Angel in the Snow - Ch1


Six straight hours of restless studying has almost put me to sleep. I sit here, day after day, reading, writing and taking notes. College is my life; it’s the only thing that keeps me from being like the others. I’m going to actually do something with my I sit at a small desk of the second floor library, facing the window. I’m not looking at my homework, or these books I have to study. I’m just staring out. The soft snow flakes hitting against the window, it’s mesmerizing. I haven’t touched a girl since I started college. Everyone makes it out to be a crazy drunken orgy, but to be honest; it’s nothing but hard The sun begins to fade as the snow continues to fall. I decided to head home, I plugged in my Ipod in preparation for the mile journey across this deserted parking lot. As I walked out of the school library, I began to light up a cigarette. An angel descended from the foggy snow, “Hey, got an extra one of I stared at her for a moment, a beautiful blonde girl with a light blue beanie, a matching winter jacket. I pulled the ear buds out of my ears as she said “Umm, so got an extra one or “Oh right,” I replied nervously, “Here you—“ I opened up my pack to find it completely empty, I had just smoked my last one. “Sorry. ” I said as I showed her the “Oh. ” She said disappointedly, and like that she disappeared into the fog at which she I couldn’t stop thinking about her as I drove home, her beautiful blue eyes, her lustrous blonde hair.

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   My mind began to wander off. I played scenarios in my mind where she would have just ripped her clothes off and taken me right there in the snow. The snow became heavier, I could barely see out of my windshield. All I saw were headlights, bright headlights. I jerked to control the wheel but it was too late, my car was spinning out of control and soon the snow seemed to be rising from the As that night turned into the following day, the snow had stopped. I sat through my classes, wishing they would end sooner. I couldn’t focus on my work; this is what girls do to me. This is why I am better off without them; they are too much of a distraction. I waited outside the library with a full pack of cigarettes, chain smoking on the stairs. I wasn’t sure why, but something told me I should be there. I guess in the back of my mind, I was hoping she would show up again. Just before I began to lose hope, a soft voice, almost in a whisper appeared behind me. “You again?” I turned to see the angel standing behind me. She moved and sat next to me on the stairs. “Don’t worry, I have my own today.

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  ” She said as she pulled out a cigarette from her bag and struggled to light “Here. ” I said as I pulled mine out and lit it for her. “I’m “Natalie. ” She took a long exhale of her cigarette, the smoke radiating from her “Sorry about yesterday, you caught me at the worst “No problem. I found another cute guy to bum off I felt jealous, but why? Who is this girl to me? I didn’t know what to say. I was terrible with words. “Can I buy you dinner “I would love that. How about right I nodded, walking with her to my car. “Where to?” I “Your “I thought you wanted “No. You wanted dinner; I just want to fuck the shit out of you. ”
I was completely startled. I had never had a girl so beautiful be so honest about that. Again words seemed to fail me as I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t have to say anything; she jumped straight to the backseat of my car. “What’s the matter? Never had a pretty girl want to fuck you “Oh no.

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  . I have. Just. . Whatever” I jumped in the back and began to kiss her passionately. She went straight for my dick and began to squeeze it through my jeans. I helped her unbutton my pants so she could slip her hand down my boxers. Her small fingers hit my hard, throbbing penis. Her hands were so cold it made me jump. I began to squeeze her chest through her winter jacket before I unzipped it and slipped my hands inside. She began to breathe harder as we kissed. Then something terrible happened. I woke up in a hospital bed with underwear full of semen. My dick was sticking straight up through the white “Wow, you’ve been out for 3 days. ” My mom said to me, sitting next to my bed.

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   She looked down at my pitched tent, “At least you’re As I lay in the hospital bed, embarrassed, I still thought about her. It felt as if it was so real, as if I really knew her. I don’t even know her real name; I can barely remember what she looks The next day, I finally woke up in my own bed. I rolled over and looked out the window. It was sunny with no sign of snow. I went to my classes again, almost an exact replay of my dream. It was like dejavu everywhere I looked. This was too weird to be true, but I waited again after school, in the same place with a full pack of cigarettes. I chain smoked just like the dream. I waited; occasionally looking behind me for the angel to come from above. I waited until every last car was gone, she never came.

---- I plan to make quite a few short chapters in this story. Please tell me if you want me to continue. ----


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