Back to School


Back to School
By Jolly1
Being the manager of a small department store, in a chain of department stores, I prepared my little store for our annual back to school sale.   This is a big time of year for us, as we are located in the poorer side of town, and unlike the big discount chains we are within walking distance of in the poor neighborhoods.   Now this is a big sales advantage but it also has some drawbacks, as we get more shoplifters and security is a major part of the job, as we cannot afford to hire and maintain a security man full time.
Most of out customers are hard working low-income people, and for the most part very honest.   With many years of experience behind me, I know that most of our losses come from teenagers.   They usually come in groups and try to distract the sales staff, while one of them shoplifts the things they desire.   So being the manager I have learned to stay off the sales floor and watch the store thru the groups of one way mirrors throughout the store, paying particular attention to the teens that arrive in groups, and the ones that go off on their own while their buddies ask the sales people questions.
Now these teen shoplifters do not as a rule, pick up school supplies such as notebooks or pencils, they go after clothes or electronics.   Letting their parents worry about the things they need to actually do the schoolwork.   So I usually station myself in the clothing department during peak teen shopping hours.   I watch for teens taking multiple items into the fitting rooms and only returning a few back to the racks.  
Well now that you know the background of what usually goes on, let me tell you about the unusual case I had this year.   It was around 4:30 PM on a Monday, which is prime time for teen shoplifters, as they have gotten out of school a hour or so ago and had time to group up for their quest.
The usual group of teens came in and the sales people were quite busy.   I was behind the one-way mirror at the clothing department watching a few teens, when out of the corner of my eye I saw her.   She was off to herself in the school supply section, a place most teens avoid.

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    She was young and I guessed around 18 or 18 years old, she was wearing clothes that were out of style by a few years, I guessed hand me downs or yard sale specials.  
I do not know why she caught my attention, but I decided to move around and watch her thru the mirror in that section of the store.   As I continued to watch her I noticed her look around and put something in her pocket, then quickly move to another section of the school supplies.   She kept looking around, and had a scared look on her face, as she bent down and pick up a calculator looked at it, looked quickly around and stuffed that into her pocket also.   Well I had seen enough; I knew she would soon try to go out the door, so as she pretended to look around for something else I made my way to the exit.
I went outside the store and pretended to look in the window at the displays as I kept an eye on her.   It did not take long as she slowly made her way to the door, she took one more quick look around and seen no one following her and slowly made her way to the exit, with a final look around she quickly moved thru the door, turned and ran directly into me.  
I am sure it startled her at first and then as she regained her composure she noticed my nametag and the manager and store logo under it.   Her face went pale and I reached out and grabbed her arm so she could not run.   I called one of the sales people out as a witness and asked the girl to empty her pockets.   She pulled out the calculator and some pens, all together worth around ten or fifteen dollars.   The salesman who came out took a picture of her and her loot and handed me the camera.   I picked up her ill-gotten gain and asked her to come with me to the office.
She started crying and shaking, which in a usual ploy for young shoplifters to try to get you just to let them go.   But our store policy was to prosecute all shoplifters as a deterrent to others.

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    When we reached the office, I had her sit in the straight chair and I put the stolen item on the desk, and settled in my chair behind the desk.   She was still crying as I pulled out the standard form we have to get all the information from the shoplifter before the police arrive.   Here is where I deviated from company policy, I was supposed to call the police before I started filling out the form, and to this day I do not know why I didn’t.
I started asking her the standard questions, her name, age, address, and phone number where her parents could be reached.   And I was kind of surprised at some of the answers I received, her name was Carol Miller, she was 18 years old, her address was an old flophouse motel just down the street, and no phone number was available.   I noticed she had quit crying now but her eyes were still red and puffy.   I asked her parents name and she gave me her mother’s name as Jill Taylor and her stepfather’s name as Paul Taylor.   When I asked how to reach them, she burst into tears again and pleaded with me not to contact them.   She said her stepfather would kill her, having heard this before many time, I told her I doubted that he would kill her.
That is when she shocked me and stood and turned her back to me, pulled up her tee shirt and showed me the scars of being beaten.   I was shocked and dropped my pen on the desk, as she lowered her shirt and turned back to face me.   For some reason I got up from my chair and went around to take this young girl into my arms to comfort her, as I took her in my arms she put her face in my chest and cried like a baby.   I held her tight and a protective feeling overtook me.   Suddenly I was glad I had not called the police, I just wanted to make her feel safe from 2 
It was like pulling teeth, but finally I got some details out of her.   He stepfather was a drunk lazy man who lived on his welfare check, and what ever her mom could make waiting tables and a local diner.

