After a Semester


  My wife was the director of the Youth Choir at church. As a faithful spouse and happy church member I was happy to help out in whateer way I could, driving the choir around, makiong dinner after rehearsals, helping in arranging trips. There was  constantly changing membership with a certain core group of kids involved. One of them , a tall, skinny stick of a girl had been our neighbor for nearly ten years, since she was in elementary school. I watched her grow up over the years, from a gangly kid to a pretty, but very thin high schooler, to an entering college freshman.
   Brenda had always been one of my favorites among my kids friends, visiting and spending time in our home over the years. She grew to be nearly 6' tall, with long blonde hair, very sensual lips  and a body kept in tone by years of dancing and athletics. Her breasts were small, about 34A's and her legs were long and well muscled. She sang like an angel with a high, clear soprano voice. When she was accepted  to a private school in the next state we went to her house for the farewell party, joined by many of the kids from the choir and from the school.
   Brenda had , over the years, shown a tendency to give me big hugs, always with a comment like 'Mr G. , you're my favorite. ', or  'Mr. G. , you're like a big cuddly bear'. I would lean over and give her a kiss on top of her head smile, never feeling very comfortable with it, but not wanting to hurt her feelings.

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   I started avoiding being in situations where it might happen, and I never was alone with her, as that would violate the rules of the church toward adults and youth. At the party she was in very skimpy bikini, really just a thong and two small pieces of fabric covring her nipples, which after a dip in the pool were quite prominent, poking through the material which was nearly transparent when wet. I couldn't help but look and found myself paying attention to her. My wife didn't fail to notice either. "G. put your eyes back in your head. And what's that you've got going there?" she asked as she gave a litttle disapprovig look at my crotch.
    As the party wore down and we were about to leave , Brenda came up to me, dripping wet, fresh from the pool. The big hug, 'I'm going to miss you, Mr. G. Write to me , okay? ' And she gave me her email address. My wife broke up the hug with a comment that we had to go.
     That night there was a strained silence followed by a comment that Brenda should really be careful in school, since she took such liberties by 'throwing herself' at men. At bedtime , as we slid under the covers, my wife spooned up the me, then said 'I saw you looking at her , you know. You be careful.

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  ' A silent pause, then 'But you did have the start of a nice hard-on there. You would have been very embarrassed if it had been her mother that saw your cock straining at your shorts. ' And she rached around behind her to cradle my cock in her hand as she drifted off to sleep.
        About two months passed, and the season turned to Thanksgiving. The wife and I hadn't mentioned the party in nearly that whole time and frankly I had gotten past it, treating it as a fond memory. I never sent any email, I never recieved any from Brenda. The Monday before Thanksgiving I was at home, everybody else out doing errands when the phone rang. I picked it up and before I could say anything I heard Brenda's voice. 'Why didn't you email me? I'm outside right now and I know you're the only one there. . . . Well?' I couldn't say anything other than that I didn't think she was serious. kids grow up, move away, get on with their lives,etc. Everybody does and I thought she was the same way.

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   I talked for a few moments when the doorbell rang.
     Brenda stood at the door, dressed in jeans and a light sweater. She looked differentthan when she had left. Her hair was shorter, she wore very subtle makeup except for her lipstick which was a bright, dark red. Her sweater was a trifle on the tight side, showing off her tits to their best advantage, which was also better than when she had left. Not quite as much exercise had allowed them to grow abit, to a perfect B cup, only there was no cup involved. They were quite free, her nipples standing out in the November coolness. She had her arms crossed and looked scoldingly at em, tehn quickly smiled and said ' It's so good to see you. I missed you and your laugh and your corny jokes. There was noboby to keep me smiling at school. ' Then she steeped forward and gave me one of her hugs as I closed the door.  Only this one was different ,too. , because as she hugged, she also tipped her face to mine , her lips parted slightly and kissed me. I was surprised, but kissed her back. Then I felt her hand groping at my crotch.

