labia. Barbee smiled, like an angel, and pressed her damp apex against the muscular thigh that was wedged between her legs.
Begi returned a listless kiss then allowed himself to plunge into the abyss of contentment.
Barbee sighed deeply. At last, satisfaction prevailed, and the world had righted once more. Just before she fell into deep sleep, her hand slid down and gently cupped Begi's warm, drained.



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