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    He begrudged an money spent on her for clothes or books, hell he did not even want to feed her, as she ate table scrapes after her father finished eating.   They never seemed to have enough money and he took it out on her, he would beat her for almost no reason, but always when her mom was at work.   She was terrified of him, but needed some supplies for her classes at school and was afraid to ask her mom for them.   She wore clothes the neighbors had given her and what she pick up out of others garbage.  
I am a single man, who had never been married, but I do like children and never wanted to see them mistreated.   Maybe some hidden paternal instincts were taking over, because suddenly all that mattered to me was protecting this young girl.   So I paid for the items she stole out of my own pocket, and sent her on her way, but not before taking a few snapshots of her back full of scars and bruises.   I had no Idea what to do, but I knew I needed to do something, so I called an old friend of mine who worked for Children’s Services of our great state.
So meeting my friend, that night and telling her the story, showing her the pictures of Carol’s back, I asked the million dollar question, what could be done.   I was in for another shock as I was told that not a whole lot could be done since no police report was filled out, no complaint by either the mother or child was on record.   They could take the photos and go talk to the stepfather, but usually that only would make him mad and he would take it out on Carol at a later date.   Or they could approach the mother with the pictures and try to get her to file a complaint.   They best case scenario if they could prove the child was being beaten by the stepfather, was to remove her from their custody and place her in a foster home, which they were short of, and may turn out to be worst for Carol.   As abuse has been known to happen in foster care homes.  
I have not been known to back down from a challenge, so I told my friend I wanted to do nothing thru the system.

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    Now give me some choices outside the system that might be done.   After discussing this subject at length, we came up with a few scenarios that might work.   One being approach the stepfather, let him know he is being watched.   But this may make him madder and either beat Carol worse or leave the family and then they could not even afford the flophouse apartment they had.   The other was to approach the mother, show her the photos and try to scare her into signing custody papers to a responsible person, and that left the question of who would take care of Carol.
The next day Carol came by the store to thank me for the supplies and not turning her in.   That is when I noticed she had a black eye and bruises on her arms.   When I questioned her about it she told me her stepfather had found the supplies and asked her where she got them.   When she told him, he took the supplies away from her and beat her again.   He then traded the supplies for a cheap bottle of wine.   I could not hide my fury at him from her, and she kept telling me it was all right she would get by without the supplies.   But I knew I had to do something fast.
I though about it all day, and came to the conclusion that approaching the mother was the best way to handle this situation.   As for who to take custody of Carol, I had no idea so I decided it would be me, until I could find someone else more suitable.   After work I went and seen a attorney and had a custody agreement drawn up naming me as the custodian of the minor child Carol Miller, releasing her mother or stepfather of any paternal rights to the child.

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    All I had to do was get the mother to sign it and get it notarized, and then file it with the County Clerk.  
The next day I took some time off from work and went to the little diner where Carol’s mother worked, while Carol was still in school.   She was not hard to spot as she looked like an older version of Carol, and she also sported a black eye and some bruises that she tried to cover with make up.   When she came to wait on my table I introduced myself and told her I need a few minutes of her time to talk to her about her daughter.   I guess she assumed Carol had gotten into trouble as she went to her boss and told him she was taking a little time off, and came back to my table to talk to me.
I explained the situation as best I could and showed her the photos of Carol.   I could tell she was surprised by the photos, and when I asked her if she had not seen her daughter’s black eye yesterday, she told me Carol had told her she had gotten into a fight in school.   I asked how she had gotten her own black eye and she blushed and finally told me her husband was drunk last night and had hit her.   I then told Carol’s mother that we had two choices, one was that I go to the police with the information I had and they would remove Carol from her home and place her in foster care until after the trial of both her and her husband for child abuse.   I could see she did not like this choice, so I continued with choice number two.    I told her she could sign custody of Carol over to me and I would find her a suitable home, and no charges would be brought against her or her husband.   That she would be able to have supervised visits with Carol, arranged thru me.  
She was crying by then and I could see she liked neither choice, so I told her that if she made no choice, I would be forced to go with the first one and take the evidence to the police when I left the diner.   This seemed to shake her up enough to make a quick decision to go with the latter choice and sign the custody papers.   So I took her to another friend of mine who owned a car lot and was a notary so she could sign the papers and they could get notarized.