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   'I saw your hard-on that night ,Mr. G. i thought about it all the time at school. . Ahhhhh, there it is. ' she said as my cock sprang to attention. Then came another kiss, this time her tongue meeting mine. She tastrede wonderful. I could smell the fresh scent of a young girl ('SO young!' my mind screamed at me) and I relished it, knowing it had been years since I had had that smell close to me.
      The kiss went on and I found my hands roaming over her back, down to waist, then around to her tits. Years since I had felt anything like them, too. I slid my hand under her sweater and as I stroked her left breast she opened to me, her mouth pressed to mine with and urgency I had not anticipated. She thrust her tit againsy y hand , then started working my cock through my pants. She broke the kiss and said 'get out of these. I want to see and feel and taste that great big cock of yours.

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  'And was on her knees in front of me, unbuckling my belt and opening my pants and taking my cock ion her mouth. I looked down to see my cock disappearing in her mouth and she looked up at me, her eyes enormous, her lips red and hot around the head of my dick. I pumped my hips into her mouth as she licked and sucked. A sshe moved her mouth away from me for a minute she told me she had never done this, that she had never done anything like this I knew it to be true, having been her freind for so long . 'I was so busy at school and I was thinking about you and I didn't even want to. . . 'all in one rush, then back to sucking my throbbing cock. I felt the tenseness growing , knowing I was about to cum . i started to pull out of her mouth , but she clenched her face to me as spurt after spurt of hot cum gushed into her mouth.
    As she sucked me dry I thought about what had just happened. A girl I ahd known since lementary school had just giving me a mind-numbing blowjob, swallowing my cum to the last drop. I was nearly weak at the knees with the mixed feelings I had, the sexual satisfaction, the uilt. . .

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  . Oh my God! my wife. The thought of howi ahd just. . . . . I was friends with her father, playing golf with him on Tuesdays (tomorrow! What was I going to say?) A moment of silence, tehn she said. "Fuck me". Nothing else. No preliminary, just "fuck me".
     So I did.
    There  in the living room of my home, with my wife due home at any time i laid her on the couch, gently removed her jeans  and sweater. I took off my shirt, placed the clothes on the recliner, and looked at her perfect body. Skin as pale as alabaster, her tits, pert and round, her nipples surrounded by perfect circles off pink, erect and standing up a half an inch or more.

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   Her navel was pierced, with a small silver bangle. She was without blemish. Her legs, long and lithe and her pussy naked  and smooth. Glistening and moist  as a result of what had gone before, i couldn't wait to get my tongue in that sweet treat. And sweet it was. I traced every fold of skin, tasted every bit off her as she lay back and softly moane dto my ministrations. I took her ass in my hands and lifted her cunt to press it aginst my mouth, sliding my tongus as deep into her as I could. Her fingers gripped the cushions tightly as I drov emy tongue into her. My cock was like a poker, I could feel myself wanting to fuck her, needing to fuck her, going to fuck her. . . . . . .

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  . . . . . I moved up positioning myself the plunged in in one swift stroke. brenda gasped as I enterd her then thrust against me. we played off one another, gaining pleasure from every stroke. I moved around to behind her, slamming my dick into her from behind. 'My tits, my tits'A request, a demand , a wish, and I only too happy with that thought took them in hand. Her nipple swere hard aginst my palms. She rammed har ass against my cock as I shuddered , pumping another load of cum into her. She turned over and gave me a long deep kiss, our tongues twining together. 'I'm glad I'm home'
    'Welcome back'.
    The door opened.

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   My wife's shocked expression as she looked at the two of us. Brenda, naked, well-fucked with my cum leaking out of her hot tight little twat. Me , naked, my cock still half hard. I realized there's probably no happy ending in store here. the door closed, no words had been spoken. brenda laid her head aginst me. "Again. . . . . . . . .

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  . . . . . . . "



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