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    When we got to the car lot I explained to my friend that I need him to notarize a signature on a legal document and he agreed to do it for the nominal notary fee.   I showed Carol’s mom where to sign, and signed my signature in the proper place, my friend looked at both of our IDs and then stamped and signed the documents, then made copies for his file, Carol’s mother and me, then handed me the original document that I need to file with the County Clerk.  
Carol’s mother went with me to the County Clerk’s office where I filed the papers, she and I both had to sign some documents there.   With that behind us we went to the school and picked up Carol.   When we explained what was going on to Carol, I could tell she loved her mother and did not want to leave her.   So I explained about the visits that were allowed, and this seemed to ease her mind.   So we drove to the their hotel apartment to pick up Carol’s things and her mother went with us so we would not have any trouble with her stepfather.
It was not a pleasant meeting and at first the stepfather refused to allow us to remove or take Carol out of the house.   But after waving the legal document in his face and telling him I would call the police to enforce the document and have him arrested, he yielded and allowed Carol to remove her meager belongings.   After they were loaded into my car I gave her mother my address and phone number, she kissed Carol goodbye and we left her and her husband standing on the curb.
Chapter 3 
To say I was unprepared to be a parent would be a gross understatement.   Although I did own a small two-bedroom home, the second bedroom was not furnished for guests; I had turned it into a small home office.   I did have a daybed in there but nowhere to put clothes except in the small closet.   Well this is just supposed to be temporary I told myself as soon as I can find her a suitable home she will be leaving.   I showed Carol where to hang her clothes and cleaned out a drawer in my dresser for her few pieces of underwear and socks.

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I showed her how to work the small TV in her room and how to turn on the computer on the desk.   That is when I notice the tears welling up in her eyes.   All I could do was open my arms and she ran into them and buried her face into my shoulder, letting the tears flow.   I stroked her hair and let her know everything would be all right, as I held her tightly to me.   That was when I first noticed it, the stirring in my loins, god I was getting a hard on for this child.   I had never thought of teens as a sexual outlet before, oh sure I had seen teen pictures on the computer, and I admit they were sexy.   But I had always preferred older women.   How long we stood there like that I do not know, I don’t know if Carol noticed my erection or not, but I stood still careful not to press my hips forward.
Then she looked up at me hugged me and thanked me for all I was doing for her and gave me a quick peck on my cheek.   Then she turned away and started putting her things away and I just stood there, shocked at my reaction to her, and ashamed of them at the same time.   And I stood there watching her bend over and remove things from the shopping bags her belongings were in, and for the first time I noticed how tight her jeans were on her beautiful young ass.   How they seemed to cling like a second skin, even when she straighten up and walked to the closet, the jeans looked like they were painted on her.   I suddenly came to my senses and turned and left the room, telling her I had something else I need to do and to call me if she needed anything.
I called and ordered us a pizza for dinner that night and we ate in the living room while watching TV.   When we finished the pizza she asked where the towels were as she wanted to take a shower.

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    I showed her where all the linens were stored and she took some clothes in the bathroom with her, I heard the shower start up and sat there imagining what she looked like naked.   I was hard all over again and tried to shake the images out of my head before she came back out.
When Carol came out of the bathroom she was wearing a large tee shirt that was white and I could tell she had not dried off real well as the shirt became almost transparent and her well shaped breast and nipples came into view as if she were wearing nothing at all.   Then she bent over and I spotted her well-worn white panties that looked two sizes too small for her.   Her damp hair hung down to her shoulders in a well-combed look, which made her look older than her 18 years.
I tried my best not to stare at her but I did notice bruises on her legs, which looked like she had been beaten with a belt.   I had to ask her about them, and when I did, I saw the pained look on her face as she remembered what had happened to her.   She finally told me that her stepfather had wanted her to touch him and even perform oral sex on him and when she refused he beat her.   That he was all the time trying to feel her up when her mother was at work, and when she was alone with him she tried to stay locked in her bedroom.   Just the thought of that drunken bastard trying to molest her made me shake with rage, but as I calmed down I asked myself was I any better, I wanted her for myself.   Did that make me a child molester too?  Did Carol think I would put the moves on her, that I saved her from her stepfather only to molest her myself?
I got up and turned the TV off and told her it was time for bed and started walking toward my bedroom.   She ran and caught me and gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek and ran to her bedroom, I heard the lock click.   I went to bed with mixed thoughts and feelings that night and slept very little.   In the morning I got up and showered, shaved and got dressed, I made breakfast before I knocked on Carol’s door and told her it was time to get up.
She came into the kitchen, still in her oversized tee shirt hair messed up from sleep stretching and yawning.

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    She sat at the table and I served her pancakes and sausages and a glass of milk.   I had toast and coffee, and read the paper while she ate.   She got up and went back to the bedroom to get dressed for school again I heard the door lock.   When she came out she was dressed in a clean outfit that looked exactly like what she had on yesterday and I made myself a note to take her shopping tomorrow since it was Saturday and buy her some new clothes.   I told Carol that if her stepfather showed up at school or on her way to my store to run and get to a safe place and call me.   She said she would, and I took her to school and went to work.
After school she came to my store and I put her in my office to do her homework and wait for me until time for me to get off.   When my shift was over, I went back to get her and we drove out to the diner where her mother worked for dinner.   Her mother was there, although it was hard to recognize her, as she had been beaten badly and had cuts and bruises all over her face.   She ran over and hugged her daughter and they both cried, I knew without asking what had happen to her.   Her husband had been very mad about my taking Carol and his wife’s role in it and had taken it out on her after we had left.   I got up and motioned Carol’s mother over so Carol could not hear us, and told her when she got tired of being her husband’s punching bag to come to my house she was welcome and would be safe there.   She said what I knew she would, that she was ok and thanked me for the offer, and I doubted I would ever see her take me up on my offer.   But all I could do was try, some women will put up with the beating forever, I will never know why.
When we got back to my house it was almost a carbon copy of the night before, the shower, watching TV, the hug and kiss good night and the locking of her bedroom door.

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Again I did not sleep well as I now had her mother’s problem on my mind, but unlike Carol I could not force her mother to leave the bastard and take my help.   So I spent a night pondering the situation.
The next morning I got up and performed my routine in the bathroom, but this time I noticed a trace of blood in the shower.   So I looked in the laundry hamper and sure enough there were bloodstains on Carol’s underwear.   She was having her period and dumb me had no feminine napkins or anything there for her, and I guess she was too embarrassed to ask me for something.   Before waking Carol I ran out to the near by 7-18 and bought sever different kinds and styles and put them in easy sight on the bathroom counter.
I fixed a light breakfast of fresh fruit and toast, then knocked on her door and told her breakfast was ready.   As I guessed she got up and ran for the bathroom, locked the door and I heard her cry of surprise.   She left the bathroom and went back to her room and got dressed, before coming to the table for breakfast.   By that time I was drinking my coffee and reading the paper, and she swept the paper from in front of my face hugged and kissed my cheek and thanked me for the feminine napkins.   I told her she was welcome, but she should have told me she need them as I was but a man and did not keep things like that around.   She laughed and told me she would from now on and sat down and ate her breakfast.
After breakfast I told her we were going shopping and she ran out to the car.   We drove to the mall and she followed me thru the mazes of stores until I got to the one I wanted.   She stopped outside the store and I had to go back and take her hand and lead her into the woman’s fashion store.


    She tried to pull away several times and I stopped and told her I wanted to buy my girl some new clothes, and that she was to get whatever she wanted, including some new underwear that fit her.   She threw her arms around my neck and kissed my cheek and cried as she tried to thank me, but I would have none of that and pulled her arms off of me and sent her looking thru the clothes.
Now I have always felt out of place in a women’s fashion store, even when I tried to buy my mother a sweater, but I told the sales girl to help Carol out and sat down and waited.   I must admit I enjoyed this trip to the store as every time Carol tied on a outfit she ran over to see if I like it, and of course I did as she and the sales girl had very good taste.   And the new clothes made Carol even more beautiful than she all ready was, as her bruises were fading her eyes were bright and she smiled a lot now, something she never did before.
After several hours and many hundreds of dollars we left the store and packed the car with the many packages.   I then took her hand and we returned to the mall to get her some new shoes as hers were very worn and she only had one pair.   After the shoe store we went to a furniture store and picked out a bedroom set that was to be delivered that afternoon.   We finally went out to lunch and then returned home so Carol could put up her new clothing and I could clean out the room to make room for the new furniture when it arrived.
After she had her bedroom set up the way she wanted, she surprised me by insisting on cooking me dinner.   She surprised me with her cooking skills and we had a wonderful dinner.   She went and took a shower after the dishes were cleaned, but I did not hear the lock on the door click.   She came out in a new oversized tee shirt but instead of sitting down in the chair she sat next to me on the couch to watch TV.   She asked me if she could watch a movie and I told her ok, so she browsed thru my collection and pick a Halloween movie from my collection.   As the movie got to the scary parts she slid real close to me on the couch and squeezed my hand.

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    When a murder took place sometimes she would hide her face in my chest.   At the end of the movie I turned the TV off and told her it was time for bed.   Again she chased me down hugged and kissed my cheek and told me thank you for all the things I bought her, I told her that nothing was too good for my girl and she squealed and hugged me harder and gave me another kiss, before going to her room, I did not hear the lock click.
As days and weeks past, we grew closer, she took to helping me keep the house clean without me asking her to, so I started giving her a weekly allowance to spend as she wanted.   We had dinner at least once a week at the diner where her mom worked, and while her mom still had bruises they did not seem as bad.   Things were going great, too good to last, as on a Friday after school, her stepfather followed her almost to my store.   She did a dumb thing and took a short cut thru an alley and that is where he caught her.   He was drunk as usual and pushed her up against a wall, groped her and was fumbling with his zipper when she kneed him in the groin and ran away.   When she ran into the store I could tell something bad had happened.
She ran straight back to my office, and I ran back after her.   When I got in there I could see the red marks on her face where he had slapped her, she was crying and her clothes were torn in places.   I took her in my arms and calmed her down enough for her to tell me what had happened.   He had pushed her up against the wall of the alley and slapped her to keep her quiet, and told her he wanted to have sex with her, that if she had given him some pussy that maybe he would have bought her some new clothes.   But no she thought she was too good for him.   He was groping her and tearing her clothes and when he went for his zipper she had kneed him in the balls and ran away.

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This put me into a blind rage; I sat her in the desk chair and told her to stay there until I got back.   She begged me not to go out after him, but I ignored her and went anyway.
      I found him still in the alley drunk and half conscious still holding his balls.   I do not know where I got it but suddenly there was an old piece of lumber in my hands and I was swinging it beating him in the head and body with it.   When I finally came to my senses he was a mass of blood and laying still, I tossed the lumber to the side and leaned down to check his breathing, I thought I had killed him.   He was still breathing but it was shallow and labored, so I left and called the police from a pay phone on my way back to the store.
    When I got back I went directly to my office, Carol was still sitting where I told her to and she looked at me, my clothes had spatters of blood on them.   I told her I was all right and grabbed my spare clothes from the locker, went to the men’s room and cleaned up and changed into the clean clothes.   I went back to the office and explained to Carol what I had done and told her she must never tell anyone.   I took my girl home and put her to bed after she showered and changed into her tee shirt.   I myself took a long hot shower and went to bed also, as I was emotionally drained.
    It was that night while I was in a restless sleep I suddenly woke up to see Carol standing beside my bed crying.   I got up and held her in my arms and asked her what was wrong, she told me she had a nightmare about him and was afraid to go back to sleep.   I sat down on the side of me bed and she sat next to me, I put my arm around her and tried to calm her down.   It was no use; she was trembling and would not calm down enough to go back to bed.

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        It was then she asked if she could sleep with me tonight, being somewhat shook up myself I agreed not thinking of weather it was proper or not.
    She got into my bed and I rolled over on my back so she could lay her head on my shoulder, with my arm around her, she finally went off to sleep, and I guess I did too.   Sometime during the night she must have rolled over and I must have to, because when I woke up she was laying on her side facing away from me and I was spooning her, my arm around her, my face in her hair, my hand covering her breast and my groin tight against her ass.   My hard on was pressed tightly against her ass crack as her tee shirt must have worked it way up above her waist and my hand was trapped by her hand holding me to her breast, I was afraid to move, what if she woke up and found me like this? 
    I tried to move my hand but all I accomplished was to kneed her breast and make her press her ass back against me.   My heart was pounding like a runaway train, all my blood seemed to have drained from my head to lower parts of my body, making it hard to think.   I tried to relax and just lay there think about other things, which was almost impossible.   So I just stayed as still as I could, and after a while I felt Carol stir and release my hand.   I quickly removed it and rolled over so I had my back to her.   I felt her get up to go to the bathroom, it was then I jumped up and quickly put on a robe and headed for the kitchen.
      I made coffee and started toasting bread, for breakfast, when Carol came in I had my back to her and was working the toaster.   She quietly moved up behind me and put her arms around my waist and hugged me.   I was jumped at her touch, as I did not expect it, and quickly turned to face her.   She was still dressed in her night shirt and put her arms around my neck for a hug, then she kissed me, but not our usual peck on the cheek but she kissed me hard on the lips, then drew her head back and looked into my eyes.
    I just stood there like an idiot, my emotions swinging, and I did not know what to do.   On one hand I did not want her to think I was like her stepfather, but on the other hand I did want her.

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        I think she saw the confused look on my face and she just smiled and sat down at the table.   I put the plate of toast down and got her a glass of milk, then sat down to read the morning paper.   She asked me how I slept last night and a cold streak of fear ran thru my body, did she know?  I calmed down enough to tell her just fine my eyes never leaving the paper, although I could not read it by then.  
    After the toast was gone I excused myself and told her I was going to take my shower now as she had run to the bathroom first.   I got up and got some clean clothes and headed for the bathroom.   In my state a cold shower would have been more in order but I decided on my usual hot one.   As I began to soap up my body I felt a draft and turned to see Carol enter the shower behind me.   I almost had a heart attack, and dropped the soap, before I got my voice back enough to ask her what she was doing.  
    She closed the distance between us and pressed her naked body to my back reaching around to hug my waist again.   Let me tell you this was a shock, but again I asked her what she thought she was doing, and she told me she wanted me, grinding her body against mine.   I tried to tell her that this was wrong, when I felt her hand grasp my now erect cock.   Well you know where the blood went and also the thought process, and I turned around to face her, she never let go of my hard cock.   I looked down at this beautiful naked girl with her hand stroking my cock, and all I could say is we shouldn’t.
    She smiled up at me and said she could see I wanted her too, which was kind of evident.   I put my arms around her and pulled her tightly to my body, God I wanted her, but I knew it was wrong.

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        I broke the embrace and turned off the shower, stepped out and helped her out of the shower.   I grabbed a towel and handed it to her and started drying off with mine, no words passed between us as we each dried ourselves.  
    Carol wrapped the towel around herself and headed out the bathroom door and I kind of followed.   Then I noticed she did not go into her bedroom to get dressed as I had thought she would be went into my bedroom.   When I went into the bedroom I found her sitting on the side of the bed, towel on the floor, naked and waiting for me.   I left my towel around myself and walked over and sat down beside her, it was time we had a talk.  
    I told Carol that while I was flattered that she thought she wanted me, I was old enough to be her father.   And while I did admit she aroused me, I was not like her stepfather and could not take advantage of her.   She kind of half turned to face me, not bothering to try to hide her beautiful B cup breasts with nipples sticking out like pencil erasers, and smiled at me.   She then told me she knew I was not like her stepfather as I had never said anything out of the way to her and never tried to touch her in anyway.   She told me she had come out of the bathroom that first night knowing her breast were showing thru her tee shirt to see what I would do.   She said all I had ever been to her was kind and asked nothing in return, and that she had fallen in love with me, and she hoped I loved her too.
    She sat there looking up at me with tears starting to form in her eyes waiting for an answer from me.   It was then I realized that I had fallen in love with my girl and there was no deigning it, so I smiled at her and told her I loved her too, as tears of joy broke loose from her eyes.   I pulled her to me and tried to kiss away each tear.

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        I had admitted my emotional love to her and now it was time to also admit my physical love for he also.   I stood up and removed the towel from around my waist, her eyes never left my erection, as again I sat down beside her,
    I pulled her to me and kissed her lips with a tenderness I never knew I had, then when she responded to my kiss it turned into a passionate kiss, hard and demanding.   I felt her quiver and surrender herself to me, as I eased her back onto the bed.   As I lay beside her kissing her my hands finally wondered to her firm young breasts, her nipples like hard pebbles as I massaged them and she moaned into my mouth.   My lips started to travel also down her neck to the valley of her breasts, then up each peak until I claimed the prize at the top of each breast, her sweet hard nipples.   I licked and sucked and nibbled each one as if it were my last meal on earth and Carol squirmed and moaned, shaking her head from side to side.
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    Then I got my first close up look at her beautiful pussy, covered with a soft downy fur, leaking the nectar of the gods.   I could wait no longer as I spread the lips and gazed into heaven, my tongue traveling where my fingers had already been.    With her legs on my shoulders trying to squeeze my head I tongued her sweet pussy from her ass hole to her clit lapping up her sweet nectar.   Then my tongue found her erect clit, I licked and sucked and nibbled her clit much like I had done her nipples, and I felt her shudder in her first orgasm from a man, and lowered my mouth to catch it all.

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        She flooded my mouth with her cum and I drank down every drop, sucking her love tunnel for more.   It was then I plunged my tongue deep into her very being and found to my surprise her virginity was intact.   I tongue fucked her sweet pussy bring her to another orgasm before releasing her from my mouth.
    I removed her legs from around my neck, and they limply dropped on the bed.   I moved up on the bed hovering over her looking at her smiling face, I dropped down to kiss her lips letting her taste her juices on my lips.   My hard cock was trapped between our bodies and I felt her hand trying to find it.   I raised my body slightly to give her access and she grabbed my cock and tried to move it into position at her love tunnel.   I looked down at her and asked if she was sure and she smiled up and me and whispered make love to me now please.   
    How could I refuse, as she positioned my cock at the entrance to her hot wet pussy, I started applying gentle pressure.   Soon I felt the head slip in to her moist tight cavern, she grave a little grunt at the entrance of the head of my cock, so I waited until she got used to the feel before continuing to add pressure.   Now I am not what you would call too well endowed but my six inches must have felt like a telephone pole trying to enter her untouched sex.   After a few minutes I started applying pressure again and even though she was well lubricated it was still slow going, as I resisted the urge to just plunge ahead and bury my cock into her virgin pussy.
    After getting about two inches in I felt the barrier that kept her from being a woman, and I eased back a little and started slow in and out motions, letting her feel the act of making love and getting her better lubricated.   After a minute or two of this I pulled almost all the way out of her and plunged in tearing away her innocents, and planting my cock all the way into her tight pussy.   She let out a sharp cry and tears formed in her eyes, but I stayed still and kissed away her tears letting her know it was over, she was now my woman.

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        I could feel her pussy tighten an let go of my cock, and after a while I started gently pulling back and pushing back in.  
    Soon I could tell by the way she was thrusting her hips up to me my downward motions that the pain must have subsided.   I started pounding her pussy like there was no tomorrow and she met me thrust for thrust.   I know she had several orgasms as I felt her spasm around my cock, and it was not long before I was pumping rope after rope of my hot cum into her newly opened pussy.   I called out her name as I planted the last of my seed into her, and collapsed upon her in an exhausted heap.
    I knew I loved Carol and now she was mine, I was so happy that she loved me too.   I rolled off of her and pulled her into my arms cuddling her and kissing her and telling her how much I loved her.   We fell asleep tangled in each other’s arms.   The next morning I awoke to the wonderful sensation of having my cock sucked by my beautiful girl.   After she swallow about a gallon of my cum, I pulled her up and returned the favor bring her to several orgasms.   Then we got up and showered together, slowly washing each other’s body and play and teasing the sensitive parts.   We dried off and went to the kitchen ate breakfast naked and returned to bed.   God we made love all day, slowly enjoying each other.   We got up and got dressed and went out to dinner, came back home and made love again.   Sleeping soundly in each other’s arms again.

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    Ready for part 2---let me know if you want me to post it ---all replies and comments welcome.

    See more of my stories at the forum--- our new story site---------------  http://www. bluestories. com/forums/



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